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List of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute people

This is a list of people associated with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, including Presidents, Institute leaders, Trustees, Alumni, Professors and Researchers. For a list of the highest elected student leaders at RPI see List of RPI Grand Marshals.


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Presidents of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Name Years Previous Position
Rev. Dr. Samuel Blatchford (1824–1828) Pastor of the Lansingburgh and Waterford Church
John Chester (1828–1829) Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church in Albany
Eliphalet Nott (1829–1845) Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Albany
Nathan S.S. Beman (1845–1865) Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Troy
John F. Winslow (1865–1868) Businessman and iron manufacturer
Thomas C. Brinsmade 1868 Troy physician
James Forsyth (1868–1886) Attorney and banker
William Gurley, 1839 (1886–1887) (acting) Businessman, co-founder of Gurley Precision Instruments
Albert E. Powers (1887–1888) (acting) Banker
John H. Peck (1888–1901) Attorney and judge
Palmer C. Ricketts (1901–1934) Professor of rational and technical mechanics and academic director of RPI
William O. Hotchkiss (1935–1943) President of the Michigan Mining School
Livingston W. Houston, 1913 (1943–1958) President and board chairman of the Ludlow Valve Manufacturing Co. and treasurer of RPI
Richard G. Folsom (1958–1971) Director of the Engineering Research Institute at the University of Michigan
Richard J. Grosh (1971–1976) Dean of the Schools of Engineering at Purdue University
George M. Low, 1948 (1976–1984) Deputy administrator of NASA
Daniel Berg (1984–1985)(acting) (1985–1987) Vice-President and Provost of RPI
Stanley I. Landgraf, 1946 (1988–1988)(acting) Chairman of Mohasco Corporation
Roland W. Schmitt (1988–1993) Senior vice president for science and technology for General Electric Co.
R. Byron Pipes (1993–1998) Provost and professor of engineering at the University of Delaware
Cornelius J. Barton, 1958 (1998–1999)(acting) CEO of Dorr-Oliver Incorporated, a chemical engineering firm
Shirley Ann Jackson (1999–) Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Notable alumni


Humanities, arts, and social sciences

Invention and engineering


Politics and public service

Science and technology





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