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Wagner Motorcycle Company

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Title: Wagner Motorcycle Company  
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Wagner Motorcycle Company

Wagner Motorcycle Company
Founded 1901
Founders George Wagner
Headquarters St Paul, Minnesota, USA
Key people Clara Wagner (racer)
Products Motorcycles
Wagner motorcycle, 1911 model
The Wagner Motorcycle Company (1901–1914) was established in [1] It produced approximately 8,500 Wagner motorcycles and was one of the first manufacturers to position the engine low down, using a "loop frame"[2] at a time when most companies were producing high-engined Indian clones.[3]

The push rod engines ranged in size from 15 cubic inches in 1904 to 29 cubic inches by 1911, had a suction intake valve and were driven by a V-belt.[4] The vehicles had many unique features not found in other motorcycles of its time, for example, using the loop frame as part of the exhaust system.[5][6] Prices ranged from $175 to $210.[7] The highly curved frames had brazed bronze fittings and early models had front baskets fitted.[8]

Women's model

In 1909, it produced a women's "drop frame" model which brought the company to national renown in the hands of Wagner's daughter Clara, the world's first documented woman motorcyclist.[9]

End of production

By 1914, sales had decreased dramatically, so Wagner sold the company to the Motorcycle Accessories Company.[10]


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