2001 African Junior Athletics Championships

5th African Junior Championships
Host city Réduit, Mauritius
Date(s) 9 – 12 July
Level Under-20
Events 41

The 2001 African Junior Athletics Championships was the fifth edition of the biennial, continental athletics tournament for African athletes aged 19 years or younger. It was held in Réduit, Mauritius, from 9–12 July. A total of 41 events were contested, 21 by men and 20 by women.[1]

Medal summary


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres Henrico Louis (MRI) 10.79 Gareth Roelf (RSA) 10.97 Djibril Diatta (SEN) 11.08
200 metres Ommanandsingh Kowlessur (MRI) 21.66 Lewis Banda (ZIM) 21.92 Mandla Nkosi (RSA) 22.15
400 metres Mandla Nkosi (RSA) 47.13 Lewis Banda (ZIM) 47.35 Jacob Ramokoka (RSA) 48.06
800 metres Cornelius Chirchir (KEN) 1:49.02 Amine Laâlou (MAR) 1:49.94 Philemon Tanui (KEN) 1:49.99
1500 metres Cornelius Chirchir (KEN) 3:41.16 Philemon Tanui (KEN) 3:42.72 Habtai Kifletsion (ERI) 3:42.82
5000 metres Boniface Toroitich Kiprop (UGA) 13:48.6 Solomon Bushendich (KEN) 13:49.9 Henry Kipchirchir (KEN) 14:01.0
10,000 metres Solomon Bushendich (KEN) 28:40.36 Boniface Toroitich Kiprop (UGA) 28:45.76 Ali Abdalla (ERI) 29:27.10
110 metres hurdles
(Wind: +2.6 m/s)
Janko Kotze (RSA) 14.38 w Chafik Kalila (MAR) 15.22 w Hamdi Dhouibi (TUN) 15.37 w
400 metres hurdles Ter de Villiers (RSA) 50.76 Rachid Malki (MAR) 52.37 Chafik Kalila (MAR) 53.64
3000 metres steeplechase Ezekiel Kemboi (KEN) 8:39.80 Michael Kipyego (KEN) 8:41.26 Abdelatif Chemlal (MAR) 8:55.76
4×100 m relay Mauritius (MRI)
Mervin Buckland
Henrico Louis
Ommanandsingh Kowlessur
Jonathan Chimier
41.50 Seychelles (SEY)
Tony Hoareau
Flore Evans
Eddy Lozaique
Marvis Confait
43.20 Morocco (MAR)
Rachid Malki
Chafik Kalila
Ouadih Naciri
Hicham Chliyeh
4×400 m relay South Africa (RSA)
Jacob Ramokoka
Ter de Villiers
Johan Cronje
Mandla Nkosi
3:14.14 Morocco (MAR)
Rachid Malki
Chafik Kalila
Abdellatif El-Ghazaoui
Amine Laâlou
3:17.67 Mauritius (MRI)
Pascal Fleur
Henrico Louis
David Mortimerdo
Ommanandsingh Kowlessur
10,000 metres walk Abderrahmane Rahma (ALG) 47:29.9 Ismail Bendoumia (ALG) 47:50.7 Mahmoud Mohamed (EGY) 48:21.2
High jump Idrissa Ndoye (SEN) 2.10 m Adel Abou Maati (EGY) 2.10 m Kousse Kone (MLI) 2.04 m
Pole vault Hamdi Dhouibi (TUN) 4.60 m Mohamed Karbib (MAR) 4.05 m David Thomassoo (MRI) 3.90 m
Long jump Jonathan Chimier (MRI) 7.48 m Abdou Lam (SEN) 7.31 m Hamdi Dhouibi (TUN) 7.18 m
Triple jump Abdou Lam (SEN) 15.11 m Ndiss Kaba Badji (SEN) 15.09 m Idir Fellah (ALG) 15.02 m
Shot put Yasser Ibrahim Farag (EGY) 15.44 m Selwyn Beauchamp (SEY) 13.76 m Nabil Kirame (MAR) 13.65 m
Discus throw Ihab Ahmed (EGY) 50.07 m Omar El-Ghazaly (EGY) 49.79 m Nabil Kirame (MAR) 44.57 m
Hammer throw Nicolas Li Yung Fong (MRI) 59.44 m Mohsen Anany (EGY) 57.11 m Ahmed Ben Ahmed (TUN) 55.27 m
Javelin throw Willie Human (RSA) 77.45 m James Oyewoh (NGR) 69.53 m Sadek Al-Mohsen (EGY) 64.36 m


Event Gold Silver Bronze
100 metres Ibifuro Tobin-West (NGR) 11.86 Amal Tayssir (MAR) 12.17 Geraldine Elysee (MRI) 12.39
200 metres Kate Obilor (NGR) 24.22 Hajarat Yusuf (NGR) 24.61 Pulane Sekonyana (LES) 25.38
400 metres Gloria Nwosu (NGR) 54.10 Hajarat Yusuf (NGR) 55.09 Houria El-Mohandis (MAR) 58.68
800 metres Alice Nwosu (NGR) 2:04.70 Janeth Jepkosgei (KEN) 2:06.21 Mary Bacia (UGA) 2:08.51
1500 metres Zanelle Grobler (RSA) 4:23.33 Berhane Herpassa (ETH) 4:23.35 Eliane Saholinirina (MAD) 4:24.76
5000 metres Vivian Cheruiyot (KEN) 16:19.54 Caroline Chepkwony (KEN) 16:23.77 Simret Sultan (ERI) 16:58.23
10,000 metres Caroline Chepkwony (KEN) 35:04.96 Christiana Augustine (NGR) 37:22.90 Séraphine Murékatété (RWA) 38:06.19
400 metres hurdles Kate Obilor (NGR) 60.14 Houria El-Mohandis (MAR) 63.66 Only two competitors
4×100 m relay Mauritius (MRI)
Sharonne Cerveaux
Josiane Perrine
Sandrine Duval
Geraldine Elysee
49.15 Only one team finished
4×400 m relay Nigeria (NGR)
Hajarat Yusuf
Gloria Nwosu
Kate Obilor
Alice Nwosu
3:50.53 Mauritius (MRI)
Sandrine Duval
Sylvia Bosquet
Mary Jane Flore
Geraldine Elysee
4:04.75 Morocco (MAR)
Hanane Ouhaddou
Amal Tayssir
Malika Asahssah
Houria El-Mohandis
5000 metres walk Nicolene Cronje (RSA) 24:48.89 Leeann Watts (RSA) 25:28.60 Souad Kifani (ALG) 26:04.61
High jump Marizca Gertenbach (RSA) 1.77 m Gloria Nwosu (NGR) 1.68 m Arielle Brette (MRI) 1.55 m
Pole vault Maha Mohamed (EGY) 3.35 m Amina Chahreddine (ALG)
Nancy Cheekoussen (MRI)
2.90 m Not awarded
Long jump Ibifuro Tobin-West (NGR) 5.93 m Sarah Bouaoudia (ALG) 5.77 m Natacha Bibi (SEY) 5.34 m
Triple jump Mahaliana Ramanitra (MAD) 12.07 m Josiane Perrine (MRI) 11.45 m Only two athletes had a valid jump
Shot put Helda Marie (SEY) 13.58 m Amal Salem (EGY) 13.08 m Hiba Saad (EGY) 12.94 m
Discus throw Amina Moudden (MAR) 45.55 m Nourine Ahmed (EGY) 42.36 m Chichi Edeh (NGR) 42.34 m
Hammer throw Rawd Hussein (EGY) 48.79 m Joanna Bhoyroo (MRI) 42.31 m Karima Mouhoubi (ALG) 41.31 m
Javelin throw Hana'a Omar (EGY) 45.30 m Patricia Léopold (MRI) 37.16 m Joanna Bhoyroo (MRI) 17.22 m
Heptathlon Gloria Nwosu (NGR) 5111 pts Imène Chatbri (TUN) 4834 pts Soraya Mehdioui (ALG) 4438 pts


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