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Young Pioneers of America


Young Pioneers of America

The Young Pioneers of America or Young Pioneers League of America was a

  • Reproduction of a US Young Pioneer leaflet form the Library of Congress

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  • Mishler, Paul (1999). Raising Reds; the Young Pioneers, radical summer camps and Communist political culture in the United States. New York:  


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[7] Perhaps the most successful project of the Young Pioneers were their


YPA troops would meet in local workers centers, labor lyceums and halls owned by Communist affiliated groups. Each local branch was sponsored by an adult organization such as the African American, Cuban or American Indian members) and some branch meetings were conducted in English, despite all the members being native Yiddish speakers. Nevertheless, the YPA had a strong ethnic base, largely among Eastern European Jewish Americans and Finnish Americans and in New York were most active in the Jewish neighborhoods of the Bronx and Brooklyn.[6]

[4] According to the



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