Latrophilin receptor

Symbol Latrophilin
Pfam InterPro IPR003334
EGF, latrophilin and seven transmembrane domain containing 1
Symbol ELTD1
Alt. symbols ETL
Entrez HUGO RefSeq UniProt Locus p33-p32
latrophilin 1
Symbol LPHN1
Alt. symbols KIAA0821, CIRL1, LEC2
Entrez HUGO RefSeq UniProt Locus p13.2
latrophilin 2
Symbol LPHN2
Alt. symbols LPHH1, KIAA0786, LEC1
Entrez HUGO OMIM RefSeq UniProt Locus p31.1
latrophilin 3
Symbol LPHN3
Alt. symbols KIAA0768, LEC3
Entrez HUGO RefSeq UniProt Locus q13.1

The latrophilin receptors are a group of related G-protein coupled receptors from the class B secretin family. These receptors were originally identified based on their ability to bind alpha-latrotoxin.[1]

Human proteins containing this domain



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