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Men's 100 metres European record progression

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Title: Men's 100 metres European record progression  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Pietro Mennea, Vasilis Papageorgopoulos, 1991 World Championships in Athletics – Men's 100 metres, List of European Athletics Championships records, Athletics record progressions
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Men's 100 metres European record progression

The following table shows the European record progression in the men's 100 metres, as ratified by the European Athletic Association.[1][2]

Hand timing

Time Athlete Nationality Venue Date
10.3 Arthur Jonath Germany Bochum, Germany 5 June 1932
10.3 Chris Berger Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands 26 August 1934
10.3 Lennart Strandberg Sweden Malmö, Sweden 26 September 1936
10.3 Karl Neckermann Germany Berlin, Germany 8 July 1939
10.2 McDonald Bailey United Kingdom Belgrade, Yugoslavia 25 August 1951
10.2 Heinz Futterer Germany Yokohama, Japan 31 October 1954
10.2 Manfred Germar Germany Cologne, West Germany 31 July 1957
10.2 Livio Berruti Italy Verona, Italy 26 May 1960
10.0 Armin Hary Germany Zurich, Switzerland 21 June 1960
10.0 Roger Bambuck France Sacramento, United States 20 June 1968
10.0 Vladislav Sapeya Soviet Union Leninakan, Soviet Union 15 August 1968
10.0 Valeriy Borzov Soviet Union Kiev, Soviet Union 18 August 1969
10.0 Gert Metz West Germany Burg-Gretesch, West Germany 6 September 1970
10.0 Manfred Kokot East Germany Erfurt, East Germany 15 May 1971
10.0 Vasilios Papageorgopoulos Greece Bratislava, Czechoslovakia 3 June 1972
10.0 Pietro Mennea Italy Milan, Italy 16 June 1972
10.0 Raimo Vilén Finland Vuosaari, Finland 27 July 1972
10.0 Aleksandr Kornelyuk Soviet Union Moscow, Soviet Union 10 July 1973
10.0 Michael Droese East Germany Dresden, East Germany 11 July 1973
10.0 Hans-Jurgen Bombach East Germany Dresden, East Germany 20 July 1973
10.0 Siegfried Schenke East Germany Berlin, Germany 29 August 1973
10.0 Manfred Ommer West Germany Leverkusen, West Germany 22 July 1974

Automatic timing

Time Athlete Nationality Venue Date
10.07 Valeriy Borzov Soviet Union Munich, West Germany 31 August 1972
10.01 Pietro Mennea Italy Mexico City, Mexico 14 September 1979
10.00 Marian Woronin Poland Warsaw, Poland 9 June 1984
9.97 Linford Christie United Kingdom Seoul, South Korea 24 September 1988
9.92 Linford Christie United Kingdom Tokyo, Japan 25 August 1991
9.87 Linford Christie United Kingdom Stuttgart, Germany 15 August 1993
9.86 Francis Obikwelu Portugal Athens, Greece 22 August 2004


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