California State Legislature, 2003–04 session

2003–2004 session of the
California State Legislature

Duration: December 2, 2002 – November 30, 2004

President of the Senate: Cruz Bustamante (D)
President pro tempore: John L. Burton (D3rd)
Minority Leader: Jim Brulte (R31st)
Dec. 2, 2002–May 10, 2004
Dick Ackerman (R33rd)
May 20, 2004–Nov. 30, 2004
Speaker: Herb Wesson (D47th)
Dec. 2, 2002–Feb. 9, 2004
Fabian Núñez (D46th)
Feb. 9, 2004–Nov. 30, 2004
Minority Leader: Dave Cox (R5th)
Dec. 2, 2002–Jan. 5, 2004
Kevin McCarthy (R32nd)
Jan. 5, 2004–Nov. 30, 2004

Members: 40 senators
80 assemblymembers
Senate Majority: Democratic
Assembly Majority: Democratic
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The 2003–2004 Session.

Dates of sessions

Major events

Major legislation

Contents: EnactedPending or failedVetoed


  • California Shine the Light Law (S.B. 27), a landmark privacy law governing customers' rights in a business's disclosure of personal information to third parties.

Pending or failed




The party affiliation and district numbers of Senators are listed after their names in this list.

President Pro Tem: John L. Burton (D-3)
Majority Leader: Don Perata (D-9)
Minority Leader: Jim Brulte (R-31) to May 10, 2004; Dick Ackerman (R-33) from May 10, 2004

District Name Party Seat Up
1st Rico Oller Rep 2004
2nd Wesley Chesbro Dem 2006
3rd John Burton Dem 2004
4th Sam Aanestad Rep 2006
5th Michael Machado Dem 2004
6th Deborah Ortiz Dem 2006
7th Tom Torlakson Dem 2004
8th Jackie Speier Dem 2006
9th Don Perata Dem 2004
10th Liz Figueroa Dem 2006
11th Byron Sher Dem 2004
12th Jeff Denham Rep 2006
13th John Vasconcellos Dem 2004
14th Charles Poochigian Rep 2006
15th Bruce McPherson Rep 2004
16th Dean Florez Dem 2006
17th William "Pete" Knight Rep 2004
18th Roy Ashburn Rep 2006
19th Tom McClintock Rep 2004
20th Richard Alarcón Dem 2006
21st Jack Scott Dem 2004
22nd Gilbert Cedillo Dem 2006
23rd Sheila Kuehl Dem 2004
24th Gloria Romero Dem 2006
25th Edward Vincent Dem 2004
26th Kevin Murray Dem 2006
27th Betty Karnette Dem 2004
28th Debra Bowen Dem 2006
29th Bob Margett Rep 2004
30th Martha Escutia Dem 2006
31st Jim Brulte Rep 2004
32nd Nell Soto Dem 2006
33rd Dick Ackerman Rep 2004
34th Joe Dunn Dem 2006
35th Ross Johnson Rep 2004
36th Dennis Hollingsworth Rep 2006
37th Jim Battin Rep 2004
38th Bill Morrow Rep 2006
39th Dede Alpert Dem 2004
40th Denise Moreno Ducheny Dem 2006



Analysis of Bills

Full list of members, 2003-2004

The party affiliation and district numbers of Assembly members are listed after their names in this list.

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