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Title: Beri'ah  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Four Worlds, Seder hishtalshelus, Lurianic Kabbalah, Atziluth, Kabbalah
Collection: Four Worlds, Hebrew Words and Phrases, Kabbalistic Words and Phrases
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia


General Worlds
in Kabbalah
  1. Atziluth
  2. Beri'ah
  3. Yetzirah
  4. Assiah

Beri'ah (Hebrew: בריאה or[1] בריה), Briyah, or Briah (also known as Olam Briah, עולם בריאה in Hebrew, literally "the World of Creation"), is the second of the four celestial worlds in the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah, intermediate between the World of Emanation (Atziluth) and the World of Formation (Yetzirah), the third world, that of the angels. It is known as the World of Creation, or Korsia (from Heb. כּוּרסָה - "seat, chair", the Throne).

Beri'ah is the first of the four worlds to be created ex nihilo, since Atzilut was emanated rather than created. Thus, although there exist beings that dwell in Atzilut, those beings are overwhelmed by the Divine Light and are unaware of their own existence; in Beri'ah however, the angels are dimly aware of their own existence as distinct from God's.[2]

Beri'ah is the abode of the permanent archangels, as opposed to the non-permanent angels which dwell in Yetzirah.


  • The first of the two letter hei's ה in the Tetragrammaton
  • The sefirah of Binah and hence the partzuf of Ima
  • The element of Water.
  • The soul-level of neshamah
  • The soul-garment of thought
  • The heart (Patach Eliyahu)
  • In the allegory of the teacher and the student, the second stage where the teacher prepares the concept in his mind, splitting it into manageable parts and linking them together; the first conceptual expansion
  • The recital of the Shema in Shacharit
  • In western occultism, each of the Sephirot in this world is associated with a Holy Archangel, and it is associated with the Suit of Cups in the Tarot. The Biblical Archangels dwell in the realm of Beri'ah.
  • The fixed zodiac sign of water: Scorpio (astrology).


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    • In Paul Foster Case's "An Introduction To The Tarot" this world has a water element as it's correspondence to better fit the Suit Of Cups.
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