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European Race Walking Cup

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Title: European Race Walking Cup  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Annarita Sidoti, Ivano Brugnetti, Juan Manuel Molina, Daugvinas Zujus, Uģis Brūvelis
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European Race Walking Cup

The European Race Walking Cup is a European Athletic Association. In 1996, the team scores were calculated by aggregating the points (based on position in race) awarded to the first three finishers. From 1998, team scores were calculated by aggregating the positions of the first three finishers (seniors) or two finishers (juniors).

Host cities

Edition Year Venue Nation Date
1st 1996 La Coruña  Spain 20 April 1996
2nd 1998 Dudince  Slovakia 25 April 1998
3rd 2000 Eisenhüttenstadt  Germany 17–18 June 2000
4th 2001 Dudince  Slovakia 19 May 2001
5th 2003 Cheboksary  Russia 17–18 May 2003
6th 2005 Miskolc  Hungary 21 May 2005
7th 2007 Royal Leamington Spa  United Kingdom 20 May 2007
8th 2009 Metz  France 24 May 2009
9th 2011 Olhão  Portugal 22 May 2011
10th 2013 Dudince  Slovakia 19 May 2013
11th 2015 17 May 2015

Men's results

20 kilometres

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1996  Robert Korzeniowski (POL)  Daniel Plaza (ESP)  Fernando Vázquez (ESP)
1998  Francisco Fernández (ESP)  Robert Korzeniowski (POL)  Aigars Fadejevs (LAT)
2000  Robert Korzeniowski (POL)  Andreas Erm (GER)  Francisco Fernández (ESP)
2001  Viktor Burayev (RUS)  Yevgeniy Misyulya (BLR)  Andreas Erm (GER)
2003  Francisco Fernández (ESP)  Alessandro Gandellini (ITA)  Vladimir Andreyev (RUS)
2005  Ilya Markov (RUS)  Juan Manuel Molina (ESP)  Vladimir Stankin (RUS)
2007  Yohann Diniz (FRA)  Ivano Brugnetti (ITA)  Igor Yerokhin (RUS)
2009 (ITA)  Ivano Brugnetti (ITA)  Jean-Jacques Nkouloukidi (ITA)
2011  Stanislav Yemelyanov (RUS)  Matej Tóth (SVK)  Jakub Jelonek (POL)
2013  Denis Strelkov (RUS)  Miguel Ángel López (ESP)  Matej Tóth (SVK)

50 kilometres

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1996  Jesús Ángel García (ESP)  Arturo Di Mezza (ITA)  Stanislaw Stosik (POL)
1998  Tomasz Lipiec (POL)  Jesús Ángel García (ESP)  Giovanni Perricelli (ITA)
2000  Jesús Ángel García (ESP)  Yevgeniy Shmalyuk (RUS)  Denis Langlois (FRA)
2001  Jesús Ángel García (ESP)  Nikolay Matyukhin (RUS)  Vladimir Potemin (RUS)
2003  German Skurygin (RUS)  Aleksey Voyevodin (RUS)  Semyon Lovkin (RUS)
2005  Aleksey Voyevodin (RUS)  Sergey Kirdyapkin (RUS)  Yuriy Andronov (RUS)
2007  Vladimir Kanaykin (RUS)  Trond Nymark (NOR)  Oleg Kistkin (RUS)
2009  Denis Nizhegorodov (RUS)  Jesús Ángel García (ESP)  Yuriy Andronov (RUS)
2011  Denis Nizhegorodov (RUS)  Igor Erokhin (RUS)  Marco De Luca (ITA)
2013  Yohann Diniz (FRA)  Mikhail Ryzhov (RUS)  Ivan Noskov (RUS)

Women's results

10 kilometres

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1996  Annarita Sidoti (ITA)  Rossella Giordano (ITA)  Susana Feitor (POR)
1998  Nadezhda Ryashkina (RUS)  Mária Urbanik (HUN)  Claudia Iovan (ROM)

20 kilometres

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2000  Olimpiada Ivanova (RUS)  Elisabetta Perrone (ITA)  Kjersti Plätzer (NOR)
2001  Olimpiada Ivanova (RUS)  Natalya Fedoskina (RUS)  Elisabetta Perrone (ITA)
2003  Yelena Nikolayeva (RUS)  Elisabetta Perrone (ITA)  María Vasco (ESP)
2005  Olimpiada Ivanova (RUS)  Susana Feitor (POR)  Elisa Rigaudo (ITA)
2007  Ryta Turava (BLR)  Olga Kaniskina (RUS)  Elena Ginko (BLR)
2009  María Vasco (ESP)  Anisya Kirdyapkina (RUS)  Kristina Saltanovič (LTU)
2011  Vera Sokolova (RUS)  Anisya Kirdyapkina (RUS)  Elisa Rigaudo (ITA)
2013  Anisya Kirdyapkina (RUS)  Vera Sokolova (RUS)  Marina Pandakova (RUS)


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