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Central American and Caribbean Cross Country Championships

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Title: Central American and Caribbean Cross Country Championships  
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Subject: Central American Cross Country Championships, European Cross Country Championships, NACAC Cross Country Championships, Athletics at the Afro-Asian Games, Athletics at the Goodwill Games
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Central American and Caribbean Cross Country Championships

Central American and Caribbean Cross Country Championships
Sport Cross country running
Founded 1983
Continent Central America and Caribbean (CACAC)

The Central American and Caribbean Cross Country Championships (CACAC for athletes representing the countries of its member associations. The competition was established in 1983 following a proposal of Wallace Williams from the Virgin Islands, then secretary of the CACAC. The rationale was that also smaller countries without adequate athletics' facilities could host such an event. The approval for the competitions' implementation was given during the 1982 CACAC meeting in Havana. The first championships were to take place in 1983 on the Virgin Islands, but because of the US invasion of Grenada, the event was postponed and relocated to Puerto Rico.[1]

In the beginning, there were featured races for senior men (about 12 km) and women (6–8 km), and later, from the year 2000 on, also for junior athletes. In addition, there were separate team competitions. The 2000 event was held in conjunction with the South American Cross Country Championships.[2]


The 2002 edition scheduled for Oranjestad,  Aruba, as well as the 2004 edition scheduled for Kingston,  Jamaica, were cancelled.[3] Finally, in 2005, the competition was continued as NACAC Cross Country Championships under the auspices of the NACAC.
Edition Year City Country Venue Date No. of
No. of
I 1983 Salinas  Puerto Rico November 27
II 1984 Devonshire  Bermuda December 8
III 1985 Grand Cayman  Cayman Islands December 7
IV 1986 Curaçao  Netherlands Antilles November 23
V 1987 St. John's  Antigua and Barbuda November 23
VI 1988 Salinas  Puerto Rico December 11
VII 1989 Mandeville  Jamaica November 18 33
VIII 1990 St. Croix  United States Virgin Islands Flamboyant Race Track December 8 55
IX 1991 Kingstown  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines December 8 54
X 1992 Curaçao  Netherlands Antilles December 12 68
XI 1994 Nassau  Bahamas February 12 53
XII 1995 Warwick  Bermuda February 11 46
XIII 1996 Chignahuapan, Puebla  Mexico March 25 41
XIV 1997  Grenada February 16
XV 1998 San José  Costa Rica Parque Metropolitano La Sabana March 1 80 14
XVI 1999 Saint Lucia  Saint Lucia January 24
XVII 2000 Cartagena  Colombia February 6 86 9
XVIII 2001 Southampton  Bermuda Point Royal Golf Course November 17
XIX 2003 Acapulco, Guerrero  Mexico Club de Golf Acapulco March 16 80 8


The results for the Mexican athletes were published by the Federation of Mexican Athletics Associations (FMAA).[3] Further results were compiled from other sources.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14]

Men Senior Individual

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1983  Ignacio Melesio (MEX) 41:11
1989  Manuel Manzola (MEX) 41:28
1990  Casimiro Reyes (MEX) 31:35  Luciano Flores (MEX) 31:56
1992  Maurilio Castillo (MEX) 39:13  Gustavo Castillo (MEX) 39:48
1994  Benjamín Paredes (MEX) 41:25  Roberto Alonso (MEX) 42:00  Narciso Flores (MEX) 42:05
1995  Santos Ortega Rosario (MEX) 34:37  Francisco Rodríguez Díaz (MEX) 35:13
1996  Gabino Apolonio (MEX) 38:06  Alejandro Cuatepitzi (MEX) 38:19  Carlos Peña González (MEX) 38:45
1997  Alejandro Cuatepitzi (MEX) 38:33  José Luis Villanueva (MEX) 38:55
1998 (11.4 km)  Carlos Peña González (MEX) 34:52  Alejandro Cuatepitzi (MEX) 35:02  Erick Quirós (CRC) 35:13
1999  David Galindo (MEX) 39:55  Francisco Mondragón (MEX) 40:32
2000 (12 km)  Fidencio Torres (MEX) 38:40  Salvador Miranda (MEX) 38:51  José Macías Quiroz (MEX) 39:29
2001 (11.8 km)  Gustavo Castillo (MEX) 39:41  Romualdo Sánchez (MEX) 39:43  Jacinto Rodríguez (PUR) 39:50
2003 (12 km)  Jonathan Morales (MEX) 39:43  José Acierno (MEX) 39:46  José Amado García (GUA) 39:49

: In 2000, the event was held in conjunction with the South American Cross Country Championships, where the medallists were extracted from. Winner was João N'Tyamba from  Angola who was invited to participate out of competition in 37:11. Daniel Lopes Ferreira from  Brazil came in 2nd in 37:14 to become South American Champion. Silvio Guerra from  Ecuador was 3rd in 37:21, Marilson Gomes dos Santos from  Brazil was 4th in 37:59, and Benedito Donizeti was 6th in 38:45.[6][7]

Men Senior Team

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1994  Mexico 11 pts
1995  Mexico 14 pts
1996  Mexico 10 pts
1998  Mexico 14 pts
1999  Mexico 39 pts
2000  Mexico 10 pts  Panama 66 pts  Jamaica 67 pts
2001  Puerto Rico  Jamaica  Bermuda
2003  Puerto Rico 29 pts  Jamaica 48 pts  Aruba 85 pts

Women Senior Individual

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1989  Karla Guerrero (MEX) 18:41
1990  Angelina Tellez Solís (MEX) 18:46
1992  María Luisa Servín (MEX) 16:09  Sonia Betancourt (MEX) 16:12  Paola Cabrera (MEX) 16:52
1994  Isabel Carreño (MEX) 19:35  Lucía Mendiola (MEX) 19:42  Esmeralda Guillén (MEX) 19:48
1995  Silvia López (MEX) 18:43  Luz María Aguilar (MEX) 18:43
1996 (6 km)  Isabel Carreño (MEX) 22:13  Guadalupe Piña (MEX) 22:22  Karla Guerrero (MEX) 22:45
1997 (6 km)  Karla Guerrero (MEX) 22:12  Noemi Morales (MEX) 22:15  Dolores Valencia (MEX) 22:19
1998 (5.7 km)  Lucía Mendiola (MEX) 20:20  América Mateos (MEX) 20:25  Margarita Tapia (MEX) 20:33
1999  Margarita Cabello (MEX) 31:15  Veronica Sandoval (MEX) 31:18
2000 (8 km)  Bertha Sánchez (COL) 28:10  América Mateos (MEX) 28:23  Mardrea Hyman (JAM) 28:53
2001 (7.6 km)  Mireya Ailhaud (MEX) 31:01  Esthela Chavez (MEX) 31:06  Maribel Burgos (PUR) 31:08
2003 (8 km)  Adriana Sánchez (MEX) 30:02  Angélica Sánchez (MEX) 30:24  Dolores Dávila (MEX) 30:35

Women Senior Team

Year Gold Silver Bronze
1992  Mexico 6 pts
1994  Mexico 6 pts
1996  Mexico 6 pts
1997  Mexico 6 pts
1998  Mexico 6 pts
1999  Mexico 9 pts
2000  Mexico 11 pts  Colombia 18 pts  Guatemala 31 pts
2001  Puerto Rico  Jamaica  United States Virgin Islands
2003  Mexico 6 pts  Puerto Rico 23 pts  United States Virgin Islands 40 pts

Boys Junior Individual

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2000 (8 km)  José Luis Santos (MEX) 25:39  James Vidal (COL) 25:41  Víctor Ocampo (COL) 26:10
2001 (7.6 km)  Juan Luis Barrios (MEX) 25:03  Félix Camacho (PUR) 27:35  Mark Morrison (BER) 27:38
2003 (8 km)  Arturo Merced (MEX) 26:29  Omar Rabid Guerrero (MEX) 27:20  Wainard Talbert (JAM) 27:40

Boys Junior Team

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2000  Guatemala 32 pts  Puerto Rico 56 pts  Jamaica 59 pts
2001  Puerto Rico  Bermuda
2003  Puerto Rico 30 pts  Jamaica 41 pts  Saint Lucia 56 pts

Girls Junior Individual

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2000  Alma Delia Xicoténcatl (MEX) 22:21  Luisa Jiménez (COL) 23:15  Fabiola Juárez (MEX) 23:21
2001  Carmen Valdés (PUR) 25:18  Lysaira del Valle (PUR) 25:20  Tamica Thomas (JAM) 25:40
2003 (6 km)  Virginia Riverol (MEX) 22:57  Arilú Xicontecatl (MEX) 23:36  Liliana Méndez (PUR) 24:05

Girls Junior Team

Year Gold Silver Bronze
2000  Mexico
11 pts  Puerto Rico 26 pts
2003  Mexico 8 pts  Puerto Rico 18 pts  Jamaica 23 pts

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