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Yakima Canutt filmography

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Title: Yakima Canutt filmography  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: 'Neath the Arizona Skies
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Yakima Canutt filmography

Main article: Yakima Canutt

Yakima Canutt (November 29, 1895 – May 24, 1986) was an American rodeo rider, actor, stuntman and action director who developed many stunt riding techniques while introducing safety measures and devices of his own design; and either directed, coordinated stunts or appeared in over 300 films:


Film Year Crew Stunts Actor
Foreman of Bar Z Ranch 1915 stunts, uncredited
Lightning Bryce 1919 uncredited -Deputy Episode 15
The Girl Who Dared 1920 Bob Purdy
The Heart of a Texan 1922 Link
The Forbidden Range 1923 Buck Madison
Branded, a Bandit 1924 stunts, uncredited Jess Dean
Days of '49 1924 uncredited
Ridin' Mad 1924 Steve Carlson
Sell 'Em Cowboy 1924 Luke Strong
The Desert Hawk 1924 Handy Man
The Riddle Rider 1924 uncredited
A Two-Fisted Sheriff 1925 Jerry O'Connell
Romance and Rustlers 1925 Bud Kane
Scar Hanan 1925 story Scar Hanan
The Cactus Cure 1925 Bud Osborne
The Human Tornado 1925 Jim Marlow
The Mystery Box 1925 Whipping boss
The Riding Comet 1925 Slim Ranthers
The Strange Rider 1925 Jim Weston
White Thunder 1925 Chick Richards
Wild Horse Canyon 1925 uncredited
Wolves of the Road 1925 The Pronto Kid
Desert Greed 1926 producer uncredited
Hell Hounds of the Plains 1926 Yak Hammond
King of the Rodeo 1926 producer uncredited
The Devil Horse 1926 second unit director stunts, uncredited Dave Carson
The Fighting Stallion 1926 Yak
The Iron Rider 1926 producer Yak Halliday
The Outlaw Breaker 1926 producer; writer Yak Darnell
Pals of the West 1927 uncredited
The Vanishing West 1928 Steve Marvin
A Texan's Honor 1929 Bob Morgan
Bad Men's Money 1929 stunts, uncredited uncredited
Captain Cowboy 1929
Riders of the Storm 1929
The King of the Kongo 1929 stunts, uncredited
The Three Outcasts 1929 Dick Marsh
Bar-L Ranch 1930 stunts, uncredited Steve
Breed of the West 1930 stunt double, uncredited uncredited -Cowhand
Canyon Hawks 1930 Jack Benson
Firebrand Jordan 1930 stunts, uncredited Red Carson
Ridin' Law 1930 Buck Lambert
The Cheyenne Kid 1930 story stunt double, uncredited Marshal Utah Kane
The Lonesome Trail 1930 Two-Gun
The Texan 1930 uncredited - Cowboy
Westward Bound 1930 Gang leader Jim
Battling with Buffalo Bill 1931 second unit director, uncredited Scout Jack Brady
Freighters of Destiny 1931 stunts, uncredited
Hurricane Horseman 1931 stunt double: Lane Chandler, uncredited Sheriff Jones
Pueblo Terror 1931 stunt double, uncredited Ballen, crooked Foreman
Sundown Trail 1931 stunt double, uncredited
The Cheyenne Cyclone 1931 stunt double uncredited
The Cheyenne Cyclone 1931 Henchman Ed Brady
The Galloping Ghost 1931 stunts, uncredited uncredited - Henchman
The Lightning Warrior 1931 stunt double: George Brent uncredited - Ken Davis [Ch. 3]/Deputy [Ch. 8]
The Phantom of the West 1931 stunts, uncredited
The Vanishing Legion 1931 stunt double, uncredited Yak [Chs. 1 & 3]
Two Fisted Justice 1931 stunt double, uncredited uncredited - Perkins
Battling Buckaroo 1932 stunts, uncredited Sheriff Rawlins
Beyond the Rockies 1932 stunt double, uncredited
Come on Danger! 1932 stunts, uncredited
Ghost Valley 1932 stunt double, uncredited
Guns for Hire 1932 stunts, uncredited Sheriff Pete Peterson
Law and Lawless 1932 stunt double: Tex Barnes, uncredited
Lawless Valley 1932 stunt double: Lane Chandler, uncredited
Partners 1932 stunt double, uncredited
Renegades of the West 1932 stunt double, uncredited
Riders of the Golden Gulch 1932 story stunts, uncredited uncredited
Texas Tornado 1932 Henchman Jackson
The Black Ghost 1932 Wild Bill, Indian scout
The Devil Horse 1932 uncredited -Slim [Chs. 3-4, 8]; Henchman [Chs. 11-12]
The Hurricane Express 1932 stunts, uncredited uncredited,Henchman
The Last Frontier 1932 stunt double: Lon Chaney, Jr, uncredited Wild Bill Hickok [Chs. 1-2]
The Last of the Mohicans 1932 Black Fox/messenger [Ch.1]/bullion wagon driver [Ch.6]
The Reckless Rider 1932 stunt double, uncredited
The Saddle Buster 1932 stunt double, uncredited
The Shadow of the Eagle 1932 stunts, uncredited Henchman Boyle
The Texan 1932 stunt double, uncredited
Vanishing Men 1932 stunts, uncredited
Wyoming Whirlwind 1932 stunts, uncredited Buck Jackson
Cross Fire 1933 stunt double, uncredited
Fighting with Kit Carson 1933 stunts, uncredited uncredited -Mystery Rider
King of the Wild Horses 1933 stunts: Horses, uncredited
Laughing at Life 1933 stunt double: Victor McLaglen, uncredited
Riders of Destiny 1933 stunt double: John Wayne, uncredited Henchman
Sagebrush Trail 1933 stunt double: John Wayne, uncredited Outlaw Gang Leader
Scarlet River 1933 stunt double: Tom Keene and Lon Chaney, Jr. uncredited -Yak, a Wrangler
Son of the Border 1933 stunt double: Tom Keene, uncredited uncredited,Yak
The Cheyenne Kid 1933 stunt double, uncredited
The Fighting Texans 1933 stunts, uncredited Henchman Joe
The Mystery Squadron 1933 stunts, uncredited
The Telegraph Trail 1933 stunts, uncredited High Wolf
The Three Musketeers 1933 stunts, uncredited uncredited- El Shaitan, when masked/Legion Officer [Ch. 8]
The Whispering Shadow 1933 stunt coordinator, uncredited uncredited,Detective [Ch. 12]
The Wolf Dog 1933 stunt coordinator, uncredited Bill
Via Pony Express 1933 stunt double, uncredited uncredited
Blue Steel 1934 stunt double: John Wayne uncredited -Danti, the Polka Dot Bandit
Burn 'Em Up Barnes 1934 stunt coordinator, uncredited
Carrying the Mail 1934 stunts, uncredited Shank outlaw gang leader
Desert Man 1934 stunts, uncredited Outlaw Spade
Elinor Norton 1934 stunts, uncredited
Fighting Through 1934 stunts, uncredited Big Jack Thorne
Law of the Wild 1934 stunts, uncredited uncredited, Townsman
Monte Carlo Nights 1934 stunts, uncredited uncredited -Casino Hood
Mystery Mountain 1934 stunts, uncredited
Neath the Arizona Skies 1934 stunts, uncredited
'Neath the Arizona Skies 1934 Sam Black
Pals of the West 1934 stunt double, uncredited Larkin
Randy Rides Alone 1934 stunt double uncredited
Randy Rides Alone 1934 Henchman Spike
Range Riders 1934 stunts, uncredited
The Lawless Frontier 1934 stunt double: John Wayne, uncredited Joe, Zanti's Henchman
The Lost Jungle 1934 stunts, uncredited
The Lucky Texan 1934 stunt double: John Wayne, uncredited Joe Cole
The Man from Hell 1934 stunts, uncredited Yak Henchman
The Man from Utah 1934 stunts, uncredited Cheyenne Kent
The Star Packer 1934 stunts, uncredited Yak, Travers' Indian Sidekick
The Sundown Trail 1934 stunts, uncredited
The Trail Beyond 1934 stunts, uncredited
West of the Divide 1934 stunt double: John Wayne, uncredited Hank Gentry Henchman
Wild Gold 1934 stunt double stunt double uncredited
Between Men 1935 stunts
Big Calibre 1935 stunts, uncredited archive footage
Branded a Coward 1935 stunts, uncredited 'The Cat' original
Circle of Death 1935 director, uncredited stunt coordinator Young Brave
Cyclone of the Saddle 1935 stunts, uncredited Snake
Dante's Inferno 1935 uncredited -Stoker on the Paradise
Lawless Range 1935 stunts, uncredited Joe Burns, chief henchman
Outlaw Rule 1935 stunts, uncredited
Outlaw Rule 1935 Blaze Tremaine
Pals of the Range 1935 stunts, uncredited Henchman Brown
Paradise Canyon 1935 stunts, uncredited Curly Joe Gale
Rough Riding Ranger 1935 stunts, uncredited Henchman Draw
Texas Terror 1935 stunts, uncredited; stunt double, uncredited
The Courageous Avenger 1935 stunts, uncredited archive footage
The Cowboy and the Bandit 1935 stunts, uncredited
The Cyclone Ranger 1935 stunt double, uncredited
The Dawn Rider 1935 stunts, uncredited Saloon Owner
The Desert Trail 1935 stunts, uncredited archive footage
The Farmer Takes a Wife 1935 stunts, uncredited
The Fighting Marines 1935 second unit director, uncredited stunts, uncredited
The Last Days of Pompeii 1935 stunts, uncredited
The Miracle Rider 1935 stunt double, uncredited uncredited -Indian chief
The New Frontier 1935 stunt double uncredited
Welcome Home 1935 stunts, uncredited
Westward Ho 1935 Red Ballard henchman
Custer's Last Stand 1936 stunts, uncredited uncredited - Renegade/Indian
Darkest Africa 1936 stunts, uncredited
Ghost-Town Gold 1936 stunts, uncredited Buck Barrington's Henchman
King of the Pecos 1936 Henchman Pete
Oh, Susanna! 1936 stunts, uncredited
Roarin' Lead 1936 stunt double: Ray Corrigan uncredited -Henchman Canary
Ten Laps to Go 1936 stunts, uncredited
Ten Laps to Go 1936 Barney Smith - Henchman
The Clutching Hand 1936 stunt double, uncredited, uncredited Number Eight, garage-owner and chauffeur thug
The Black Coin 1936 stunts, uncredited Ed McMahan thug [Chs. 3,10-14]
The Bold Caballero 1936 stunt double, uncredited uncredited -Murdered Peon/Soldier
The Charge of the Light Brigade 1936 stunt double: Errol Flynn, uncredited
The Lawless Nineties 1936 stunt double: John Wayne, uncredited
The Lonely Trail 1936 Trooper Bull Horrell
The Oregon Trail 1936 stunt double, uncredited Tom Richards
The Three Mesquiteers 1936 stunts, uncredited
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1936 stunts, uncredited
The Vigilantes Are Coming 1936 stunt double: Robert Livingston and others, uncredited Henchman Barsam [Ch. 1]
Trailin' West 1936 stunts, uncredited Gambler
Wildcat Trooper 1936 The Raven
Winds of the Wasteland 1936 stunts, uncredited uncredited, Henchman Smokey
Ali Baba Goes to Town 1937 stunts, uncredited
Come On, Cowboys! 1937 stunt coordinator, uncredited Henchman Jake
Conquest 1937 uncredited -Cossack
Gunsmoke Ranch 1937 Henchman Spider
Heart of the Rockies 1937 Charlie Coe Dawson henchman
Hit the Saddle 1937 stunt double, uncredited Buck - McGowan Henchman
In Old Chicago 1937 stunts, uncredited
It Could Happen to You! 1937 uncredited - Truck Driver
Nancy Steele Is Missing! 1937 uncredited - Convict in Prison Break
Prairie Thunder 1937 Chief High Wolf
Range Defenders 1937 Henchman
Riders of the Dawn 1937 stunts, uncredited
Riders of the Rockies 1937 Arizona Ranger Sergeant Beef
Riders of the Whistling Skull 1937 stunt double: Ray Corrigan, uncredited Otah
Rootin' Tootin' Rhythm 1937 stunts, uncredited
S.O.S. Coast Guard 1937 stunts, uncredited uncredited - Seaman
The Mysterious Pilot 1937 stunt double, uncredited Indian Luke [Chs.1-2,4-8,15]
The Painted Stallion 1937 stunt double: Ray Corrigan and LeRoy Mason, uncredited Tom
Trouble in Texas 1937 stunt double, uncredited archive footage Henchman Squint Palmer
Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge 1937 stunts, uncredited
Zorro Rides Again 1937 stunt double: John Carroll, uncredited
Army Girl 1938 stunt coordinator uncredited
Call the Mesquiteers 1938 stunts, uncredited archive footage
Dick Tracy Returns 1938 stunts, uncredited
Frontier Town 1938 stunts, uncredited archive footage
Hollywood Stadium Mystery 1938 stunts, uncredited uncredited -Photographer
Overland Stage Raiders 1938 stunts, uncredited uncredited -Bus Driver
Pals of the Saddle 1938 stunts, uncredited uncredited -Henchman
Red River Range 1938 stunts, uncredited
Riders of the Black Hills 1938 stunts, uncredited
Santa Fe Stampede 1938 stunts, uncredited uncredited -Ben Carey
The Lone Ranger 1938 stunts, uncredited
The Mexicali Kid 1938 stunts, uncredited archive footage
The Painted Stallion 1938 stunt double uncredited -Tom
The Painted Trail 1938 stunts, uncredited archive footage
The Secret of Treasure Island 1938 stunts, uncredited Dreer Mole-Men Leader
Captain Fury 1939 stunts, uncredited
Cowboys from Texas 1939 stunts, uncredited Tex Dawson
Daredevils of the Red Circle 1939 uncredited -G-man [Chs. 10, 12]
Desperate Trails 1939 stage driving double: Horace Murphy, uncredited
Dodge City 1939 stunts, uncredited
Dust Be My Destiny 1939 uncredited -Ambulance Man
Gone with the Wind 1939 stunt coordinator, uncredited; stunt double: Clark Gable, uncredited Renegade
Man of Conquest 1939 stunts, uncredited
New Frontier 1939 stunts, uncredited
Stagecoach 1939 second unit director, uncredited stunt coordinator, uncredited uncredited -Cavalry scout
The Kansas Terrors 1939 stunt double, uncredited The Sergeant
The Light That Failed 1939 stunts, uncredited
The Lone Ranger Rides Again 1939 stunts, uncredited
The Night Riders 1939 stunts, uncredited Mob Member
The Oregon Trail 1939 stunts, uncredited archive footage
Three Texas Steers 1939 stunts, uncredited
Wyoming Outlaw 1939 Henchman Ed Sims
Young Mr. Lincoln 1939 stunts, uncredited
Zorro's Fighting Legion 1939 stunts, uncredited uncredited, Trooper
Boom Town 1940 stunts, uncredited
Calling Philo Vance 1940 uncredited -Sailor on the Sorrento
Dark Command 1940 second unit director, uncredited stunt coordinator, uncredited uncredited Townsman on balcony
Deadwood Dick 1940 stunt double: Don Douglas, uncredited uncredited Henchman [ch. 5]
Frontier Vengeance 1940 Henchman Zack
Ghost Valley Raiders 1940 Marty Owens, Stagedriver
Lone Star Raiders 1940 stunt coordinator, uncredited
Mysterious Doctor Satan 1940 uncredited -Sailor at Winch [Chs. 3-4]
One Million B.C. 1940 stunts, uncredited
Pioneers of the West 1940 Nolan
The Border Legion 1940 stunt coordinator, uncredited
The Carson City Kid 1940 uncredited -Bartender
The Ranger and the Lady 1940 stunt coordinator, uncredited Mack
The Trail Blazers 1940 stunt double, uncredited
Three Faces West 1940 stunt coordinator, uncredited
Under Texas Skies 1940 Henchman Talbot
Virginia City 1940 stunt double: Errol Flynn/Guinn Williams, uncredited
When the Daltons Rode 1940 stunts, uncredited
Young Bill Hickok 1940 stunt double: stagestunt, uncredited
Bad Man of Deadwood 1941 stunts, uncredited uncredited Stage Driver
Country Fair 1941 stunts, uncredited
Gangs of Sonora 1941 stunts, uncredited
Gauchos of El Dorado 1941 Henchman Snakes
Jungle Girl 1941 stunt coordinator, uncredited
Kansas Cyclone 1941 uncredited - Wagon Driver
Nevada City 1941 stunts, uncredited uncredited -second Stagecoach Driver
Pals of the Pecos 1941 stunts, uncredited
Prairie Pioneers 1941 stunt coordinator, uncredited Henchman Morrison
Saddlemates 1941 stunts, uncredited uncredited -Wagon driver
The Great Train Robbery 1941 Klefner
They Died with Their Boots On 1941 stunt coordinator, uncredited
Western Union 1941 stunts, uncredited
White Eagle 1941 stunts, uncredited uncredited Henchman [Ch. 4]
Code of the Outlaw 1942 stunt double: Tom Tyler
Flying Tigers 1942 stunt coordinator, uncredited
Gentleman Jim 1942 stunts, uncredited
Perils of Nyoka 1942 uncredited -Tuareg
Shadows on the Sage 1942 Red Harvey, a Henchman
Spy Smasher 1942 stunts, uncredited uncredited Armored Car Driver [Ch. 9]
Calling Wild Bill Elliott 1943 uncredited -Militiaman
For Whom the Bell Tolls 1943 uncredited -Young cavalryman
Idaho 1943 stunts, uncredited
In Old Oklahoma 1943 second unit director, uncredited stunts, uncredited uncredited
King of the Cowboys 1943 uncredited - Duke Wilson Henchman
Riders of the Rio Grande 1943 uncredited - Deputy
Santa Fe Scouts 1943 uncredited
Song of Texas 1943 uncredited - Rodeo performer
Thundering Trails 1943 stunt coordinator, uncredited
Call of the Rockies 1944 second unit director, uncredited
Hidden Valley Outlaws 1944 stunt coordinator, uncredited Vigilante Tracy
Pride of the Plains 1944 Henchman Bowman
San Fernando Valley 1944 second unit director
The Fighting Seabees 1944 second unit director, uncredited stunts, uncredited
The San Antonio Kid 1944 stunt coordinator, uncredited
Tucson Raiders 1944 second unit director
Vigilantes of Dodge City 1944 second unit director
Zorro's Black Whip 1944 second unit director
Along the Navajo Trail 1945 second unit director stunts, uncredited
Dakota 1945 second unit director stunt double, uncredited
Federal Operator 99 1945 director
Man from Oklahoma 1945 second unit director, uncredited
Manhunt of Mystery Island 1945 director
Sheriff of Cimarron 1945 director
Sunset in El Dorado 1945 stunt double: Roy Rogers, uncredited
The Topeka Terror 1945 second unit director stunts, uncredited archive footage
My Pal Trigger 1946 second unit director; uncredited director
Santa Fe Uprising 1946 second unit director
Sun Valley Cyclone 1946 second unit director
Under Nevada Skies 1946 second unit director
Angel and the Badman 1947 second unit director
Northwest Outpost 1947 second unit director
That's My Man 1947 second unit director
Trail to San Antone 1947 stunts, uncredited archive footage
Twilight on the Rio Grande 1947 second unit director
Wyoming 1947 second unit director
Adventures of Frank and Jesse James 1948 director
Carson City Raiders 1948 director
Dangers of the Canadian Mounted 1948 director
G-Men Never Forget 1948 director
Moonrise 1948 second unit director
Oklahoma Badlands 1948 director stunts, uncredited uncredited -Rancher
Sons of Adventure 1948 director
The Untamed Breed 1948 stunt coordinator, uncredited
Hellfire 1949 second unit director
Red Stallion in the Rockies 1949 second unit director stunt coordinator
The Doolins of Oklahoma 1949 second unit director
Devil's Doorway 1950 second unit director, uncredited
Fast on the Draw 1950 uncredited -Rodeo Scene Stock Footage
Rocky Mountain 1950 stunt coordinator, uncredited uncredite -Trooper Ryan
Stage to Tucson 1950 second unit director
The Showdown 1950 Davis
Only the Valiant 1951 stunt coordinator, uncredited
Spoilers of the Plains 1951 horse-wagon transfer stunt, uncredited
Hangman's Knot 1952 second unit director
Ivanhoe 1952 second unit director, uncredited
Battle Circus 1953 stunts, uncredited
Knights of the Round Table 1953 second unit director uncredited
Last of the Comanches 1953 second unit director
King Richard and the Crusaders 1954 second unit director
The Lawless Rider 1954 director
Helen of Troy 1956 second unit director
Westward Ho, The Wagons! 1956 second unit director
Zarak 1956 assistant director
Old Yeller 1957 second unit director
Ben-Hur 1959 second unit director
Rio Bravo 1959 stunt coordinator, uncredited uncredited - Gunman on horse
Zorro Rides Again 1959 stunts, uncredited
Spartacus 1960 second unit director stunt coordinator;stunts, uncredited
Swiss Family Robinson 1960 second unit director
El Cid 1961 second unit director
The Fall of the Roman Empire 1964 second unit director
Cat Ballou 1965 second unit director; executive in charge of production uncredited stunt coordinator, uncredited
Captain Mephisto and the Transformation Machine (TV) 1966 director
Code 645 1966 director
Khartoum 1966 second unit director
R.C.M.P. and the Treasure of Genghis Khan (TV) 1966 director
The Flim-Flam Man 1967 second unit director
Blue 1968 second unit director; uncredited director stunts, uncredited
Where Eagles Dare 1968 second unit director
A Man Called Horse 1970 second unit director
Rio Lobo 1970 second unit director
Song of Norway 1970 second unit director
Breakheart Pass 1975 second unit director stunt coordinator
Equus technical advisor


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