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Queen's Birthday clash
City or region Melbourne, Victoria
Teams involved Melbourne Football Club and Collingwood Football Club
First contested 11 June 2001
Collingwood 19.20 def. (134) Melbourne: 8.9 (57)
Most wins Collingwood (9 wins)
Most recent meeting 9 June 2014
Collingwood 8.13 (61) def. Melbourne 3.10 (28)
Next meeting 8 June 2015
Largest victory 13 June 2011
Collingwood 19.15 (129) def. Melbourne 6.5 (41)
Broadcasters Seven Network (2001, 2012–present)
Nine Network (2002–2006)
Network Ten (2007–2011)

The Queen's Birthday Holiday clash is an annual Australian rules football match between Australian Football League (AFL) teams Melbourne and Collingwood, held on the Queen's Birthday Holiday at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).


Football has been played on the Queen's or King's Birthday holiday since the first season of the Victorian Football League in 1897.[1]

In 1958 a record home and away crowd of 99,346 saw a top of the table clash between Melbourne and Collingwood.[2]

Since 2001 the AFL has officially recognised the entire round as the Queens Birthday Round and only scheduled Collingwood against Melbourne at the MCG on the holiday Monday. Collingwood won the 2001 game by a then-record 77 points and Chris Tarrant took one of the marks of the year.

To date there has been no official trophy awarded to the winning team and no official medal has been awarded to the player judged best on field.


As Collingwood has one of the largest supporter bases in Victoria, the opportunity to host them on a public holiday is seen as a major financial benefit to Melbourne.[3] It has been suggested that other teams such as North Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs should share the clash.[4] The AFL has also threatened to change the fixture to another club if the attendances do not remain above 60,000.[5]

Match results

This table lists all Queen's Birthday matches since it became an annual fixture between Melbourne and Collingwood in 2001.

Year Winner Collingwood score Melbourne score Margin Attendance Three Brownlow votes (best on ground)
2001 Collingwood 19.20 (134) 8.9 (57) 77 62,761 Anthony Rocca (Collingwood)
2002 Collingwood 19.12 (126) 10.15 (75) 51 65,860 Chris Tarrant (Collingwood)
2003 Collingwood 20.13 (133) 10.17 (77) 56 60,010* Paul Licuria (Collingwood)
2004 Melbourne 11.7 (73) 12.10 (82) 9 56,988* Josh Fraser (Collingwood)
2005 Melbourne 10.12 (72) 17.15 (117) 45 65,347* Travis Johnstone (Melbourne)
2006 Melbourne 14.10 (94) 22.9 (141) 47 78,773 Cameron Bruce (Melbourne)
2007 Melbourne 11.15 (81) 13.16 (94) 13 70,660 Russell Robertson (Melbourne)
2008 Collingwood 17.14 (116) 13.17 (95) 21 59,548 Tarkyn Lockyer (Collingwood)
2009 Collingwood 19.12 (126) 8.12 (60) 66 61,287 Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood)
2010 Draw 9.22 (76) 11.10 (76) 0 67,454 Aaron Davey (Melbourne)
2011 Collingwood 19.15 (129) 6.5 (41) 88 75,998 Sharrod Wellingham (Collingwood)
2012 Collingwood 19.15 (129) 13.9 (87) 42 64,250 Dane Swan (Collingwood)
2013 Collingwood 17.20 (122) 5.9 (39) 83 50,853 Dane Swan (Collingwood)
2014 Collingwood 8.13 (61) 3.10 (28) 33 68,124 Bernie Vince (Melbourne)
  • *Capacity reduced due to redevelopment at the MCG


  • The largest crowd was 78,773 in 2006. The lowest crowd was 50,853 in 2013.
  • The most goals kicked by a Melbourne player in a single match is seven, which was achieved by Russell Robertson in 2007.
  • The most goals kicked by a Collingwood player in a single match is also seven, which was achieved by Chris Tarrant in 2002.
  • The youngest player to play in the game is Mark McGough of Collingwood who was 17 years and 353 days old (2002).
  • The oldest player to play in the game is Nathan Buckley of Collingwood who was 33 years and 321 days old (2006).
  • Four players have made their debut in a Queen's Birthday Holiday match;
  • The biggest winning margin is held by Collingwood who had an 88 point victory in 2011.
  • Three players have represented both teams in a Queen's Birthday Clash game.
    • Shane Woewodin (1999–2002 with Melbourne and 2003–2005 with Collingwood).
    • Darren Jolly (2002 with Melbourne and 2010 with Collingwood).
    • Chris Dawes (2011–12 with Collingwood and 2013–14 with Melbourne).
  • The 2010 match was the first Queen's Birthday clash to result in a draw. It was the fifth ever draw between Collingwood and Melbourne and their first since 1957.


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