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LSU Tigers track and field

LSU Tigers
Founded: 1897
University Louisiana State University
Conference SEC
Location Baton Rouge, LA
Head Coach Dennis Shaver (10th year)
Indoor Facility Carl Maddox Field House
(Capacity: 3,000)
Outdoor Facility Bernie Moore Track Stadium
(Capacity: 5,680)
Colors Purple and Gold


Men Indoor National Championships
2001, 2004
Men Outdoor National Championships
1933, 1989, 1990, 2002
Outdoor NCAA Appearance
Indoor Conference Champions
1957, 1963, 1989, 1990
Outdoor Conference Champions
1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1951, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1963, 1988, 1989, 1990

The LSU Tigers track and field team represents Louisiana State University in NCAA Division I men's indoor and outdoor track and field.[1]


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      • Outdoor 3.2.2
  • Stadiums 4
    • Carl Maddox Field House 4.1
    • Bernie Moore Track Stadium 4.2
  • Training facilities 5
    • Bernie Moore Track Stadium weight room 5.1
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1897 LSU Track & Field Team

LSU men's track and field had its beginning in 1897. The Tigers have won a total of 6 NCAA championships (2 indoor, 4 outdoor).

In the early history of the program, the team won six Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association titles between 1913 and 1922. During its short period of membership in the Southern Intercollegiate Conference (now known as the Southern Conference) the team also won three consecutive conference titles.

In 1933 the school joined the Southeastern Conference and the track & field team wasted no time making a name for itself, winning the inaugural SEC track & field title as well as the NCAA Men's Outdoor Track and Field Championship, the first NCAA championship in any sport for LSU. LSU men's track & field program won back-to-back NCAA outdoor titles in 1989 and 1990 and they won their 4th outdoor title in 2002.

In 2001 the Tigers won their first indoor NCAA title and their second indoor title in 2004.

Team Finishes

Year SEC Indoor NCAA Indoor SEC Outdoor NCAA Outdoor
1933 * * 1st 1st
1934 * * 1st 3rd
1935 * * 1st 7th(t)
1936 * * 1st dnc
1937 * * 2nd dnc
1938 * * 1st dnc
1939 * * 1st 17th(t)
1940 * * 1st 5th
1941 * * 1st 5th
1942 * * 1st 20th(t)
1943 * * 1st dnc
1944 * * 2nd dnc
1945 * * 2nd 19th
1946 * * 1st 15th
1947 * * 1st dnc
1948 * * 1st 52rd(t)
1949 * * 2nd dnc
1950 * * 2nd dnc
1951 * * 1st dnc
1952 * * 5th 17th(t)
1953 * * 6th dnc
1954 * * 2nd dnc
1955 * * 5th dnc
1956 * * 3rd dnc
1957 1st * 1st dnc
1958 dnc * 1st dnc
1959 dnc * 1st dnc
1960 dnc * 1st dnc
1961 5th * 2nd dnc
1962 dnc * 2nd 41st(t)
1963 1st * 1st dnc
1964 3rd * 3rd 18th(t)
1965 2nd 13th(t) 3rd 53rd
1966 3rd dnc 3rd 39th(t)
1967 4th dnc 3rd 19th(t)
1968 7th dnc 5th dnc
1969 3rd dnc 3rd dnc
1970 5th dnc 2nd dnc
1971 4th dnc 4th dnc
1972 4th dnc 3rd dnc
1973 5th dnc 3rd dnc
1974 4th 43rd(t) 3rd 21st(t)
1975 2nd 21st(t) 3rd 21st(t)
1976 6th 14th(t) 8th dnc
1977 8th dnc 7th dnc
1978 4th 32rd(t) 6th dnc
1979 4th dnc 4th 8th(t)
1980 2nd 11th 4th 13th(t)
1981 3rd dnc 5th 16th
1982 6th 31st(t) 6th 40th(t)
1983 8th dnc 8th dnc
1984 3rd 39th(t) 7th dnc
1985 4th dnc 4th 50th(t)
1986 2nd 13th(t) 2nd 13th
1987 4th 11th 3rd 5th
1988 2nd 4th 1st 5th(t)
1989 1st 6th(t) 1st 1st
1990 1st 5th(t) 1st 1st
1991 2nd 39th(t) 2nd 6th
1992 4th 5th(t) 3rd 7th
1993 3rd 12th 2nd 2nd
1994 4th 53rd(t) 3rd 6th(t)
1995 4th 14th(t) 3rd 3rd
1996 6th 9th(t) 3rd 7th
1997 5th 10th(t) 3rd 27th(t)
1998 2nd 19th(t) 2nd 4th(t)
1999 6th 7th(t) 5th 9th(t)
2000 2nd 7th(t) 2nd 5th
2001 2nd 1st 6th 5th
2002 4th 3rd 4th 1st
2003 6th 3rd 6th 4th
2004 4th 1st 5th 3rd
2005 6th 20th(t) 5th 3rd
2006 4th 2nd 4th 2nd
2007 4th 10th(t) 2nd 2nd
2008 2nd 4th 2nd 2nd(t)
2009 6th 4th 3rd 5th
2010 3rd 4th 2nd 6th
2011 3rd 4th 4th 4th
2012 4th 5th 2nd 2nd
2013 5th 15th 4th 7th
2014 10th 8th(t) 6th 4th(t)

NCAA Championships




Year Event Athlete(s)
1965 600 Yards Leland Albright
1976 60 Hurdles Allen Misher
1987 1,000 Meters Robin van Helden
1992 High Jump Tom Lange
2000 Pole Vault Russ Buller
2001 4x400 Relay Lueroy Colquhoun, Alleyne Francique, Robert Parham, Pedro Tunon
Triple Jump Walter Davis
2002 Triple Jump Walter Davis
400 Meters Alleyne Francique
2003 4x400 Relay Bennie Brazell, Pete Coley, Marlon Greensword, Kelly Willie
2004 Long Jump John Moffitt
Triple Jump LeJuan Simon
2006 4x400 Relay Xavier Carter, Reginald Dardar, Melville Rogers, Kelly Willie
400 Meters Xavier Carter
2008 60 Meters Richard Thompson
2010 Weight Throw Walter Henning
2011 Weight Throw Walter Henning


Year Event Athlete(s)
1933 Pole Vault Matt Gordy
440 Yards Glenn Hardin
220 Hurdles Glenn Hardin
Shot Put Jack Torrance
1934 440 Yards Glenn Hardin
220 Hurdles Glenn Hardin
Shot Put Jack Torrance
1941 Long Jump Billy Brown
1964 400 Hurdles Billy Hardin
1967 Javelin Delmon McNabb
1975 120 Hurdles Larry Shipp
1979 4x400 Relay Efrem Coley, Greg Hill, Pearson Jordan, ReVey Scott
1987 110 Hurdles Eric Reid
1988 Decathlon Mikael Olander
1989 Discus John Nichols
1990 Long Jump Llewellyn Starks
1992 10,000 Meters Terry Thornton
Shot Put Simon Williams
1992 4x100 Relay Reggie Jones, Chris King, Jason Sanders, Bryant Williams
1993 4x100 Relay Reggie Jones, Glenroy Gilbert, Chris King, Fabian Muyaba
1994 4x100 Relay Eddie Kennison, Fabian Muyaba, Derrick Thymes, Bryant Williams
1995 Decathlon Mario Sategna
1996 200 Meters Rohsaan Griffin
1998 200 Meters Curtis Perry
1999 Triple Jump LeVar Anderson
2000 Pole Vault Russ Buller
2001 Triple Jump Walter Davis
2002 4x100 Relay Bennie Brazell, Pete Coley, Walter Davis, Robert Parham
Decathlon Claston Bernard
Long Jump Walter Davis
Triple Jump Walter Davis
2003 4x100 Relay Bennie Brazell, Pete Coley, Robert Parham, Kelly Willie
4x400 Relay Bennie Brazell, Pete Coley, Robert Parham, Kelly Willie
2004 Long Jump John Moffitt
2005 4x400 Relay Bennie Brazell, Xavier Carter, Reginald Dardar, Kelly Willie
2006 4x400 Relay Xavier Carter, Reginald Dardar, Melville Rogers, Kelly Willie
4x100 Relay Xavier Carter, Marvin Stevenson, Richard Thompson, Kelly Willie
100 Meters Xavier Carter
400 Meters Xavier Carter
2007 400 Hurdles Isa Phillips
2008 4x100 Relay Armanti Hayes, Trindon Holliday, Gabriel Mvumvure, Richard Thompson
100 Meters Richard Thompson
2009 100 Meters Trindon Holliday
2010 Hammer Throw Walter Henning
2011 110 Hurdles Barrett Nugent
2012 4x100 Relay Shermund Allsop, Aaron Ernest, Barrett Nugent, Keyth Talley
2013 Long Jump Damar Forbes


Carl Maddox Field House

Carl Maddox Field House built in 1975 is the indoor track and field home arena for the LSU Tigers and LSU Lady Tigers track and field teams. The arena has a seating capacity of 3,000. The field house features a 200-meter unbanked track, elevated jump runways, a variety of throwing areas and multiple high jump and vaulting areas. In 1998, the arena was renamed in honor of former LSU Athletic Director Carl Maddox.[2]

Bernie Moore Track Stadium

Bernie Moore Track Stadium built in 1969 is the outdoor track and field home stadium for the LSU Tigers and LSU Lady Tigers track and field teams. The stadium has a seating capacity of 5,680.[3] In 1971, the stadium was renamed after former LSU football and track & field coach, Bernie Moore. Moore coached the LSU Track and Field teams for 18 years (1930–47) and led the Tigers to their first NCAA National Championship in 1933 as well as 12 SEC crowns.[4]

Training facilities

Bernie Moore Track Stadium weight room

Opened in January 2003, the weight room is for the LSU Tigers track and field and LSU Lady Tigers track and field team's. The LSU track and field weight room is a 2,000 square foot facility designed for an Olympic style lifting program. Located adjacent to the track, the weight room features 10 multi-purpose power stations, 5 dumbbell stations, 4 power racks, 5 sets of competition plates, 10 competition Olympic bars, 2 multi-purpose racks, an assortment of selectorized machines and 2 televisions for multimedia presentations.[5]

Head coaches

Years Coach
1905-06 Dan A. Killian
1907-09 Edgar Wingard
1910-11 John W. Mayhew
1912 F.M. Long
1913-15 F. C. Beckler
1916-27 Tad Gormley
1928 F. C. Frey
1929 Ridge Edwards
1930-47 Bernie Moore
1948 Jules Roux
1949-63 Al Moreau
1964-76 John May
1977-81 Bill McClure
1982 Murrell "Boots" Garland
1983-86 Billy Maxwell
1987 Sam Seemes
1988-2004 Pat Henry
2004–Present Dennis Shaver

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