1994 African Junior Athletics Championships

1st African Junior Championships
Host city Algiers, Algeria
Date(s) 6 – 8 July
Level Under-20
Events 40

The 1994 African Junior Athletics Championships was the first edition of the biennial, continental athletics tournament for African athletes aged 19 years or younger. It was held in Algiers, Algeria, from 6–8 July. A total of forty events were contested, 21 by men and 19 by women.[1]

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres Deji Aliu (NGR) 10.61 Rudolph Louw (RSA) 10.87 Etienne Roux (RSA) 10.89
200 metres
(Wind: +3.5)
Deji Aliu (NGR) 21.34 w Jacques Sambou (SEN) 21.85 w Liod Kgopong (RSA) 21.92 w
400 metres Riaan Dempers (RSA) 46.92 Francis Obikwelu (NGR) 47.22 Adem Hecini (ALG) 47.56
800 metres Bekele Banbere (ETH) 1:48.43 Elijah Maru (KEN) 1:48.63 Mengesha Feyesa (ETH) 1:49.60
1500 metres Philip Mosima (KEN) 3:44.52 Ali Hakimi (TUN) 3:45.07 Bekele Banbere (ETH) 3:46.50
5000 metres Daniel Komen (KEN) 13:31.10 Habte Jifar (ETH) 13:53.36 Mohammed Amyn (MAR) 13:54.36
10,000 metres Habte Jifar (ETH) 30:06.35 Tekalegne Shewaye (ETH) 30:06.76 Abdellah Maaraf (MAR) 30:24.29
110 metres hurdles
(Wind: +2.2)
Amine Harchouche (ALG) 14.73 w Samir Bouabcha (ALG) 15.55 w Only two finishers
400 metres hurdles Amine Harchouche (ALG) 52.77 Jaco Jonker (RSA) 52.92 Faycal Kacemi (MAR) 53.54
3000 metres steeplechase Irba Lakhal (MAR) 8:36.08 Paul Chemase (KEN) 8:36.81 Lemma Alemayehu (ETH) 8:43.67
4×100 m relay South Africa (RSA)
Etienne Roux
Dirk Pretorius
Rudolph Louw
Riaan Dempers
41.12 Algeria (ALG)
Yacine Djellil
Fethi Jedai
Toufik Sekat
Djabir Saïd-Guerni
41.58 Namibia (NAM)
Elroy Diegaart
V. Rugen
T. Adwinga
Stephan Louw
4×400 m relay South Africa (RSA)
Liod Kgopong
Pieter van Tonder
Dirk Pretorius
Riaan Dempers
3:09.66 Nigeria (NGR)
Kunle Adejuyigbe
Wilson Ogbeide
Francis Obikwelu
Sylvester Omodiale
3:10.37 Algeria (ALG)
Adem Hecini
Amine Harchouche
Mohamed-Lami Naamane
Yacine Djellil
High jump Younès Moudrik (MAR) 2.12 m Abderrahmane Hammad (ALG) 2.09 m Hassan Darwish (EGY) 2.06 m
Pole vault Rafik Mefti (ALG) 4.50 m Mohamed Benyahia (ALG) 4.40 m Mohamed Bédioui (TUN) 4.00 m
Long jump François Coetzee (RSA) 7.54 m Nabil Adamou (ALG) 7.35 m Younès Moudrik (MAR) 7.31 m
Triple jump Nabil Adamou (ALG) 14.91 m Assama Ibrahim (EGY) 14.86 m Djamel Smichet (ALG) 14.78 m
Shot put Frantz Kruger (RSA) 14.17 m Walid Jamil Mustapha (EGY) 13.95 m Hisham El-Achmawi (EGY) 13.26 m
Discus throw Frantz Kruger (RSA) 55.86 m Hisham El-Achmawi (EGY) 44.10 m Abderrazak Yahiaoui (ALG) 43.38 m
Hammer throw Mohamed Karim Horchani (TUN) 61.84 m Bounab Zaki (ALG) 51.08 m Samir Kacimi (ALG) 48.84 m
Javelin throw Marius Corbett (RSA) 74.42 m Chemseddine Bel Hadj Amor (TUN) 59.12 m Fahem Bel Hadj Mabrouk (TUN) 57.74 m
Decathlon Donny Magnan (SEY) 6360 pts Mohamed Halima Mansour (ALG) 6222 pts Mehdi Mekki (TUN) 5975 pts


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres Philomena Mensah (GHA) 11.47 Heide Seyerling (RSA) 11.69 Mercy Nku (NGR) 11.71
200 metres Heide Seyerling (RSA) 23.59 Philomena Mensah (GHA) 23.88 Tamaryn Sawyer (RSA) 24.09
400 metres Olabisi Afolabi (NGR) 53.59 Florence Ekpo-Umoh (NGR) 54.25 Yolande Venter (RSA) 55.00
800 metres Marie-Louise Henning (RSA) 2:05.82 Kutre Dulecha (ETH) 2:07.79 Shura Hotesa (ETH) 2:07.81
1500 metres Sally Barsosio (KEN) 4:16.61 Kutre Dulecha (ETH) 4:18.13 Rose Cheruiyot (KEN) 4:22.38
3000 metres Sally Barsosio (KEN) 8:53.40 Rose Cheruiyot (KEN) 9:04.80 Birhan Dagne (ETH) 9:10.47
10,000 metres Birhan Dagne (ETH) 33:49.10 Getenesh Tamirat (ETH) 34:56.88 Fatiha Klilech (MAR) 36:11.13
100 metres hurdles Adri van der Merwe (RSA) 13.95 Nadine Fensham (RSA) 14.07 Willa van Schalkwyk (NAM) 15.12
400 metres hurdles Ronelle Ullrich (RSA) 59.92 Amina Belkrochi (MAR) 60.24 Adri van der Merwe (RSA) 60.84
4×100 m relay Nigeria (NGR)
Mercy Nku
Endurance Ojokolo
Olabisi Afolabi
Florence Ekpo-Umoh
46.15 South Africa (RSA)
Tamaryn Sawyer
Ronelle Ullrich
Nadine Fensham
Heide Seyerling
46.15 Algeria (ALG)
Baya Rahouli
Ahlam Allali
Nahida Touhami
Leila Kabouss
4×400 m relay South Africa (RSA)
Yolande Venter
Marie-Louise Henning
Ronelle Ullrich
Adri van der Merwe
3:45.25 Nigeria (NGR)
Mercy Nku
Endurance Ojokolo
Olabisi Afolabi
Florence Ekpo-Umoh
3:45.41 Morocco (MAR)
Nawel Benhamoun
Hasna Benhassi
M. Klilech
Amina Belkrochi
5000 metres walk Yakobe Amsale (ETH) 24:11.45 Nagwa Ibrahim (EGY) 24:28.03 Nadia El-Aaouni (MAR) 26:22.71
High jump Orla Venter (NAM) 1.68 m Irène Tiéndrebeogo (BUR) 1.65 m Annerie De Klerk (NAM) 1.60 m
Long jump Endurance Ojokolo (NGR) 5.56 m Baya Rahouli (ALG) 5.41 m Salimata Sylla (MLI) 5.40 m
Triple jump Baya Rahouli (ALG) 12.02 m Chantal Ouoba (BUR) 11.96 m Radia Mellal (ALG) 11.15 m
Shot put Iman Mahrous (EGY) 11.99 m Saadia Amloud (MAR) 11.99 m Malika Hammou (ALG) 11.03 m
Discus throw Saadia Amloud (MAR) 43.46 m Malika Hammou (ALG) 34.20 m Nadia Saichi (ALG) 29.80 m
Javelin throw Malika Hammou (ALG) 39.78 m Marie-Antoinette Marchal (BUR) 37.26 m Aïda Sellam (TUN) 36.28 m
Heptathlon Marie-Antoinette Marchal (BUR) 4793 pts Hamida Rahouli (ALG) 4235 pts Sana Drid (TUN) 4232 pts


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