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1802 in the United States

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Title: 1802 in the United States  
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Subject: 1743 in Ireland, Years in the United States
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1802 in the United States

1802 in the United States
Years: 1799 1800 180118021803 1804 1805


The Star Spangled Banner, 15 stars, 15 stripes (1795–1818)

Timeline of United States history
History of the United States (1789–1849)

Events from the year 1802 in the United States.


Federal Government


June 1: The Patent Office formed




  • April 2 – Archibald Dixon, United States Senator from Kentucky from 1852 till 1855. (died 1876)
  • May 10 – James Westcott, United States Senator from Florida from 1845 till 1849. (died 1880)
  • June 10 – James W. Bradbury, United States Senator from Maine from 1847 till 1853. (died 1901)
  • June 30 – Benjamin Fitzpatrick, United States Senator from Alabama from 1848 till 1849 and from 1853 till 1861. (died 1869)
  • August 10 – Dixon Hall Lewis, United States Senator from Alabama from 1844 till 1848. (died 1848)
  • November 5 – James F. Trotter, United States Senator from Mississippi in 1838. (died 1866)



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