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2010 In Aviation

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Title: 2010 In Aviation  
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2010 In Aviation

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This is a list of aviation-related events from 2010:



2 January
  • In Slovakia, a package containing the explosive RDX was placed in the luggage of a passenger at Poprad-Tatry Airport by Serbian police as part of a training exercise. Due to an error, the package was not recovered and the luggage was loaded onto a Danube Wings flight to Dublin. The error was not realised until the plane had departed. The Garda Síochána were not informed until 5 January, causing a bomb alert in Dublin. The innocent passenger was arrested but later released when the Slovak Government admitted he was blameless.
3 January
  • Air Berlin Flight 2450, operated by Boeing 737–800 D-ABKF overran the end of the runway after an aborted take-off at high speed due to an airspeed discrepancy on the two pilots' instruments. The incident happened at Dortmund Airport. There were no injuries among the 171 people on board.[3]
10 January
  • United Airlines Flight 634, operated by Airbus A319-131 N816UA made an emergency landing at Newark Liberty International Airport when the right main landing gear failed to deploy. The aircraft sustained some damage when the right engine contacted the runway. The 53 passengers and crew evacuated the aircraft via the emergency chutes without injury.[4] Initial fears that the wing had been damaged in the accident later proved groundless, with damage being confined to the engine and nacelle.[5]
13 January
15 January
16 January
19 January
21 January
24 January
25 January
26 January
31 January


4 February
11 February
15 February
18 February
  • After setting fire to his house and leaving behind a suicide note expressing displeasure with government and taxation, Andrew Joseph Stack III crashes his Piper Dakota into an office building housing an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) field office in Austin, Texas, killing himself and an IRS manager and injuring 13 others, two of them seriously.


1 March
18 March
22 March
25 March
31 March


10 April
12 April
13 April
  • Unable to adjust their thrust settings due to an engine malfunction, the flight crew of Cathay Pacific Flight 780, an Airbus A330-342 with 322 people on board, is forced to land at Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong, China, at 230 knots (265 mph; 426 km/h), 95 knots (109 mph; 176 km/h) higher than normal landing speed. The aircraft makes a successful landing, but 57 passengers are injured during the subsequent emergency evacuation.
15 April
21 April


12 May
15 May
17 May
22 May
26 May
28 May
  • The first Solar Impulse aircraft, HB-SIA, the first solar-powered aircraft capable of flying both day and night thanks to batteries charged by solar power that provide it with power during darkness, makes its first flight powered entirely by solar energy, charging its batteries in flight. The flight takes place at Payerne Airport outside Payerne, Switzerland.[23]


6 June

A wheel-well stowaway inside a Boeing 747 survives a flight from Vienna to London.[24]

16 June

Trans States Airlines Flight 8050, operated by Embraer ERJ-145 N847HK overran the runway at Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport and was substantially damaged when the nose gear collapsed.[25]

19 June

Berlin Air Services Douglas DC-3 D-CXXX crashed shortly after take-off from Berlin Schönefeld Airport on a local sightseeing flight. Eight people were injured and the aircraft was substantially damaged.

21 June

Aero Service CASA C-212 Aviocar TN-AFD crashed in the Republic of the Congo killing all eleven people on board, including Australian mining magnate Ken Talbot


8 July

The first Solar Impulse aircraft, HB-SIA, the first solar-powered aircraft capable of both day and night flight thanks to its batteries charged by solar power, makes its first overnight flight, taking off from Payerne Airport outside Payerne, Switzerland, and returning after 26 hours 10 minutes 19 seconds in the air, the first overnight flight by a solar-powered aircraft and the longest flight in history up to this time by a manned solar-powered aircraft. The flight also sets a record for the highest altitude ever attained by a manned solar-powered aircraft, reaching 8,744 meters (28,687 feet) above ground and 9,235 meters (30,298 feet) in absolute altitude.[26][27]

18 July

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner makes its first international appearance at the Farnborough Airshow, UK.[28]

26 July

An Israeli Air Force (IAF) Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopter crashes during a joint Israeli-Romanian aviation exercise in the Carpathian Mountains in northern Romania, killing six IAF officers and one Romanian Air Force officer.[29][30]

27 July

Lufthansa Cargo McDonnell Douglas MD-11 D-ALCQ crashes at King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

28 July

Airblue Flight 202, operated with an Airbus A321, crashes in the Margalla Hills near Islamabad. Boeing C-17 Globemaster III 00-0173 of the United States Air Force crashed near Elmendorf Air Force Base killing all four people on board.


1 August
Wreckage of N7099R
2 August
  • Todd Reichert of the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies pilots a human-powered ornithopter, Snowbird, in Ontario, sustaining 19.3 seconds of flight, covering a distance of 145 metres (475 ft). The 42.6 kg (92.59 lb) craft has 32-metre- (105-foot-) span flapping wings.[32]
3 August
10 August
13 August
16 August
24 August
25 August
28 August


3 September
4 September
  • A Fletcher FU24 crashed on take-off from the Fox Glacier, killing all nine people on board. This was the worst aircraft accident in New Zealand for 21 years, and at the time the 7th worst in New Zealand.
5 September

A De Havilland Tiger Moth biplane crashes into spectators at an air show at the Lauf-Lillinghof airfield near Nuremberg, Germany. One woman is killed and 38 people are injured, five of them seriously.[36][37]

7 September
13 September
15 September
24 September
25 September
  • PIA Flight 782, carrying 273 people bound from Toronto for Karachi, landed at Stockholm's Arlanda Airport on September 2010 because of a "hoax" bomb threat on board. After evacuating the passengers from the plane, a thorough check was made to find any explosives, if present, on the aircraft. Police operation leader Stephan Radman said later that no explosives were found on board.[43]
30 September
  • After Pakistani troops at a border post along the border with attack helicopters flying a combat mission over Afghan territory against Afghan insurgents near the border, the helicopters mistake them for insurgents and return fire, killing three Pakistanis.[44]



12 October
28 October
29 October
  • A terrorist plot to send bombs by air freight from Yemen to the United States via the United Kingdom is uncovered.


4 November
5 November
10 November
28 November
  • Sun Way Flight 4412, operated by Ilyushin Il-76 4L-GNI on a cargo flight crashed in a populated area of Karachi, Pakistan, shortly after taking off from Jinnah International Airport. All eight people on board were killed, as were a further two people on the ground. The aircraft was reported to have been trying to return to Jinnah after suffering an engine fire.[47]


3 December
15 December
28 December

First flights

  • 29 January, first flight of the Sukhoi T-50 in Russia.


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