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Current members of Palestinian Legislative Council

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Title: Current members of Palestinian Legislative Council  
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Subject: Aziz Duwaik, Elections in the Palestinian National Authority, Prime Minister of the State of Palestine, Palestinian National Covenant, Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council
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Current members of Palestinian Legislative Council

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The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) currently has 132 members following the legislative election on 25 January 2006. This is a list of PLC members, arranged by constituency. 15 members are imprisoned by Israeli authorities and three are deceased, according to the count on 31 December 2010.

List of members by constituency [1]

Bethlehem (4 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status[2] [3]
Khaled Tafesh (Khalid Dwayb) Hamas Detained in Israel[4]
Mahmud al-Khatib Hamas
Fu'ad Kakali (for minorities) Fatah
Fayiz Saqqa (for minorities) Fatah

Dayr al-Balah (3 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status
'Abd al-Rahman al-Jamal Hamas
Ahmad Abu Holi Fatah
Salam Salameh Hamas

Gaza City (8 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Said Seyam Hamas Assassinated by Israel
Ahmad Bahar Hamas Deputy speaker
Khalil al-Hiya Hamas
Muhammad Faraj al-Ghul Hamas
Jamal Salih Hamas
Jamal al-Khudari Independent
Ziad Abu Amr Independent
Husam al-Tawil (for minorities) Independent

Hebron (9 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Nayef Rajoub Hamas Detained in Israel
Samir al-Kadi Hamas
Aziz Duwaik Hamas
Azzam Salhab Hamas Detained in Israel
Muhammad Abu Jhesheh Hamas
Nizar Ramadan Hamas Detained in Israel
Hatem Qafisha Hamas
Basim Za'rir Hamas Detained in Israel
Muhammad al-Til Hamas Detained in Israel

Jabalya / North Gaza (5 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Yusuf al-Shrafi Hamas
Mushir al-Habil Hamas
Muhammad Abid Hadi Shihab Hamas
'Atif 'Udwan Hamas
Ismail al-Ashqar Hamas

Jenin (4 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Khalid Yahya Hamas
Azzam al-Ahmad Fatah Head of Fatah bloc
Khalid Abu Hasan Hamas
Shami Shami Fatah

Jericho (1 seat)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Saeb Erekat (Sa'ib 'Urayqat) Fatah

Jerusalem (6 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Ibrahim Abu Salim Hamas
Muhammad Tutah (Mohamed Totah) Hamas Imprisoned in Jerusalem[5]
Wa'il al-Husayni Hamas
Ahmad Attun Hamas Detained in Israel
Imil Jarjoui (for minorities) Fatah Deceased
Ivivian Sabella (for minorities) Fatah

Khan Yunis (5 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Muhammad Dahlan Fatah
Yunis al-Astal Hamas
Salah al-Bardawil Hamas
Khamis Najjar Hamas
Sufyan al-Agha Fatah Deceased

Nablus (6 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Ahmad Ahmad Hamas
Hamid Kdayr Hamas
Mahmoud Aloul Fatah
Riyad 'Amla Hamas
Husni Burini Yasin Hamas
Dawud Abu Sayr Hamas

Qalqilya (2 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Walid Assaf Fatah
Ahmad Shraym Fatah

Rafah (3 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Muhammad Hijazi Fatah
Ashraf Juma' Fatah
Radwan al-Akhras Fatah

Ramallah / al-Bira (5 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Hasan Dar Khalil (Hassan Yousef) Hamas
Fadil Fadil Hamdan Hamas Detained in Israel
Ahmad Mubarak Hamas Detained in Israel
Mahmud Muslih Hamas
Muhib Salame (for minorities) Fatah

Salfit (1 seat)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Nasir 'Abd al-Jawwad Hamas

Tubas (1 seat)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Khalid Abu Tu'as Hamas

Tulkarm (3 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Hasan 'Abd al-Fattah Khraysha Independent
'Abd al-Rahman Zaydan Hamas Detained in Israel
Riyad Raddad Hamas

Members elected from party lists (66 seats)

Member Party Affiliation Status
Qais Kamil 'Abd al-Karim Khadir The Alternative - 1
Bassam Ahmad 'Umar Salhi The Alternative - 2
Mustafa Kamil Mustafa Barghuthi Independent Palestine - 1
Rawya Rashad Sa'id al-Shawwa Independent Palestine - 2
Ahmad Sa'adat Yusif 'Abd al-Rasul Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa - 1 Detained in Israel
Jamil Muhammad Ismail al-Majdalawi Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa - 2
Khalida Kan'an Muhammad Jarrar Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa - 3
Ismail 'Abd al-Salah Ahmad Haniya Hamas - 1 Prime Minister (Gaza Strip)
Muhammad Mahmud Hasan (Muhammad Abu Tir) Hamas - 2 Detained in Israel
Jamila Abdallah Taha al-Shanti Hamas - 3
Muhammad Jamal Ala' al-Din Hamas - 4
Yasir Da'ud Sulayman Mansur Hamas - 5
Khalil Musa Khalil Raba'i Hamas - 6 Detained in Israel
Huda Na'im Muhammad Qrenawi Hamas - 7
Mahmud Ahmad 'Abd al-Rahman Ramahi Hamas - 8 Detained in Israel
Mahmud Khalid al-Zahhar Hamas - 9
'Abd al-Fattah Hasan 'Abd al-Rahman Dukhan Hamas - 10
Ibrahim Muhammad Salih Hamas - 11
Miryam Mahmud Hasan Salih Hamas - 12
Fathi Muhammad Ali Qar'awi Hamas - 13
Anwar Muhammad 'Abd al-Rahman al-Zbun Hamas - 14
Imad Mahmud Rajih Nufal Hamas - 15
'Umar Mahmud Matar Matar Hamas - 16
Muna Salim Salih Mansur Hamas - 17
Yahya 'Abd al-Aziz al-Abadsa Hamas - 18
Muhammad Mahir Yusif Badr Hamas - 19
Ayman Husayn Daraghmeh Hamas - 20
Fathi Ahmad Hmad Hamas - 21
Maryam Muhammed Farahat Hamas - 22
Sayyid Salim Abu Musameh Hamas - 23
Marwan Muhammad Abu Ras Hamas - 24
Samira Abdullah Halaykah Hamas - 25
Jamal Ismail Iskaik Hamas - 26
Ali Salim Romanin Hamas - 27
Ahmad Yusuf Abu Halabiyya Hamas - 28
'Abd Al-Jabr Mustafa Fukaha Hamas - 29
Salam Khalid Abdullah Fayyad Third Way - 1 Prime Minister (West Bank)
Hanan Da'ud Khalil 'Ashrawi Third Way - 2
Marwan Hasib Husayn al-Barghuthi Fatah - 1 Detained in Israel
Muhammad Ibrahim Abu Ali Yata Fatah - 2
Intisar Mustafa Mahmud al-Wazir Fatah - 3
Nabil Ali Rashid Sha'th Fatah - 4
Hakam 'Umar As'ad Bal'awi Fatah - 5
Abdullah Muhammad Ibrahim Abdullah Fatah - 6
Najat 'Umar Sadiq Abu Bakir Fatah - 7
Raja'i Mahmud Sulieman Barakah Fatah - 8
Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al-Masdar Fatah - 9
Rabiha Thi'ab Husayn Hamdan Fatah - 10
Muhammad Khalil Khalil al-Lahham Fatah - 11
Jamal Muhammad Abu al-Rub Fatah - 12
Sahar Fahad Da'ud al-Qawasmi Fatah - 13
Majid Muhammad Abushammala Fatah - 14
Faysal Muhammad Ali Abu Shahla Fatah - 15
Issa Ahmad 'Abd al-Hamid Qaraqi' Fatah - 16
Siham Adil Yusif Thabit Fatah - 17
Nasir Jamil Muhammad Jum'a Fatah - 18
Ala' al-Din Muhammad Yaghi Fatah - 19
'Abd al-Rahim Mahmud Burham Fatah - 20
Jamal 'Abd al-Hamid Muhammad al-Haj Fatah - 21 Detained in Israel
Najat Ahmad Ali al-Astal Fatah - 22
Jihad Muhammad Tamliya Fatah - 23
Jihad Awadallah Hamad Abu Znaid Fatah - 24
Akram Muhammad Ali al-Haymuni Fatah - 25
Jamal Mustafa Issa Hwail Fatah - 26
Na'imah Muhammad Issa al-Shaykh Ali Fatah - 27
'Abd al-Hamid Jum'a Yusif al-Ayla Fatah - 28


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