1990 In Chess

Events in chess in 1990;

Top players

FIDE top 10 by Elo rating - January 1990

  1. Garry Kasparov  Soviet Union 2800
  2. Anatoly Karpov  Soviet Union 2730
  3. Jan Timman  Netherlands 2680
  4. Vassily Ivanchuk  Ukraine 2665
  5. Mikhail Gurevich  Soviet Union 2645
  6. Valery Salov  Soviet Union 2645
  7. Alexander Beliavsky  Soviet Union 2640
  8. Nigel Short  England 2635
  9. Ulf Andersson  Sweden 2630
  10. Viktor Korchnoi   Switzerland 2625

Chess news in brief


  • Magnus Carlsen, Norwegian player, world top five Grandmaster while still a junior - November 30
  • Sergey Karjakin, Ukrainian player, youngest Grandmaster ever and a World Youth Champion - January 12
  • Ian Nepomniachtchi, Russian Grandmaster, World Youth Champion at U-14 - July 14
  • Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, French Grandmaster and national champion - October 21
  • Dmitry Andreikin, Russian Grandmaster and former World Junior Champion - February 5
  • Yuriy Kuzubov, Ukrainian Grandmaster, one of the world's youngest to gain the title - January 26
  • Anna Muzychuk, IM from Ukraine then Slovenia, World Youth Champion for Girls U-16 - February 28
  • Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son, Vietnamese player, World Youth Champion at U-10 - February 23
  • David Howell, England's youngest ever Grandmaster - November 14
  • Wang Puchen, New Zealand International Master - January 20
  • Anya Corke, Hong Kong WGM, winner of three (Open section) British Junior titles - September 12


  • Alexander Konstantinopolsky, Ukrainian honorary Grandmaster, Correspondence player and trainer - September 21
  • Eero Book, Finnish player, honorary Grandmaster and six-time national champion - January 7
  • Guillermo Garcia-Gonzalez, Cuban Grandmaster, three-time national champion - October 26
  • Ernest Klein, former British champion and author - ?
  • Emil Josef Diemer - German player and openings theorist - October 10
  • Geza Fuster, Hungarian-Canadian International Master - ?
  • Ernest Pogosyants, Ukrainian chess problemist and endgame study specialist - August 16
  • Baldur Honlinger, prominent Austrian player of the 1920s-1950s - March 12
  • Heinrich Reinhardt, German-Austrian player - June 14


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