Jeong Inji

Jeong Inji (정인지, December 28 1396–November 26 1478) was a Korean Neo-Confucian scholar, historian, and, during the reign of King Sejong the Great, Vice-Minister of Education. He was nicknamed Hakyeokjae (학역재).

He is perhaps best known for having written the postscript of the Hunmin Jeongeum Haerye, the commentary on and explanation of the Hangul invented by King Sejong in 1443. He also contributed to the Goryeo-sa, the official history of Korea, and the Yongbi Eocheon-ga (용비어천가).

His second son, Jeong Hyun-jo, was married to Princess Uisuk, King Sejo of Joseons second daughter.


  • Hunminjeongeunyehae (훈민정음예해, 訓民正音例解)
  • Hakyukjaejip (학역재집)
  • Yukdaeyukbeop (역대역법)
  • Goryeosa (고려사)
  • Goryeosajeolyo (고려사절요)
  • Yukdaebyungyo (역대병요)
  • Hunminjeongeum (훈민정음)
  • Saryunohjip (사륜오집)
  • Jachitonggamhunui (자치통감훈의, 資治通鑑訓義)
  • Sejongsillok

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