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Bibliography of Montana history

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Title: Bibliography of Montana history  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: History of Montana, Bibliography of Wyoming history, Bibliography of North Dakota history, Crime in Montana, Little Rocky Mountains
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Bibliography of Montana history

Montana Territory, 1879

The following works deal with the cultural, political, economic, military, biographical and geologic history of pre-territorial Montana, Montana Territory and the State of Montana.

General works in Montana history



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  • "Montana The Magazine of Western History". Montana The Magazine of Western History (Helena, MT: Montana Historical Society). , published 1951-present.

Agriculture, ranching, and rural life

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Memoirs and autobiography

Business, economics, and industry

Historic expeditions

  • Engelmann, George; Forwood, William Henry; Gray, Asa; Gregory, James F.; Sheridan, Philip Henry (1882). Report of an exploration of parts of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana in August and September, 1882 /made by Lieut. Gen. P. H. Sheridan, commanding the Military division of the Missouri, with the itinerary of Col. Jas. F. Gregory, and a geological and botanical report by W. H. Forwood. Washington D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office. 
  • Work, John (1923). Lewis, William S.,Paul C. Phillips, ed. The Journal Of John Work, A Chief Trader Of The Hudson's Bay Co., During His Expedition From Vancouver To The Flatheads And Blackfeet Of The Pacific Northwest. Cleveland: The Arthur H. Clark Company. 

Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806)

Cook, Folsom, Peterson Expedition (1869)

  • Cook, Charles W.; Folsom, Dave E.; Peterson, William (1965). Haines, Aubrey L., ed. The Valley of the Upper Yellowstone-An Exploration of the Headwaters of the Yellowstone River in the Year 1869. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press. 

Washburn, Langford, Doane Expedition (1870)

Hayden Geological Survey (1871)

Labor and working class


  • Bigart, Robert. Getting Good Crops: Economic and Diplomatic Survival Strategies of the Montana Bitterroot Salish Indians, 1870-1891 (Civilization of the American Indian Series, Vol. 266) (2010)
  • Bryan, William L. Montana's Indians: Yesterday and Today (Montana Geographic Series) (1995) excerpt and text search
  • Hoebel, E. Adamson. The Cheyennes: Indians of the Great Plains (1978)
  • Lopach, James J. et al. Tribal Government Today: Politics on Montana Indian Reservations (2nd ed. 1998)
  • Lowie, Robert H. The Crow Indians (U. of Nebraska Press, 1983)

Military histories

Primary sources

Local and regional histories

Law and order

Ghost towns

Primary sources

Political histories


  • Adams, Ramon F.; Home E. Britzman, (1948). Charles M. Russell: The Cowboy Artist - A Biography. Pasadena, California: Trail's End Publishing. 
  • Egan, Ken. Hope And Dread In Montana Literature (Western Literature Series) (2003)
  • Harrison, Brady. All Our Stories Are Here: Critical Perspectives on Montana Literature (2009) excerpt and text search; 12 essays by scholars
  • Newby, Rick, and Suzanne Hunger, eds. Writing Montana: literature under the big sky (1996) 27 essays; excerpt and text search
  • Patterson, Caroline, ed. Montana Women Writers: A Geography of the Heart (2006)
  • WPA. An Ornery Bunch: Tales and Anecdotes Collected by the WPA Montana Writer's Project 1935-1942 ed. by Megan Hiller, Rick Newby, and Elaine Peterson (1999)

Social history



Original sources

  • "Montana Primary Sources From the National Archives Rocky Mountain Region". National Archives. Retrieved 2011-01-23. 

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