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Cedar Creek Wind Farm

Cedar Creek Wind Farm I & II
Cedar Creek Wind Farm is located in Colorado
Cedar Creek Wind Farm
Location of Cedar Creek Wind Farm I & II in Colorado
Location 13km E of Grover, Colorado, United States
Status Operational
Construction began 2007
Commission date 21 November 2007
Construction cost US$480 million
Owner(s) Cedar Creek Wind Energy, LLC (Cedar Creek I - Infigen Energy (67%) & BP Energy (33%; Cedar Creek II - BP Wind Energy (50%) & Sempra Generation (50%))
Operator(s) Infigen Energy (Cedar Creek I) and BP Wind Energy (Cedar Creek II)
Wind farm
Type Onshore
Avg. site elevation 1674m
Power generation
Units operational 397 - Total
274 - Cedar Creek I
123 - Cedar Creek II
Make and model Mitsubishi, GE, Nordex
221x 1MW Mitsubishi MWT-1000
53x 1.5MW GE 1.5s/sle
63x 1.6MW GE
60x 2.5MW Nordex
Nameplate capacity 551.3MW - Total
300.5MW - Cedar Creek I
250.8MW - Cedar Creek II

The Cedar Creek Wind Farm is a 551.3MW, 397 wind turbine facility, consists of 2 phases, Cedar Creek I and Cedar Creek II, located 13 km (8 miles) east of Grover in north-central Weld County, Colorado, which became fully operational with the completion of Cedar Creek II in 2010. The initial 300.5 megawatt (MW) Cedar Creek I wind power installation was completed on time, within budget and without incident - with the operation commencing on 21 November 2007. Cedar Creek I is an important contributor to Colorado's New Energy Economy, providing enough wind-powered electricity for 81,135 homes.[1] The power produced from the Cedar Creek wind farm is sold to the Public Service Company of Colorado. Cedar Creek II has an additional 250.8MW of generating capacity, and was commissioned in 2010.

The first phase has 221 1MW wind turbines (produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) and 53 1.5MW turbines (produced by General Electric),[2] and the second phase has an additional 63 1.6MW SLE turbines from General Electric, and 60 2.5MW from German wind turbine supplier Nordex.

The Cedar Creek Wind Farm I is owned by Cedar Creek Wind Energy LLC which is a conglomerate group with Infigen Energy owning 67% and BP Wind Energy the other 33%.[3]

The Cedar Creek Wind Farm II is owned by BP Wind Energy (50%) and Sempra Generation (50%).[4] The power from the Cedar Creek 2 Wind Farm has been sold under a long-term power purchase agreement to the Public Service Company of Colorado, an Xcel Energy company. Electricity from the Cedar Creek II Wind Farm reaches the grid through approximately 20 miles of new transmission lines that connect to the Cedar Creek I Wind Farm. From there, the project utilizes an existing 76-mile (230kV) transmission line to deliver the electrical power. The Cedar Creek II project employed some 350 workers during peak construction, and some 19 jobs have been created to monitor and maintain the facility.

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