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Oceania Athletics Association


Oceania Athletics Association

The Oceania Athletics Association (OAA) is the governing body for the sport of athletics in Oceania. The OAA head office is located in Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


The OAA was founded as Oceania Amateur Athletic Organization (OAAA) on August 21, 1969, during a "Congress of the delegates of Member Countries of the Australasian Area" held in [1][2]


The current president of the association, Geoff Gardner (Norfolk Island) was firstly elected at the OAA Council held in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, in February 2007.[3] and re-elected on February 4, 2011 at the OAA Council held in Tweed Heads, New South Wales, Australia.

Name Country Presidency
Arthur Hodsdon  Australia 1969-1978
Lee Morrison  Australia 1978-1985
Clive Lee  Australia 1985-1991
Peter Anderson  Papua New Guinea 1991-1995
Viliame S Tunidau  Fiji 1995-1999
Anne Tierney 1999-2007
Geoff Gardner Norfolk Island 2007-


The OAA holds the following championships:

Moreover, the following regional championships were organized:

In 2011, a new regional concept was introduced, and the three regional championships and the Oceania Championships were unified to the Oceania Regional (or Area) Championships, or simply again Oceania Championships. Two regions "East" and "West" were classified. Athletes from the two regions may compete together at the championships, but results will be separated for rankings purposes, and medals are awarded separately.

Member associations

Nation Organisation Link
Western Region
Athletics Australia [1]
Guam Track and Field Association
Kiribati Athletics Association
Marshall Islands Athletics
Federated States of Micronesia Athletic Association
Athletics Nauru
Northern Marianas Athletics
Palau Track and Field Association [2]
Athletics Papua New Guinea
Athletic Solomons [3]
Vanuatu Athletics Federation
Eastern Region
American Samoa Track & Field Association [4]
Athletics Cook Islands Inc. [5]
Athletics Fiji [6]
Fédération d'athlétisme de Polynésie française [7]
(associate member) Ligue de la Nouvelle-Calédonie d'athlétisme [8]
Athletics New Zealand [9]
(associate member) Niue Athletics Association
Athletics Norfolk Island
Athletics Samoa
Tonga Athletic Association
Tuvalu Athletics Association

Associate member associations

A modification of Article 4.2 of the IAAF constitution set new rules limiting its membership as follows: "The national governing body for Athletics in any Country or Territory shall be eligible for Membership. Members that represented Territories on 31 December 2005 shall continue to be Members. No new Territories shall be admitted to the Membership."[4]

As a consequence the OAA made constitutional amendments[5] to its Article 2.5 introducing an associate membership to allow territories like New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, and Niue to participate officially "in OAA activities, including area and regional competitions."[6] This also applies for Tokelau where the first athletics event ever took place recently.[7]

In 2008, New Caledonia became the first Associate Member,[8][1] Niue followed in 2009.[1]


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  • OAA official website

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