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Sister's Heart

By: Martina Achterberg; Martina Achterberg, Illustrator

Sister's Heart follows the treacherous journey of the sisters Nora and Christine as they find themselves surrounded by demonic creatures, warfare, and political upheaval. Worse still, as they are caught in the middle of it all, they are forced to find a way to overthrow the demon usurper king. With next to no allies and even less help, the trials before them are terrifyingly large. But...while there is life, there is hope.

Muddler rushed as fast as he could through the muck that swilled about him. Away he ran into the darkness. The three addressed one another with solemn looks and carried on. When at last Muddler returned to the Cobbler’s Clogs, he popped out like a cork from the sewer, not bothering to shake himself free of the muck. Without pausing for an instant to catch his breath, he seized a large saddle bag and began to stuff it with food, water and other articles of importance. Whe...

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