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E-International Relations

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Title: E-International Relations  
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E-International Relations

E-International Relations (E-IR) is an open access e-magazine covering international relations and international politics. The website has published since November 2007, and was incorporated as a non-profit organisation in 2011.[1] It is listed under "sites of related interest" by the London School of Economics[2] and is recommended by leading professors and diplomats.[3] Its articles have been cited by the Wall Street Journal's blog,[4] The Brookings Institution's website,[5] World Affairs, the Stanley Foundation's website,[6] The Daily Beast,[7] and the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect.[8] It is indexed by the Human Security Gateway.[9]

E-IR contains a mixture of articles, essays, and features, broadly aimed at students of international politics. Prominent contributors have included Ted Robert Gurr, Harsh V. Pant, Charles J. Dunlap, Jr., Rohan Gunaratna, Anand Menon, Barry Rubin, I. William Zartman, Immanuel Wallerstein, Jolyon Howorth, John Redwood, Brian Barder and Stephen Chan.

The site also publishes regular international politics student textbook features, in association with Oxford University Press,[10][11] and runs a student essay award.[12]

It recently offered a five-year scholarship to students embarking on their Masters studies with a total value worth, approximately, US$2700.[13]


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