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Herman C. Hoskier

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Title: Herman C. Hoskier  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus, Codex Koridethi, David Otis Fuller, Papyrus 1, Codex Basiliensis A. N. IV. 1, Novum Instrumentum omne, Minuscule 700, Minuscule 18, Minuscule 2060
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Herman C. Hoskier

Herman Charles Hoskier (1864–1938), was a biblical scholar, British textual critic, and son of a merchant banker, Herman Hoskier (1832–1904).[1]

Hoskier, as textual critic, supported the Byzantine text-type against the Alexandrian text-type. He compared, in Codex B and It Allies, the text of Codex Vaticanus with Codex Sinaiticus, and shown how many significant disagreements the best witnesses of the Alexandrian text have. Hoskier attempted to demonstrate that Vaticanus presents a text which has been conformed to the Coptic versions. Hoskier compared text of the Minuscule 700 with the Textus Receptus and exhibits 2724 differences.

Hoskier collated every known Greek manuscript of the Apocalypse up to 1918. It took 30 years for him. Result of this work was published in 1929 (Concerning the Text of the Apocalypse). Hoskier shows parallels between Papyrus 46 and the Ethiopic Version in the Pauline epistles.[2]


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