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Gotham Girls Roller Derby

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Title: Gotham Girls Roller Derby  
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Subject: Philly Roller Derby, Long Island Roller Rebels, Hellions of Troy, Ohio Roller Girls, Argentina All Stars
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Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Gotham Girls Roller Derby
League logo
Metro area New York City
Country United States
Founded 2003
Teams Brooklyn Bombshells
Manhattan Mayhem
Queens of Pain
Bronx Gridlock
Gotham Girls All-Stars (travel)
Wall Street Traitors (travel)
Grand Central Terminators (travel)
Meat Packing District (travel)
Gotham Girls Junior Derby (youth)
Track type(s) Flat
Venue varies; most frequently at Hunter College Sportsplex
Affiliations WFTDA
Org. type 501(c)(3) NPO

Gotham Girls Roller Derby (GGRD) is a flat track roller derby league based in New York City, New York. Founded in late 2003,[1] Gotham Girls Roller Derby was the first skater-operated flat track roller derby league in the metropolitan New York area. GGRD is a founding member league of the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) which was formed in November 2005.

GGRD hosts flat-track roller derby competitions which showcase bouts among the various teams in the league. The league is made up of four home teams that play within the league and at times compete with member teams from other WFTDA leagues. The league is also home to three inter-league competition teams (the Grand Central Terminators, the Wall Street Traitors and the Gotham Girls All-Stars), which are compiled of league skaters from all four home teams and compete against other leagues. The Gotham Girls All-Stars represent the league in WFTDA inter-league competitions that count towards WFTDA national rankings.

The skaters, referees, and other league volunteers have the option to adopt 'skater names' for their uniforms, league activities, and other league business. Members choose their own names which they may start using after an initial league probationary period. The league encourages these names to be unique within the modern roller derby universe, in deference to the International Rollergirls' Master Roster.

Gotham Girls Roller Derby is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization. The IRS recognized Gotham Girls Roller Derby as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity in September 2008.


Home teams

Most GGRD skaters compete on a 'home team.' These teams practice together and jointly manage the league. The borough-based team designations do not necessarily reflect the residences of the skaters on a particular team. Each home team is supported by a 'Jeerleader' squad. A few skaters do not compete on a home team, and only skate as All-Stars.

  • The Brooklyn Bombshells. Founded 2004.
  • The Manhattan Mayhem. Founded 2004.
  • The Queens of Pain. Founded 2005.
  • The Bronx Gridlock. Founded 2006.

Travel teams

Additionally, the league fields compilation teams:

The Gotham Girls All-Stars - The sanctioned all star travel team for competition with other leagues in the Women's Flat Track Derby Association, composed of skaters from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan teams.

The Wall Street Traitors - An "all-borough" travel team which competes as Gotham's "B" Team for exhibition games with other leagues, composed of skaters from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan teams.

The Grand Central Terminators - An additional travel team for exhibition games with other leagues, composed of skaters from all four home teams who are neither on the All-Stars nor the Traitors. Team debut: June 2012.

The Meat Packing District - A travel team comprising "free-agent" skaters, all whom are not rostered for one of the 4 home teams. The District had an resurgence in the opening of the 2014 season.

Junior Derby

The league fields also manages:

Gotham Girls Junior Derby - an educational program set up in 2012 to train female skaters age 8-17.

Competitive history


Karin Bruce (aka Chassis Crass) and David “Lefty” Leibowitz, both working independently to start a women’s roller derby league, meet through an online classified ad. They decide to work together and form Gotham Girls Roller Derby. GGRD starts recruiting skaters and holding weekly practices at “open skate” sessions at Empire Roller Skating Center, a roller rink in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.


GGRD continues to recruit skaters, referees and staff and holds periodic fundraisers. GGRD finds a new venue for practices at The Skate Key in the South Bronx. Practices are held twice weekly at The Skate Key and Rev. Joseph Moffo asphalt hockey rink in Tanahey Playground located in New York City’s Chinatown. GGRD host their first ever exposition flat-track roller derby bout (titled the Beat Down in the Boogie Down) and a crowd of 600 shows up at The Skate Key to see the Brooklyn Bombshells and Manhattan Mayhem compete. (The Brooklyn Bombshells won, in overtime.)


GGRD launches its first full season of roller derby at The Skate Key. The league now boasts a skater roster of 20-25 skaters and forms a third home team, the Queens of Pain, created after two games between Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Queens of Pain are undefeated throughout the season and become the first GGRD Season Champions and are awarded the GGRD Golden Skate Trophy by virtue of defeating the Manhattan Mayhem in the finals. The Gotham Girls All-Stars play (and lose) their first inter-league bout against the Mad Rollin' Dolls of Madison, Wisconsin. GGRD holds its first tryouts - over 100 hopeful skaters attend; 24 skaters are accepted for the 2006 season.


The Gotham Girls All-Stars travel to Tucson, Arizona to compete in the Dust Devil Tournament, the first ever WFTDA sanctioned flat-track roller derby tournament, and emerge ranked 11th nationally with "mini-bout" victories over Atlanta and Albuquerque, "mini-bout" losses to Texas and Kansas City, and a full-length bout loss to Madison.

GGRD forms its fourth home team, the Bronx Gridlock. In March, the Skate Key unexpectedly closes down and GGRD loses its practice and bout venue three weeks prior to its scheduled 2006 season opener. GGRD launches “Operation Crashpad” to scour the New York boroughs in search of new practice and bout venues. Throughout the season, league and team practices are held at public outdoor venues, as skaters persevere through rain, cold, asphalt, and darkness. Regular practice venues included Tanahey Playground (Manhattan), Dutch Kills Park (Queens), Mafera Park (Queens), Peter's Field (Manhattan), Sara D. Roosevelt Park (Manhattan), Stanley Isaacs Playground (Manhattan), basketball courts under the West Side Highway at 78th Street (Manhattan), William F. Passannante Ballfield (Manhattan), and the parking lot of a Costco on Vernon Boulevard in Astoria, Queens.

Season games are attended by sold-out crowds at the Schwartz Athletic Center on the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University and at Hunter College in Manhattan, with one additional regular season bout (Queens vs. Manhattan) held in Seaford, Long Island as part of a unique double-header featuring another regular-season bout of the Long Island Roller Rebels. The Queens of Pain win the GGRD Championship for the second season in a row, losing to the Brooklyn Bombshells in May but defeating the Bronx Gridlock once and the Manhattan Mayhem twice (once in the regular season and once in the finals) to take the trophy.

The season concludes with an interleague All-Star bout victory at Philadelphia and an All-Star loss at Providence.


In February, GGRD secures a practice space known as the “Crashpad” and welcomes fourteen new skaters to the league. Season bouts are held at City College of New York in Harlem with two additional bouts at Hunter College. The Bronx Gridlock enjoys an undefeated season and wins the GGRD Championship in a final over the Queens of Pain.

In interleague all-star action, the Gotham Girls All-Stars begin the season with a loss to the Carolina Rollergirls and a victory over Chicago's Windy City Rollers. Gotham then starts to put its full-time practice facility to use and proceeds to dominate the Heartland Havoc, the first ever WFTDA Eastern Regional Tournament (August, in Columbus, Ohio), and are crowned 2007 Eastern Region Champions, with a sequence of blowout victories over Grand Rapids, Philadelphia, Windy City, and Detroit. At the Texas Shootout (the 2007 WFTDA National Championships in Austin, Texas), the GGRD All-Stars are eliminated in the first round by the eventual 2007 WFTDA champions, the Kansas City Roller Warriors. GGRD is ranked #5 nationally within the WFTDA.

Gotham's All-Stars conclude the season with interleague victories over the Rose City Rollers of Portland, Oregon and the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls of Denver, CO.

In a November interleague double-header, the Brooklyn Bombshells defeat all-stars from the Long Island Roller Rebels and the Manhattan Mayhem defeat all-stars from the New Jersey Dirty Dames (New Brunswick, NJ).


GGRD enters its second season practicing at the “Crashpad,” and twelve new skaters are added to the league. Eight bouts are held at Hunter College in Manhattan, with an additional season-opening interleague doubleheader against Philadelphia (vs. Gotham's All-Stars) and the Connecticut RollerGirls (vs. the Wall Street Traitors) at the Schwartz Athletic Center on the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University.

In June, the Gotham Girls All-Stars thrill eastern derby fans with a milestone 60-point win over the original flat-track roller derby pioneers, the Texas Rollergirls, at the East Coast Derby Extravaganza hosted by the Philly Roller Girls.[2] This is followed by an All-Star victory over the Denver Roller Dolls. At the same event, the Wall Street Traitors defeat New England Roller Derby (N.E.R.D.), a collection of skaters from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. GGRD's all-rookie Meatpacking District defeat the Skater Tots, a team of rookies from Chicago's Windy City Rollers.

In July, GGRD is ranked #2 nationally within the Women's Flat Track Derby Association. In August, the All-Stars travel to Arizona to defeat the all-star Saddletramps of Tucson Roller Derby, and in September, the Wall Street Traitors travel to Asbury Park to defeat the Jersey Shore Rollergirls. The league also hosts an international doubleheader, as the Brooklyn Bombshells defeat all-stars from Montreal Roller Derby and the Manhattan Mayhem defeat all-stars from Providence Roller Derby.

In October, GGRD All-Stars win their second consecutive WFTDA Eastern Region title at the Derby in Dairyland Tournament (Madison, WI) with victories over Madison's Mad Rollin' Dolls, Philadelphia's Liberty Belles, and Chicago's Windy City Rollers. The Queens of Pain defeat the Bronx Gridlock to win its third Gotham Girls Roller Derby league championship in four seasons.

In November, the GGRD All-Stars move up to the #1 national ranking within the WFTDA and win their first WFTDA national championship at the Northwest Knockdown tournament in Portland, Oregon.[3] As the top seed in the East, GGRD defeats Duke City (Albuquerque) followed by victories in East Region tournament rematches against Philadelphia's Liberty Belles and Chicago's Windy City Rollers. Bonnie Thunders is named the tournament MVP. The GGRD All-Stars' winning streak (beginning in October 2007) is extended to twelve bouts.


GGRD opens the season with a March interleague double-header at the Schwartz Athletic Center on the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University. The GGRD All-Stars defeat the Boston Massacre of Boston Derby Dames in a full-length WFTDA-sanctioned bout, and the GGRD Wall Street Traitors defeat the Suburban Brawl All-Stars of Suburbia Roller Derby in a 30-minute exhibition.[4] The remainder of the league's eight home bouts are held at Manhattan's Hunter College Sportsplex.

In April, the All-Stars capture their fourteenth consecutive victory with a win in Baltimore over All-Stars from the Charm City Rollergirls.[5]

In May, the Meatpacking District lose to Les Filles du Roi of Montreal Roller Derby in Gotham's first international travel.

In June, the All-Stars extend their winning streak to sixteen with two victories: a 185-31 win over All-Stars from the Carolina Rollergirls (in Raleigh)[6] and an 84-76 victory over the All-Stars of the Texas Rollergirls,[7] skated on neutral ground in Woodbridge, CT, hosted by the CT Rollergirls of Connecticut.

The All-Stars win their first two bouts at September's "Wicked Wheels of the East" Regional tournament in Raleigh, defeating Providence and Boston, but fall 90-89 to the Philly Roller Girls in the WFTDA Regional Final,[8] losing in the final moments and ending the All-Stars' winning streak after 18 victories in a row.

In October, the Brooklyn and Queens teams host an unusual transcontinental double-header at Hunter College as each team played the Sockit Wenches from Seattle's Rat City Rollergirls, back-to-back. The Sockit Wenches prevail over Brooklyn by 20 and Queens by 19,[9] marking the first home losses for Gotham teams in interleague action since 2005.

In November, the Gotham Girls All-Stars handily defeat the Detroit Derby Girls 187-38 in their first-round matchup at the 2009 WFTDA Nationals[10] (the "Declaration of Derby," hosted by the Philly Rollergirls), but then the Gotham squad falls to the Oly Rollers of Olympia, Washington, 135-105, in their quarterfinal matchup.[11] The Oly Rollers goes on to defeat two other opponents (the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls and Texas Rollergirls, by much larger margins) to win the 2009 title, marking the second time in three years that Gotham is eliminated from the WFTDA title by its eventual champion.

Also in November, in the year's final bout, the Bronx Gridlock roar back from a 42-point halftime deficit to defeat the Manhattan Mayhem, 116-105, winning the Gridlock's second GGRD league title.[12] Bonnie Thunders scores a league-record 88 points in the winning effort.


In March, in the league's opening action, GGRD's Wall Street Traitors travel to Tucson and fall to the All-Star Saddletramps of Tucson Roller Derby. GGRD then opens the home season with an April interleague double-header at the Schwartz Athletic Center on the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University. The GGRD All-Stars defeat the All-Stars from Baltimore's Charm City Rollergirls in a full-length WFTDA-sanctioned bout, and the GGRD Wall Street Traitors fall to the All-Stars of Buffalo's Queen City Roller Girls in a 40-minute exhibition.[13]

In May, on the strength of their victory over Charm City, the Gotham Girls All-Stars regain the #1 ranking in the Derby News Network Power Rankings,[14] only to slip to #2 in the July rankings, with Olympia, Washington's Oly Rollers once again claiming the top rank.[15]

In June, the Traitors pick up a loss in a visit to the Port Authorities of Maine Roller Derby. Later in the month, at the annual weekend East Coast Extravaganza festival hosted by the Philly Rollergirls, Gotham traveling teams pick up five victories against one loss. The Traitors lose to Philly's Independence Dolls but defeat Raleigh's Carolina Bootleggers for their first 2010 victory. The Meatpacking District defeats Philly's rookie squad, the 'Cheeseskates,' and defeat the Jersey Shore Rollergirls. And the All-Stars defeated the All-Stars of the Windy City Rollers for the fifth consecutive time, this time earning the new Skyline Cup trophy henceforth to be traded between the two teams.[16] The All-Stars also put away the Boston Derby Dames for the fourth consecutive time.[17]

In July, the Meatpacking District fell in a visit to the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls, and the All-Stars defeated their original rivals, the Dairyland Dolls of Madison's Mad Rollin Dolls, in a bout held at a neutral site in Massachusetts hosted by the Boston Derby Dames.

In August, the All-Stars returned to Portland, the site of their 2008 National Championship victories, to defeat the Bay Area Derby Girls (San Francisco), Rose City Rollers (Portland), and Rat City Rollergirls (Seattle) on three consecutive days at the "Hometown Throwdown" exhibition, hosted by the Rose City Rollers.

In September, the Wall Street Traitors defeated Ithaca, Long Island, and Albany to win the first-ever New York State tournament, the "Empire Skate Showdown," hosted by the Long Island Roller Rebels, winning the unofficial New York State title in a series of abbreviated 30-minute bouts.

Also in September, the All-Stars regained the WFTDA East Region title at the "Derby in the Burbs" East Region Playoffs, hosted by Suburbia Roller Derby.[18] The All-Stars defeated the Rhode Island Riveters of Providence Roller Derby, Baltimore's Charm City Rollergirls, and the Philly Rollergirls to sweep the tournament and claim the league's third regional title in four years.[19]

Additionally, the GGRD All-Stars were re-elevated to the #1 ranking in the world in September's Power Rankings as judged by Derby News Network, on the strength of the previous month's showing in Portland.[20]

In September, the league signed a lease on a new practice space ("Crash Pad II"), located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. The league moved to the new space in Fall 2010.

In October's annual interleague double-header, both Gotham home teams were victorious as the Brooklyn Bombshells hosted the Providence Pigeons, a mash-up collection of players from Providence Roller Derby, while the Manhattan Mayhem took on the All-Stars of Suburbia Roller Derby.[21]

On October 30, the Bronx Gridlock won its third league title by defeating the Queens of Pain in the sixth league championship, held at Nat Holman Gymnasium on the campus of CCNY.[22] The league drew its largest home crowd ever, with over 1,500 fans in attendance. Bronx jammer Bonnie Thunders extended her own individual single-game league scoring record to 91 points.

The following weekend, the GGRD All-Stars traveled to Chicago to compete in the 2010 WFTDA Championship tournament, 'Uproar on the Lakeshore',[23] hosted by Chicago's Windy City Rollers. Gotham first defeated the Texecutioners from Texas Rollergirls 151-52 to advance to the WFTDA's semifinals.[24] The Gotham Girls All-Stars lost the following match against the tournament's eventual champions, the 5280 Fight Club of Denver's Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, 108-79. It marked the fourth WFTDA championship tournament in a row that the Gotham All-Stars either won the WFTDA title (2008) or were eliminated by the association's eventual champions (2007 - Kansas City, 2009 - Olympia, and 2010 - Rocky Mountain). The Gotham Girls bounced back on the tournament's final day to claim the association's 3rd place trophy, defeating the Philly Rollergirls for the seventh time in eight all-time meetings, 162-51.[25]

Late in 2010, the league moved its operations to a new rented practice facility in Bushwick, Brooklyn ("Crash Pad II").


In February, the Gotham Girls interrupted their off-season by sending an ad-hoc collection of All-Stars and All-Star alumnae to compete in a non-WFTDA exhibition against the Los Angeles Derby Dolls on a banked track at the Derby Dolls' facility. It was the Gotham Girls' first experience on a banked derby track, and the Derby Dolls prevailed, 132-106.[26]

The All-Stars went on to dominate regional flat track competition, defeating Pittsburgh's Steel City Derby Demons in April and Baltimore's Charm City Rollergirls in May. Over a June weekend, the All-Stars defeated both the Boston Massacre of the Boston Derby Dames and the New Skids on the Block from Montreal Roller Derby. Later in June, the All-Stars defeated the Wheels of Justice, the All-Stars of the Rose City Rollers,[27] and the Liberty Belles of the Philly Rollergirls.[28]

In August, the league hosted its first co-ed event, a triple-header called "Roller Derby Daredevils: Battle over Brooklyn," held at Brooklyn's Aviator Sports and Events Center. The league presented a matchup of the New York Shock Exchange against Baltimore's Harm City Homicide which preceded victories by the Wall Street Traitors over the Suburban Brawl of Suburbia Roller Derby and the Gotham All-Stars against the Mile High Club, the All-Stars of the Denver Roller Dolls.[29]

In September, the GGRD All-Stars claimed the WFTDA East Region title at the Nightmare on 95 tournament,[30] jointly hosted by the DC Rollergirls and Charm City Rollergirls. The All-Stars chalked up victories over the Steel Hurtin' of the Steel City Derby Demons[31] and the Liberty Belles of the Philly Rollergirls.[32] The All-Stars were also originally slated to play the Dutchland Rollers, who controversially chose to forfeit the bout.[33]

In October, the Brooklyn Bombshells won their first league title with a 133-124 victory over the Bronx Gridlock.[34]

In November, at the WFTDA Championships (the "Continental Divide and Conquer" tournament hosted by the Denver Roller Dolls), the Gotham Girls Roller Derby All-Stars prevailed over the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls,[35] Texas Rollergirls,[36] and Oly Rollers[37] to win the league's second WFTDA Championship title. Gotham became the association's first repeat champions, having previously won in 2008.[38][39] Jammer/Blocker Wild Cherri won MVP for the team.

The All-Stars finished 2011 with an undefeated 13-0 record in sanctioned WFTDA competition.[40]

As an epilogue to the flat track tournament season, the All-Stars traveled to Chicago to compete on a banked track in the Kitten Traxx Chicago Invitational, first falling to the Rocky Mountain Rollergirls by three points[41] and then defeating Chicago's Windy City Rollers to take home the 3rd place purse.[42]


For the second consecutive season, the GGRD All-Stars began their competitive season with an exhibition on the banked track against the All-Stars of the Los Angeles Derby Dolls. On March 3, the GGRD All-Stars once again fell to the crew with more banked experience, 158-122.,[43] dropping Gotham's all-time record on the banked track to 1-3.

In April and May, the GGRD All-Stars then hosted private WFTDA sanctioned bouts against the Long Island Roller Rebels and Connecticut's CT RollerGirls, winning both, while the Wall Street Traitors hosted their own pair of bouts, emerging victorious against the Sexpos of Montreal Roller Derby and the Flatliners of Bloomington Indiana's Bleeding Heartland Rollergirls.[44][45][46] The score of 630-65 versus Long Island represented the highest single-team scoring total to date in modern roller derby, a record that stands as of May 2012.[47]

The Gotham All-Stars were undefeated through the regular season, with additional victories over the Philly Roller Girls, Denver Roller Dolls, Rose City Rollers, Steel City Derby Demons, Windy City Rollers, B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls, and Texas Rollergirls.[48] The July victories over Bay Area and Texas extended the team's winning streak to 23 consecutive sanctioned WFTDA victories (dating from November 2010), reclaiming that all-time record from Olympia's Oly Rollers.[49]

During the summer, the league established the "Grand Central Terminators" as a third standing traveling team, made up of skaters from all four regular home teams, designed to compete against "B" and "C" team competition from other leagues. The "Meatpacking District" team, previously a label for collections of first-year skaters, did not compete in 2011 or 2012.

In August, the league held a double header at the Abe Stark Skating Arena in Coney Island, Brooklyn, in which the local Bronx and Brooklyn teams shared the bill with the local New York men's league, the New York Shock Exchange, who hosted the St. Louis GateKeepers.

On September 1, the Wall Street Traitors won the Empire Skate Showdown, the unofficial New York State Championship, for the third straight year, posting 30-minute victories over the Assault Squad of Syracuse's Assault City Roller Derby, the Long Island Roller Rebels All-Stars, and the Roc Stars of Rochester's Roc City Roller Derby.[50]

In September 2012, the All-Stars captured their third consecutive WFTDA East Region title at the "Sugarbush Showdown," defeating Carolina Rollergirls, Charm City Roller Girls, and Philly Roller Girls.[51]

In October 2012, the Manhattan Mayhem defeated the Brooklyn Bombshells to win their first-ever league title.[52] Later in that month, a scheduled public double-header against two teams from the Windy City Rollers (Second Wind vs. Wall Street Traitors and Third Coast vs. Grand Central Terminators) had to be cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy.[53] The bouts were relocated to GGRD's practice space, where, in front of a much smaller audience, the Terminators defeated the Third Coast, and the Traitors fell to Second Wind for their first loss of 2012, sending the Skyline Cup back to Chicago.[54]

In November 2012, the All-Stars captured their third WFTDA championship in Atlanta at the "Grits and Glory" tournament, defeating All-Star squads from the Naptown Roller Girls, Denver Roller Dolls, and Oly Rollers. Bonnie Thunders led the team in scoring, punctuating the championship bout with 178 points in Gotham's 233-130 win, the team's 29th consecutive sanctioned victory.[55]

Following the WFTDA championship tournament, Gotham's Wall Street Traitors traveled to Raleigh and defeated the Bootleggers of the Carolina Rollergirls, 153-127, to end their season with a record of 6-1 in full-length bouts and 3-0 in thirty-minute bouts.

November also saw the first competitive action of Gotham Girls Junior Derby, which is organized by the skaters of GGRD for girls age 8-17.[56] The GGJD began training in Spring 2012 and hosted Black Mamba Junior Derby from Syracuse, NY. The GGJD outscored the visitors, 210-135.[57]

Also in November, GGRD's All-Stars traveled to Australia to participate in three banked track exhibition bouts against the Los Angeles Derby Dolls. The Gotham All-Stars were victorious in all three bouts in the "Roller Derby Xtreme" tour, held in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, bringing Gotham's all-time record on the banked track up to 4 wins and 3 losses. A regular roster of GGRD All-Stars was joined by two local skaters in each of the three stops.[58] After the conclusion of the RDX Tour, the All-Stars wrapped up their season with victories over two Australian leagues, a sanctioned win over WFTDA member Victorian Roller Derby League of Melbourne and regulation win over Sun State Roller Girls of Brisbane (not yet a full WFTDA league at the time).


Season Final ranking[59] Playoffs Championship
2006 12[60] 10[61]
2007 5[62] 1[63] R1[64]
2008 1 1[65] 1[66]
2009 1 2[67] R2[68]
2010 1 1[69] 3[70]
2011 1 1[71] 1[72]
2012 1 1[73] 1[74]
2013 1 1 1
2014 N/A 1 1

Bouting Venue History

The league has competed at a variety of locations throughout New York City.

2004 - 2005: Skate Key in the Bronx (now defunct)

2006–present: Schwartz Athletic Center at Long Island University-Brooklyn

2006–present: Hunter College Sportsplex, Manhattan

2006 (one bout): Skate Safe America in Old Bethpage (Long Island)

2007–present: Nat Holman Gymnasium at City College of New York, Manhattan

2011 (one bout): Aviator Sports and Events Center, Brooklyn.

2012 (two bouts): Abe Stark Skating Arena in Coney Island, Brooklyn

Media appearances

In October 2011, Gotham skater Suzy Hotrod was featured photographed without clothing in ESPN Magazine's annual "The Body Issue",[75] representing roller derby alongside athletes from many other mainstream American sports.


In May 2010, the league and the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York announced that the Gotham Girls' 2010 home bouts would be telecast on a delayed basis on NYC life, the flagship station of NYC Media Group, the official TV, radio and online network of the City of New York.[76][77]

The NYC life Fall 2010 programming lineup expanded the Gotham Girls' telecast schedule to show bouts five nights a week on late-night programming.

The series of eight televised bouts would be produced directly by the league's volunteers. The arrangement marks the league's first foray into television broadcasting. Streamed replays of these broadcasts can be seen at

The broadcasting agreement was renewed for 2011 and 2012. The network continues to air delayed 88-minute broadcasts of GGRD bouting action along with player and team profiles.

In April 2011, the league produced its first pay-per-view interent broadcast of live bout action.

League champions and major awards

League Champions are determined in an end-of-season playoff bout.

Award winners are determined by poll of league members.

The C.A.N.T.S.L.E.E.P. award is the "Crass Award for Never-Tiring Support for the League with Endless Enthusiasm and Positivity," named for league founder Chassis Crass. In 2005 this award was titled the "Miss GGRD" award, and it was renamed in 2006.

Year League Champion League MVP Best Jammer Best Blocker Best Pivot Rookie of the Year C.A.N.T.S.L.E.E.P. Award
2005 Queens of Pain Rippin' Kittin (Manhattan) Rippin' Kittin (Manhattan) Carmen Monoxide (Queens) Ginger Snap (Manhattan) (not awarded) Chassis Crass (Brooklyn)
2006 Queens of Pain Suzy Hotrod (Queens) Suzy Hotrod (Queens) Donna Matrix (Queens) Ana Bollocks (Queens) Bonnie Thunders (Bronx) Ana Bollocks (Queens)
2007 Bronx Gridlock Beyonsláy (Bronx) (co-winners)

Bonnie Thunders (Bronx)
Cheapskate (Queens)

Beyonsláy (Bronx) Kandy Kakes (Bronx) Ani Dispanco (Brooklyn) Ginger Snap (Bronx)
2008 Queens of Pain Award divided as:

All-Stars MVP:
Donna Matrix
Traitors MVP:
Lil' Red Terror

Bonnie Thunders (Bronx) Fisti Cuffs (Manhattan) Sweet Sherry Pie (Manhattan) Em Dash (Manhattan) Stevie Kicks (Queens)
2009[78] Bronx Gridlock Suzy Hotrod (Queens) Bonnie Thunders (Bronx) Fisti Cuffs (Manhattan) Sweet Sherry Pie (Manhattan) OMG WTF (Brooklyn) Greta Turbo (Queens)
2010[79] Bronx Gridlock Bonnie Thunders (Bronx) Bonnie Thunders (Bronx) Donna Matrix (Queens) Papierschnitt (Brooklyn) B.Zerk (Bronx) Miss American Thighs (Manhattan)
2011[80] Brooklyn Bombshells Bonnie Thunders (Bronx) Bonnie Thunders (Bronx) Donna Matrix (Queens) Papierschnitt (Brooklyn) Brazilian Nut (Queens) Punk You (Official)
2012 [81] Manhattan Mayhem Bonnie Thunders (All-Stars) Bonnie Thunders (All-Stars) Sexy Slaydie (Brooklyn) Award renamed 'Best On-Track Leader':

OMG WTF (All-Stars), Sweet Sherry Pie (Manhattan) (tie)

Slambda Phage (Bronx) nameLes (Brooklyn)
2013 [82] Queens of Pain Bonnie Thunders (All-Stars) Bonnie Thunders (All-Stars) Mick Swagger (Bronx) Award renamed 'Best On-Track Leader':

OMG WTF (All-Stars)

D.A.R.Y.L (Manhattan) Anne Phetamean (Brooklyn)

Retired numbers

11 - Chassis Crass

In May 2009, the league retired the uniform number of league founder Chassis Crass.

Her framed Brooklyn Bombshell retired uniform hangs at Manitoba's, 99 Avenue B in Manhattan.


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