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List of fictional astronauts

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Title: List of fictional astronauts  
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List of fictional astronauts

This is an incomplete list of fictional astronauts appearing in various media, including books, film, television shows (live or animated), radio shows, records, and comic books.

To be included in this list, a fictional astronaut must be modeled upon actual astronauts of real-world space programs, as they have actually existed since the beginning of the Space Age, or were envisioned in the years leading up to the Space Age. Criteria include:

  1. A fictional astronaut must be human (not an alien, robot, or animal).
  2. A fictional astronaut must be on a flight originating from the Earth; space travellers engaging in casual voyages between other planets (as in Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica) are not eligible.
  3. A fictional astronaut must be presented as living in the period of the early exploration of space, i.e. from the beginning of the Space Age to the present, and for a few decades into the future; currently, in the period of about 1960–2060.
  4. A fictional astronaut is preferably part of a real space program, like NASA or the Soviet/Russian space program, or fictional knockoffs of the same (e.g. ANSA, IASA).
  5. A fictional astronaut preferably uses space travel technology within the realm of the possible. Preference should be given to astronauts depicted using real technology (e.g. Apollo, Soyuz, Space Shuttle) or close fictional knockoffs of the same.


  • Early period 1
  • Classic period 2
    • Mercury 2.1
    • Gemini 2.2
    • Apollo 2.3
    • Modern period 2.4
      • 1975–1979 2.4.1
      • 1980–1989 2.4.2
      • 1990–1999 2.4.3
      • 2000–2009 2.4.4
      • 2010–2019 2.4.5
    • Futuristic 2.5
      • Moon 2.5.1
      • "Counter-Earth" 2.5.2
      • Mercury 2.5.3
      • Venus 2.5.4
      • Mars 2.5.5
      • Jupiter 2.5.6
      • Saturn 2.5.7
      • Other 2.5.8
    • To Infinity and Beyond 2.6
  • Astronauts in other media 3
  • References 4
  • External links 5

Early period

Fictional astronauts as imagined before the Space Age.
Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Georg Manfredt, Prof.
Walt Turner
Wolf Helius (Engineer)
Friede Velten (Student Astronomer)
Hans Windegger (Engineer)
Woman in the Moon (1929), silent film Friede Contemporary?
First film depiction of a Moon rocket and of a countdown. Checkerboard design and Frau-im-Mond logo later to appear on A4 rockets.[1]
Harrison (US) (Captain/Astronomer)
Dick Jarvis (US) (Chemist)
Pierre Leroy (France) (Biologist)
Karl Putz (Germany) (Engineer)
A Martian Odyssey (1934), Valley of Dreams (1934), short stories Ares 21st century
First men on Mars; landing site in Mare Cimmerium. Cardoza made first voyage to Moon ten years earlier; "de Lancey flight" to Venus was unsuccessful.[2][3][4]
Pavel Ivanovich Sedikh (Scientist)
Marina (Assistant)
Kosmicheskiy reys (1935), film Soviet Union 1946
Scientist and assistant are joined by young stowaway on first voyage to Moon.[5]
Unnamed (President/Secretary/Treasurer)
Ivan Schnitzel (Photographer)
Isaac Guzzbaum (Auditor)
Eric Wobblewit (Humourist)
Two unnamed crewmembers
How We Went to Mars (1938), short story Snoring-in-the-Hay Rocket Society (UK)
Pride of the Galaxy
April 1952
Amateur crew of first manned spaceflight accidentally reach Mars. Landing near Solis Lacus.[6]
Farley (Last name not given) The Rocket of 1955 (1941?), short story Unknown 1955
Mars-bound astronaut, who discovers too late that his spacecraft is the product of a gigantic confidence trick; killed when it explodes during liftoff.[7][8]
David (last name not given) Inheritance (1947), short story A.15
A.20 (David/Goliath)
Near Future
Welsh test pilot on suborbital rocket flights from Atlas Mountains in Africa.[9]
Lewis Taine (US)
Pierre Leduc (France)
James Richards (UK)
Victor Hassell (UK)
Arnold Clinton (Australia)
Prelude to Space (1947), novel Prometheus Alpha/Beta 1978
Candidates for the first manned mission to the moon.[10]
Louis Garnett
The Sentinel (1948), short story Unknown 1996
Explorers who discover something remarkable on the shores of the Sea of Crises.[11]
Jim Barnes
Charles Cargraves, Dr.
Thayer, Gen.
Joe Sweeney (Radio Operator)
Destination Moon (1950), film Luna Near Future
Astronauts on a nuclear rocket to the moon.[12]
Floyd Graham, Col. (Pilot)
Harry Chamberlain (Navigator)
William Corrigan, Maj.
Karl Eckstrom, Dr.
Lisa Van Horn, Dr.
Rocketship X-M (1950), film X-M ("eXpedition Moon") Near Future
Astronauts on a moon rocket that "accidentally" lands on Mars.[13]
Daniel MacGregor Dare, Col.
Albert Fitzwilliam Digby
Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future (1950–1967), comic Anastasia 1996+
Astronaut in Earth's Interplanetary Spacefleet; travelled to Venus, Mercury, Saturn.
Steve Abbott (Journalist)
Jim Barker (Engineer)
Jackson, Prof. (Scientist)
Lane, Dr. (Scientist)
Carol Stafford (Physicist)
Flight to Mars (1951), film The Pentagon c. 2001
First manned Mars mission encounters dying Martian civilization.[14]
Mercury expedition:
R. Doyle
Borrell (Navigator)
Glynne (Radio Operator) (no first names given)
Unnamed crewmembers

Inner Station:
R. Doyle, Cmdr. (Training)
Tim Benton (Senior apprentice)
Ronnie Jordan
Norman Powell
Karl Hasse
Peter van Holberg
Five unnamed apprentices
Unnamed crewmembers

Space Hospital:
Hawkins, Dr. (no first name given) (Biologist)
Unnamed scientist
Unnamed crewmembers

Jones, Capt. (Pilot) (no first name given)

Inter-orbit ferry:
Unnamed pilots
Islands in the Sky (1952), novel Mercury expedition

Space stations:
Inner Station (Space Station One/Residential Station)
Space Hospital
Relay Station Two

Morning Star
The Skylark of Space (ferry)
Inter-orbit ferry
Earth ferry (spaceplane)
Late 21st century
16-year-old Roy Malcolm wins trip to Inner Station on television quiz. Doyle took part in first expedition to Mercury years earlier; Morning Star made first circumnavigation of Venus in 1985.[15]
Jeff Foldingchair

Miles Vance, Capt.
Nat Rothman (Pilot/Geologist)
Richard "Dick" Steele (Engineer)
Paul Sokolsky, Dr. (Physician/Biologist)
Lewis "Lew" Wong (Radar Operator)
Ginger Parsons (Cook/Photographer)
Charles "Chuck" Svensen
Marooned on Mars (1952), novel United States / Space Commission (under United Nations charter):

First manned Mars mission, launched from Moon base. 18-year-old Svensen stows away after being replaced on crew by Wong due to his age. Foldingchair is a long-time rocket pilot who stowed away on the second manned Moon mission 25 years earlier.[16]
Paula Martin Tales of Tomorrow
Flight Overdue (1952), TV
Unknown Near Future
Ambitious aviatrix joins Moon mission.[17]
Allen Rice, Maj. Thanasphere (1952), short story United States Air Force
Project Cyclops
First man in outer space discovers that it is inhabited by ghosts.[18][19]
Martin Dearborn, Capt.
George Beebe
Unnamed colonists
Missing Men of Saturn (1953), novel Unknown Future
Dearborn and his colonists, the first humans to reach the Saturn system, are captured on Titan by Saturnians, resulting in their descendants spending the next hundred years on Saturn.[20]
"Bright Eyes" Briteis, Col. (Commander)
Bill Moore, Maj.
Wernher, Dr.
Project Moonbase (1953), film Project Moon Base (US) 1970
First lunar orbital mission turns into Moon landing when Wernher is unmasked as an imposter. The female Col. Briteis was the first human in space.[21]
Ludwig Rechenheim, Dr.
Charles Greene
Victor Carroon
The Quatermass Experiment (1953), TV Experimental Rocket Unknown
Astronauts of the British Experimental Rocket Group. Crew of the first manned space mission; only Victor Carroon survives the flight.[22][23]
Space Station:
Pepper, Gen. (USAF) (Commanding Officer) (no first name given)
Unnamed space taxi pilot
Unnamed personnel

Moon rocket:
George Merola, Capt. (USAF) (Pilot/Navigator)
Dan Forbes, 1st Lt. (USAF) (Engineer)
Fred Gehardt, Dr. (Geologist)
Peter Phelps, M.D. (Physician)
Ted Baker
Rocket to Luna (1953), novel United States Air Force September 1983
17-year-old Space Academy cadet Baker, an accidental addition to the crew, crashes first manned Moon rocket in Mare Crisium, forcing him and Forbes to make 1000-mile trek to supply dump in Mare Imbrium near Archimedes.[24]
Stephen Mitchell, Dr.
Lisa Frank
Spaceways (1953), film AS-2 Near Future
American rocket scientist Mitchell, an adviser to British space program, makes first manned spaceflight to prove himself innocent of murder.[25]
Andrew "Jet" Morgan, Captain
Lemuel Barnet
Stephen Mitchell
"Doc" Matthews
Journey Into Space (1953–5), radio Operation Luna 1965+
British Commonwealth astronauts on a trip to the Moon and beyond.
Hugh Allenby (Commander)
Burton (Pilot)
Janus (Photographer)
Gonzales (Botanist)
Randolph (Biologist)
Unnamed (Mineralogist)
The Holes around Mars (1954), short story Mars 1 Unknown
Crew of the first manned expedition to Mars. They discover that the planet is orbited at very low altitude by a micro black hole.[26]
Richard Donald Stanton, Dr.
Walter Gordon
Jerome "Jerry" Lockwood, Dr.
Riders to the Stars (1954), film Unknown (US) Near Future
Astronauts make suborbital flights to capture meteors.[27]
Samuel T. Merritt, Gen.
Barney Merritt, Capt.
Andre Fodor
Mahoney, Sgt.
Jackie Siegle
Conquest of Space (1955), film Unknown Near Future
Astronauts on a mission to Mars.[28]
Unnamed captain
Frank (Navigator)
Bill (Radio Operator)
Joe (Engineer) (no last names given)
Man and the Moon (aka Tomorrow the Moon) (1955), TV
Space Station Number One (S-1)
RM-1 (Moonship)
Near Future
Crew of first manned voyage around the Moon.[29]

Rocket ship:
Doc (Physician)

Moonbeam III:
Doc (Physician)
Bill (no last names given)
Unnamed crewmembers

Moonbeam IV:
Rusty (no last name given)
Unnamed crewmembers
Peter and the Rocket Ship (1955), Peter and the Two-Hour Moon (1956), chapter books United States Army:
Unnamed rocket ship
Moonbeam III (rocket)
Moonbeam IV (rocket)
Two-Hour Moon (Space Station)
Near Future
Young Peter Sills accompanies crews of first manned spaceflight and subsequent Moonbeam III mission to build humanity's first space station.[30][31]
Bernard Quatermass, Prof.
Leo Pugh, Dr.
Quatermass II (1955), TV Experimental Rocket Near Future
Scientists of the British Experimental Rocket Group go into space in an attempt to use a faulty nuclear rocket to blow up an alien asteroid/spacecraft directing a covert invasion of Earth.[32][33][34]
Michael Haydon, Cmdr.
"Lefty" Blake
Merrity, Prof. (Scientist)
Larry Noble
Kim Hamilton (Reporter/Stowaway)
Satellite in the Sky (1956), film Project Stardust (UK) Near Future
Spaceplane carries atomic bomb into orbit.[35]
Endeavour (UK)
Unnamed (Commander)
Trevor Williams, Prof. (Astronomer)
Henderson (Geophysicist)
Dave Bolton (Navigator)
Unnamed crewmembers

Goddard (USA)
"Van" Vandenburg, Capt. (Commander)
Paynter, Dr (Geophysicist)
Anderson, Dr (Astronomer)
Unnamed crewmembers

Ziolkovski (USSR)
Krasnin (Commander)
Vladimir Surov (Botanist)
Unnamed crewmembers
Venture to the Moon (1956), series of short stories Endeavour
Near Future (after 1972)
First manned expedition to the Moon, joint UK/US/Russian project; landing in Mare Imbrium. Richards and Shannon named as discoverers of life in Eratosthenes five years later. Vandenburg later travels to Mars, Krasnin to the inner solar system.[36]
Eldon Galbraithe, Dr. (Commander)
Herbert Ellis (Radio operator)
John Borden (Scientist)
Henry "Hank" Jaffe (Engineer)
World Without End (1956), film Unknown March 1957
Astronauts returning from Mars orbital mission travel forward in time to the year 2508.[37]
Norris Caird, Cmdr. (Pilot)
Kerry (Medical Officer/Deputy Pilot/Navigator)
John Patterson (US) (Electronics Officer)
Robert "Bob" Vaughan (Engineer/Geologist)
Janet Ross (Stowaway)
High Vacuum (1957), novel Ministry of Astronautics (M.O.A.) (UK):

Near Future
First manned Moon rocket crash-lands in Mare Imbrium due to added weight of stowaway.[38]
Communications Satellite Two
Unnamed (Narrator)
Sven Olsen (Construction)
Jock Duncan (Cook/Doctor)
Jim (no last name given) (Engineer)
Gregory "Gregg" Wendell (Junior station announcer)
Unnamed (Head of transport section)
Unnamed crewmembers

Solar Observatory
Julie (no last name given) (Solar physicist)
Unnamed crewmembers

Captain Stevens
Unnamed crewmembers
The Other Side of the Sky (1957), series of short stories Space Service:

Communications Satellite Two (aka Relay Two)
Solar Observatory

Late 1970s

January 1, 2001
Workers building communications relay satellite and studying Sun in late 1970s. In 2001 narrator's son departs aboard Starfire, flagship of ten-ship Mars expedition.[39]
Robert "Bob" Calder, Col.
Sharman, Dr.
Unnamed crewmembers
20 Million Miles to Earth (1957), film United States Near Future
Mission to Venus brings back egg of dinosaur-like creature.[40]
Chris Godfrey (UK)
Serge Smyslov (USSR)
Morrey Kant (USA)
Tony Hale (UK)
Chris Godfrey of U.N.E.X.A. series (1957–79), juvenile novels Numerous, including Luna 1, Columbus, Lenin and Phoenix Near contemporary
British astronaut who makes the first manned spaceflight, launching from Woomera, and international colleagues who later join him in the "United Nations Exploration Agency" for missions to the Moon and all planets in the solar system.
John McLaren, Prof. (US) The Day the Sky Exploded (1958), film US/Russia/UK:

X-Z atomic rocket
Near Future
First attempted circumnavigation of Moon results in Earth being threatened with meteorite bombardment.[41]

Ken Pickering (USAF)

Adam Philip Crag (Commander)
Max Edward Prochaska (Electronics Chief)
Gordon Wells Nagel (Oxygen systems)
Igor Malin (impersonating Martin LeRoy Larkwell) (Mechanical maintenance/construction)

Michael Gotch, Col. (USAF)
Fredrick Gunter (Secretary-General of the United Nations)
Unnamed pilot
Two unnamed crewmembers

Otto Richter (East Germany) (Scientist)
Two unnamed crewmembers

"Red Dog":
Four unnamed crewmembers
First on the Moon (1958), novel United States Air Force
Step One:

S-2 (Satelloid)
Astronaut (atomic spacecraft)

"Eastern World":
"Red Dog"
Near Future
American mission to establish moonbase in Arzachel crater is opposed by unnamed "enemy" power from behind Iron Curtain, and complicated by presence of ringer in crew. Pickering is first human in space aboard "satelloid", a spaceplane with small wings.[42]
Stepan Mikhailovich Ivankov, Maj.[1]

Bryant "Bud" Ashland, Capt. (USAF)
The Manned Missiles (1958), short story Soviet Union

United States
Contemporary/Near Future
Ivankov, the first man in space, and Ashland, the first American in space, die when their spacecraft collide in orbit.[43][44]
Junius Robb, Capt. (USAF)
Moon Glow (1958), short story Project Ajax(?)
Ajax XX
Near Future
First Americans to land on the moon.[45]
John Corcoran, Maj. Night of the Blood Beast (1958), film X-100 Contemporary/Near Future
First man launched into orbit; dies on reentry.
Unnamed (Space Station Supervisor)
Unnamed doctors
Who's There? (1958), short story Space Station Early 1980s
Spaceman hears mysterious noises during spacewalk. Bernie Summers named as earlier spacewalk casualty.[46]
Thomas "Tom" O'Bannion, Col.
Iris "Irish" Ryan, Dr.
Theodore Gettell, Prof. (Scientist)
Sam Jacobs, CWO
The Angry Red Planet (1959), film MR-1 Near Future
First manned Mars mission encounters bizarre dangers.[47]
Space station:
James Benedict (Station head)
Matthews, Col.
Kurt Easton (Observer)

Lunar spacecraft:
Dave Reynolds (Commander)
Destination Space (1959), film Space station
Lunar spacecraft (US)
Near Future
Failed attempts to launch first lunar orbit mission from space station.[48]
McRoberts, Maj. (Commander) (First name not given)
Brad Summers, Capt. (Copilot)

Space Station
Anderson, Col. (Commander) (First name not given)
Milton, Dr. (Astronomer) (First name not given)
Unnamed crewmembers

Ferry rocket
Unnamed pilot
First Boy on the Moon (1959), novel United States Space Force:

Space Station
Ferry rocket
Near Future
Two boys and a frog stow away on the first manned mission to the Moon.[49]
Dan Prescott, Lt. First Man into Space (1959), film Y-12 spaceplane
Y-13 spaceplane
Near Future
Air Force Space Command pilot flies plane into space, returns as monster.[50]
Eugene Kornev/Andrew Gordon (Scientist)
Andrei Gordienko

Robert Klark
Erwin Verst

Gregory Somov/Craig Matthews
Nebo Zovyot (1959), film

Battle Beyond the Sun (1962), film
Space station
Soviet film re-edited for American release, with characters renamed. Rodina and Typhoon (nations of origin unspecified in Soviet version; "South Hemis" and "North Hemis" in American version) both attempt first Mars flight, but an emergency rescue leads to a landing on the asteroid Icarus instead. The events in the Soviet version turn out to be a dream.[51]
Unnamed (USSR) (Chief Co-ordinator of Project Ares)
Jim Hutchins (US) (Assistant)
Hutchins' wife (unnamed)
Out of the Cradle, Endlessly Orbiting... (1959), short story Astronautics Authority:

First Lunar Base

Project Ares
First manned Mars expedition in preparation at lunar base inside crater Plato; meanwhile, Hutchins' son is first human born off-Earth. References to past events include US Navy rescue of cosmonaut Dimitri Kalinin in South Pacific; Jerry Wingate making first manned orbit of Moon; landing of Hermann Oberth in Bay of Rainbows with loss of crew members.[52]
Mike Ferris (USAF) The Twilight Zone
Where Is Everybody? (1959), TV
United States Air Force Contemporary
Air Force astronaut trainee hallucinates himself in empty town during isolation experiment.[53][54]

Classic period

Astronauts from the 'Golden Age' of space travel, from its beginnings to the late 1970s, before the building of the Space Shuttle.


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Mercury (1960–1963)
Clegg Forbes, Col.
Ed Harrington, Col.
William Gart, Maj.
The Twilight Zone
And When the Sky Was Opened (1959), TV
X-20 Contemporary/Near Future
Astronauts return from first manned space flight and begin to vanish from the world and people's memories.[55]
Donlin, Col.
The Twilight Zone
I Shot an Arrow into the Air (1959), TV
Arrow One Contemporary/Near Future
Three survivors of eight-man crew crash on what they think is an asteroid, but turns out to be Nevada.[56]
Jose Jimenez Jose Jimenez the Astronaut (1961), Jose Jimenez in Orbit (1962), LP records Mercury Contemporary
Astronaut in the United States Interplanetary Expeditionary Force (USIEF). They were going to send a dog... but they thought that would be too cruel.
Squarely Stable N/A (Early 1960s) Mercury Contemporary
Husband of Primly Stable, super-perfect astronaut wife in skits performed by Rene Carpenter and other Mercury wives.[57][58]
Michael A. R. Samson ("Mike Mars")
Johnny Bluehawk
Jack Lannigan
Rodney Harger
Joseph Stacey
Orin McMahan
Hart Williams
Mike Mars series (1961–6), novels Project Quicksilver Contemporary
Astronauts in a project paralleling the actual Mercury, Gemini and Apollo projects.
Margaret Mackenzie, Lt. Tarzan, King of the Jungle. #51 (1961), comic Operation High Ball Contemporary
NASA launches a young female pilot into space on a Mercury test flight, under the code name Operation High Ball. The mission goes badly wrong and in an emergency re-entry, the astronaut narrowly escapes death when her capsule lands in a central African lake. She is rescued by Tarzan, who eventually helps her return to civilization, and her home in Massachusetts.
Harry Jackson, Capt.
Dennis Lynds,
Forrest (First name not given)
What Need of Man? (1961), short story Project Argus Contemporary/Near Future
Astronauts involved in the testing of a fully automated winged orbital re-entry vehicle.[59]
Four unnamed astronauts
"Dead-Eye" Dick Williamson, Maj.
Gabby Stark, Col.

Pluto III/Pluto IV:
Lucius L. "Lucky" Lucas, Col.

Pluto V:
Myron Philpot Phipps, Maj. (Ph.D.)
The Astronaut (1962), novel United States Air Force
Project Pluto:
Pluto III
Pluto IV
Pluto V
Military Earth-orbit project in competition with U.S. Army and Navy efforts. Lucas' death is falsely announced to cover up Pluto IV launch failure; Phipps becomes first American in orbit on Pluto V.[60]
Howard Judgen, Maj. The Time Factor (1962), novel Unspecified[2] Contemporary/Near Future
Astronaut reassigned from the space program to take part in a time travel experiment.[62]
(USAF) Matt Crispin
Duke Dalmead
George Raccoli

(USN) Bruce Blair
Rupert Meredith
A Flight of Chariots (1963), novel Mercury
Columbia 12
Fictional astronauts added to the original Mercury 7 four months after they were selected. Matt Crispin's flight in Columbia 12 ends with an emergency landing in the Gibson Desert when the oxygen system fails.[63][64]
Steve Crandon The Outer Limits
The Man with the Power (1963), TV
Unknown Contemporary/Near Future
Astronaut recruited for telekinetic asteroid mining project.[65]
Joseph Reardon, Capt. The Outer Limits
The Man Who Was Never Born (1963), TV
Unknown 1963
Astronaut who travels through "time convulsion" in Earth orbit and finds himself on post-apocalyptic Earth in 2148.[66][67]
Sid Stein
Mike Seaman
The Trouble with Telstar (1963), short story Dyna-Soar
Nelly Bly
Contemporary/Near Future
Astronauts launched to carry out the first in-space repair of a malfunctioning satellite.[68]
Robert Gaines (Maj./Col.) Twilight Zone
The Parallel (1963), TV
Unknown Contemporary/Near Future
Astronaut visits parallel universe where John F. Kennedy is not the President.[69][70]
John Jameson, Col. The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man Unlimited, Spider-Man 2 (1963–present), comics, TV, and film Mercury, Apollo Contemporary
NASA astronaut afflicted with lycanthropy.
Andy (no last name given) Andy Astronaut (1968), picture book Unknown (one-man capsule) Contemporary
Profile of typical astronaut's career and spaceflight.[71]
Hal Brennan, Col.
Michael "Mike" Barnes, Dr.
Countdown (1970), novel NASA:
Hermes program
Early 1960s
Astronauts in follow-up program to Mercury, using one-man Hermes spacecraft launched by Titan rockets. Barnes is nearly killed on program's final mission due to oxygen system failure.[72]
Maurice Minnifield Northern Exposure (1990–5), TV Mercury Contemporary
Former NASA astronaut living in Alaska.
Amerika Bomber:
Horst Reinhart, Lt. (Luftwaffe)

Lucky Linda:
Rudy "Skid" Sloman, Capt. (USN)
Goddard's People (1991), short story Luftwaffe:
A-9 (Amerika Bomber)

United States Army Air Force:
Project Blue Horizon
X-1 (Lucky Linda)
January 19, 1942 - May 26, 1944 (Alternate History) / 1991 (Alternate History)
Alternate history in which Nazi Germany and the US launched first manned spaceflights in 1944. Set in same timeline as Steele's short story "John Harper Wilson" and novel The Tranquillity Alternative (q.v.).[73][74]
Charles "Chuck" Jones Voyage (1996), novel Mercury Early 1960s (Alternate History)
Second American to orbit Earth (on mission similar to Mercury-Atlas 7) in alternate history in which President Kennedy is wounded, and Jacqueline Kennedy killed, in November 1963 shooting.[75]
Lloyd Macadam, Col. (AIT)
Bricker (USSR)
Astronauts in Trouble: Space: 1959 (2000), graphic novel Aerospace Intelligence Taskforce (AIT) (part of USAF) 1959
When Soviet agent Bricker commandeers secret US moon rocket, Col. Macadam climbs aboard as rocket takes off to make sure that first man on Moon is American.[76]
Katerina Vasiliyevna Taraskaya, Jr.Lt. Red Moon (2001), novel Vostok c. 1963
A supporting character is the young and powerful Col. Katerina Borazova. It is revealed that four years earlier, when merely Jr. Lt. Taraskaya, she had been launched into orbit, after the Soviet premier had personally selected her to be the first woman in space. Character is loosely based on Valentina Tereshkova.[77]
Alkilina Mikhailovna Chirikova, Jr. Lt. Paragaea (2006), novel Vostok 1964
This novel begins in 1964, with the Soviet Union's second female cosmonaut Jr. Lt. Akilina Chirikova, already aboard Vostok 7, waiting nervously to be blasted into Earth orbit. To her relief, she is launched successfully, but after a couple of uneventful orbits, her ship enters a wormhole, and subsequently she lands in another world, a parallel Earth, called Paragaea.[78]
Francine Barry Children of Orion (2010), online novel Mercury September 1963 (Alternate History)
In this alternative history novel female pilots are included in NASA's 1962 astronaut group. One of them is to fly a Mercury mission before that programme ends, and become the first woman in space. Francine Barry, a 31 year old civilian test pilot, is selected for the task. The Soviets fly a woman cosmonaut first, but the confident Ms. Barry still rides the fire into orbit, on the final Mercury-Atlas designed Serenity 7.
Natalya Dmitrievna Kubasova, Lt. Sparrow's Flight (2011), novel Vostok September 1960
In September 1960, the Soviet Union is ready to launch the first human into space. A female Soviet Air Force pilot, Lt. Natalya Kubasova, is launched in a Vostok capsule, but just after reaching orbit, the capsule malfunctions and the cosmonaut plunges to earth, landing in the American mid-West.[79]
Tatyana Fedorova, Capt.
Alexander, Mikhailov, Major
Into the Silent Sea (2013), short film Vostok 1963
Early 1963, the Politburo presses leaders of the space program to put Captain Fedorova, trainee cosmonaut, and daughter of a senior Party official into space, on the Vostok 5B mission. When launch is brought forward, the risks of a mission failure increase. Fedorova is to be too well connected to be risked, so is replaced, Mikhailov. After a successful launch, he becomes stranded in orbit, and losing contact with his base, his final contact with earth is an Italian radio operator.


Unnamed American Astronaut Hoax Hunters Issue Nº.0 (2013), online comic Mercury 1961 and Contemporary
Astronaut launched into orbit prior to John Glenn to investigate Soviet space activity. He and the crow accidentally launched with him are bizarrely affected when exposed to Zero-point energy.[3][81]


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Gemini (1964–1966)
Dan Cooper SOS dans l'espace and other Tintin magazine stories (1957–69), comics Gemini XIII and others Contemporary
Comic book series by Albert Weinberg.
Richard J. Pruett, Maj., USAF
Jim Dougherty, USAF
Andrei Yakovlev, Col.
Marooned (1964), novel Mercury 7 (Mercury)
Gemini (Gemini)
Vostok IX (Vostok)
July 1964
NASA astronaut on 7th Mercury flight (MA-10) trapped in orbit due to no retrofire; boilerplate Gemini (GT-2) launched to rescue; Russian cosmonaut also rendezvous. Novel also mentions docking of Vostok VII and VIII and names GT-3 crew as Shepard and Masters.
Anthony "Tony" Nelson, Capt./Maj.
Roger Healey, Maj.
Sonya Tiomkin, Maj.
I Dream of Jeannie (1965–70), TV Gemini, Apollo Contemporary
Career NASA astronauts. Nelson, Healey and Wingate orbit the Moon in the episode "Around the World in 80 Blinks".[82] Major Tiomkin is a female Soviet cosmonaut who appears in the episode "Russian Roulette".
Unnamed astronaut The Avengers
Man-Eater of Surrey Green (1965), TV
Unknown; one-man capsule Contemporary
British astronaut dies in orbit; capsule re-enters following collision with giant alien plant.
Gilligan's Island
Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet (1965), TV
Voskhod? Contemporary
Cosmonauts who land on Gilligan's isle.[83]
Paradowsky, Col.
Borovin, Maj.

002 Operazione Luna (1965), film Voskhod? Contemporary
When cosmonauts Paradowsky and Borovin disappear in space, Italian criminals Franco and Ciccio, their doubles, are kidnapped and launched into space to cover up the mission's apparent failure.[84]
Jennings, Maj. (Pilot) (First name not given)
Bob Wyart (Co-Pilot)
Under the Wide and Starry Sky... (1966), short story Gemini, GT-9 Contemporary
Fictional Gemini IX crew who find themselves in serious trouble during the last hours of their two-week mission. The plot-line apparently based on the original Gemini IX flight plan.[85]
Mac MacKenzie, Capt.
Hector "Hec" Canfield, Lt.
It's About Time (1966–67), TV NASA:
Sitcom about astronauts who travel back in time and meet caveman family.[86]
Jupiter XVI:
Chris (last name not given)
Unnamed US astronaut

Two unnamed cosmonauts

Bird 1:
Two unnamed Osato astronauts

Jupiter XVII:
Two unnamed US astronauts
You Only Live Twice (1967), film Jupiter XVI (Gemini)

Unnamed Soviet capsule (Voskhod?)

Bird 1 (reusable capsule)

Jupiter XVII (Gemini)
Presumed NASA and Soviet Union crews captured by Osato Chemicals (SPECTRE) spacecraft. Bird 1 uses expendable booster for launch; capsule capable of vertical pin-point landing like DC-X. Chris killed at capture due to EVA. Cosmonauts captured next. Capture of Jupiter XVII and probable outbreak of World War III prevented by James Bond.[87]
Tom, Maj. Space Oddity (1969), song Unknown Contemporary
Astronaut in one-man capsule who loses touch with Earth while on a spacewalk.
Steve Pitt
"Robert Gauss"
(real name Sam Stonebreaker)
Death of a Cosmonaut (1969), novel Gemini XII-A Spring 1967
Crew of a Gemini mission which makes a clandestine rendezvous with a failed Voskhod to carry out an autopsy of the cosmonauts.
Charles "Hickory" Lee, Maj., US Army
Timothy "Tim" Bell
Harry Jensen, Capt., USAF
Edward "Ed" Cater, Maj., USAF

Gemini XIII
Randolph "Randy" Claggett, Maj., USMC (Command Pilot)
John Pope, Cmdr., USN (Pilot)

Apollo 18
Randy Claggett, CDR
John Pope, CMP
Paul Linley, LMP
Space (1982), novel; James A. Michener's Space (1985), TV Gemini XIII,
Apollo 18
Altair (CSM)/Luna (LM)
NASA astronauts in James Michener's fictionalized account of the early years of the space program and the TV miniseries made from it.[88]
Alexander Alexandrovich "Sasha" Oryolin, Col. (Pilot)
Konstantine K. "Kostya" Strogolshikov, Col.
Peter Nevsky and the True Story of the Russian Moon Landing (1993), novel Voskhod 2 1965
First spacewalk mission, similar to the real Voskhod 2; cosmonauts survive crash landing in Ural Mountains.[89]
Marcus Aurelius Belt, Lt. Col. The X-Files
Space (1993), TV
Gemini VIII Contemporary (flashback to c. 1966)
Former NASA astronaut who is possessed by a creature from outer space.
Vladimir Pavlovich Viktorenko
Unnamed cosmonaut
Voyage (1996), novel Voskhod 3 1966 (Alternate History)
First flight of alternate history cosmonaut Viktorenko, who later takes part in Moonlab/Soyuz mission.[75]
Dmitri Selonovich Doctor Who
"Space Oddity" (2013), comic strip
Vostok 11 (Vostok) 1965
Cosmonaut killed by Vashta Nerada while making first human spacewalk on classified military mission.[90]


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Apollo (1967–1975)
Richmond D. "Rich" Talbot, Capt. (USAF) Starfire (1960), novel

Moon Pilot (1962), film
United States Air Force
Project Starfire
May 22–29, 1960 (novel)

Contemporary (film)
First American manned lunar orbit mission.[91][92][93]
Unnamed female cosmonaut Hate (aka At the End of Orbit) (1961), short story Unknown Contemporary/Near Future
First human to orbit Moon crashes in Pacific Ocean near Thursday Island; dies when Hungarian refugee pearl diver prevents her from being rescued before her air runs out.[94]
Lt. Col. Joseph Faulk, CDR
Lt. Cmdr. Lester "Les" Mallon, CMP
Maj. Max Kovac, LMP
Apollo at Go (1963), novel Apollo July 1969
Crew of first Apollo moon mission, launched on July 5, 1969; landing in Ocean of Storms.[95]

Mel Lockhart
The Crawling Hand (1963), film Unknown Near Future
While returning from second manned Moon mission, astronaut Lockhart asks for his spacecraft to be destroyed, but returns to Earth as animate severed arm.[96]
Francis Spender, Col. A Question of Re-Entry (1963), short story United Nations Space Department
Goliath 7
Early 1970s
First man to land on the Moon is eaten by cannibals after crash landing in Brazilian jungle.[97][98]
Apollo 3:
Charles "Chiz" Stewart, Jr., Col. (USAF) (CDR) (unnamed in novel)
Rick Lincoln, Lt. (USN) (Navigator)
Lee Stegler (Co-Pilot) (named Steven James "Steve" Lawrence in novel)

Pilgrim One:
Lee Stegler/Steve Lawrence

Alexis Plekhanov

3 unnamed cosmonauts (1 unnamed cosmonaut in novel)
The Pilgrim Project (1964), novel

Countdown (1968), film
Apollo 3
Gemini (Pilgrim One) (Mercury in novel)

Soviet Union:
2 Voskhods (2 Vostoks in novel)
Near Future
NASA astronaut using modified Gemini craft (Mercury in novel) to beat the Russians to the Moon. Landing near Surveyor 6 in Oceanus Procellarum.[99][100][101][102]
Roberts, Col.
Simms, Maj.
Doctor Who
"Moon Landing" (1965), comic strip
Unknown (rocket marked "MS") July 1970
First men on the Moon. Country of origin not specified. Mission launches on July 20, 1970.
Frank Lewis, Dr. (Physiologist) (UK)
Stern (Pilot-Astronaut) (no first name given)
Roy Villiers, Capt. (Pilot-Astronaut)

Bill Sanders, CDR
Thomas, Co-Pilot (no first name given)
Unnamed astronaut

Karl Simmonds (Command Pilot)
Bob Mitchell (Co-Pilot)
Mike Gransome, Maj. (USAF) (Third Pilot)
Zenno Fillipini, Dr. (Italy) (Scientific Observer)

Don Hart (Command Pilot)
Roger Cope (Co-Pilot)
Joseph (Pilot) (no first name given)
Jean Romain, Prof. (France) (Scientific Observer)
Kings of Infinite Space (1967), novel NASA:
Unnamed CSM/LM
Unnamed CSM/LM

Project Ulysses
Autumn 1969 – c. 1970
New group of NASA astronauts selected in 1969 combines pilots and scientists and includes international component. Sanders commands lunar mission aborted when Thomas falls ill in flight. Spaceflight veterans Simmonds and Hart join new astronauts on missions using "Saturn VI" rocket (Saturn V with booster rockets added): four-man lunar mission with expanded spacecraft and Project Ulysses deep-space mission.[103]
Roy Fleming
Fred Gifford, Maj.
The Reluctant Astronaut (1967), film Apollo Contemporary
Russia plans on sending a dentist into space, to show the safety of their space program. NASA launches Fleming, Cape Canaveral's newest janitor, upstaging Russian launch.[104][105][106]
Walter "Walt" Emmons (CDR)
Ed MacKenzie (CMP)
Michael "Mike" Carter (LMP)
The Bold Ones: The New Doctors
One Small Step for Man (1969), TV
Unnamed (CSM)/Retriever (LM)
Apollo crew experiences medical emergency prior to lunar landing. Carter is first black astronaut on Moon mission.
Kenneth "Ken" McGeorge, Maj. The Hardy Boys
The Arctic Patrol Mystery (1969), novel
Apollo Contemporary
Astronaut kidnapped in Iceland while training for Moon mission.[107]
Ironman One:
Jim Pruett
Clayton Stone, Ph.D.
Buzz Lloyd

Andrei Yakovlev

Ted Dougherty, USAF
Marooned (1969), film, novel Ironman One (Apollo)
X-RV lifting body
Near Future
NASA astronauts trapped in a defective capsule; a Russian cosmonaut attempts aid.[108][109][110][111]
Unnamed astronaut Squaps, the Moonling (1969), picture book Unknown Contemporary/Near Future
An astronaut takes a moon creature home to meet his children.[112]
Jerry McGrath, Maj. (USAF) (Command Pilot)
Earl Boggs, Maj. (USAF) (Pilot)

Andrew "Andy" Zapf, Col. (USAF) (Backup pilot/CAPCOM)
Countdown (1970), novel Federal Space Agency (FSA):

Hermes II (command module)
Pegasus Orbiting Laboratory
Near Future (Early 1970s)
Post-Apollo wet workshop space station with potential military applications. Zapf is a Gemini and Apollo veteran.[72]
Unnamed CSM/LM
Unnamed CDR
Lt. Col. Richard Martin, CMP
Unnamed LMP

Anna Christie
Capt. Roger Allen, CDR
Col. Joseph Busby, CMP
William Davis, LMP
The Falling Astronauts (1971), novel Apollo
Unnamed CSM/LM;
Anna Christie (CSM)/Unnamed (LM)
Alternate late 1970s?
When the Command Module Pilot (CMP) of a lunar mission carrying nuclear seismic charges goes berserk, only the missions information officer, a former CMP himself, stands between Earth and catastrophe.[113]
Three unnamed US astronauts Mutant 59: The Plastic Eater (1971), novel Apollo
Apollo 19
The crew of a returning lunar mission are killed on re-entry because the Command Module systems have been contaminated with a plastic-eating virus.[114]
Showler (no first names given)
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (1972), novel Commuter Capsule 1972
Astronauts ferry hotel staff aboard Commuter Capsule to Space Hotel "U.S.A.", where they are attacked by Vermicious Knids.[115]
Unnamed US astronaut The Exorcist (1973), film Apollo Contemporary
US astronaut whose death in space is foretold by Regan MacNeil. Connected by author William Peter Blatty to astronaut Billy Cutshaw in The Ninth Configuration.
Fergusson, CDR
Drake (first names not given)
The Medusa Touch (1973), novel; The Medusa Touch (1978), film Achilles 6 (Apollo-like)
Unnamed CSM/LM
Contemporary/Near Future
Moon mission is doomed by telekinetic John Morlar.[116]
Steve Austin, Col.
Kelly Wood, Maj.
Josh Lang
Dr. Leah Russell
The Six Million Dollar Man (1973–8), TV Apollo 17 et al. Contemporary
Austin is a NASA astronaut injured in testing landing characteristics of lifting bodies in anticipation of the Space Shuttle program. Other astronauts appear in the episodes The Rescue of Athena One; Burning Bright (1974); and The Deadly Countdown (1977).
Capt. Roland "Rick" Lawrence (USN), CDR
Benjamin "Ben" Pelham, CMP
Col. David "Dave" Anderson, LMP

Tom Estes, CAPCOM
Flip Crowell, CAPCOM[4]
Irving "Irv" Sellers (backup)[5]
Stowaway to the Moon: The Camelot Odyssey (1973), novel; Stowaway to the Moon (1975), TV Apollo
Camelot (CSM)/Little Dipper (LM)
NASA astronauts on an Apollo mission to the Altai Highlands who discover a child in the command module.[117][118]
Michael Kamp, Capt. Dhalgren (1974), novel Apollo Contemporary?
Apollo astronaut who visits the city of Bellona.[119]
Melville (no first name given) My Dream of Flying to Wake Island (1974), short story Unknown (Three-man spacecraft) Contemporary/Near Future
Astronaut recovering from "mental breakdown in space."[120][121]
Bob Grodin Alternative 3 (1977), TV (hoax documentary) Apollo Contemporary
NASA astronaut who landed on the Moon and inadvertently stumbled upon a secret moonbase.
Richard "Dick" Royce, Cmdr. (USN)
Stan Richmond (CMP)
Hawaii Five-O
Shake Hands With The Man On The Moon (1977), TV
Apollo Contemporary
Washed-up astronaut Royce gets involved with crooked real estate developer.
Rick Delanty
Johnny Baker

Pieter Jakov
Leonilla Alexandrova Malik
Lucifer's Hammer (1977), novel Space Station
Spacelab 2


Alternate 1970s
Joint US/Soviet crew studying the close approach to Earth of the comet Hamner-Brown from orbit.[122][123]
Horace Jones, Col., CDR
Joseph Pelham, Cmdr., DMP
Sydney Loren, Dr., MS
Sargasso (1977), novel Apollo
Apollo 19
NASA crew of Apollo 19, a joint mission with the Soviets and the last Apollo flight before advent of the Space Shuttle. They vanish from their spacecraft when it splashes down in the Bermuda Triangle.[124]
Billy Cutshaw, Capt. The Ninth Configuration (1980), film Apollo Contemporary
US astronaut who lost his sanity just before launching into space. Connected by author William Peter Blatty to astronaut character in The Exorcist.
(last names not given)
Superman II (1980), film Artemis 2
Fictional Society for International Space Exploration (SISE)-Soviet joint lunar mission. Crew killed by escaped Kyptonian criminals.
Trippett, Capt. (USN)
Slade (first names not given)
News from the Sun (1981), short story NASA Unknown
Trippett was the last man on the moon; Slade was a trainee astronaut who washed out of the space program.[125][126]
Robert S. Massey The Red Dove (1982), novel Apollo 1972, flashback from 1983
US astronaut who has a mental breakdown while preparing for a press conference after returning from the moon. Later used by the CIA to persuade a Soviet cosmonaut to defect along with his spacecraft.

Note: The Apollo mission mentioned in the novel is implied to be Apollo 17.[127]
Garrett Breedlove Terms of Endearment (1983), The Evening Star (1996), films Apollo Contemporary
Retired middle-aged astronaut played by Jack Nicholson.
Thomas Jefferson Stamford, Col. (USAF) (CDR) The Object of the Attack (1984), short story Apollo 20 1974 / 1982–1988
Retired NASA astronaut, rumored to have commanded secret Apollo 20 mission to place nuclear missile station in Mare Imbrium, becomes world-renowned religious leader.[128][129]
Forrest Gump
Janet Fritch, Maj.
Forrest Gump (1985), novel Unknown Contemporary
Gump's history as an astronaut was not included in the film adaptation.[130]
William "Bill" Miles, Ph.D. Remington Steele
Steele in the Chips (1985), TV
Apollo Contemporary
Astronaut who walked on Moon promotes Booster Bars for food company.
Paul Andrews Beyond the Stars (1989), film Apollo Contemporary
NASA astronaut who landed on the Moon.[131]
John Harper "Johnny" Wilson, Maj. (USSF) (Commander)
Neil Holliday, Capt. (USSF) (Eagle One Pilot/Second-in-command)
18 unnamed astronauts
John Harper Wilson (1989), short story United States Space Force (USSF)
Luna One:
Eagle One, Eagle Two (passenger ships)
Eagle Three (cargo ship)
July 1969 (Alternate History) / 1988 (Alternate History)
In alternate history, Eagle One makes first manned Moon landing on July 20, 1969, in Sea of Tranquility; Wilson is first man on Moon. USSF spacecraft Columbus made first manned lunar flyby in December 1968 (crew unnamed). Set in same timeline as Steele's short story "Goddard's People" and novel The Tranquillity Alternative (q.v.).[132][133]
Dave "Rockford" Muldorff, Col. (USAF) (CDR)
Thomas Milburne "Tom" Gavin, Maj. (USAF) (CMP)
Richard Edgar "Dick" Baedecker, Col. (USMC) (LMP)
Phases of Gravity (1989), novel Apollo
Peregrine (CSM)/Discovery (LM)
December 1971 / June 1987–November 1988
In June 1987, Baedecker takes a business trip to India and begins a voyage of self-discovery. 1971 landing near Marius Crater in Oceanus Procellarum.[134]
Al Calavicci, Rear Adm. Quantum Leap (1989–93), TV Apollo 8 c. 1968 / 1999
NASA astronaut in Apollo program. Circled the moon ten times. Calavicci landed the spacecraft safely after the computer systems crashed.
Mitiok Sviridenko (Trainee)

Sema Anikin (First stage)
Ivan Grechka (Second stage)
Otto Plucis (Third stage)
Dima Matiushevich (Lunar module)
Omon Matveevich Krivomazov[6] (call sign Ra) (Lunokhod)

Pasiuk "Pasha" Drach, Maj.
Zurab "Zura" Pratsvania, Capt.

Armen Vezirov
Djambul Mezhelaitis
Omon Ra (1992), novel Luna-17B/Lunokhod
With the Soviet Union unable to operate automated spacecraft, young cosmonauts train for suicide mission to lunar farside.[135]
Roy "Eject"
Richard "Dick"
Howard "Howie" (no last names given)
Walking on the Moon (1992), short story Apollo
Unnamed CSM/LM
Contemporary (July 4)
Apollo crew reunites for holiday get-together. Set in same timeline as Steele's Near-Space series.[136]
Boris Prishkin, Col.
Ekaterina Univer "Katya" Prishkin

Soyuz 4:
Dmitry Mikhailovich "Mitya" Zhukovsky, Col. (Commander)
Soyuz 5:
Konstantine K. "Kostya" Strogolshikov, Col. (Commander)
Valya Glavtop, Capt.
Kolya Grin, Capt. (latter two transfer to Soyuz 4)

Luna 15:
Dmitry Mikhailovich Zhukovsky, Major-General (Command Pilot)
Konstantine K. Strogolshikov, Major-General
Alexander Alexandrovich "Sasha" Oryolin, Major-General (Flight Engineer)

Cosmonaut squadron:
Yurka Adama-Bibliov
Vitya Artzybashev, Capt.
Misha Cherryntevsky, Maj.
Zhora Fedyuninsky, Maj.
Valya Glavtop, Capt.
Kolya Grin, Capt.
Kopa Kandidim, Capt.
Trifya Miserbiev
Tima Schtange, Lt.
Genka Stumpelkin, Lt.
Vasya Tevyelook, Lt.

Cosmonaut candidates:
Peter Apollonovich "Petya" Nevsky, Lt.
Marcus Gogol, Dr.
Lev Lympyet, Prof.
Arkady Volgamints, Maj.
Peter Nevsky and the True Story of the Russian Moon Landing (1993), novel Soyuz 4
Soyuz 5

Luna 15 (Soyuz)
Laikushka (lunar lander)
June 17, 1968 - July 21, 1969
Cosmonauts in renewed push for lunar landing. Oryolin, Strogolshikov and Zhukovsky command squadron within Cosmonaut Corps. Soyuz 4/5 fly January 14-18, 1969 (as in reality). Luna 15 launches July 14, 1969; crash landing (in Sea of Crisis) and loss of contact on July 21. Nevsky, Stumpelkin, Gogol and Lympyet later fly Earth orbital missions in the 1970s and 1980s; Nevsky becomes commander of Cosmonaut Corps and visits Tranquillity Base with Stumpelkin at turn of century. Boris Prishkin was a cosmonaut in the early days of the Russian program; Katya Prishkin was one of four female cosmonauts trained for Vostok 6.[89]
Grandpa (unnamed), CDR Grandpa Takes Me to the Moon (1996), picture book Apollo
Unnamed CSM/LM
Apollo astronaut tells his grandchild bedtime story about his trip to the Moon.[137]
Unnamed astronaut In the MSOB (1996), short story Apollo c. 2020
The last surviving astronaut to walk on the Moon is euthanized in nursing home.[138][139]
Prospero One
Roly Gough, Wg Cdr (Commander)
Geoff Lighthill, Dr

Bob Nash (CAPCOM)
Prospero One (1996), short story Prospero April 26, 1974 (Alternate History)
Crew of the first independently launched British spacecraft. Story set in same alternate history as Stephen Baxter's Voyage (q.v.).[140]
Apollo 3?
Alan York (USAF)

Unknown program:
Daniel Gary
Frederick March
Rats Saw God (1996), novel Apollo Contemporary
Moonwalker York has troubled teenage son.[141]
Ted Curval
Bob Gold (Scientist-astronaut)

Apollo 11:
Joseph "Joe" Muldoon, Col. (LMP)

Philip "Phil" Stone, Maj. (USAF)

Charles "Chuck" Jones, CDR
James "Jim" Dana
Phil Stone

Joe Muldoon, Col. (CDR)
Adam Bleeker
Phil Stone
Vladimir Pavlovich Viktorenko, Lt. Col. (Commander)
Aleksandr Solovyov

Chuck Jones, CDR
Jim Dana, CMP
Ben Priest, Col.
Voyage (1996), novel NASA:
Apollo 11


Enterprise (CSM)
Moonlab (Wet Workshop)

Grissom (CSM)
Soyuz T-3 (Komarov)

Apollo-N (NERVA)
July 1969 (Alternate History)

October 27, 1969 (Alternate History)

August 1976 (Alternate History)

November–December 1980 (Alternate History)

November 28-December 4, 1980 (Alternate History)
In alternate history, Muldoon is Apollo 11 LMP rather than Buzz Aldrin; Stone flies 200th and last mission of X-15 program in October 1969. Jones, Dana and Stone place Moonlab in lunar orbit in 1976. Soyuz T-3 (launched with N-1 rocket) docks with NASA Moonlab on December 1, 1980. Apollo-N, 1980 test flight of NERVA engine, ends in disaster.[75]
Slade (CDR)
Al Pond (CMP)
Bado, Col. (USAF) (LMP)

Williams (no first name given)
Unnamed astronaut

Soviet mission:
Unnamed cosmonaut

Jim Richards, Capt. (RAF)
Taine (no first name given)
Moon Six (1997), Sun-Drenched (1998), short stories Apollo
Unnamed CSM/LM

Unnamed LM/Lunar Payload Module/Lunar Flying Unit

Soviet lunar lander

Royal Air Force:
Prometheus (Alpha/Beta)
1970 (Alternate Histories)
In Moon Six, Bado finds himself shifting between parallel universes while on the Moon; in Sun-Drenched, Slade and Bado are stranded on Moon when Command Module explodes in lunar orbit, killing Pond. Landing near Surveyor 7 or 8 landing site, near Tycho.[142][143]
Apollo 18
Bruce Cortney, CMP

Apollo 19
Gary Lucas, CDR
Victor "Vic" Kendall, CMP
Charles "Charlie" Shepherd, LMP

Apollo 20
Bruce Cortney, CDR
Ice (2002), novel Apollo 18
Unnamed CSM/LM

Apollo 19
Quest (CSM)/Starlight (LM)

Apollo 20
Unnamed CSM/LM
February 1975
Apollo 19 astronauts on a mission to the Aitken Basin; Apollo 20 recovery mission. Apollo 18 mission to Schröter's Valley in the Ocean of Storms is part of back-story.[144]
Robert "Bobby" Paradise Paradise (2004), film Apollo Contemporary
Apollo astronaut who becomes a televangelist after his return to Earth.
Chet Aston Astronaut of the Year (2005), short story Apollo? Contemporary
Veteran of thirteen spaceflights has become lonely and rude in his old age.[145][146]
Yefgenii Yeremin
Ascent (2007), novel Zond Project July 1969
Soviet Korean War veteran launched on a secret mission to beat Apollo 11 to the moon. When the mission fails he is erased from history.[147]
Unnamed CSM/LM
Frank Allen, CDR
Unnamed CMP
Max Donnelly, LMP
The Cassandra Project (2010), short story Apollo Late 1968
Secret landing before Apollo 11 to investigate alien dome in Cassegrain Crater. Astronauts' names changed in 2012 novel adaptation.[148]
Stan Arsenievich The Cosmonaut (2011?), film Soviet Moonshot program
Kolibri module (fictional)
Only member of the first Soviet manned mission to the moon. He gets lost during the trip to the Moon; upon his return, he has been inexplicably transported to an alternate Earth.
Cmdr. Nathan "Nate" Walker, CDR
Lt. Col. John Grey, CMP
Capt. Benjamin "Ben" Anderson, LMP
Apollo 18 (2011), film Apollo
Freedom (CSM)/Liberty (LM)
December 1974
Apollo 18 astronauts on top-secret DOD mission to the lunar south pole discover dead Russian cosmonaut and alien life.
Vance Peterson, Col. Adrift on the Sea of Rains (2012), novella Apollo Late 1980s (Alternate History)
Commander of US military Moon base which follows on from, and uses hardware developed for, the Apollo program.
Unnamed CSM/LM
Sidney Myshko, CDR
Brian Peters, CMP
Louie "Crash" Able, LMP[7]

Frank Kirby, CAPCOM

Unnamed CSM/LM
Aaron Walker, CDR
Amos Bartlett, CMP
Lenny Mullen, LMP
The Cassandra Project (2012), novel Apollo January 11–21, 1969

April 1969
Secret landings before Apollo 11 to investigate alien dome in Cassegrain Crater.[149]
Apollo 18
Cmdr. Robert "Bob" Cartwright, CDR
Maj. Steve Dayton, CMP
Mason Gale, LMP

Rick Delahousse, CAPCOM

Col. Boris Vasiliyevich Petrov (Commander)
Alexander Ivanovich "Sasha" Kruchinkin (Cosmonaut-Engineer)
Sea of Crises (2012), novel Apollo
Lexington (CSM)/Concord (LM)

Soviet Union:
September 1976 / Contemporary
Apollo 18 mission to Mare Crisium to investigate secret Soviet moonbase.[150]
Unnamed astronaut Louie
Model (2014), TV
Apollo Contemporary
Former astronaut who walked on Moon punches Louie after he injures his daughter.

Modern period

Astronauts from recent times, mostly using the Space Shuttle.


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Spacelab Dynostar;
Eddie Van Buren, Cmdr.,
Russ Walters (US),
Bob Townsend,
Phillip Lyall,
Richard Hart (UK),
Rene Lasalle,
Jean Lucas (France),
Theodore Neumann,
Otto Sigmund (Germany),
Will Patterson (Australia),
Mel Freeman.

Orbiter Four; John Hayward, Cdr.,
Eric Fischer,
Daniel Sicura Maj.
The Dynostar Menace (1975), novel Space Station
Spacelab Dynostar

Space Shuttle
Orbiter Four
Near Future
A multinational team of astronauts working under the auspices of the United States Space Authority (USSA) to carry out the first test of a nuclear fusion reactor in earth orbit.[151][152]
Patrick Winter Maj.,
Ely Bron Dr.,
Coretta Samuel Dr (Medic).,
Nadya Kalinina Maj.,
Vladimir Kuznekov Col.,
Gregor Salnikov (USSR),

Cooke Maj. Cmdr,
Decosta Capt. Pilot
Skyfall (1976), novel Orbital Power Station

USAF Space Shuttle
Near Future
A series of malfunctions turn an attempt to launch an orbital solar power station into disaster, trapping the payload in a decaying orbit and forcing the use of a military space shuttle to rescue the crew, even as the race to prevent it crashing into a populated area continues.[153]
Olaf Carlsen;

Tom Carlsen, Col.
eight others
The Space Vampires (1976), novel;

Lifeforce (1985), film

ESA Space Shuttle
HMS Churchill, rescue shuttle
Early 21st century;

Near Future
Hermes crew finds alien craft adrift in open space;

While investigating Halley's Comet an ESA/NASA crew of nine aboard the Churchill find an alien craft. Rescue shuttle returns aliens and Carlsen to Earth.
Unnamed CSM/LM;
Thomas Alvar Nicols, Maj.,
Van Druten,
Riley (first names not given)

Richard Bradford Ridge, Maj. (Commander),
David Priestly (Co-Pilot),
Marvin Leisen (Navigator),
Jim O'Toole,
Archie Carfagno

Thomas Alvar Nicols, Maj (Co-Pilot).
Richard Bradford Ridge, Maj (Pilot).
The Hermes Fall (1978), novel Apollo
Unnamed CSM/LM,
Orpheus (CSM),

Space Shuttle
A NASA moonflight veteran and the commander of the first space shuttle mission are sent on a desperate mission to prevent the asteroid Hermes crashing into the Earth.[154]
Floyd Hartwell,
Andrew Bukowski Capt, (Air Force Astronaut Wing),
Leonard Dmetriev (USSR),
Unnamed Chinese Astronaut
Impact! (1979), novel Argonaut XX Contemporary?
International astronauts on a mission to prevent an asteroid impacting Earth.[155]
Spacelab 10;
Unnamed US Astronauts & Unnamed Cosmonauts

Space Shuttle;
Chuck Marshall US,
Giorgi (Last name not given) USSR
Quatermass (TV serial) (1979), TV/novel Space Station,
Spacelab 10

Space Shuttle
Not named, call-sign is Mother Bird
Near Future
Spacelab Ten is a joint US/Soviet space project.[156]
Dr. Holly Goodhead

Numerous unnamed US Marine astronauts
Moonraker (1979), film/novel Space Shuttle Moonraker 1–6,

Military Space Shuttle
James Bond and Goodhead launch to Hugo Drax's space station to thrwart his plans. Six shuttles carrying several dozen men and women are also mentioned.[157]
Addison "Skip" Carmichael
Melanie "Mel" Slozar
Salvage 1 (1979), TV SSTO
Early 1980s
Privately built rocket/spacecraft constructed by a scrap-yard dealer. Used for lunar mission with the goal of salvaging Apollo hardware left on the moon.


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Steve Bancroft
Lew Price
John Gates, Col., USAF
Hangar 18 (1980), film Space Shuttle
Launch of the first satellite by a Shuttle crew strikes a nearby UFO, killing Gates, who is conducting an EVA in the cargo bay.[158][159]
Erhardt (Cmdr)
Jensen (Co-pilot)
(First names not given)
A Cold Wind From Orion (1980), novel Space Shuttle Contemporary
Astronauts of the United States Space Agency (USSA) on a mission to prevent the uncontrolled re-entry of an orbiting bioweapons laboratory.[8][160]
Three unnamed cosmonauts Death Beam (1981), novel Soviet Space Shuttle
Space Station
Near future
Cosmonauts assigned to assist the assembly of an orbital particle beam weapon aboard the Soviet Union's new permanently manned space station.[161]
Soyuz 47
Valentin Karpov, Flight Cmdr.
Boris Tsiolkovsky, Flight Engineer
Shabir Al'Timimi, Pilot

Orbiter 102
Michael Allon, Col.
Peter Peabody, Col.
David Browne, Col.
The Hunting of Salyut 7 (1981), novel Soyuz
Soyuz 47

Salyut 7

Space Shuttle
Orbiter 102
Near Future
Palestinian Guest Cosmonaut hijacks an armed Soviet space-station.[162]
Unnamed American Astronauts The Mahdi (1981), novel Space Shuttle
Contemporary/Near Future (Alternate 1980s)
Astronauts on a mission to place a satellite in geosynchronous orbit over the city of Mecca.[163]
Vince Torino, Lt. Col
William Cranston

Christopher 'Rusty' Bishop III, Col. (Cmdr)
Richard Merriman, Lt. Col. (Pilot)

Austin 'Tex' Harwood, Col. (Cmdr)
Adrienne Brooks, Dr. (Pilot)

Lionel Gerber
Gordon Alexander

Jack Lewis Jr, Lt. Cmdr (USN)
Robert D. Clark, Lt. Col. (USAF)

Schacter (First names not given)
Shuttle (1981), novel Space Shuttles

Hypersonic Boosters
Late 20th Century
The first attempt to launch a space shuttle using a manned booster fails, leaving both craft stranded in orbit.[164]
Joe Marvin

Frank King, Col. (USAF), Pilot
Lew Clay, Cmdr (USN), Co-Pilot
George "Hap" Hazard, P/S
Jacqueline Hart, M/S
Shuttle Down (1980/81), magazine serial, (1981), novel Space Shuttle
Near Future
The shuttle Atlantis is forced to make an emergency landing on Easter Island after launching from Vandenberg, causing an international crisis.[165][166][167][168][169]
Nikolai Federenko, Major, USSR
Dr. Keith Stoner, NASA
Voyagers (1981), novel Soyuz July 1984
Soviet cosmonaut and American astronaut who rendezvous with an alien spacecraft some 1 million miles from Earth. Craft is a standard Soyuz docked to three other larger modules assembled at Salyut 6 along with a fourth "tanker" module.
Alan Shepley (Pilot)
Hinton (Co-Pilot) (no first name given)
Memories of the Space Age (1982), short story Space Shuttle Near Future
Hinton murders former Apollo astronaut Shepley in orbit, causing time to slow to a stop in Florida.[170][171]
Alvin Kingsbury (Cmdr)
Randy Hull (Co-Pilot)
Orbit (1982), novel Space Shuttle
Near Future
When a hypersonic airliner suffers a malfunction that results in it being trapped in orbit NASA prepares a space shuttle for a rescue mission.
Oleg Sedrov, Cmdr
Nicolay Talin, Co-Pilot
Genin, Meteorologist
Vinnikov (First names not given for the last two crew)
The Red Dove (1982), novel Soviet Space Shuttle
Near Future

May 1983 – January 1984
Co-pilot of first Soviet Space Shuttle decides to defect to the United States along with his spacecraft after he discovers that the shuttle is carrying a thermonuclear weapon.[127]
(First names not given)

Vladimir Sergeevich Danilov
Yuriy Ivanovich Zhukov
Kiev Footprint (1983), novel Space Shuttle

Alternate 1980s
After the space shuttle Excalibur loses contact with Earth while on a military mission, the Soviet Union sends a Soyuz to investigate.[173]
Christopher Leyland, Lt. Col.
William Cooke, Maj.
Wren T. Packard, Capt.
Janet Caulden, Capt.
Blind Prophet (1984), novel Space Shuttles:
Contemporary/Near Future
Crews of armed space shuttles sent to destroy Soviet military satellites. The satellites are launched under the guise of the double launch of the space stations Salyut 9 and Salyut 10.[174]
NASA astronauts:
Neil O'Hara
Al Benyon
Jim Bayliss
Mike Pepper

Non-NASA payload specialists:
Kellinah Assad
David Heinlein
Dominator (1984), novel Space Shuttle
Dominator (OV-141)
Near Future
NASA astronauts assigned to fly the space shuttle Dominator.[175]
Florida Arklab
Billy Hayes
Max Marek

Eva Thompson
Gregor Vandenburg
The Noah's Ark Principle (1984), film Space Station
Florida Arklab

Space Shuttle
Near Future

10 November 1997 - 13 November 1997
Astronauts of the United States/European Space Agency (USESA) who find themselves caught up in a murderous conspiracy.[176][177]
Ellen Vale, Dr.
John Fitch
Robert Malfi
The Sheriff and the Astronaut (1984), TV NASA Contemporary
Unsold crime drama pilot about Vale's romance with sheriff of Carrow County.[178]
Anna Firdova, Maj.
Sergi Bustovsky, Maj.
Two unnamed cosmonauts
Black Alert (1985), novel Soviet Space Station

Cosmonauts assigned to crew a nuclear armed space station.[179]
Yurii Ryumin
Vladimir Malyshev
Cold Sea Rising (1985), novel Soyuz?
Soyuz P7
Cosmonauts on an Earth-sciences mission similar to that of Soyuz 22 who observe a volcanic eruption separate the Ross ice shelf from the Antarctic continent.[180]
Cecil Howe, Cmdr
Eva Jordan, Dr.
Walker (First name not given)
Def-Con 4 (1985), film Space Station
Near Future ("The day after tomorrow")
Military astronauts who become trapped in orbit when World War III breaks out.[181][182]
Rick Halman, Maj. (Commander)
Jeff Cooper, Capt. (Pilot)
Brett Hilton (Mission Specialist)
Nat Cramer (Project Specialist)
Frank Hardy (passenger)
Joe Hardy (passenger)
Chet Morton [Chester "Chet" Morton Jr.] (passenger)
The Hardy Boys
The Skyfire Puzzle (1985), novel
Space Shuttle
Contemporary (Summer)
The Hardys and their friend Chet Morton participate in shuttle mission linked to industrial espionage case.[183]
Alexis Gnutov Silent Warriors (1985), novel Soyuz

Salyut 27, "Lenin"
Near Future
Cosmonaut on a solo mission to a Salyut. Killed when the experimental laser weapon he is testing explodes on the first firing attempt.[184]
Gary (no last names given)
The Twilight Zone
"Chameleon" (1985), TV
Space Shuttle
NASA astronauts performing EVA when alien intelligence hitches ride on shuttle.
Edward Jupp, Maj.
Larry Wahlquist,
Newman, Col. (First name not given)
The Krone Experiment (1986), novel Space Shuttle Contemporary
Crew of a space shuttle on a military mission to capture a Soviet military satellite.[185]
Andie Bergstrom SpaceCamp (1986), film Space Shuttle
Astronaut camp instructor who is accidentally launched into space with a bunch of teenagers.
Jim Hollis, Cdr., USN (Commander)
Rachel "Rocky" Garvey, Lt. Col., USAF (Pilot)
The Wild Blue: The Novel of the U.S. Air Force (1986), novel Space Shuttle
Constitution (simulator)
Epilogue features astronauts on simulated space shuttle mission.[186]
Blacky Moran, Cmdr (USN), Cmdr
Susan York, Co-Pilot
Adrienne Cortez, MS (Brazil)
Georgi Mikoyan (USSR)
Unnamed Japanese astronaut
Unnamed Swedish astronaut
Unnamed New Zealander astronaut
Zoboa (1986), novel Space Shuttle

Space Station
Near Future
Islamic extremists try to use stolen nuclear weapons to destroy Cape Canaveral.[187]
Chuck Samson

Valley Forge
Joe Dover, Cmdr
Bob Ortega, Maj
Brian MacFay, Cpt
Unnamed Pilot

Kosmolyot II (1)
Andrian E. Bykovsky, Maj.

Kosmolyot II (2)
Vladimir M. Koidunov, Col.
Alpha Bug (1987), novel Space Shuttle
Valley Forge

Kosmolyot II
Near Future
When a Soviet military spaceplane gets into trouble in orbit the United States sends up a shuttle to investigate. The novel also contains reference to Salyut 9 and an aborted joint US/Soviet space project called Spacelab 5.[188]
Gordon McAfee Col,
Unnamed astronauts
Cthulhu Now
"The Killer Out of Space" (1987), role playing game
Space Shuttle
Contemporary/Near future [10]
While on a two week mission Atlantis encounters something strange in space forcing an emergency landing in Kansas.[190]
Space Shuttle:
Peter Venkman, Dr.
Raymond "Ray" Stantz, Dr.
Egon Spengler, Dr.
Winston Zeddemore

Kirov, Capt.
Irahqua, Lt.
McTavish, Lt.
Sato, Lt.
Whitney, Yeoman
The Real Ghostbusters
"Ain't NASA-sarily So" (1987), TV
Space Shuttle
Experimental Space Platform Galileo
Contemporary/Near Future
The Ghostbusters investigate a haunted space station.[191]
Wakeman, CDR
Unnamed American astronauts

Three unnamed cosmonauts
Winter Hawk (1987), novel Space Shuttle

Contemporary/Near Future
Atlantis is in orbit to rendezvous with a Soviet space shuttle, while the Kutuzov deploys a Soviet laser weapon to destroy Atlantis.[192]
Bob Campbell

Lawrence Joshua "Law" Kincaid, Col. (USN)
Unnamed astronauts
Long Time Coming (1988), novel Space Shuttle
Kincaid, who signed a peace treaty with Russia in space, discovers he has a teenage son.[193]
Roger Houston (Commander)
Buzz Airfields (Pilot)
Joy Rider (Scientist)
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
"Out to Launch" (1989), TV
Spaceplane Contemporary/Near Future
The Rescue Rangers must save an experimental spaceplane after a meteor strike.
Lowell Crawford, Col. (Cmdr) (USAF)
Henry "Hank" Doherty, Lt Cmdr. (Pilot) (USN)
Alan Cresottie (PS)
Minh Tran, Dr. (PS), Ward Culdrew, Maj. (MS) (USMC)
Defcon One (1989), novel Space Shuttle
Contemporary/Near Future
Astronauts assigned to launch SDI satellites.[194]
Jason Grant, Col.
Ray Tanner
Moontrap (1989), film Apollo

Space Shuttle
Astronauts using remnant Apollo hardware for a trip to the Moon.
Conrad Williams III, Cmdr.
Joey Wells, Pilot (US)
George Evans (UK)
Aelita Zakharov
Vladimir Turnov (USSR)
Alex Vonberger (GDR)

Gerald Bingham, Cmdr
Brad Parker, Pilot
Russell Madlinger[11]
Night Launch (1989), novel Space Shuttles:
c. 1990
A ASTP, forcing NASA to launch the untested replacement for Challenger on a desperate rescue mission.[195]
Tucker Wilson, Col. (USAF) (Commander)
Fred Hagen (USAF) (Pilot)
Conners, Capt. (USAF) (Mission Specialist)
Miller (USAF) (Mission Specialist)
Holmquist (USAF) (Payload Specialist) (First names not given for last three)
Phases of Gravity (1989), novel Space Shuttle November 1988
Classified shuttle mission carrying Department of Defense payload. Wilson is an Apollo, Skylab and Space Shuttle veteran.[134]
Space Shuttle
Five unnamed military astronauts

Soyuz 881
Nikolai Sitnikov
Three unnamed cosmonauts
Star Shot (1989), novel
(First published as Enemy Territory)
Space Shuttle

Soviet Space Shuttle?
Soyuz 881
The Soviet Union attempts to destroy, or if that fails, to steal an experimental SDI satellite.[196][197]
Mikhail Suslov
Dmitri Bulganin, Lt. Col.
Unnamed Co-pilot

Frank Mulchahey, Maj.
Julian Kapuscinski, Col.
Jerry Rodriquez, Dr.

Philip Heitmann, Lt. Col. (USMC)
Jack Townsend, Maj. (USAF)
Sandford Watkins, Maj. (US Army)

Vasili Lubinin
Sergi Yemitov

Leroy "Mad Dog" Monaghan, Cmdr. (USN)
Peter "Hot Rod" Lamborghini, Col.

Storming Intrepid (1989), novel Soviet Space Shuttle
Mikhail Suslov

Space Shuttles


The Soviet Union tries to hijack a space shuttle.[198][199]


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
General Yogure Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Space Shuttle
Assists the turtles to prevent Krang and Shredder from heating up the Earth.[200]
Matt Gosling, Commander
Paul Balchin, Pilot
Stella Richards, Payload Manager
Torus (1990), novel Space Shuttle
Early 2000s
Crew of Space Shuttle on a mission to retrieve derelict satellites from geosynchronous orbit.[201]
(US) Hes Adams
(First names not provided for the last four US crew)
(UK) Michael Dreyfuss, Maj.
Westwind (1990), novel Space Shuttle
Contemporary/Near Future
Anglo-American crew of a routine shuttle mission that ends disastrously when the shuttle's systems fail on final approach.[202]
Chuck Conard, Maj.
Coates, Capt.
Byron, Col.
Gibbons, Col.
Unnamed Marine Colonel

Donald J. Pollock, Col.
Chuck Conard, Maj.
Hawkeye (1991), novel Space Shuttle

Nomad Spaceplane
Contemporary/Near Future
Spy satellites belonging to the major powers are destroyed by an unknown foe.[203]
Tom Jenkins, Cmdr. (US),
Julia Magriffe, MS (Canada)
Di Lella, Dr. (Italy)
Detrich (Germany)
Two unnamed astronauts.

Sekigawa, Cmdr. (Japan)
Kroeger, MS, (Germany)
Unnamed crewman

Nomad (1):
Jefferson "Sonny" Cleary, Capt,
Frank Rowan

Nomad (2):
Frank Rowan,
Gates, Capt.

Nomad (3):
Jefferson "Sonny" Cleary, Capt.
James Henry Mackenzie, Maj.
Cobra (1991), novel (released after Hawkeye) Space Station

Space Shuttle (Japanese)

Nomad Spaceplane
Contemporary/Near Future
A multi-national conspiracy threatens Space Station Freedom and its crew in an attempt to gain control of space.[204]
Daniel Tighe, Cmdr.
Lorraine Renoir, Dr.
Freddie Aviles
Lance Muncie
Kurt Jaeckle
Carla Sue Gamble
Russell Cramer
Stanley (First names not given for the last two).
Also scientists and technicians from Japan, United Europe and the United States

N. J. Wiliamson, Cmdr.

Unnamed pilot and co-pilot
The Trikon Deception (1992), novel Space Station

Space Shuttle

Near Future

15 August 1998 – 7 December 1998
Personnel who work aboard and support the world's first commercial space-station.[205]
Youri Souzof, Lt. Le Cosmonaute oublié (1993), chapter book Mir 92 Contemporary/Near Future
After being stranded on space station for a year and a half, cosmonaut receives extraterrestrial visitor.[206]
Alex Seerey, Col.
John Quanty, Maj.
Hugh Lyghtson
Scott Dawkins
Joseph King
Celia Hereson
Lee Wynn
Judith Cianta

Two unnamed astronauts (Commander and Co-Pilot)
Ghost Beyond Earth (1993), novel Space Station

Space Shuttle
Contemporary/Near Future
Space station crew is attacked by a diabolical entity in orbit. The survivors are rescued by the space shuttle Lincoln.[207]
Steve Swain, Capt. (USAF)
Perry Housman, Col. (USAF)
The Hardy Boys Casefiles
Mission: Mayhem, A Taste for Terror (1994), novels
Space Shuttle Contemporary
Former astronauts instruct Frank and Joe Hardy's team at Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama. Later, Housman invites the Hardys to explorers' conference in Tunisia.[208][209]
Buzz Aldrin
Homer Simpson
Race Banyon
The Simpsons
Deep Space Homer (1994), TV
Space Shuttle
Simpson is drafted as a NASA astronaut for publicity purposes.
David Kennedy High Flight (1995), novel Space Shuttle Contemporary
Former shuttle pilot who now heads a major aeronautics firm.[210]
James Monroe The Monroes (1995), TV Space Shuttle Contemporary
Former astronaut, member of powerful Kennedy-like family.
Phillips (Commander)
O'Brien (Pilot)
Lambert, Dr. (Mission Specialist)
Meyer (Payload Specialist)
(No first names given)
My Life as an Afterthought Astronaut (1995), chapter book Space Shuttle

Space Station One
Contemporary/Near Future
13-year-old Wally McDoogle accidentally stows away aboard shuttle on space station assembly mission.[211]
Sergei Orlov, Gen Op Center: Mirror Image (1995), novel Soyuz Contemporary
Veteran cosmonaut (one of whose missions seems to have been based on Soyuz 33), assigned to command Russia's new Combined Operations Center located beneath the Hermitage Museum.[212]
Mark Fortunato
Unnamed astronauts
The Plant That Ate Dirty Socks Goes Up In Space (1995), chapter book Space Shuttle
Animate plant flies aboard shuttle on Spacelab mission.[213]
Rick Spencer
Pierre Renaud (Canada) (Payload Specialist)
Three unnamed astronauts

Tessa "Tess" McClain
Yoshiko Sugano (Japan) (Payload Specialist)
Four unnamed astronauts

Rick Spencer (CDR)
Yoshiko Sugano (CMP)
Tessa McClain (LMP)
Abandon in Place (1996), novella Space Shuttle


The Spirit of Hope (CSM)/Faith (LM)
Near Future (2000s)
Shortly after Neil Armstrong's death, ghostly Saturn Vs begin launching from Kennedy Space Center. Faith lands at edge of Aitken Basin. Expanded into novel in 2000.[214][215]
Henry "Bull" Eckert, Col.
Jack Riles, Col.
The Cape (1996–7), TV Space Shuttle Contemporary
NASA career astronauts.
Monte Beaman (Commander)
Victor Lutz (Pilot)
Shannon Thorpe (Mission Specialist)
RoxeAnn Karch (Payload Specialist)
Tod Cochran (Payload Specialist)
Elliot Andrew Schroeder (Junior Astronaut/Payload Specialist)
Countdown (1996), novel Space Shuttle
Endeavour (STS-97)
Contemporary/Near Future
14-year-old Elliot Schroeder flies aboard Endeavour on Mission to Planet Earth flight as NASA's first Junior Astronaut.[216]
Lori Kirsten (Commander)
Henry Janesh (Pilot)
Chris Terence, Dr. (Mission Specialist #1)
Dirk Rodriguez (Mission Specialist #2)
Sharon Goldman (Mission Specialist)
Harold Spearman (Mission Specialist)
J. T. Murphy (Mission Specialist)

Apollo II:
Lori Kirsten (Pilot)
Chris Terence

International Space Station:
Tatiana Haldin (Russia) (Commander)
Peter Mikhailovich Denisov (Russia) (Engineer)
François Raymond (France) (Mission Specialist)
Jiro Kawaguchi (Japan) (Mission Specialist)
Encounter with Tiber (1996), novel Space Shuttle

Apollo II
International Space Station

Shuttle carrying Habitation Module to the ISS experiences engine failure and crashes in Atlantic Ocean. Four years later, Kirsten and Terence arrive on ISS as Earth receives alien signal from Alpha Centauri.[217]
Adam Freis, Col.

NASA, Marc Franklin Dr., Cmdr.
Vic Green Lt. Col., Pilot
Arlan Burns, Maj.
Frank Purvis
FKA, Alexandra Koslovsky MS
(First names not given for the last two crew members)
Ignition (1996), novel Space Shuttle
As the Space Shuttle Atlantis prepares to lift off on a resupply mission to Mir, extortionists take over Cape Kennedy and threaten to blow up the shuttle and its crew on the launch pad unless a ransom is paid.[218][219]
Atkins, Lt. Cmdr.

Recovery One:
Russell, Maj. (CDR)
Mark Lowrey, Lt. Cdr. (PLT)
Mission Specialists 1 and 2 (unnamed)
Recovery (1996), TV
Space Shuttle
Atlantis (Recovery One)
Atkins is killed while training as pilot of shuttle mission to be launched from Vandenberg AFB. JAG investigators Harmon Rabb and Meg Austin try to determine who is responsible so that the shuttle can launch to place a spy satellite in its proper orbit.
S.R. Hadden Contact (1997), film Soyuz Contemporary
Billionaire industrialist's privately financed spaceflight to Mir.
Jiang Ling, Lt. Titan (1997), novel Shenzhou Contemporary
First Chinese human spaceflight, Lei Feng 1, is launched in late 2004. The solo astronaut is a young female PLAAF officer. The craft and flight profile are remarkably similar to the Shenzhou missions flown several years after the novel was published.
Atlantis crew:
William Sharp, Col. (CMR)
Jennifer Watts (PLT)
Gruber (Nuclear Tech)
Charles 'Chick' Chapple
Max Lennert
Harry Stamper
Davis, Col. (CMR)
Tucker (PLT)
Halsey, Lt. (Nuclear Tech)
Oscar Choi
A.J. Frost
Jayotis 'Bear' Kurleenbear
Freddy Noonan
Lev Andropov
Armageddon (1998), film Space Shuttle

X-71 Military Space Shuttles:

Mir (greatly expanded)
Atlantis destroyed by meteoroids preceding asteroid on collision course with Earth. X-71s each with 3 crew and 4 person drilling teams refuel at Mir, rescue Andropov from its destruction.
David (Commander)
Barbie [Barbara Millicent Roberts] (Pilot)
Dan (Mission Specialist)
Robin (Mission Specialist)
Kira (Mission Specialist) (No last names given)
Barbie: Shooting for the Stars (1998), chapter book Space Shuttle Contemporary
Mission to repair Mitchell Telescope (apparently similar to Hubble Space Telescope). Cf. Astronauts in other media below.[220]
Pete Miller, Cmdr.
Jeremy Sanchez, Pilot
Dave Cameron, Payload Specialist (PS)
Dennis Franks, Mission Specialist (MS)
Bright Star (1998), novel Space Shuttle
Astronauts on a mission to launch a prototype SDI weapon.[221]
Spurgeon "Fish" Tanner, Capt.
Oren Monash, Pilot
Andrea 'Andy' Baker
Dr. Gus Partenza
Mark Simon
Deep Impact (1998), film Space Shuttle

Near Future
Astronauts on mission to destroy an oncoming comet.
Chad Connors
Rick Delahunt (USN) (Commander, STS-97)
Clint Hurley (Acting Chief Astronaut)
Melinda Pruett
Jerome "Jerry" Rager, Lt. Col. (US Army)
Arnaldo Rivera (CAPCOM)
Jinx Seamans (Deputy Chief of Astronaut Office)
Sarah Wall

Jackson Willet (Commander)
Joseph "Joe" Buerhle, Col. (USAF) (Pilot) (also Commander, STS-90, Discovery)
Kelly Gessner (Mission Specialist) (also MS, STS-93)
Christy Nasvik
Carlos Rivera

Ronald "Ron" Kubiak, Capt. (USN) (Commander)
Sandra Rhodes, Maj. (USAF) (Pilot)
Dolores McCoy (Mission Specialist)
Brian Monteleone, Cmdr. (USN) (Mission Specialist)
Norman Sakmar, Col. (USAF) (Mission Specialist)

Joseph (Commander)
Mecom (Pilot)
Teague (Mission Specialist 1)
Holly (Mission Specialist 2)
Whitefield (Mission Specialist 3) (no first names given)

1998 NASA Astronaut Group, "The Worms":
Jeffrey Betts, Cmdr. (USN)
Jason Borders, Lt. Cmdr. (USN)
Anton Craig, Maj. (USAF)
Karl Dennet, Capt. (USAF)
Gunter Diemer
John Essington
Vardon Hall
Diana Herron, Capt. (USAF)
Melanie Juin (ESA)
Viktor Kondratko, Lt. Col. (Russian Air Force/RSA)
Mark Koskinen
Thomas Moad, Cmdr. (USN)
Ray Murdaugh, Capt. (USMC)
Miguel Raquena
Daniel Raybourne, Maj. (USAF)
Geraldine Reed
Donald Schuetz, Lt. Cmdr. (USN)
Wayne Shelton
Gregory "Greg" Yakubik, Capt. (US Army) (CAPCOM, STS-100)

Steven "Steve" Goslin, Lt. Col. (USMC) (Commander) (also Pilot, STS-79 and STS-90)
Jeffrey "Jeff" Dieckhaus, Cmdr. (USN) (Pilot) (also STS-92)
David "Dave" Freeh, Ph.D., Maj. (USAF) (Mission Specialist)
Kelly Gessner (Mission Specialist)
Donal "Don" O'Riordan (ESA) (Mission Specialist)
Mark Koskinen (Mission Specialist 4)
Viktor Kondratko (Mission Specialist 5)

Russian Space Agency:
Nikolai Dolgov (Commander)
Nikolai Kazantsev (Flight Engineer)
Gary McMinn (NASA) (returns on STS-95)

Soyuz TM-28/Mir-30:
Alexander Alexeyevich "Sasha-1" Shabarov, Lt. Col. (Russian Air Force) (Commander)
Alexander V. "Sasha-2" Dergunov (Flight Engineer)
Calvin "Cal" Stipe, Ph.D. (NASA)

Yuri Petrenko (Commander)
Vladimir "Volodya" Belokonev (Flight Engineer)
Cal Stipe
Missing Man (1998), novel NASA

Space Shuttle:
STS-95 (Atlantis)
STS-96 (Columbia)
STS-100 (Atlantis)

Russian Space Agency

Soyuz TM-28/Mir-30
October 14, 1998 – October 1999
After surviving T-38 crash that kills Chief Astronaut Buerhle, a four-time Shuttle veteran, ASCAN Koskinen must fight to save his career. Stipe is only astronaut to have flown aboard all five Shuttles.[222]
Gus Malone (CAPCOM)

Unnamed Astronauts
Nemesis (1998), novel Space Shuttle Contemporary
Astronauts on mission to deflect an oncoming asteroid.[223]
Spencer Armacost, Cdr.
Alex Streck, Capt.
The Astronaut's Wife (1999), film Space Shuttle
NASA astronauts narrowly escape death after an explosion during an EVA. Streck dies from a massive stroke shortly after returning to earth. Armacost seems to be in good health, but he suffers a mysterious and sinister personality change after the mission.
John Crichton Farscape (1999–2004), TV Space Shuttle

Farscape One
Contemporary/Near Future
International Aeronautics and Space Administration (IASA) astronaut lost in space. His father was former astronaut Jack Crichton.
Yuri Puskin (Russia) (Commander)
Rene (France) (Co-Captain) (no last name given)

Konrad (USA) (Astrophysicist/Pilot)
Max "Mad Max" (USA) (Guest Cosmonaut) (no last names given)
In the Dead of Space (aka Space Fury) (1999), film Russian Space Agency:
Space Station

Reserve shuttle
Near Future
American astrophysicist Konrad and pro golfer Max join crew of space station, but one of the four people aboard is a murderer.
Jim Rowland Col., Cmdr.
Lee Everett, Pilot
Gail Scott, Payload Specialist
Sharon Ling, Mission Specialist
Three unnamed astronauts
Shadow Watch (1999), novel Space Shuttle
Near Future

15 April 2001 - 30 April 2001
Crew of Space Shuttle Orion. Col. Rowland is killed when sabotage causes the shuttle to catch fire on the launch pad.[224]


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Vladimir Kinotskin (Commander)
Tsimion Borisovich Vladovka[12]
Tufts (USA) (no first name given)
Rodya Baklunov (relieves Tufts)

Relief crew:
Misha Sorokin
Ivan Pkhalaze
Bobchek (no first/last name given)
Fall of a Cosmonaut (2000), novel Mir
Space Shuttle
One year after Vladovka returns from Mir, Chief Inspector Porfiry Petrovich Rostnikov investigates his disappearance.[225]
Frank Corvin
William "Hawk" Hawkins, Col.
Jerry O'Neill
Tank Sullivan
Ethan Glance
Roger Hines
Space Cowboys (2000), film Space Shuttle
NASA astronauts on a satellite salvage mission.
Christopher "Chief" Hart, Col. The Switch (2000), novel Space Shuttle Contemporary
Career astronaut accused of murder.[226]
Gordon Brunswick (Commander)
Sarah Drummond-Fournier, Ph.D. (Payload Specialist)
Four unnamed astronauts
All Families are Psychotic (2001), novel Space Shuttle 2001
Grown-up thalidomide baby Sarah plans to have sex in orbit with Commander Brunswick.[227]
Grace Street, Dr. Gloria Rising (2002), chapter book Space Shuttle
International Space Station
Fourth-grader Gloria Jones meets Dr. Street in a supermarket checkout line.[228]
Julie Foley Men with Brooms (2002), film Contemporary
Astronaut for the American Space Agency (ASA).
Chuck Taggart
Kurt Mendel
Neil Taggart
Sarah Forbes
Angela Perry
Odyssey 5 (2002), TV Space Shuttle
August 7, 2007,
time travel to 2002
Crew sent back in time five years by a being called the Seeker to attempt to prevent the destruction of Earth.[13]
Robert Iverson, Cmdr.
Rebecca Childs, Maj.
Flight Engineer Timmins
The Core (2003), film Space Shuttle
Shuttle crew who make an emergency landing on Sepulveda Dam spillway.
Jeff Hale, Cmdr. (USAF)
Scotty (no last name given)
Riverworld (2003), TV Space Shuttle
When meteors strike Frontier during reentry, Hale finds himself in the bizarre afterlife known as Riverworld.
Marina Potaski Воры и проститутки (Vory i prostitutki) (2004), Russian film Soyuz TM 1999
TV reporter Marina Potaski travels to Mir to persuade a cosmonaut to return to Earth when he is unwilling to abandon the space station.
Robert Parker (NASA)
Yuri Andropov (FKA)
Hideki Kawahara (JAXA)
The Day After Tomorrow (2004), film/novel International Space Station 2004
ISS crew observes Earth entering an Ice Age.[229]
Musa Khiromanovich Ivanov, Cmdr. (FKA)
Anatole Konstantinovich Krivalapov, Flight Engineer (FKA)
Sable Jones (NASA)
Time's Eye (2004), novel Soyuz-TMA 2037
Personnel returning from the International Space Station pass through a temporal discontinuity shortly after undocking.[230]
Jonas Venture, Dr.

Thaddeus S. "Rusty" Venture, Dr.
Dean Venture
Henry Allen "Hank" Venture
Brock Samson
Anna Baldavich, Lt.
Bud Manstrong, Col.
The Venture Bros.
Careers in Science (2004), TV
Gargantua-1 (Space station)
Shuttle 2
1971 / Contemporary
Decades after Jonas Venture builds space station, his son and teenage grandsons are called in when a malfunction occurs.
Lei Dongjin, Lt. Col.
Lin Xi, Maj.
Shenzhou (spacecraft) (2005), Chinese TV Shenzhou 2003
30-part TV dramatisation about the events leading up to China's first manned spaceflight, Shenzhou V, in 2003. Two PLAAF pilots, a man and a woman, are the leading contenders to become the first Chinese nationals to be sent into space.[231][232]
Unnamed pilot Toy Planes (2005), short story Unknown (Caribbean island nation):
Near Future
Caribbean island nation launches spaceplane using balloon platform.[233]
Charles Farmer

Doug Masterson, Col. (USAF)
The Astronaut Farmer (2007), film Mercury
The Dreamer
Ex-USAF pilot with degree in aerospace engineering builds his own Mercury capsule and Atlas launch vehicle for a self-funded flight in Earth orbit. Masterson is a friend of Farmer and a shuttle astronaut.
Luke Nelson, Cmdr.
Jessica "Jess" Hart, Lt. (Pilot)
Sandra "Sandy" Delgado, Lt.
Craig Hurley, Maj. (USAF)
Law & Order: Criminal Intent
Rocket Man (2007), TV
National Space Agency (NSA):
Space Shuttle
One month before she is scheduled to become youngest astronaut in space, shuttle pilot Hart is murdered in hotel room. Nelson and Delgado previously flew two missions together. Story partly inspired by Lisa Nowak case.[234]
Ruth Goldman, Dr
Bill Wallace
Derek Mills

Nikola Ulinov, Cmdr.
Plague Year: A Novel (2007), novel International Space Station

Space Shuttle
Near Future
Astronauts trapped in orbit when a nanotech plague renders large parts of the Earth's surface uninhabitable.[235]
Yukari Morita, Cmdr.
Matsuri Mortia, Backup Cmdr.
Akane Miura, Specialist
Rocket Girls (2007), anime (based on the 1995 light novel of the same name) Spacecraft Tanpopo, Coconut and Mangosteen 2007
Teenage pilots of the fictional Solomon Space Agency (SSA), trained to perform orbital repairs on satellites, who later assist the Space Shuttle Atlantis in launching the unmanned Orpheus probe to Pluto.
Benjamin "Tuck" Tucker, Jr., Cmdr. (USN) (Commander)
Jessica "Jess" Ault (Pilot)
Jared Finn (Canadian Space Agency) (Mission Specialist)
Jodie Law (Mission Specialist)
Russ Deaver (Senior Payload Specialist)
Vincent "Vinny" Pistacchia, Jr.

Rick "Raygun" Van Duren (USN) (CAPCOM)

Benjamin Tucker, Jr. (Commander)
Lance Campbell (Pilot)
Daki Abe
Theodore "Theo" Burke, Ph.D. (United States Secretary of State)
James Donnelly (Journalist)
Ginny Lin
Zero-G (2007), novel NASA:
Space Shuttle

SpaceVentures, Inc.:
Legacy (Air-launched spaceplane)
Tucker is sole survivor of Atlantis mission when his crewmates are poisoned by adulterated SAS patches. Eighteen months later, Tucker commands first commercial suborbital spaceflight with passengers. Campbell is a former NASA astronaut.[236]
Kanemoto Akira

Takahara Kohei
The Clone Returns Home (2008), film Space Development Society (ASDA) (Japan):
Space Station
Near Future
After Kanemoto dies in a space station EVA accident, Takahara agrees to take part in a human cloning experiment, allowing him to be regenerated after he also dies during an EVA.
Rick "Killer Whale" Robertson (Commander)
Bill "Wolverine" White (Pilot)
Laurel "Condor" Freeman (Payload Commander)
Kenai "Nanook" Munro, Ph.D. (Payload Specialist)
Mike "Alligator" Williams, Ph.D. (Mission Specialist)
Sheik Jilal al-Hussein (Spaceflight participant)
Prepared for Rage (2008), novel Space Shuttle
November 2006 – July 2008
Islamic terrorists attempt to shoot down shuttle Endeavour and its "Carnivore Crew".[237]
Dustin "Dusty" Chambers, Lt.
Vince "Winger" Patrecchio
Randy "Screwball" (No last name given)
Mitch "Brooklyn" (No last name given)

Guardian Rescue Mission:
Lincoln "Lightning" Ripley, Lt. Col. (USAF) (Commander)
Shelly London (Co-Pilot)
Paul "Gunner" (Mission Specialist) (No last name given)
Cosmic Rendezvous (2009), novel NASA
Guardian Rescue Mission (GRM):
Draco (air launch to orbit spacecraft)
Space Shuttle veteran Ripley romances spacecraft designer London while training for secret military mission.[238]
Madison (Commander) (no first name given)
Miranda Bach, Capt. (Payload Commander)
Unnamed astronauts
Lost Tapes
Alien (2009), TV
Space Shuttle
Mission T-258
Spring 2008
Bach is infected by alien spores from comet dust during EVA, causing alien creature to grow inside her.
Astronaut Mike Dexter 30 Rock
Dealbreakers Talk Show#0001, Don Geiss, America and Hope, Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land (2009-2010), TV
N/A Contemporary
Imaginary boyfriend of Liz Lemon.


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Shenzhou 10:
Chaoyang Xie, Lt. Col.
Wu Changfeng, Maj.
Xue Yimeng, Lt.

Shenzhou 11:
Zhang Tiancong, Col.
Wang Guan San, Lt. Col.
Zhou Xiaosu, Lt.
《飞天》 (2011), English title "Flying" Chinese film Shenzhou program
Chinese dramatization of a series of the manned spaceflights, following the "real" Shenzhou 7, to China's space station. Col. Zhang is a veteran taikonaut, passed over for the earlier manned missions, while Lieutenants Xue and Zhou are female fighter pilots, competing for the honor of being the first Chinese woman to be launched into space.
Nicholas Rice, Cmdr. The Astro Outlaw (2012), chapter book N/A Contemporary
Moon rock is stolen from astronaut during appearance at Houston Astros game.[239]
International Space Station:
Bill Eriksson (Mission commander)
Keith "Chip" Corcoran, Capt. (Ph.D.) (USAF)
Tim Fisher
Petra Gutierrez
Mort Stevens (MS-2)

International Space Station:
Collins (no first names given)
Unnamed astronaut
The Infinite Tides (2012), novel Space Shuttle
International Space Station
NASA astronaut Corcoran tries to adjust to suburban life after his daughter dies while he is on the ISS.[240]
Fiona MacLeod Starr Once Upon a Toad (2012), novel Soyuz
International Space Station
NASA astronaut's daughter has weird experiences while her mother is in space.[241]
Matthew "Matt" Kowalsky, Lt. (Commander)
Ryan Stone, Dr. (Mission Specialist)
Shariff Dasari (Mission Specialist)
Gravity (2013), film Space Shuttle
Explorer (STS-157)

International Space Station
Soyuz TMA-14M

Near Future
Astronauts stranded in orbit after Kessler syndrome-inspired collision during spacewalk.[242]
Garrison Sterling Space in the Heart (2013), novel Space Shuttle 1999, 2010
STS-107 shuttle mission specialist whose wife is murdered prior to his flight.
Andy Hawkins
Roy Manley, Capt. (USN)

International Space Station:
Yuri Koslov, Cmdr.
Molly (no last names given)
3 unnamed astronauts

Soyuz rescue vehicle:
Unnamed cosmonaut
Space Warriors (2013), film International Space Station
Soyuz rescue vehicle
United States Space Camp participants, including former astronaut Hawkins' son, compete for ride to space aboard Orion II, but must intervene when crisis strikes the ISS.
Kev Paciorek (USN) Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? (2014), novel NASA Contemporary
Astronaut kidnapped and questioned by college acquaintance.[243]


Astronauts on lunar bases, performing interplanetary travel, and other feats not yet achieved.


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Edward McCauley, Col.
Joe Hale
Renza Hale
Jimmy Manx (Reporter)
Gallagher, Dr.
Rawdin, Dr.
Men into Space (1959–60), TV Various missions c. 1970–1980
Future astronauts go to the moon, build a space station and go on to Mars.[244]
John Anderson, Capt. (US)
Sigrid Bomark, Dr. (Sweden)
Selim Hamid, Dr. (Turkey)
Erich Heinrich, Dr. (Germany)
Hideko Murata, Dr. (Physician) (Japan)
Asmara Markonen, Dr. (Nigeria)
Etienne Martel, Dr. (France)
Robert "Roddy" Murdock
Feodor Orloff, Dr. (Russia)
Sir William Rochester, Dr. (UK)
David Ruskin, Dr. (Israel)
Luis Vargas, Dr. (Brazil)
12 to the Moon (1960), film International Space Order Future
First manned Moon mission is international project.[245]
Perry Rhodan, Maj.
Reginald Bell, Capt.
Clark G. Fletcher, Capt.
Eric Manoli, Lt.
Mike Bull (names from the US-English translation)
Perry Rhodan series (1961–present), novellas, comics, audiobooks, film Enterprise Stardust 1971
The astronauts are members of the United States Space Force (USSF) and their mission is the first landing on the moon – where they find a marooned alien space ship and its crew.[246]
Multi-national astronauts

Joseph Cavor
Katherine 'Kate' Callender
Arnold Bedford
First Men in the Moon (1964), film UN spacecraft

Cavorite sphere

Flashback to 1899
UN crew on Moon discover evidence of 19th-century British lunar expedition. Aged survivor Bedford tells what occurred.[247]
Lee Stocker, Gen. (Commander)
Clint Anderson, Maj.
Diana Brice, Prof.
Phillip Mendl, Dr.
Ernie Travers, Lt.
The Outer Limits
Moonstone (1964), TV
Lunar Expedition One Near Future
Moonbase crew make contact with alien fugitives.[248]
Sirius (USAF)
Acton (Last names not given)

Space Station One: 'Santa Fe'
Dr Felix Coulter, Director
Unnamed US astronauts

Little Bear
(V-POTUS) Melvin K. Green
Hunter-Killer (1966), novel Sirius

Space Station One: Santa Fe

Little Bear
Alternate 1970s
After the Air Force sends two men to the moon but fails to bring them back safely, the Navy decides to upstage them by sending the Vice-President into orbit using an uprated Polaris missile.[249]
Schmidlap (US)
Hoffman (US)
Peter "Pete" Mattemore (US)
Eileen Forbes (US)

Igor Valkleinokov (USSR)
Anna Soblova (USSR)
Way...Way Out (1966), film Unknown 1989
US sends a married couple to live on the moon and operate a weather station close to a nearby Soviet lunar base. Couples have a space race to see who will have the first "moon baby".[250]
Moonbase Sinus Medii
Ed Speedwell, Capt (Commander)
Ivan Flyenov, Capt (2nd in Command)
Jerry Owyee, Lt (3rd in Command)
Rocky Rhodes, Lt.
Harold Cummings, Dr.
Irene Stone, Dr.
Lois White, Dr.
Mike O'Riley
Unnamed astronauts

Moon Orbiting Space Station 1
Six unnamed astronauts

Moon Orbiting Space Station 2
Yuri Chisodva, Capt.
Five unnamed astronauts

Dick Peterson, Capt.
Unnamed astronauts

Ed Speedwell, Capt.
Jean Chelsea-Smith, Lt. (RAF)
Peter Chorosous
Class G-Zero, (1976?), novel Moonbase
Sinus Medii

Space Station
Skylab V
Moon Orbiting Space Station 1
Moon Orbiting Space Station 2

Space Shuttles:
Orbiter 8
Orbiter 10

Nuclear Lunar Shuttles:
Near Future (Alternate 1990s?)
Astronauts of the International Space Agency (ISA) who find themselves dealing with a first contact situation.[251]
Douglas Cummings
Don Wayne

Franz Bethwig
Vengeance 10 (1980), novel Unknown,

May 6, 2009, flashback to 1938–45
Two American astronauts stumble across the final remnants of Nazi Germany's Moon Program.[252]
Douglas Morgan
Lisa Morgan
Fred Simpson
Martin Kobol
William Demain
Catherine Demain
Larry LaStrande
Sylvia Dortman
Haley (First names not given for the last three)

Other unnamed astronauts
Trial By Fire (1982), novel Unknown

Space Station

Space Shuttle
Near Future
Personnel at a moonbase in the crater Alphonsus which becomes the last outpost of civilization when the Earth is devastated by a massive solar flare and the nuclear strikes it triggers.[253]

Jersey Colony
Eli Steinmetz
Willie Shea
Kurt Perry, Dr
Dawson (First name not given)
Gallagher (First name not given)
Cooper (First name not given)
Snyder (First name not given)
Russell (First name not given)
Two unnamed astronauts

Jack Sherman, Cmdr.
Unnamed astronauts

Dave Jurgens, Cmdr
Carl Burkhart, Co-Pilot
Unnamed Mission Specialists


Selenos 4
Three unnamed cosmonauts

Selenos 5
Three unnamed cosmonauts

Selenos 6
Three unnamed cosmonauts

Selenos 8
Two unnamed cosmonauts
(Soviet Army)
Grigory Leuchenko, Maj.
Dmitry Petrov, Lt.
Ivan Ostrovski, Sgt.
Mikhail Yuschuk, Cpl.
Unnamed corporal
Cyclops (1986), novel Cosmos Luna
Selenos 4-6 & 8

Jersey Colony

Space Station

Space Shuttle
Near Future
The actions of members of an illegal lunar colony cause a crisis between the United States and the Soviet Union. Mention is made in the novel of Salyuts 9 and 10.[254]
Patricia Jay "Trish" Mulligan
Theresa (no last names given)

Stanley (Mission Commander) (no first name given)
Tanya Nakora
A Walk in the Sun (1991), short story Moonshadow
After Moonshadow crash-lands during Moon orbit mission, sole survivor Mulligan walks all the way around the Moon to remain in sunlight while awaiting rescue. Crash site near edge of Mare Smythii.[255][256]
Dmitri (no last name given) Dmitri the Astronaut (1996), picture book Unknown (United States) Contemporary/Near Future
Astronaut returns to Earth after two and a half years on the Moon to find that no one remembers him.[257]
Chris Terence, Dr. (USA) (Commander)
Xiao Be (China) (Pilot)
Peter Mikhailovich Denisov (Russia) (Engineer)
Jiang Wu (China)
Encounter with Tiber (1996), novel Tiber Two
Tiber Prize
(modified Apollo IIs)
Mission to retrieve alien technology from lunar south pole ends in tragedy.[217]
Edward A. Graham, Jr., Cmdr. (Co-Pilot)
Casey Hamilton, Lt. (Flight Engineer)
Kenneth A. Moore, Lt. (Flight Mechanic)
Richard Dunning, Sgt. (Mission Specialist)
Walter Kahn, Dr. (Flight Surgeon)

Space Station One:
Chet Aldridge, Gen. (USSF) (Commander)
Tom "Tommy" Sidwell

Luna Two:
Eugene M. "Gene" Parnell (Commander)
Joseph K. "Joe" Laughlin
Eight unnamed astronauts

Sanger XS-1:
Karl Schiller, Col. (West Germany)

P. A. Kingsolver, Capt. (Pilot)
H. M. Trombly, Lt. Cmdr. (Co-Pilot)

Gene Parnell, Cmdr. (Commander)
Cristine September "Cris" Ryer, Capt. (USAF) (Pilot)
Jay Lewitt, Lt. (Flight Engineer)
Cecil Orvitz (impersonating Paul Aaron Dooley) (Computer programmer)
Berkley Rhodes (Reporter)
Alex Bromleigh (Cameraman/Producer)

Koenig Selenen GmbH:
James Patrick "Pat" Leamore (Executive Vice-President)
Uwe Aachener (Astronaut-Candidate)
Markus Talsbach (Astronaut-Candidate)

Harpers Ferry:
Curtis "Dr. Z" Zimm (Pilot)

Space Station One:
Joseph K. "Old Joe" Laughlin, Cdre. (USN) (Commander)
Frierson, Lt. j.g. (NASA)
Hollis, Lt. (NASA)
Unnamed personnel

Fido's Pride:
Edmund "Poppa Dog" McGraw (Pilot)

Unnamed astronauts
The Tranquility Alternative (1996), novel United States Air Force:
U.S.S. Constitution (space ferry)

United States Space Force (USSF):
Space Station One ("the Wheel")

Luna Two (Eagle Four lander)

Sanger XS-1 (spaceplane)

Constellation (Atlas-C space ferry)
Space Station One
U.S.S. Conestoga (Moonship)
Harpers Ferry (space taxi)
Fido's Pride (Mars Retriever 13)
Tranquillity Base/Teal Falcon bunker

Walter Dornberger (Sanger booster/Horus-class orbiter)

North Korea:
Zenith-Two (Ghost Rider)
April 10, 1956 (Alternate History)

1963-1966 (Alternate History)

September 1969 (Alternate History)

1977 (Alternate History)

February 16–22, 1995 (Alternate History)
In alternate history, NASA launches final Moon mission in 1995 to turn over Tranquillity Base to German company. First manned space ferry flight in 1956 commanded by Chuck Yeager. Joint US-Soviet Ares One mission lands on Mars in July 1976 with Neil Armstrong and Alexei Leonov.[14] Set in same alternate history as Steele's short stories "Goddard's People" and "John Harper Wilson" (q.v.).[258]
HayesCorp Moonship:
Ishmael Hayes
Elisabeth (no last name given)
Bennett (Security) (no first name given)

Sam Houston (Subtropolis Systems)
Stevie G. (Foreman)
Bob Hennessey
Betsy Warren
Unnamed personnel

Channel Seven:
Dave Archer (Reporter)
Annie "Sparky" Franklin (Segment producer)
Heck Allen (Cameraman)
Astronauts in Trouble: Live from the Moon (1999), Astronauts in Trouble: One Shot, One Beer (2000), graphic novels HayesCorp:
Cargo One
Cargo Two
Cargo Three
Subtropolis (moonbase)

Channel Seven:
Channel Seven reporters report on HayesCorp returning humans to the moon, only to discover that billionaire Hayes has had a secret moonbase in the Sea of Showers for five years. Hayes' moonship lands north of Cassini Crater; Newsvan lands south of Autolycus.[76]
John Lakey (Chief of Astronaut Office)
Deborah Kimbrough
Jay Guidon (CAPCOM)
Molly Peterson (CAPCOM)

Nazarbeyev (Kazakhstan) (no first name given)

Original STS-128 crew/
Endeavour crew:
Olivia "Ollie" Grant, Col. (Ph.D.) (Commander)
Tanya Brown (Pilot)
Betsy Newell (Mission Specialist 1)
Janet Barnes (Mission Specialist 2)
Penny High Eagle (born Penelope Ingle), Ph.D. (Payload Specialist) (joins hijack crew)

Hijack crew (MEC):
Jack Medaris
Craig "Hopalong" Cassidy, Capt. (Pilot)
Virgil "Virg" Judd (Shuttle Main Engine Technician)

Olivia Grant
Yuri Dubrinski, Col. (RSA) (pilot)
Back to the Moon (1999), novel NASA:
Space Shuttles
Columbia (STS-128)

Russian Space Agency:

Medaris Engineering Company (MEC):
Elsie-2 (Landing Craft)
c. 2002 (July)
On its last scheduled mission, shuttle Columbia is hijacked and flown to the Moon by former NASA engineer Medaris. Cassidy is an ex-NASA astronaut who flew on all the shuttles and Mir, helped repair the Hubble Space Telescope, and commanded Spacelab XXI. Nazarbeyev was a guest cosmonaut on Mir. Moon landing near Apollo 17 landing site in Taurus-Littrow.[259]
Collins (FS-6)
Po Tseng, Col.
Jerry Cochagne
Joe DeSosa
Dick Lebby
Arminta Horo
Paul Manch
Iona Greer

Aldrin/Farside Base (FS-5)
Mike Mobley, Col.
Louise Washington
Ann Biso
Bob Faden
Frank Dryzmkowski
Shinobu Takizawa
Blood Moon (1999), novel Lunar Landing Modules

Near Future
When contact is unexpectedly lost with the first astronauts to spend a full lunar day/cycle a rescue mission is hastily launched.[260]
Deke Gordon, Capt.

Rachel Salerno, Cmdr.
Hatcher (no first name given)
Lunar Colony (2007-2013), online game and chapter book
Poptropica Academy of Space Exploration (PASE):
Lunar colony
Flight capsule
Lunar lander
Alien artifacts are found near lunar colony. Gordon built first lunar facility decades earlier.[261]
Lloyd Nadolski, Capt. (Commander)
Caitlin Hall, Lt. (LMP)
Aldrich Coleman, Capt. (Habitat Commander)
Samuel Wilson (Space Engineer)
Peter D. Stanton (Space Engineer)
Mia Nomeland (Norway)
Midori Yoshida (Japan)
Antoine Devereux (France)
Darlah – 172 timer på månen (aka 172 Hours on the Moon) (2008), novel NASA

Ceres (Command Module), Demeter (Lunar Module)

July 2019
Teenagers Mia, Midori and Antoine win lottery to visit top-secret lunar base built in the 1970s in the Sea of Tranquility.[262]
Sam Bell Moon (2009), film Unknown Near Future
Astronaut tending an automated mining facility on the Moon's far side.
China National Space Agency:
Gong Zheng

Hui Tian (Commander)
Ming Feng (Pilot)
Xu Guan, Dr. (Physician)
Zhi Feng (Engineer/Political Officer)

Charles Leonard (Pilot)
Helen Menendez (Mission Specialist)
Jim England

Mercy I:
Bill Stetson (Commander/Pilot)
Anthony "Tony" Chow, M.D., Ph.D. (Mission Specialist)

Paul Gesling, Capt. (Commander/Pilot)
Matt Thibodeau
Maquita Singer
Sharik Mbanta
Bridget Wells
John Graves, Dr.
Back to the Moon (2010), novel China National Space Agency:

Space Excursions:
Dreamscape (spaceplane)

NASA (Constellation Program):
Mercy I (Orion/Altair)
2020s (August)
On commercial circumlunar flight, Dreamscape picks up distress call from crashed Chinese lander Harmony on lunar service. NASA reconfigures planned Moon landing as rescue mission. Leonard and Menendez are assigned to moon landing before crew is cut back to allow taikonauts to be rescued.[263]
Marcia Beckett, US (Commander)
Yuri Petrov, Russia
Three unnamed NASA astronauts
One unnamed Russian cosmonaut
The Cassandra Project (2010), short story Minerva 2026
Joint US-Russian mission, first manned Moon landing since Apollo 17. Landing in Mare Maskelyne. Mission omitted in 2012 novel adaptation. Sid Myshko named as commander of earlier orbital mission.[148]
Morgan "Bucky" Blackstone
Ben Gaines (Pilot)
Marcia Neimark
Phil Bassinger
The Cassandra Project (2012), novel Blackstone Enterprises
Sidney Myshko
First private manned mission to Moon. Neimark and Bassinger make landing in Cassegrain Crater.[264]
George Gompers (Commander)
Tom Conrad, Lt. Cmdr. (USAF) (Pilot)
Fred Phillips, Lt. (Engineer)
Maxon Mann, Dr. (Roboticist)
Shine Shine Shine (2012), novel NASA:
Aeneid rocket
Contemporary/Near Future
NASA astronauts on mission to colonize the Moon with robots.[265]
Mike Rodriguez, Cmdr. (USN) (Pilot)
O'Neil (no first names given)

Dale (Backup/CAPCOM) (no last name given)
The Irish Astronaut (2013), short story NASA:
Near Future
After Aquarius disintegrates on return to Earth from the Moon, Dale brings Rodriguez' remains to County Clare in Ireland. Rodriguez was a member of NASA Astronaut Group 19.[266][267]
Unnamed (Narrator)
Anna (no last name given)
Steve Wong
Alan Bean Plus Four (2014), short story Alan Bean (Command Module) July–September 2014
Four friends fly around Moon in privately built spacecraft purchased from widow of pool-supply businessman.[268]
Doctor Who
Kill the Moon (2014), TV
Space shuttle 2049
Space shuttle that crashes on Moon.[269]


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
John Kane (UK) (Scientist)
Glenn Ross, Col. (US)
Doppelgänger (1969), film
(Journey to the Far Side of the Sun)
Phoenix / Dove
(SSTO lifting body)

DOPPELGANGER lifting body
Near Future
European Space Exploration Complex (EUROSEC) mission to a newly discovered unknown planet orbiting on exactly the opposite side of the Sun from Earth.[270]
Neil Stryker The Stranger (1973), TV Patriot (3-man interplanetary craft) Contemporary
Astronaut who crash-lands on a duplicate of Earth ruled by a totalitarian regime.


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Clifford Greenberg, Col. 2061: Odyssey Three (1987), novel Unknown 2030s
First man on Mercury, who landed at the south pole, joins the complement of the luxury spaceliner Universe thirty years later for the first landing on Halley's Comet.[271]


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Harringway Hawling, Prof. (Commander/Physicist) (US)
Raimund Brinkman/Robert Brinkman (Pilot) (Germany) (American in US version)
Durand, Prof. (Chief Engineer) (USSR) (French in US version)
Lao Tsu/Chen Yu, Dr. (Linguist/Biologist) (China)
Sumiko Omigura, M.D. (Physician) (Japan)
Orloff, Prof. (Engineer/Nuclear Physicist) (Poland)
Sikarna, Prof. (Mathematician) (India)
Talua (Communications)
First Spaceship on Venus (1960), film World Federation for Space Research:
Luna 3 (Moonbase)
Kosmostrator One
First mission to Venus discovers remnants of extinct civilization. Some names and nationalities different in original German version; in US version, Brinkman was first American on Moon.[272]
Jerry Garfield (Engineer-Navigator)
Graham "Hutch" Hutchins, Dr (Biologist)
George "Cole" Coleman (Scientist)
Before Eden (1961), short story Morning Star Future (before 2010)
Discoverers of life near the south pole of Venus.[273]
Kern/Alfred Kerns, Capt.
Scherba/Allan Sherman/Howard Sherman
Masha/Marsha Evans[15]

Ilya Vershinin/Brandon Lockhart/William "Billy" Lockhart, Cmdr.
Alyosha/André Ferneau
Bobrov/Hans Walters
Planeta Bur (aka Planet of Storms, Cosmonauts on Venus) (1962), film

Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet (1965), film

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (1967), film
Soviet Union:
Capella (ships unnamed in Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women)[16]

United States:
Space Station Texas (Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women only)
Near Future (Planeta Bur)

2020 (Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet)

1998–2000 (Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women)
Three-spacecraft expedition to Venus loses spacecraft Capella to meteor; other two crews discover reptilian creatures and evidence of intelligent life. Film was twice re-edited for American release with character names changed.[274]
Jefferson "Jeff" Barton, Brig. Gen. The Outer Limits
Cold Hands, Warm Heart (1964), TV
Project Vulcan Near Future
Astronaut afflicted by a mysterious disease after a mission to Venus.[275]
Arcturus III:
Two unnamed astronauts

Arcturus IV:
Unnamed astronaut
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
The Silent Saboteurs (1965), TV
United States:
Arcturus III
Arcturus IV
When foreign power uses force field to destroy Arcturus III on re-entry, Seaview personnel must save Arcturus IV from same fate.
Arthur "Artie"
(last names not given)
I Am the Doorway (1971), short story Project Zeus Near Future (after 1979)
Presumed paraplegic when parachutes malfunction. Cory dies in landing. Other astronauts mentioned: Markhan and Jacks made first Mars landing in 1979; Pedersen and Lederer lost in solar orbit on Apollo mission; John Davis killed by meteoroid strike on orbital observatory.[276][277]
Kennedy II:
Z (Commander) (names not given)

Venus mission:
Joseph "Joe" Jackson/Jack Josephson, Capt. (Commander)
Harry M. Evans, Col. (USAF) (Co-Pilot)
Beyond Apollo (1972), novel Kennedy II (Mars spacecraft)

Unknown (Venus spacecraft)
May 1976

After disastrous manned Mars mission in 1976, two-man Venus mission ends in madness and death.[278]


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Samuel A. "Sam" Conrad
Warren Marcusson
Brothers Beyond the Void (1952), short story

The Twilight Zone
People Are Alike All Over (1960), TV
Unknown Near Future
Travellers to Mars; Marcusson is killed on landing, Conrad imprisoned by Martians. (In short story Marcusson travels to Mars alone, and his first name is Charles.)[279][280]
Fred Thomas, Capt. (Commander)
Paul Lazzari, Capt.

Charles "Lucky" Merritt, Maj. (Commander)
James "Jim" Bowman, Lt.
Jack Buckley, Capt.
Frank Johnson, Capt.
The Outer Limits
The Invisible Enemy (1964), TV
Investigating the deaths of the two-man crew of the M-1 mission, the M-2 crew discovers carnivorous creatures living under the Martian sands.[281][282]
Dan McReady, Col. (Commander)
Christopher "Kit" Draper, Cdr.
Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964), film Mars Gravity Probe-1 (Elinor M) Future
Astronauts visiting Mars; one dies, the other is stranded.[283]
Walt Dangerfield
Lydia Dangerfield
Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb (1965), novel Dutchman IV c. 1980s
Mars-bound astronauts trapped in Earth orbit by the outbreak of World War III.[284]
Alec Barham, Col. The Outer Limits
The Brain of Colonel Barham (1965), TV
Unknown Near Future
Astronaut dying of leukemia volunteers for project to install his brain in Mars probe.[285]
Kane, Col. (Commander)
"Doc" Harlow, Maj.
Nazarro (Radioman) (No first names given)
The Time Tunnel
One Way To The Moon (1966), TV
Mars Excursion Module (M.E.M.) 4 1978
American astronauts on first manned Mars flight make emergency landing on Moon in Mare Nectaris.[286]
American (unnamed)
Russian (unnamed)
Chinese (unnamed)
I tre cosmonauti (aka The Three Astronauts) (1966), picture book Unknown Future
Three astronauts who land simultaneously on Mars.[287]
Swenson, Col. (Command Pilot)
Reilly, Dr.
(First names not given)
Pioneer Trip (1967), short story Unknown c. 1976
Crew of the first manned US mission to Mars, faced with a critical medical emergency five weeks out from Earth.[288]
Friedman, Capt
Gulliver, Lt
Haertel (MS)
Unnamed astronauts
Welcome to Mars (1967), novel Project Ares
Von Braun
Two unnamed sister ships
c. 1980s
After two teenagers get stranded on Mars testing a home made anti-gravity device, NASA is forced to mount a rescue mission using more conventional means.[289]
Shioda, Dr.

Mars mission:
Sano (Captain)
Lisa (Biologist) (US)
Miyamoto (Communications Officer)
Stein, Dr. (Physician)

Rescue rocket:
The X from Outer Space (1967), film AAB Gamma
Lunar Base
Rescue rocket
Seventh attempted Mars mission after previous missions disappeared. Shioda is replaced by Stein due to illness.[290]
Mike Blaiswick (Pilot)
Nick Grant (Geologist)

Soviet Union:
Three unnamed cosmonauts
Mission Mars (1968), film Unknown Future
American astronauts encounter deadly sphere on Mars.[291]
Mars Probe 6
Carrington, Maj.
Jim Daniels

Mars Probe 7
Joe Lefee
Frank Michaels

Recovery 7
Charles "Charlie" Van Lyden
Doctor Who
The Ambassadors of Death (1970), TV
Mars Probe Project (UK) Contemporary/Near Future
Daniels was killed on Mars by non-Martian aliens during Mars Probe 6 mission, driving Carrington insane. Van Lyden attempts recovery of Lefee and Michaels.
George Cosby, Dr
Ralph Norton, Maj
William O'Brien
Mack Sheldon
Irwin Trott
Allan Watts, Dr
The Earth is Near (1970 (German), 1973 (English)), novel Project Alpha Near Future
Crew of the first manned expedition to Mars.[292]
Henry C. "Hank" Barstow, Col. (Chief of Astronaut Office)
Bertrand L. "Bert" Richmond, Col. (Director of Flight Crew Operations)
Tom Andretti
Bill Desey
Rick Johnson
Dave McWharter
Dick Ohlman
Allan "Al" Samson
Bill Wheatley

Planetary Fleet One:
Conrad H.[17] "Connie" Trasker, Jr., Col. (USAF) (Mission Commander/MLV Commander)
Alvin S. "Jazz" Weickert III, Cmdr. (USN) (CSV Commander)
J. V. "Jayvee" Halleck, Dr. (MSV Commander)
Petros S. "Pete" Balkis, M.D. (MSV Co-Commander)

Stuart "Stu" Yule, Lt. Col. (CAPCOM)
Roger Webb, Col. (USAF) (Backup CSV Commander)

Planetary Fleet Two:
Conrad H. Trasker, Jr. (Mission Commander/MLV Commander)
Hugo S. "Gaudy" Gaudet, Cmdr. (USN) (CSV Commander)
Emerson "Em" Wacker, Dr. (MSV Commander)
Robert "Bob" Curtis, Dr. (MSV Co-Commander)

Soyuz 19:
Two unnamed cosmonauts
The Throne of Saturn (1971), novel NASA
Space Station Mayflower
Project Argosy:

Planetary Fleet One ("Piffy One"):
Mars Landing Vehicle (MLV) (Santa Maria)
Command-Service Vehicle (CSV) (Nina [sic])
Medico-Scientific Vehicle (MSV) (Pinta)
Mars Landing Module (MLM) (Adventurer)

Planetary Fleet Two ("Piffy Two"):
MLV (Santa Maria)
CSV (Nina)
MSV (Pinta II)
MLM (Adventurer)

Soviet Union:
Space Station Stalin
Soyuz 19 ("Man in the Moon")
Late 1970s (April – January)
First planned Mars mission encounters Soviet interference during test phase at Tranquillity Base on Moon. Trasker is Gemini and Apollo veteran; Weickert flew Gemini mission with Trasker. MLV, CSV and MSV are modified Apollo CSMs with NERVA engines, launched by three Saturn Vs.[293]
Richmond (Commander)
Nine unnamed astronauts

Sam (no last name given)
Two unnamed astronauts
Transit of Earth (1971), short story Space Administration (NASA?)
Olympus, Pegasus
May 1984
Crew of lander Pegasus stranded on Mars prior to a transit of Earth across the Sun.[294]
Brice Randolph, Col. The Astronaut (1972), TV Unknown Near Future
NASA delays disclosure of death of astronaut on a mission to Mars; another man is surgically altered to deceive the wife and the public.
Phoenix One
Tadell Hansard (US)
Anoshi Wantanabe (Japan)
Bapti Lal Bose (India)

Phoenix Two
Feodore Aleksandrovitch Asturnov (Russia)
Dirk Welles (UK)
Bern Callieux (Pan-European Community of Nations)

Space Shuttles
Unnamed US astronauts
The Far Call (1973), serial; (1978), novel Phoenix Program
Phoenix One
Phoenix Two
International crew of the first manned mission to Mars.[295][296][297][298]
Albert Michaelson Thorsen, Professor Marsman meets the Almighty (1975), novelette Unknown
Near Future (Viking landings are referred to in the past tense.)
NASA Exobiologist selected as crew for the first American manned mission to Mars after a remarkable discovery by the first Mars rover in Solis Lacus.[299]
Charles Brubaker, Col.
Peter Willis, Lt. Col.
John Walker, Cmdr.
Capricorn One (1978), film/novel Capricorn One (Apollo-like) Contemporary/Near Future
Astronauts secretly removed from a NASA mission to Mars – aboard a faulty ship – that goes terribly wrong.[300]
Prometheus One
Steve West
Mike (Last name not given)
McManus (First name not given)

Prometheus Two
Three unnamed astronauts
The Incredible Melting Man (1978), novelization Prometheus Program
Prometheus One
Prometheus Two
Near Future
Crews of the first American manned missions to Mars, attacked by an unknown force once they land.[18][301]
Galactic II
Randolph Stuart, Capt.
Rigby Deems, Lt.
Frank Perlman, Lt.
Phoebe Swedlow, Cmdr[19]
Sunstrike (1978), novel Operation Mars
Galactic I
Galactic II
Flight crew of the first manned US mission to Mars, assigned to a desperate mission to prevent a madman from destroying humanity.[303]
Tom Easton
Bill Frager
Michael McKendrick
Meteor (1979), film/novel Challenger-2 Near Future
Astronauts on a spacecraft traveling to Mars that happens to look exactly like Skylab.[304]
Shiraz Mitradati
Petra Greenfield
Leidu, Dr.
Voices From The Dust (1980), short story Unknown 2001
Astronauts exploring the Valles Marineris who discover something remarkable.[305]
Ed Christophers
(First names not given for the last four US crew)

Mikhail Aleksander
Vassili Karklin
Anatole Kuznetzov
(First names not given for the last two Russian crew)

Thomas Cavendish
Cesare Montuori
Kristian Niskanen
Axel Lorenz
The Olympus Gambit (1983), novel Eris (renamed Pallas Athene) Near Future
International crew of the first manned mission to Mars.[306]
First International Mars Expedition:
Leon Odinga[20] (Nova Africa) (Chief Engineer)
Unnamed cosmonauts

Second International Mars Expedition:
Unnamed cosmonauts
Fire on the Mountain (1988), novel Pan African Space Administration (P.A.S.A.):

First International Mars Expedition

Second International Mars Expedition:
1954 (Alternate History)

October 1959 (Alternate History)
In alternate history in which John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry in 1859 was successful, cosmonaut Leon is killed in EVA accident on Mars flyby mission. Five years later, Lion makes first manned Mars landing.[307]
Nixon Orbital Park:
Leroy Johnson (National Park Service) (Station Chief)

Mary Poppins:
Natasha Alyosha Katerina Ivanovna Kirov (Captain)
Bass (no first name given) (Second Officer)
Sundiata Cinque Jeffries, M.D. (Third Officer/Chief Medical Officer)
Louis "Lou" Glamour, ASC (Cinematographer)
Cary "FF" Fonda-Fox IV (Movie Star)
Beverly "BG" Glenn (Movie Star)
Greetings Brother Buffalo Gentry (Stowaway)
Voyage to the Red Planet (1990), novel Old Moulmein Pagoda (Columbia-class space shuttle)

National Park Service (owned by Disney-Gerber):
Nixon Orbital Park

Voyager Pictures:
Mary Poppins
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (lander)
c. 2020
First manned Mars mission films motion picture. Landing near Candor Chasm in Valles Marineris canyon system. Bass and Johnson are former NASA astronauts.[308]
Martin Gold, Dr. (Geologist)
Mary Elizabeth Allen, Dr. (Physician)
Lawrence Thompson, Dr. (Physicist)

Young Astronauts:
Genshiro "Gen" Akamasu (Japan)
Sergei Mikhailovich Chuvakin (Russia)
Nathan Long (USA)
Karl Muller (Germany)
Lanie Rizzo (real name Lanie Johnson) (USA)
Noemi Tejas y Velasquez (Venezuela)
Alice Frances Thorne (New Zealand)
Oh Suk "Suki" Long (Japan)
Vikram Singh
Kovi Oldjai
The Young Astronauts (1990), novel Space Shuttle

United Nations To Mars Together program:
Santa Maria
Teenagers compete for opportunity to help colonize Mars.[309]
Dean Irwin, Col. (USAF) (Commander)
Clifford Horner, Capt. (US Army)
John Merritt, Cmdr. (USN)
Valentina Tsarev, Col. (Russia) (Doctor)
Hiroshi Kawahito (Japan) (Computer specialist)
The Message from Mars (1992), short story Zeus IV November 2007 – April 29, 2008
The crew of the first manned Mars mission mysteriously fail to leave their spacecraft after returning to Earth.[310][311]
Scott Keller (USA) (Commander)
Sakata (Japan)
Unnamed astronaut
seaQuest DSV
Better Than Martians (1994), TV
Space Command
When the Wayfarer sinks upon splashdown, seaQuest mounts a rescue mission. Astronauts took Martian core samples from Tharsis Bulge/Olympus Mons.
James (Commander)
Geoff (no last names given)
Unnamed astronaut
Homecoming (1995), short story NASA
Mars 1
Near Future
When nuclear engine fails on approach to Mars, unnamed astronaut kills his crewmates in order to stay alive.[312]
Al Wells (Commander)
Ed Barkley
Pete Claridge, Dr.
The Outer Limits
The Voyage Home (1995), TV
American Space Agency (ASA):
Mars III
Contemporary/Near Future[21]
First manned Mars mission is infiltrated by ancient alien species. Barkley was first man on Mars.
First Aerospace Squadron (NASA):
Bill Amundsen (Squadron commander)

Phobos One:
Walter Gander (USA) (Commander)
Dmitri Tomasovich (Russia) (No surname given)
Three unnamed astronauts (ESA, Japan, China)

Mars Five:
Walter Gander, Capt. (USA) (Commander)
Olga Trigorin (Russia) (Engineer/First Officer)
Jason Terence (USA) (Pilot/Second Officer)
Narihara "Nari" Nigawa, Ph.D. (Japan) (Mission Specialist)
Ilsa Bierlein (ESA) (Mission Specialist)
Vassily Chebutykin, Ph.D. (Russia) (Mission Specialist)
Dong Te-Hua (China) (Mission Specialist)
Paul Fleurant (France) (Mission Specialist)
Kireiko Masachi (Japan) (Mission Specialist)
Tsen Chou-zung, Dr. (China) (Mission Specialist)
Mark Bene (Yankee Clipper return pilot)

Dean (No surname given), CAPCOM

Mars Five Alpha:
Scotty Johnston (USA) (Pilot)
Robert Prang (USA) (Sedimentologist)
Eight unnamed astronauts (USA, Russia)

Korolev Base:
Yvana Borges (Base manager)
Das "Doc C." Chalashajerian, Dr.
Pete Johnson (USA) (Biophysicist)
Akira Yamada (Japan) (Meteorologist)
Jim Flynn (USA)
Encounter with Tiber (1996), novel Phobos One:
Mars-Earth Return Cycler (MERC) Aldrin
Lander (modified Apollo II)

Mars Five:
Yankee Clipper (SSTO)

Mars Five Alpha:
MERC Aldrin

Korolev Base

On Phobos One mission, Gander and Dmitri make first manned landing on Phobos on December 25, 2018. In 2033, Mars Five and Mars Five Alpha travel to Mars to help excavate alien artifacts near established base in Crater Korolev.[217]
D-prime mission:
Adam Bleeker (CDR)
Ralph Gershon (Mars Excursion Module Pilot [MMP])

Philip "Phil" Stone (CDR)
Natalie B. York, Ph.D. (Mission Specialist [MSP])
Ralph Gershon (MMP)
Voyage (1996), novel NASA:
D-prime mission:
Apollo CSM (New Jersey)
Mars Excursion Module (MEM) 009 (Iowa)

Apollo CSM (Discovery)
Mission Module (Endeavor [sic])
MEM (Challenger)
August 1984 (Alternate History)

March 21, 1985 – November 6, 1986 (Alternate History)
In alternate history, D-prime mission is test flight of Mars lander (MEM) in Earth orbit. Ares flies first manned Mars mission (with Venus flyby for gravity assist); landing at Mangala Vallis in March 1986.[75]
Mars Probe:
Guest (no first names given)

Mars Probe 13:
Alexander "Lex" Christian (Space Defence Division) (Commander)
Albert Fitzwilliam
Madeline Goodfellow

Mars 97:
Richard Michaels, Capt. (Commander)
Andi McCray
Bob Haigh
Claudia (no last name given)
Lewis (no first names given for last four)
Doctor Who
The Dying Days (1997), novel
Mars Probe Project (UK)

Mars 97 (Mars Orbiter/Mars Lander) (UK)

May 1997
Christian, accused of murdering Fitzwilliam and Goodfellow after Mars Probe 13's departure from Mars, escapes in May 1997 after 20 years' imprisonment. At the same time, Mars 97 mission to Mare Sirenum runs into trouble. Grosvenor and Guest made first manned Mars landing at bottom of Olympus Mons during earlier Mars Probe Project.[313]
Mars Voyager:
Boris Brodsky (Russia) (Commander)
Martin A. Chadwick (USA) (Geologist)
Chou Lin (China) (Physicist)
Georgi Maladev (Russia) (Pilot/Navigator)
Adam J. Thompson (USA)
Jeffery Walker, Dr. (Great Britain) (Microbiologist/Physician)
Kishi Yamoto (Japan) (Electronics specialist)

Adam Thompson (USA) (Commander)
Louis Alvarez (Spain) (Pilot)
Matthew C. "Matt" Duncan, Prof. (Canada) (Linguist)
Erica Williams Duncan (USA) (Registered Nurse)
Brian T. Hawkins (Great Britain) (Physicist)
Sanjay Kanti (India) (Electrical engineer)
Valeri Karamov (Russia) (Pilot)
Frank Manzoni (Italy) (Physicist)
Carlos Niemeyer (Brazil) (Communications/computer specialist)
Marina Selveg (Russia)(Microbiologist/Physician)
Henri Talon (France) (Computer specialist)
Sato Tanaka (USA) (Communications)

Frank Morgan (Pilot)
Samantha Jackson (Copilot)

Lunar Colony:
Donald T. Hartman (Director)
Irene Hartman
26 unnamed personnel
The Face on Mars (1997), novel Space Station Prometheus
Mars Voyager
Explorer (lander)

Celeste (refitted Mars Voyager)
Questor (lander)
Lunar shuttle Copernicus
Lunar Colony

The first two manned missions to Mars investigate the mysterious "Cydonia Face", but the second expedition must combat violence from within. First landing near southeast corner of Acidalia Planitia; second landing closer to Face.[314]
Gary Hackman (Computer specialist)
Gordon A. Peacock (Computer specialist)

William "Wild Bill" Overbeck (Commander)
Julie Ford (Mission Specialist/Geologist)
Fred Z. Randall (Computer specialist)
RocketMan (1997), film NASA:
MTS-1 Aries
Pilgrim One (lander)
Contemporary/Near Future
Geeky computer genius Randall is last-minute replacement for Hackman on first manned Mars mission; Peacock is potential alternate replacement. Landing at Planitia Base near Valles Marineris.
Robbie "Robbs" Barth

Mars Consortium:
Katherine Molina (Pilot)
Viktor Nelyubov (Commander)
Marc Bryant (Pilot/Geologist)
Julia "Jules" Barth (Biologist/Medical Officer)
Raoul Molina (Mechanic)

Claudine Jesum (France) (Commander/Medic)
Gerda Braun (Germany) (Engineer)
Lee Chen, Dr. (Exobiologist)
The Martian Race (1999), novel Mars Consortium:
Venture (Mars Landing-Habitat Module [Hab])

Airbus Group:

Earth Return Vehicle (ERV)
February 20, 2016 – March 14, 2018
NASA and ESA astronauts transfer to private companies competing for $30 billion Mars Prize. Consortium crew makes first manned landing on August 9, 2016, in Gusev Crater.[315]
John Mark Kelly, Lt.
Rose Kumagawa
Andrei Novakovich
Star Trek: Voyager
One Small Step (1999), TV
Ares IV 2032
NASA astronauts on an early mission to Mars.
Luke Graham
Renée Coté
Nicholas Willis
Sergei Kirov
Woodrow "Woody" Blake
Jim McConnell
Terri Fisher
Phil Ohlmyer
Mission to Mars (2000), film Unknown c. 2020
NASA astronauts on the first manned mission to Mars and a follow-up mission to rescue them.
Lee Forbes, Cmdr.
Susan Roberts
Tanya Webster
Paul Webster
Doctor Who
Red Dawn
(2000), audio play
Ares One 2000s
Crew of privately funded NASA mission. Tanya turns out to be part-Martian.
Kate Bowman, Cmdr.
Dr. Quinn Burchenal
Dr. Bud Chantillas
Robby Gallagher
Chip Pettengill
Ted Santen, Lt.
Red Planet (2000), film Mars-1 2057
Commercially sponsored crew investigates reported oxygen reduction of automated terraforming of Mars. Solar flare complicates mission and landing crew are at mercy of rogue robot.
Susan Dillard (Scientist)

Ares 7/10:
Kennedy "Hampster" Hampton (USN) (CDR)
Alexis "Lex" Ohta, Ph.D. (USAF) (PLT)
Valerie "Valkerie" Jansen, M.D., Ph.D. (MS1)
Bob "Kaggo" Kaganovski, Ph.D. (MS2)

Joshua "Josh" Bennett, CAPCOM/Flight Director
Oxygen (2001), The Fifth Man (2002), novels NASA

Ares 7/10:
Mars Habitation Module (Hab)
Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV)
Earth Return Vehicle (ERV) / Earth Landing Capsule (ELC)
January 25, 2014 – 2016
When first manned mission to Mars sustains explosion en route, suspicion runs rampant among the crew that one of them is a saboteur. Landing on July 3, 2014 at . Eight months later, crew confronts possibility of infection by Martian pathogen.[316][317]
McCarthy (USAF) (Commander)
Sally "Sal" Spirek (USAF) (Medic/Scientist)
Ed Enright, Ph.D. (Geologist)
Ulla, Ulla (2002), short story NASA
2019 – 2022
First manned mission to Mars discovers strangely familiar technology from extinct civilization. McCarthy and Jeffries took part in return Moon mission in 2015. Mars landing on September 2, 2020, in Amazonis Planitia.[318]
Adelaide Brooke, Cmdr.
Ed Gold
Tarak Ital
Andy Stone
Margaret Cain
Mia Bennett
Yuri Kerenski
Steffi Ehrlich
Roman Groom
Doctor Who
The Waters of Mars (2009), TV
Bowie Base One 2059
First humans on Mars (contradicting earlier Doctor Who stories), menaced by a water-based Martian life-form and destined by history to die. Base located in Gusev Crater.[319]
Annie Norris, Col. (Commander)
Tom Tyler, Maj.
Sam Tyler
Ray Carling
Chris Skelton
Life on Mars
"Life is a Rock" (2009), TV
Aries Project
Hyde 1-2-5
Crew travels to Mars in suspended animation, using "neural-stims" to keep brains occupied; as a result, Sam Tyler believes he is time-traveling NYPD detective.
Mitchell Dodd (Scientist)

Christopher Eugene "Chris" Burke, Capt. (USAF) (Commander)
Trisha "Trish" Merriday (USMC) (First Officer)
Terry Kessler (Command Module Pilot)
Owen "Beech" Beechum (Mission Specialist)
Offworld (2009), novel Ares 2031 – 2033
NASA astronauts return from first manned Mars mission to find Earth deserted.[320]
Norman Backus (Pilot)
Roseanne Kim (Scientist)
Denny (no last name given)

James "Jim" Rose, Capt. (Commander/Pilot)
Jed Richards, Col. (First Officer)
José Rodrigues (Science Officer)

Steve Watanabe, Lt. (Pilot)
Abu Jmil (First Officer)
Deborah "Debbie" Quartz (Science Officer)

Brandon Lepper, Capt. (Pilot/Science Officer)
Laurie Corelli, Capt. (First Officer)
Arnold "Arnie" Gilmore, Dr. (Chief Medical Officer)
The Four Fingers of Death (2010), novel NASA

Earth Return Vehicle (ERV)
September 30, 2025 – October 2026
Small-time writer Montese Crandall novelizes remake of 1963 film The Crawling Hand (q.v.), adding back-story of first manned Mars mission finding flesh-eating bacteria on Mars. Landing near Valles Marineris.[321]
Fire Star:
Wen Xiang (China) (Commander)
Cooper Jackson (USA) (Flight Surgeon)
Julie Davis (USA) (Biologist)
Victoria Orlova, Prof. (Russia) (Astrophysicist)
Junior Astronauts:
Nicolas "Nico" Moreau (France)
Aneesa Malik (India)
Unnamed junior astronaut

Mars Base I:
Oscar Schweiger (Chief Mars Settlement Officer)
Ivan (Scientist)
Helena (Scientist)
Gene (Staff engineer)
Unnamed staff
Mars: You Decide How to Survive! (2011), gamebook Fire Star
Mars Base I
Near Future
Junior astronauts join mission to prepare Mars Base I for permanent colonists. Mars Base I located near Valles Marineris and Arsia Mons.[322]
Bradley Emerson Elliott, Maj. The Eye With Which The Universe Beholds Itself (2013), novella Repurposed Skylab as transfer vehicle, with LM for the surface landing 1979 (Alternate History)
Mission to Mars based on RR Titus's Flyby-Landing Excursion Module proposal of 1966.
Tantalus base:
Charles Brunel (Canada) (Commander)
Kim Aldrich (UK) (Geologist)
Vincent "Vince" Campbell (USA) (Chief Systems Officer)
Lauren Dalby (UK) (Medic)
Richard "Harry" Harrington (UK) (Communications)
Robert Irwin (UK)
Rebecca Lane (UK) (Biochemist)
Marko Petrovic (Serbia)

Aurora relief team:
Unnamed astronauts
The Last Days on Mars (2013), film International Space Commission (ISC):

Aurora Mars Mission 2:
Tantalus base
Aurora lander
Martian explorers discover life, with disastrous results.
Kirk "Andy" Anderson (Pilot)

Orbital Seven:
Drew Bantry (Commander)
Kristen Zhang
Unnamed personnel
The Promise of Space (2013), short story Spaceways:
Unknown (Mars missions)
Orbital Seven
c. 2030s – June 2051
Anderson, the first man on Phobos and veteran of two Mars missions, develops Alzheimer's-like symptoms after flying rescue mission to Orbital Seven during solar flare.[323][324]
Gloria "Glory Hallelujah" Hazeltine (Mission Commander)
Ernie Roebuck (Chief Communications Engineer)
Unnamed lead biologist
Unnamed astronauts

Excursion 3 (E-3):
Patrick "Pat" O'Connor (Team Leader)
Jacob "Jake" Bernstein (Geologist)
Rashid Faiyum (Geologist)
Mars Farts (2014), short story Unknown Late 21st century (after 2076)
After meteor shower, Excursion 3 team is stranded near Viking 2 landing site in Utopia Planitia. Mission base at Tithonium Chasma; Excursion 1 site near Olympus Mons.[325]
Melissa Lewis (Commander/Geologist)
Rick Martinez, Maj. (Pilot)
Chris Beck, Dr. (Physician/Biologist/EVA Specialist)
Beth Johanssen (Sysop/Reactor Tech)
Alex Vogel (European Union) (Chemist/Navigator)
Mark Watney (Botanist/Mechanical Engineer)
The Martian (2014), novel; The Martian (2015), film NASA

Ares 3:
Mars Descent Vehicle (MDV)
Mars Ascent Vehicle (MAV)
Near Future
Sandstorm forces crew to evacuate landing site in Acidalia Planitia, leaving Watney, who is erroneously believed dead, stranded on Mars.[326]
Bart Saxby (NASA chief administrator)
Nathan "Nate" Brice (Flight Director)

Benson "Bee" Benson (Canada) (Command Pilot)
Ted Connover, Ph.D. (USAF) (Pilot)
Catherine Clermont, Dr. (France) (Geologist)
Virginia "Jinny" Gonzalez (Communications Specialist)
Amanda "Mandy" Lynn (USA) (Biologist)
Hiram "Hi" McPherson (Geologist)
Taki Nomura, Dr. (Japan) (Physician/Psychologist)
Mikhail "Mike" Prokhorov (Russia) (Meteorologist)
Rescue Mode (2014), novel NASA

Hercules (Mars lander)
Fermi (unmanned lander/surface habitation module)
August 2032 – December 2035
First manned Mars mission is imperiled by meteoroid impact. Saxby and Brice are former astronauts; Connover is an ISS and International Moon Base veteran. Launch from Earth orbit on April 5, 2035; landing on November 5, 2035, in Elysium Planitia.[327]


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
K. "Fuj" Fuji (Japan)
F. Glenn (USA)
Invasion of Astro-Monster (aka Monster Zero) (1965), film World Space Agency[22] (WSA)
Spaceship P-1
196X [sic]
Astronauts on mission to "Planet X", newly discovered satellite of Jupiter.[328][329]
Bramley, Capt
Weeke (F/O)
Rand (Cmdr)
38 unnamed astronauts
Plague from Space (1965), novel Pericles Near Future?
Crew of the first mission to land on Jupiter. The sole survivor returns to Earth carrying a deadly disease.[330]
Dr. David Bowman
Dr. Frank Poole
Dr. Hunter
Dr. Kimball
Dr. Kaminsky
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), film/novel Discovery One 2001
Astronauts on a mission to find an alien artifact near Jupiter (on Iapetus in the book, and Kimball was renamed Whitehead).[331][332]
Guy Crayford Doctor Who
The Android Invasion (1975), TV
XK-5 Space Raider Contemporary/Near Future
UK Senior Space Defence astronaut vanished, presumed dead, on Jupiter mission. Saved by Kraal alien race who use him in their plans for invasion of Earth.
Alexei Leonov
Tanya Kirbuk
Vladimir Rudenko
Vasili Orlov, Dr.
Maxim "Max" Brailovsky
Irina Yakunina
Heywood R. Floyd, Dr.
R. Chandra, Dr.
Walter Curnow

Chang, Professor (First name not given)
Lee, Dr. (First name not given)
Three unnamed astronauts
2010: Odyssey Two (1982), novel
2010 (1984), film
Alexei Leonov

Tsien (China)
Astronauts on a follow-up mission to Jupiter to investigate the loss of Discovery One. Tsien makes disastrous first manned landing on Europa.[333]
Jacob Hols
Juliet "Julie" Burton
Martha Kivelsen
The Very Pulse of The Machine (1998), short story First Galilean Satellites Exploratory Mission Future (Late 21st Century?)
First manned landing on Io leads to major discoveries and tragedy. Landing site near Daedalus.[334][335]
Hachirota Hoshino
Werner Locksmith
Hakim Ashmead
Kho Cheng-Shin
Goro Hoshino
Planetes (2003), anime Von Braun 2075
First manned space mission to Jupiter.
Kim Kronotska, Cmdr.
Tom Braudy
Samuel (no last name given)
Doctor Who
Memory Lane
(2006), audio play
Led Zeppelin IV 2010s (?)
Commonwealth Space Programme mission to Jupiter that goes wrong.
Dun "William" Xu (Commander)
Rosa Dasque (Pilot/Archivist)
Daniel "Dan" Luxembourg, Dr. (Chief Science Officer)
Katya Petrovna, Dr. (Science Officer)
Andrei Blok (Chief Engineer)
James Corrigan (Engineer)
Europa Report (2013), film Europa Ventures
Europa One
Near Future
First manned mission to Europa discovers life under the ice. Landing in Conamara Chaos, near Thera Macula and Thrace Macula.


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Shaun Geoffrey Christopher (aka Sean Geoffrey, Sean Jeffrey, Sean Jeoffrey), Col. (Commander)
Shirin Ludden, Cmdr. (Pilot)

Lewis & Clark:
Shaun Geoffrey Christopher (Commander)
Alice Fontana, Capt. (Canada) (Co-Pilot)
Marcus O'Herlihy, Dr.
Star Trek
Tomorrow Is Yesterday (1967), TV

Star Trek
The Rings of Time (2012), novel
Space Shuttle

U.S.S. Lewis & Clark
June 2020-January 2021
The first "probe" to travel from Earth to Saturn.[336][337][338]
Steve West, Col. The Incredible Melting Man (1977), film Scorpio V Future
Astronaut whose physiology is horribly altered due to radiation exposure during the first mission to Saturn.[339][340]
Cirocco "Rocky" Jones, Capt. (Mission Commander)
Bill (Chief Engineer) (no last name given)
Calvin Greene, Dr. (Surgeon/Biologist/Ecologist)
Gaby Plauget (Astronomer)
April 15/02 Polo (Physicist)
August 3/02 Polo (Physicist)
Eugene "Gene" Springfield (Satellite Excursion Module Pilot)
Titan (1979), novel NASA
DSV Ringmaster
NASA astronauts who discover alien artifact in orbit around Saturn. The Polo sisters are clones.[341]
Jean Broberg (Physicist)
Mark Danzig (Chemist)
Luis Garcilaso (Pilot)
Colin Scobie (Geologist)
The Saturn Game (1981), novella Moon lander c. 2057
Expedition from colony-size ship Chronos makes first manned landing on Iapetus, but is endangered by expedition members' absorption in fantasy role-playing game.[342][343]


Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Sky Masters, Maj. Sky Masters of the Space Force (1958–61), comic Unknown Near Future
Astronaut in the United States Space Force (USSF).
Frank Chapman
Ray Makonnen
The Phantom Planet (1961), film Unknown 1980
Astronauts who investigate mysteriously appearing planet Rheton.[344]
Dead astronauts:
Merril (1998)
Pokrovski (1999)
Brodisnek (no first names given)
Roger Woodward

Travis (no first/last name given)
The Cage of Sand (1962), short story Unknown 1998
21st century
Seven dead astronauts orbiting Earth in their slowly reentering space capsules. Merril and Pokrovski failed to reach launching platforms in Earth orbit; Woodward died testing new launching platform. Travis was rookie astronaut for civilian company whose courage failed during launch countdown.[345][346]
Clark Benedict, Maj. (Station Commander)
Mike Doweling, Capt.
Kenneth Gavin, Lt.
Gordon Halper, Lt. (Physician)
Rupert Lawrence Howard, Lt.
The Outer Limits
Specimen: Unknown (1964), TV
United States Air Force/Department of Space Travel
Project Adonis:
Space station
Shuttlecraft 1010 (Space Shuttle Flight 572-3XA)
Near Future
Space station crew imperiled by deadly alien plants.[347][348]
Zeus IV
Glyn Williams
Dan "Bluey" Schultz

Zeus V
Terry Cutler
Doctor Who
The Tenth Planet (1966), TV
International Space Command (ISC):
Zeus IV
Zeus V
1986 (2000 in some sources)
Astronauts in Earth-orbital spacecraft similar to Gemini. Zeus IV explodes, killing Williams and Schultz; Zeus V had already been launched for rescue attempt.
Valentina Prokrovna (Russia)

Robert Hamilton (USA)
The Dead Astronaut (1968), short story Unknown Near Future
Two of twelve dead astronauts left orbiting Earth in their respective spacecraft. Hamilton was carrying atomic weapon on military mission.[349][350]
P One
Morrison, Col.
Drew, Maj.
Hollis, Capt. (First names not given)

P Two
McCullough, Lt Col.
Walters, Maj.
Berryman, Capt. (First names not given)
All Judgement Fled (1969), novel Prometheus Project
P One
P Two
Near Future
Astronauts dispatched to make first contact with an alien spacecraft.[351]
Andros V
Unnamed American astronauts

Zond 19
Unnamed Soviet cosmonauts
The Andromeda Strain (1969), novel Andros Project
Andros V

Zond Project
Zond 19
Near Future
Astronauts killed when the Andromeda organism destroys the heat shields of their spacecraft on re-entry.[352]
Fred Hoffa
Other unnamed astronauts and technicians
The Long Twilight (1969), novel Unknown Near Future (c. 1996)
Astronauts aboard the United States Weather Satellite, who spot the abrupt beginnings of a hurricane-like storm.[353]
Norman Paul "Dave" Davis, Maj. (Commander)
Bernhard "Bud" Gierr, Capt.
Orren "Doc" Lorimer, Dr. (Scientist)
Houston, Houston, Do You Read? (1976), novella NASA
Sunbird One
Near Future (before 2000)
Crew of first circumsolar mission travels forward to time when male humans no longer exist.[354]
William "Buck" Rogers, Capt. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979–81), TV Ranger 3 1987
NASA astronaut whose voyage in a Space Shuttle-like "deep space probe" results in suspended animation.
Unnamed Mission Specialist/Commander
Vollmer (Engineering/Communications/Weapons) (no first name given)
Human Moments in World War III (1983), short story Colorado Command:
Tomahawk II (Recon-Interceptor)
Near Future
Astronauts in Earth orbit come under control of Colorado Command rather than Houston after outbreak of World War III.[355][356]
Evans (Captain)
Floyd (Engineer)
Grundy (Navigator) (no first names given)
Doctor Who
Search for the Doctor (1986), gamebook
Enterprise 21 space freighter August 2056
Three-man crew returning from satellite servicing mission disappears into Bermuda Triangle.[357]
Frances Reese
Jan DuToit
Bill Noyes
Mary Xu
Valentina Romanova
Mikhail Savchenko
Chuck Wenzel
Anna Cherneva
Yuri Finnegan
John Jackson
Gerry Wolf
Maria Blixen
(First names not given for the last three characters)

Hipparchus Base:
Roger Bryant
Jim Russell
Hyashi Higuchi
Ben Templeton
Greg Able
Double Planet (1988), novel Space Shuttles
Ares I
Ares II
Sir Fred Hoyle

Hipparchus Base
Near Future
New Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) astronauts and scientists on a mission to investigate the possibility of mining the Comet Osaki-Mori for resources the ReUnited Nations (RN) needs to rebuild Earth.[358]
Wayfarer 1
Theodore Ludendorff, Cmdr
Five unnamed astronauts

Wayfarer 2
Jake Ryder
Speed Spencer
Faye McFarland
Boris Mechanov
Ada Lin
Irwin Rote

Von Braun
Ki Susato
Unnamed astronauts
Reach (1989), novel Wayfarer Program
Wayfarer 1
Wayfarer 2

Space Station
Von Braun
When contact is lost with an expedition to a mysterious cluster of objects passing outside the orbit of Pluto a second expedition is sent to investigate.[359]
Channing Blythe Knowlton Eater (2000), novel NASA c. 2022 (February–July)
Former NASA astronaut dying of cancer volunteers to confront sentient black hole.[360]
Richard Jacob Johansenn
Susan Kirmatsu (Pilot)
Robbie Hamilton (Co-pilot)
Patricia Mattos (Chief archeologist)
Heidi Vogt (archeologist)
Unnamed astronauts and observers

Deep Space Dart:
Richard J. Johansenn
Mac McFerson
Greg Yovel
Rachel Saunders (Forensic anthropologist)
Helen Dail (Reporter)
Unnamed astronauts
Recovering Apollo 8 (2007), short story Johansenn Interplanetary:
Carpathia (Hawk-class)

Deep Space Dart
2007 (Alternate History)

2018 (Alternate History)

2020 (Alternate History)
In an alternate history in which Apollo 8 never returned to Earth, billionaire Johansenn makes it his life's mission to recover the lost spacecraft and its crew. Apollo 20 is mentioned as having crashed into the Moon (no details given).[361][362]
Rob (no last names given)
Capsule (2011), short film NASA:
Halcyon (lander)
Two astronauts in Halcyon have landed (possibly on Venus or Mars) and are running out of oxygen. The ending leaves ambiguous whether or not the story is a daydream.[363]
Galenka Makarova (Pilot)
Dimitri Ivanov (Data acquisition and transmission)
Yakov Demin (Flight systems specialist)
Troika (2011), novella Tereshkova
Soyuz re-entry vehicle
Cosmonauts from revived Soviet Union investigate mysterious artifact in space. Tereshkova has VASIMIR drive.[364]
Phoebe base (2020):
Lyman Hsu (Station Chief)
Tina "Tiny" Lundgren (Deputy Station Chief)
Gabriel "Gabe" Campbell (Geologist)
Thaddeus "Thad" Stankiewicz (Engineer)
Bryce Lewis
Alan Childs
Unnamed personnel

Phoebe base (2023):
Irv Weingart (Station Chief)
Thaddeus Stankiewicz (Deputy Station Chief)
Dino Agnelli (Electrical engineer)
Jarred Finnegan (Base mechanic)
Chuck (no last name given)
11 unnamed personnel

PS-1 Independent Inspection Team:
Marcus Judson (NASA contractor)
Olivia Finch, Prof. (Quality assurance engineer)
Savannah "Savvy" Morgan (USAF, civilian) (Computer security engineer)
Reuben Swenson (Department of Energy) (Power systems engineer)
Energized (2012), novel NASA:

Phoebe base
Powersat One (PS-1)
February 22, 2020

April 10 – November 4, 2023
When asteroid Phoebe approaches Earth, NASA captures it and places it in Earth orbit to investigate its resources. Stankiewicz is blackmailed into secret project, leading to his murdering Campbell during EVA on Phoebe to avoid discovery. Three years later, inspection team investigates newly constructed powersat.[365]
Katie Sparks
Blair Taylor
Marcus Dawkins

Harmon Kryger

Molly Woods
Extant (2014), TV International Space Exploration Agency (ISEA):
Space Station
Near Future (2030s/2040s)
Woods returns from 13-month solo mission to find herself pregnant. Sparks, Taylor and Dawkins are deceased; Kryger was believed to have committed suicide after mysterious solar flare incident.[366]

To Infinity and Beyond

Astronauts performing or attempting feats beyond the capabilities of the present or near future, such as interstellar travel.

Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Gresham (no first name given)
Unnamed astronaut
The Twilight Zone
The Invaders (1961), TV
United States Air Force
Space Probe No. 1
USAF astronauts discover life on alien planet.[367][368]
Reed Richards
Susan Storm
Johnny Storm
Benjamin Grimm
Fantastic Four (1961–present), comic Experimental interstellar spacecraft Contemporary
Private space venture; astronauts bizarrely affected by cosmic rays.
Col. Steve Zodiac
Professor Matthew Matic, Venus
Fireball XL5 (1962), TV Fireball XL5 2062
Commander of the Fireball XL5 of the World Space Patrol.
Capt. Larry Dart
Slim, Husky
Space Patrol (1963), TV Space Patrol 2100
Commander of Galasphere 347 of the Space Patrol.
Paul Ross, Capt.
Ted Mason, Lt.
Mike Carter, Lt.
Death Ship (1953), short story

Twilight Zone
Death Ship (1963), TV
E-89 1997
Spacecraft crew crashes on distant planet; they have difficulty accepting their own deaths. (In short story Carter is named "Mickey".)[369][370]
Douglas Stansfield, Cmdr. Twilight Zone
The Long Morrow (1964), TV
Unknown Future
Astronaut placed in suspended animation for forty-year mission.[371]
Zefram Cochrane Star Trek: The Original Series
Metamorphosis (1967), TV

Star Trek: First Contact (1996), film
Phoenix 2063
First use of warp drive by an Earth vessel in the Star Trek timeline.
George Taylor, Col.
Planet of the Apes (1968), film Icarus 1972
ANSA astronauts on an interstellar mission, perhaps to Bellatrix.
Robert O'Bannion
Andrei Voronov
Carlos Pascual
May Connearney
Sidney Lee
Doris McNerty
Aaron Hatfield
Jerry Grote
Chen Shu Li
Alicia Montiverdi
Lou D'Orazio
Marlene Ettinger
Other unnamed astronauts
As On A Darkling Plain (1972), novel Unknown Near Future
Astronauts on missions to Jupiter and Sirius.[372]
Ed Westin, Col./Gen.
O'Keefe, Capt. (no first name given)

Solo 1/Solo 2:
Mark Devore, Capt.
Time Warp (1981), film NASA:
Solo 1
Solo 2
1984 – July 13, 1985 / July 13, 1986
While returning from a one-year mission to "the farthest reach of the galaxy", Solo 1 passes through a time warp, sending Devore one year into the future.
Bartholomew Mann (Physicist)
Terry Waters, Maj.
Paul St John, Dr
Philip Quincy-Jones
Luciano Cragnolini
Unnamed Commander
The Quiet Place (1987), novel Unknown Near Future
Crew of the first manned interstellar spacecraft who return to find the Earth changed beyond recognition.[373]
Stephen G. Richey (Col.), Commander Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Royale (1989), TV

July 23, 2037 – 2044
Third manned expedition outside Solar System results in Richey dying in captivity on alien planet.[374][375]
Scientist/First Mate
Space Twin 1
Space Twin 2
The Voyage (1992), opera Space station
"Several years later"
Archeologists discover "directional crystals" brought to Earth by ancient astronauts, causing instruments on a space station crewed by Space Twins 1 and 2 to pinpoint the aliens' origin. Several years later, Space Twins 1 and 2 join crew of generational voyage to aliens' planet.[376]
Olshavsky (Captain) (no first name given)
Clio Trigorin (Historian)
Sanetomo Kawamura (Astronomer)
27 unnamed crewmembers
Encounter with Tiber (1996), novel Tenacity July 20, 2069 – 2081
Humanity's first starship, built with alien technology, on a voyage to Alpha Centauri.[217]
Henry Forbes

Unnamed co-pilot of Congreve (UK)

Unnamed Discovery crew members
The Wire Continuum (1998), short story Mustard (Multi-Unit Space Transport and Recovery Device)


1947-2017 (Alternate History)
RAF World War II veteran and rocket pioneer in alternate history in which teleportation was developed in the 1950s. Forbes makes first manned landing on Moon in Oceanus Procellarum with Buzz Aldrin and Alexei Leonov in 1977, leaves solar system aboard first starship Discovery in 1997.[377][378]
John Cope
Five unnamed astronauts
Cold Fusion (1999), novel Argos Program
Argos 2
Near Future
Crew of the first manned expedition to another solar system.[379]

Astronauts in other media

Several toy astronaut dolls and action figures were produced in response to the popularity of astronauts in the 1960s. Most of them had no associated storylines. They included:

  • Johnny and Jane Apollo, 1968 plastic toys with accessories including a "Moon Rover".
  • Barbie, the world's most popular doll, was released with a variant space suit costume in the 1960s.
  • Billy Blastoff, an apparently juvenile astronaut of the 1960s.
  • The Major Matt Mason line of toys from 1968, including Major Mason himself, Lt. Jeff Long, Sgt. Storm, and Doug Davis.
  • Moon McDare, a generic astronaut figure from 1965, packaged with various accessories.
  • John Blackstar, Earth astronaut who crashes on planet Sagar.[380]


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