2000 South American Youth Championships in Athletics

XV South American Youth Championships in Athletics
Host city Bogotá, Colombia
Date(s) November 4-5
Main stadium Estadio El Salitre
Level Youth
Participation about 228 athletes from
12 nations
Events 42

The 15th South American Youth Championships in Athletics were held at the Estadio El Salitre[1] in Bogotá, Colombia from November 4-5, 2000. For the first time, the competition was open for athletes from the age group under 18 (U18) rather than under 17 (U17) as before.

Medal summary

Medal winners are published for boys[2] and girls.[3] Complete results can be found on the "World Junior Athletics History" website.[4]

All results are marked as "affected by altitude" (A), because Bogotá is located at 2,625 metres above sea level.


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres (wind: -1.0 m/s) Bruno Pacheco (BRA) 10.88A Luís Ambrósio (BRA) 10.93A Diego Valdés (CHI) 10.96A
200 metres (wind: -2.7 m/s) Angelo Edmund (PAN) 21.45A Bruno Pacheco (BRA) 21.89A Klaydson de Souza (BRA) 22.00A
400 metres Luis Luna (VEN) 47.65A Angelo Edmund (PAN) 47.75A Klaydson de Souza (BRA) 48.30A
800 metres Olwyn Granados (VEN) 1:55.31A Elio Arenas (ARG) 1:56.64A Cristián Matute (ECU) 1:57.74A
1500 metres Clayton Aguiar (BRA) 4:06.15A Wendell da Conceição (BRA) 4:07.81A Edison Pico (COL) 4:08.78A
3000 metres Giovanny Amador (COL) 9:07.23A Wendell da Conceição (BRA) 9:09.05A Darwin Tayupo (VEN) 9:13.27A
2000 metres steeplechase Fernando Fernandes (BRA) 6:19.46A Juarez de Souza (BRA) 6:32.62A Cristián Patiño (ECU) 6:40.92A
110 metres hurdles (wind: -0.8 m/s) Thiago Dias (BRA) 13.79A Sebastián Bustos (ARG) 14.18A Nerluis Pereira (VEN) 14.20A
400 metres hurdles José Ferrín (ECU) 53.46A Tiago Bueno (BRA) 54.17A Joelson da Silva (BRA) 54.44A
High Jump Fábio Baptista (BRA) 2.07A Renan dos Santos (BRA) 2.07A Gerardo Canale (ARG) 2.04A
Pole Vault José Francisco Nava (CHI) 5.00A Fábio da Silva (BRA) 4.95A Rodrigo Constantino (BRA) 4.55A
Long Jump Marcos Trivelato (BRA) 7.51A Thiago Dias (BRA) 7.46A Helmut Ospina (COL) 7.14A
Triple Jump Leonardo dos Santos (BRA) 14.85A Fernando dos Santos (BRA) 14.73A Jorge Cardona (COL) 14.36A
Shot Put Germán Lauro (ARG) 17.77A Clayton Santos (BRA) 17.36A Gustavo de Mendonça (BRA) 17.20A
Discus Throw Germán Lauro (ARG) 53.99A Gustavo de Mendonça (BRA) 51.43A Paolo Mangili (CHI) 50.14A
Hammer Throw Fabián Di Paolo (ARG) 74.24A Roberto Sáez (CHI) 71.62A Marcos Leiva (ARG) 61.89A
Javelin Throw Júlio César de Oliveira (BRA) 66.10A Dairon Márquez (COL) 62.44A Nicolás Infante (CHI) 61.28A
Octathlon Federico Staudt (BRA) 5506A Roberto Morgon (BRA) 5482A Fernando Martín (ARG) 5158A
10000 metres Track Walk Andrés Chocho (ECU) 47:52.68A Rafael dos Anjos Duarte (BRA) 49:22.18A Pablo Pinzón (COL) 49:43.26A
4 x 100 metres relay Brazil
Luiz da Silva
André Oliveira
Luís Ambrósio
Bruno Pacheco
40.77A Chile
Cristián Riesco
Nicolás Sepúlveda
Pablo Colville
Diego Valdés
41.73A Colombia
Uriel Linero
John Valoyes
Geiler Rovira
Jackson Moreno
1000 metres Medley relay Brazil
Luís Ambrósio
Luiz da Silva
Bruno Pacheco
Klaydson de Souza
1:53.67A Venezuela
Luis Luna
Olwin Granados
Nerluis Pereira
Orlando Acosta
1:55.07A Colombia
Uriel Linero
Geiler Rovira
John Valoyes
Jackson Moreno


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres (wind: +0.2 m/s) Thatiana Ignácio (BRA) 11.55A Wilmary Álvarez (VEN) 11.74A Luciana Lazet (ARG) 11.82A
200 metres (wind: -3.3 m/s) Luciana Lazet (ARG) 24.00A Wilmary Álvarez (VEN) 24.18A Liliana Tantucci (ARG) 24.33A
400 metres Yusmelys García (VEN) 53.94A Amanda Dias (BRA) 54.36A Joyce Prieto (BRA) 55.94A
800 metres Juliana de Azevedo (BRA) 2:13.87A Jenny Mejías (VEN) 2:15.94A Gabriela Chalá (ECU) 2:17.05A
1500 metres Silvia Paredes (ECU) 4:50.84A Jennifer Garzón (COL) 4:54.16A Diana Alzate (COL) 5:05.07A
3000 metres Silvia Paredes (ECU) 10:37.37A Inés Melchor (PER) 10:40.67A Luisa Jiménez (COL) 10:51.25A
2000 metres steeplechase Patrícia Lobo (BRA) 7:47.32A Luisa Jiménez (COL) 8:03.72A Lina María Arias (COL) 8:15.23A
100 metres hurdles (wind: +0.1 m/s) Sandrine Legenort (VEN) 14.01A Soledad Donzino (ARG) 14.17A Evelyn de Santana (BRA) 14.61A
400 metres hurdles Yusmelys García (VEN) 61.63A Evelyn de Santana (BRA) 63.34A Martina Valoyes (COL) 64.53A
High Jump Jhoris Luque (VEN) 1.74A Jailma de Lima (BRA) 1.74A Paula Bastías (ARG) 1.72A
Pole Vault Alejandra Llorente (ARG) 3.60A Rosângela da Silva (BRA) 3.55A Michaela Heitkotter (BRA) 3.55A
Long Jump Keila Costa (BRA) 6.05A Macarena Reyes (CHI) 5.66A Cinthia de Lima (BRA) 5.66A
Triple Jump Keila Costa (BRA) 13.04A Ivonne Patarroyo (COL) 12.17A Cinthia de Lima (BRA) 12.07A
Shot Put Paola Cheppi (ARG) 13.77A Arelis Quiñones (COL) 13.37A Juliana Olier (COL) 13.14A
Discus Throw Arelis Quiñones (COL) 42.27A Jennifer Dahlgren (ARG) 39.55A Brigitte Flores (PER) 37.85A
Hammer Throw Jennifer Dahlgren (ARG) 56.68A Laura Perovich (ARG) 45.50A Stefanía Zoryez (URU) 44.02A
Javelin Throw Edna Rodrigues (BRA) 45.07A Adriana Torres (COL) 43.77A Catalina Toro (CHI) 42.67A
Heptathlon Soledad Donzino (ARG) 4573A Patricia Cavanna (ARG) 4495A Virna Salazar (ECU) 4392A
5000 metres Track Walk Ariana Quino (BOL) 26:06.23A Carla Litardo (ECU) 26:47.11A Gina Meneses (COL) 26:54.90A
4 x 100 metres relay Venezuela
Myleidi López
Jenny Mejías
Sandrine Legenort
Yusmelys García
45.99A Brazil
Mônica de Freitas
Joice Vignoli
Evelyn dos Santos
Thatiana Ignâcio
46.15A Argentina
Soledad Donzino
Paula Bastias
Liliana Tantucci
Luciana Lazet
1000 metres Medley relay Brazil
Joyce Prieto
Evelyn dos Santos
Thatiana Ignâcio
Amanda Dias
2:12.21A Venezuela
Yusmelys García
Myleidi López
Wilmary Álvarez
Sandrine Legenort
2:14.05A Argentina
Jorgelina Litterini
Soledad Donzino
Liliana Tantucci
Luciana Lazet

Medal table (unofficial)

  The host country is highlighted in lavender blue
Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Brazil 18 19 10 47
2 Argentina 8 6 8 22
3 Venezuela 7 5 2 14
4 Ecuador 4 1 4 9
5 Colombia 2 6 12 20
6 Chile 1 3 4 8
7 Panamá 1 1 0 2
8 Bolivia 1 0 0 1
9 Perú 0 1 1 2
10 Uruguay 0 0 1 1

Participation (unofficial)

Detailed result lists can be found on the "World Junior Athletics History" website.[4] An unofficial count yields the number of about 228

athletes from about 12 countries:


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  • World Junior Athletics History
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