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50 Metres

50 metres is a sprint event in track and field. It is a relatively uncommon non-championship event for indoor track and field, normally dominated by the best outdoor 100 metres runners. At outdoor athletics competitions it is used in the Special Olympics and a rare distance, at least for senior athletes. It is an alternative to the 60 metres running event. The imperial distance for 50 metres is 54.68 yards.

Records and personal bests in the 50 metres are frequently achieved in February and March as these dates coincide with the indoor athletics season.


  • All-time top ten athletes 1
    • Men 1.1
    • Women 1.2
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All-time top ten athletes


Indoor results only. Updated January 2014.

Rank Time Athlete Nation Date Place
1 5.56 A [B] Donovan Bailey  Canada 9 February 1996 Reno
Maurice Greene  United States 13 February 1999 Los Angeles
3. 5.58 Leonard Scott  United States 26 February 2005 Liévin
4 5.61 Manfred Kokot  East Germany 4 February 1973 Berlin
James Sanford  United States 20 February 1981 San Diego
Michael Green  Jamaica 16 February 1997 Liévin
Deji Aliu  Nigeria 21 February 1999 Liévin
Jason Gardener  United Kingdom 16 February 2000 Madrid
Freddy Mayola  Cuba 16 February 2000 Madrid
10 5.62 Emmit King  United States 5 March 1986 Kobe
Andre Cason  United States 15 February 1992 Los Angeles
Carl Lewis  United States 27 January 1982 Indianapolis
Morne Nagel  South Africa 24 February 2002 Liévin
  • B Ben Johnson of Canada ran 5.55 at Ottawa, Canada on 31 January 1987, but this time was rescinded after Johnson admitted to using steroids between 1981 and 1988.


Indoor results only. Updated January 2014.

Rank Time Athlete Nation Date Place
1 5.96 Irina Privalova  Russia 9 February 1995 Madrid, Spain
2 6.00 Merlene Ottey  Jamaica 4 February 1994 Moscow
3 6.02 Gail Devers  United States 21 February 1999 Liévin
4 6.04 Chioma Ajunwa  Nigeria 22 February 1998 Liévin
5 6.05 Savatheda Fynes  Bahamas 13 February 2000 Liévin
Philomena Mensah  Canada 13 February 2000 Liévin
7 6.07 Gwen Torrence  United States 9 February 1996 Reno, NV
8 6.08 Christy Opara-Thompson  Nigeria 16 February 1997 Liévin
Veronica Campbell-Brown  Jamaica 28 January 2012 New York City
10 6.09 Zhanna Block  Ukraine 2 February 1993 Moscow

Note: Angella Issajenko of Canada ran a world record 6.06 in Ottawa on 13 January 1987, this performance was rescinded after Issajenko's admittance of long term drug use at the Dubin Inquiry in 1989.


  • IAAF All-time men's list
  • IAAF All-time women's list
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