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Glock 22

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Title: Glock 22  
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Glock 22

Glock 22 [1]
G22 with olive drab tan frame.
Type semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin Austria
Production history
Designer Gaston Glock
Designed Late 1980s
Manufacturer Glock
Produced 1990-present
Variants 22C
Weight 650 g / 22.92 oz (unloaded)
Length 186 mm / 7.32 in
 length 114 mm / 4.49 in
Width 30.0 mm / 1.18 in
Height 138 mm / 5.43 in (with magazine)

The Glock 22 is a pistol manufactured by Glock. It is essentially a Glock 17 modified to fire .40 S&W ammunition (instead of the 9×19mm Parabellum fired by the 17). It uses a modified slide, Receiver (firearms), .40 S&W barrel and magazine but otherwise appears nearly identical to the Glock 17. The gun comes standard with 2 (3 if Gen 4) 15-round magazines; 22-round magazines (that will function in other .40-caliber Glock handguns) are also available. Also available for certain states and countries that ban magazines of over 10 rounds are 10-round magazines.

The Glock 22 has undergone three major revisions since its introduction in 1990. Currently, the model produced is the Gen 4.

The Glock 22C is a version of the Glock 22 that has a ported barrel and slide to reduce muzzle climb while shooting the pistol.


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Service usage

The Glock 22 is used by a number of law enforcement agencies worldwide:

Caliber modification

One notable feature of the Glock 22, and indeed many modern .40 S&W pistols, is the ability to change the caliber to .357 SIG with a simple barrel swap. This is possible due to the similar operating pressures of both rounds, and the fact that the .357 SIG is based on a .40 S&W case, necked down to accept .355 inch bullets. The Glock 22 can also be fitted with a converted .40 S&W - 9mm barrel and can operate as such using a Glock 9mm magazine. A .40 S&W - .22 LR conversion kit is also available for the Glock 22.


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External links

  • Glock's website (English)
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