Cavendish invitational

The Cavendish Invitational is the largest money Cavendish Invitational website, has more information and live video and scores during the event.

History and format

The Cavendish Club, whose name is associated with the event, was founded in 1925 in New York City. Its membership featured some of the most famous names in bridge, including Ely Culbertson, Charles Goren, Oswald Jacoby, Howard Schenken, Sam Stayman, Zia Mahmood, Bobby Levin and Steve Weinstein. It moved a few times from the Mayfair House to the Ambassador Hotel, thence to the Ritz Tower Hotel and the Carlton House.

In 1975 the Club began hosting the prestigious Cavendish Invitational Pairs but in 1991 the New York club was forced to close its doors due to rent increases and flagging membership. The tournament continued to be held in New York City until 1997 when World Bridge Productions took over the Invitational Pairs tournament and moved operations to Las Vegas, an action which greatly increased the visibility and purse size for the event.

The WBP added an Open Pairs event to broaden the field for more players. The Invitational Pairs is an auctioned event where the top pairs are acquired by the highest bidder at a black tie cocktail party a day before the event starts. The auction pool for the Pairs event has recently been running around a million dollars and has been as high as 1.5 million. Each pair must purchase a minimum 10% share in itself and may exercise its right to own as much as 40% of itself or more if permitted by the winner of the bid. At the conclusion of the tournament 95% of the auction pool is distributed in a scaled payout to the bid winners. Each pair plays three boards against all the other pairs with a time limit of 25 minutes per round. Up to 45 rounds are played to decide the winner. The tournament begins on a Friday and traditionally ends on Mother's Day.

Invitational Pairs

The Invitational Pairs or "the Cavendish" is the main event of the annual tournament. Steve Weinstein is the winner seven times, Bobby Levin five, Fred Stewart and Kit Woolsey three times each.

At least three women have finished second —Jacqui Mitchell 1979 and Judy Radin–Kathie Wei 1981.

Year   Winners 2nd place 3rd place Source
1975 James Jacoby, Jeff Westheimer Alberto Calvo, Jeff Hand Matt Granovetter, Ron Rubin [1]
1976 Alan Sontag, Peter Weichsel Jimmy Cayne, Billy Eisenberg Paul Trent, Sandy Trent [2]
1977 Alan Sontag, Peter Weichsel Ronald Blau, Marty Ginsberg Omar Sharif, Leon Yallouze [3]
1978 Roy Fox, Paul Swanson Michael Rosenberg, Barnet Shenkin Alan Sontag, Peter Weichsel [4]
1979 Ed Manfield, Kit Woolsey Jacqui Mitchell, John Roberts   Juan Manuel Nuñez, Jaime Roitman   [5]
1980 Roger Bates, Dan Mordecai Ed Manfield, Kit Woolsey Phillip Martin, John Lowenthal [6]
1981 Lou Bluhm, Tom Sanders Judi Radin, Kathie Wei David Berkowitz, Harold Lilie [7]
1982 Jimmy Cayne, Fred Hamilton Paul Chemla, Robert Reiplinger Alan Sontag, Peter Weichsel [8]
1983 Robert Lipsitz, Neil Silverman David Berkowitz, Harold Lilie Billy Eisenberg, Edwin Kantar [9]
1984 Marty Bergen, Larry N. Cohen Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell David Berkowitz, Harold Lilie [10]
1985 Irving Litvack, Joey Silver Billy Cohen, Ron Smith Bob Blanchard, Drew Casen [11]
1986   Matt Granovetter, Michael Rosenberg   Fred Stewart, Steve Weinstein Harold Rockaway, Bobby Wolff [12]
1987 Drew Casen, Jim Krekorian Gene Freed, Mike Passell Marc Jacobus, Paul Lewis [13]
1988 Björn Fallenius, Magnus Lindkvist Harold Rockaway, Bobby Wolff Steve Burgess, Paul Marston [14]
1989 Marty Bergen, Larry N. Cohen Ain Otstavel, Hillar Sula Brian Glubok, Michael Radin [15]
1990 Piotr Gawryś, Eliakim Shaufel   Jón Baldursson, Aðalsteinn Jörgensen   Ron Andersen, David Berkowitz [16]
1991 Johan Bennet, Anders Wirgren Neil Chambers, John Schermer Russ Ekeblad, Ron Sukoneck [17]
1992 Amos Kaminski, Sam Lev Piotr Gawryś, Krzysztof Lasocki Neil Chambers, John Schermer [18]
1993 Fred Stewart, Steve Weinstein Ron Gerard, Mike Kamil Mike Albert, Paul Soloway [19]
1994 Neil Silverman, Kit Woolsey Sam Lev, Bobby Levin Garey Hayden, Gaylor Kasle [20]
1995 Paul Soloway, Harry Tudor Richard Schwartz, Peter Weichsel Perry Johnson, Jeff Meckstroth [21]
1996 Fred Stewart, Steve Weinstein Neil Chambers, John Schermer Lorenzo Lauria, Alfredo Versace [22]
1997 Michael Seamon, Harry Tudor Andrea Buratti, Massimo Lanzarotti Lorenzo Lauria, Alfredo Versace [23]
1998 Bob Hamman, Nick Nickell Zia Mahmood, Steve Weinstein Fred Gitelman, Brad Moss [24]
1999 Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein Curtis Cheek, Billy Miller Billy Cohen, Ron Smith [25]
2000 Martin Fleisher, Eric Rodwell Steve Garner, Howard Weinstein David Berkowitz, Larry N. Cohen [26]
2001 Michał Kwiecień, Jacek Pszczoła Billy Cohen, Ron Smith Björn Fallenius, Roy Welland [27]
2002 Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein Walid Elahmady, Tarek Sadek Eric Greco, Geoff Hampson [28]
2003 Fred Gitelman, Brad Moss Walid Elahmady, Tarek Sadek Ross Grabel, Jon Wittes [29]
2004 Sam Lev, Jacek Pszczoła Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes Bob Hamman, Zia Mahmood [30]
2005 Andrea Buratti, Massimo Lanzarotti Cezary Balicki, Adam Żmudziński Pablo Lambardi, Juan Carlos Ventin [31]
2006 Ton Bakkeren, Huub Bertens Geoff Hampson, Eric Rodwell Gary Cohler, Howard Weinstein [32]
2007 Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein Drew Casen, Mike Passell Bruce Rogoff, Louk Verhees [33]
2008 Geoff Hampson, Eric Rodwell Gary Cohler, Sam Lev Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein [34]
2009 Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein Geoff Hampson, Eric Rodwell Roy Welland, Chris Willenken [35]
2010 Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein Tor Helness, Geir Helgemo Josef Piekarek, Alexander Smirnov [36]
2011 Fred Stewart, Kit Woolsey Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein Billy Cohen, Ron Smith [37]

Invitational Individual

In 1978 the Cavendish Club introduced a two-day singles contest which it called the "world individual championship"(1979). Regular partners Harold Lilie and David Berkowitz finished first and second in 1980(1980) and Berkowitz won the fourth and last rendition next year.

Year Winner Runner-up 3rd place Source
1978 Tom Sanders B. Jay Becker Ira Rubin [38]
1979 Mike Moss John Solodar Mark Cohen [39]
1980 Harold Lilie David Berkowitz Gail Moss [40]
1981 David Berkowitz Peter Czerniewski Bobby Levin [41]

Invitational Teams

The John Roberts Teams is named for World Productions co-founder John Roberts. The field of eight (2011) is filled by invitation only but teams may register to be considered.(2011)

Year Winner 2nd place Source
1983 David Berkowitz, Harold Lilie, John Solodar, Bart Bramley, Rich Friesner Paul Trent, Sandra Trent, Pamela Bridson, Matt Granovetter, Jimmy Rosenbloom, Billy Cohen [42]
1984 Paul Marston, Steve Burgess, Brian Glubok, Edgar Kaplan, George Berger  ? [43]
1985 Michael Becker, Ron Rubin, Mike Lawrence, Peter Weichsel, David Berkowitz, Harold Lilie Billy Eisenberg, Kyle Larsen, Ira Rubin, Fred Hamilton [44]
1986 Matt Granovetter, Michael Rosenberg, Pamela Granovetter, Jimmy Cayne, Zia Mahmood Eddie Wold, Marty Bergen, Larry N. Cohen and others [45]
1987 Joel Friedberg, Ethan Stein, Neil Chambers, John Schermer Björn Fallenius, Magnus Lindkvist, Anders Wirgren, Mats Nilsland [46]
1988 Cliff Russell, Larry T. Cohen, Dan Rotman, Brian Glubok, Marty Bergen, Larry N. Cohen Jens Auken, Dennis Koch, Akio Kurokawa, Robert Geller [47]
1989 Tom Smith, Henry Meyer IV, George Tornay, Saul Bronstein, John Solodar, John Roberts  ? [48]
1990 Paul Marston, Steve Burgess, Kit Woolsey, Ed Manfield Jill Blanchard (captain) and others [49]
1991 David Birman and others  ? [50]
1992 Russ Ekeblad, Sheila Ekeblad, Barry Goren, Peter Weichsel Larry N. Cohen, David Berkowitz, Ron Andersen, Tony Forrester [51]
1993 Edgar Kaplan, Nick Nickell, Debbie Zuckerberg, Michael Rosenberg, Brian Glubok, Matt Granovetter  ? [52]


1994 Rita Shugart, Bobby Goldman, David Berkowitz, Larry N. Cohen  ? [54]
1995 Sam Lev, Michael Polowan, Piotr Gawryś, Krzysztof Lasocki Zia Mahmood (captain) and others [55]
1996 Andrea Buratti, Massimo Lanzarotti, Lorenzo Lauria, Alfredo Versace; Carlo Mosca (npc) Marcelo Branco, Gabriel Chagas, Eddie Wold, Mark Lair [56]
1997 Andrea Buratti, Massimo Lanzarotti, Lorenzo Lauria, Alfredo Versace Bob Hamman, Barry Goren, Jeff Meckstroth, Perry Johnson [57]
1998 Jan van Cleeff, Jan Jansma, Bauke Muller, Wubbo de Boer Jim Mahaffey, Paul Soloway, Gene Freed, Mike Passell, Harry Tudor, Michael Seamon [58]
1999 Steve Weinstein, Bobby Levin, Chip Martel, Lew Stansby Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson, Kit Woolsey, Fred Stewart [59]
2000 Perry Johnson, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Geoff Hampson, Eric Greco Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein, David Berkowitz, Larry N. Cohen [60]
2001 Roy Welland, Björn Fallenius, Brad Moss, Fred Gitelman, Howard Weinstein, Steve Garner John Onstott, Chris Compton, Jim Robison, Roger Bates, Jon Wittes, Ross Grabel [61]
2002 Bob Blanchard, Sam Lev, Piotr Gawryś, Krzysztof Jassem Alain Lévy, Hervé Mouiel, Pierre Saporta, Pierre Zimmermann [62]
2003 Perry Johnson, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Geoff Hampson, Eric Greco Malcolm Brachman, Mike Passell, Eddie Wold, Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes [63]
2004 Charles Wigoder, Gunnar Hallberg, Michael Cornell, Ryszard Jedrychowski Seymon Deutsch, Paul Soloway, Billy Cohen, Ron Smith, Cezary Balicki, Adam Żmudziński [64]
2005 Roy Welland, Björn Fallenius, Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein two teams [65]
2006 Wafik Abdou, Connie Goldberg, Steve Landen, Pratap Rajadhyaksha two teams [66]
2007 Gaylor Kasle, John Diamond, Drew Casen, Jim Krekorian, John Schermer, Neil Chambers Seymon Deutsch, Paul Soloway, Billy Cohen, Ron Smith, Valerio Giubilo, Alfredo Versace [67]
2008 Lou Ann O'Rourke, Marc Jacobus, Geoff Hampson, Eric Rodwell, Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein Cornell Teodorescu, Ionut Coldea, Paul Chemla, Michel Lebel [68]
2009 Jim Mahaffey, Mike Passell, Sam Lev, Jacek Pszczoła, Jack Zhao, Zhong Fu Marc Jacobus, Geoff Hampson, Eric Rodwell, Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein; Lou Ann O'Rourke (npc) [69]
2010 Pierre Zimmermann, Franck Multon, Michel Bessis, Thomas Bessis, Geir Helgemo, Tor Helness Kevin Bathurst, Daniel Zagorin, Bart Bramley, Nicolay Demirev [70]
2011 Lou Ann O’Rourke, Marc Jacobus, Geoff Hampson, Eric Greco, Bobby Levin, Steve Weinstein Roy Welland, Bart Bramley, Josef Piekarek, Alex Smirnov, Zia Mahmood [71]

World Bridge Productions Open Pairs

First prize in the open pairs includes free entry to the next Invitational Pairs with options regarding the auction. There is an auction for the WBP pairs, minimum bid $1000.(2011)

Year Winners 2nd place 3rd place Source
1998 Joe Jabon, Billy Miller Nell Cahn, Petra Hamman Lea Dupont, Benito Garozzo [72]
1999 Rob Crawford, Dan Jacob Dennis Clerkin, Brenda Jacobus Leonard Ernst, Richard Halperin [73]
2000 Larry T. Cohen, Jill Levin Benito Garozzo, Richard Reisig Petra Hamman, Nancy Passell [74]
2001 Barry Schaffer, Colby Vernay Ken Kranyak, Keith Wolff Richard Coren, Fred Hamilton [75]
2002 Barry Schaffer, Colby Vernay Rob Crawford, Dan Jacob George Mittelman, Peter Nagy [76]
2003 Russell Samuel, Shawn Samuel Leslie Amoils, Darren Wolpert Lynn Baker, Debbie Rosenberg [77]
2004 Ishmael Del'Monte, David Stern Allan Cokin, Harold Lilie Sheila Ekeblad, Michael Seamon [78]
2005 Blair Seidler, Kevin Wilson Wafik Abdou, Connie Goldberg Mike Cappelletti Jr., Doug Levene [79]
2006 Wafik Abdou, Connie Goldberg Fred Hamilton, John Jeffrey Mike Cappelletti Jr., John Morris [80]
2007 Ira Chorush, Hemant Lall Tom Carmichael, Joel Wooldridge Fred Hamilton, John Jeffrey [81]
2008 Tom Carmichael, Joel Wooldridge Wojciech Kurkowski, Roger Lord Billy Eisenberg, Connie Goldberg [82]
2009 Leo Bell, John Jones Wafik Abdou, Gaylor Kasle Leonard Ernst, Fred Hamilton [83]
2010 Magy Mohan, Miriam Rosenberg Howard Parker, David Siebert Fred Hamilton, John Jeffrey [84]
2011 Barry Schaffer, Colby Vernay Reese Milner, Matt Granovetter Laurie Kranyak, Frank Treiber [85]


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