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International Bank of Azerbaijan

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Title: International Bank of Azerbaijan  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Jahangir Hajiyev, AzeriCard, International Insurance Company, Global Finance (magazine), Banking in Azerbaijan
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International Bank of Azerbaijan

International Bank of Azerbaijan
Type Open Joint Stock Company
Industry Banking
Founded 10 January 1992
Headquarters Baku, Azerbaijan
Area served Worldwide
Key people Jahangir Hajiyev,
Chairman of the Board
Products Consumer banking, corporate banking, finance and insurance, credit and debit cards
Revenue Increase US$ 630 million (2012)[1]
Operating income Increase US$ 282 million (2012)[1]
Net income Increase US$ 67 million (2012)[1]
Total assets Increase US$ 9.79 billion (2013)[2]
Total equity Increase US$ 600 million (2013)[1]
Employees 1,304 (June 30, 2013)[1]
Subsidiaries International Bank of Azerbaijan-Georgia
  • 1990 (1990) – Founded
  • 1996 (1996) – Launches AzeriCard
  • 2009 (2009) – Becomes first bank in Azerbaijan to issue Visa cards
  • 2002 (2002) – Launches International Insurance Company
  • 2002 (2002) – Opens IBA-Moscow
  • 2002 (2002) – Joins World Economic Forum
  • 2007 (2007) – Opens IBA-Georgia
  • 2009 (2009) – Becomes first bank in Azerbaijan to issue American Express cards
  • 2009 (2009) – Expands to United States with office in New York City
  • 2011 (2011) – Receives Investment Angel award at International Banking Conference of CIS'
  • 2012 (2012) – Named Best Bank in Azerbaijan by Global Finance magazine
  • 2013 (2013) – Begins issuing MasterCard debit cards.
  • 2013 (2013) – Enters Islamic financing market with US $120 million.
  • 2014 (2014) – Expected to open new headquarters building in Baku
  • 2014 (2014) – Named Best Bank in Azerbaijan again by Global Finance

The International Bank of Azerbaijan is the state-controlled bank operating in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Headquartered in Baku, the bank consists of 36 branches and 95 service outlets in more than 40 cities.[3]

The bank's regional rankings grew in 2014. For example, in 2013, IBA was the 34th largest bank in the CIS; in 2014, it grew to be the 31st largest bank. The ranking, computed by RIA Novosti, covers 200 of the largest financial institutions in the CIS banking market.[2]

Within the South Caucasus region, IBA has the largest asset scope, customer base, and international business of all banks.[4] IBA has more than 30,000 corporate customers and 400,000 individual customers. Nearly all large and medium companies that have operations in Azerbaijan are IBA customers.[4]

Over 1,300 people work at IBA.[4] According to CISTRAN Finance, IBA is one of the world's 1,000 largest and most stable banks in 2013.[5] Jahangir Hajiyev joined the bank in 1995 as chairman of the Credit Committee and director of Credit and Investments. He has served as chairman since 2001.[6]


  • History 1
    • Early years 1.1
    • Rapid growth 1.2
    • World stage 1.3
  • Financial 2
    • World rankings 2.1
    • Q1-Q2, 2014 2.2
    • 2013 2.3
      • Deposits 2.3.1
      • Dividends 2.3.2
      • Market position 2.3.3
      • Moody's 2.3.4
      • Performance 2.3.5
      • Portfolio 2.3.6
      • Assets 2.3.7
      • Equity portfolio 2.3.8
      • Financial audit 2.3.9
      • Major loan activity 2.3.10
      • Total credit portfolio 2.3.11
  • Corporate affairs 3
    • Board of Directors 3.1
    • Headquarters 3.2
    • Ownership 3.3
  • Services 4
    • Corporate customer services 4.1
      • Business loans 4.1.1
      • Currency exchange 4.1.2
      • E-commerce 4.1.3
      • InternetBank 4.1.4
      • Salary card 4.1.5
      • Settlement services 4.1.6
    • Individual customer services 4.2
    • Private Banking 4.3
  • Operations 5
    • Customer initiatives 5.1
      • R@ndevu 5.1.1
      • Pension ATMs 5.1.2
    • Investment management 5.2
      • Construction 5.2.1
      • Energy 5.2.2
      • Manufacturing 5.2.3
      • Methanol 5.2.4
      • Mining 5.2.5
    • International operations 5.3
    • Organizational structure 5.4
  • Syndicated Murabaha financing entity 6
    • History 6.1
    • Definition 6.2
    • Azerbaijan's importance in the market 6.3
    • Program offerings 6.4
    • Qibla 6.5
    • Subsidiaries 6.6
      • IBA-Georgia 6.6.1
      • IBA-Moscow 6.6.2
      • Non-banking sector investment companies 6.6.3
    • Technology 6.7
  • Public affairs 7
    • Awards and recognition 7.1
      • Best Bank in Azerbaijan 7.1.1
      • Best Local Bank 7.1.2
      • Investment Angel 7.1.3
      • Top 200 in Eurasia 7.1.4
      • World's Best Emerging Market Banks 7.1.5
    • Community involvement 7.2
    • Cross-promotions 7.3
    • Memberships 7.4
    • Partnerships 7.5
      • American Express 7.5.1
      • Baku stock exchange 7.5.2
      • MasterCard 7.5.3
      • Microsoft 7.5.4
    • Privatization 7.6
  • See also 8
  • Notes 9
  • References 10
  • External links 11


Early years

The bank began in 1990 as a branch office of Russian bank “Vneshekonombank” (RUS: Внешэкономбанк). In 1992, the office grew into a full joint-stock bank.[7]

In 1996, IBA founded the credit card processing company AzeriCard.[7]

The bank began relationships with both Visa and MasterCard in 1997, and the bank began issuing bank cards using those systems.[7]

Rapid growth

The few years after 2000 marked a period of growth and international recognition for IBA.

In 2002, the bank accomplished many growth initiatives, including:[7]

  1. Creating the Azerbaijani insurance company International Insurance Company, which remains the country's largest insurance provider (in terms of paid-in capital) as of October 2013;
  2. Opening two subsidiary banks in Georgia;
  3. Entering the World Economic Forum "Community of Growth Companies" as a full member;
  4. Offering American Express cards.

World stage

The IBA management team laid a foundation for growth in the 2000s. Chairman Hajiyev led the bank to international prominence, and by 2010, the bank was recognized as entering the world stage as a major player. The bank opened many international representative offices in the 2000s, including offices in the London, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, and Dubai.[7]

In 2009, the bank established an official presence in the United States of America with an office in New York.[7]

In 2010, IBA participated in the United Nations 7th Meeting of the Global Compact Working Group on the 10th Principle against Corruption.[8]


World rankings

In 2014, IBA holds the following rankings among banks worldwide:[9]

  • Capital: #776
  • Assets: #722
  • Capital adequacy ratio: #546
  • Return on equity: #447
  • Return on assets: #520

Q1-Q2, 2014

According to a report issued by the bank on July 1, 2014, IBA's assets increased over 25 percent during 2014 to over AZN 8 billion. Other updated financial figures included:[10]

  • Loan portfolio: Increased 23.4 percent to AZN 5.5 billion.
  • Individual loans: Totalled at AZN 563 million.
  • Revenue: First the first two quarters of 2014, the bank made over AZN 330 million in revenue.
  • Profit: Net profit for the first two quarters of 2014 was AZN 29.7 million.


In 2013, the bank's assets increased to 7.17 billion AZN. On January 1, 2014, the bank's loan portfolio amounted to over 5 billion AZN. The loan portfolio dollar amount great by 30 percent between 2012 and 2013.[11]


Deposits at IBA have increased 20.2% since the beginning of 2012. Total deposits amount to 1.165 billion manat.[12]


In November 2012, shareholders voted to pay over 63 percent of undistributed profits as dividends. Approximately 8.6 million manat will be paid out as dividends. For 2009, 2010, and 2010, the bank's net profit amounted to 200.958 million manat. Revenues equaled 1.2 billion manat.[13]

Market position

As of July 1, 2012, IBA held the following sector positions:[14]

  • 35% of banking market in Azerbaijan
  • 30% of the loan portfolio market
  • 35% of the total deposit portfolio


On May 30, 2013, Moody’s Investors Service announced that it upgraded the bank’s outlook to “Stable” in the following ratings:[15]

  • Long term foreign currency senior unsecured debt
  • Long-term foreign currency subordinated debt
  • Long-term local and foreign currency deposits
  • Standalone financial strength


On April 22, 2013, the bank announced its key financial results for 2012:[16][17][18]

  • Aggregate capital increased by 40% to AZN 720 million.
  • Assets increased by 17.5% to AZN 5.891 billion.
  • Authorized capital increased by 38% to AZN 331 million.
  • Credit portfolio increased by 28.8% to AZN 4 billion.
  • Loans to individuals increased to AZN 476 million.
  • Net income increased by 80% to AZN 43.4 million.
  • Revenue increased to AZN 377.8 million.
  • Total capital increased by 78.3% to AZN 747 million.


The bank's portfolio information for 2012-2013 includes the following:

A chart showing the percentage increase in key financial measures for the International Bank of Azerbaijan in 2012


As of July 31, 2013, the bank’s assets amounted to AZN 6.42 billion. This figure amounted to an increase of over 25% over the prior year.[19]

Equity portfolio

See the Subsidiaries section above.

Financial audit

The bank’s primary auditor is Deloitte & Touche.[20]

Major loan activity

In 2012, IBA signed a 5-year bilateral loan agreement for US $145 million. The bank entered the Islamic financing market in 2013 with an initial investment of US $120 million.[7]

Total credit portfolio

The bank holds over 34 percent of the total credit portfolio in Azerbaijan.[21]

Corporate affairs

Board of Directors

IBA has four members on its Board of Directors:[22]

  • Chairman: Jahangir Hajiyev
  • First duty chairman: Emil Mustafayev
  • Deputy chairman: Vagif Akbarov
  • Deputy chairman: Gubad Huseynov

The board of the bank will remain in office until July 2015.[23]


The bank is building a new headquarters building that will be commissioned in 2014. The current headquarters is located in the central area of Baku.[24][25]


The Azerbaijan Ministry of Finance is the bank’s main shareholder, possessing a 50.2 percent equity stake.[26] The bank holds 40 to 50 percent of the Azerbaijan banking system’s total assets. Of the largest 10 banks in Azerbaijan, the bank holds 44.2% of assets, 47.6% of loans, 15.7% of retail loans, 39.4% of deposits, 30.5% of capital and 44.3% of banking sector profits.[27]


Corporate customer services

The bank offers various types of bank accounts for business customers.[28]

Business loans

The bank offers a number of business loans, including business project financing, loans syndication, and long-term loans.[28]

Currency exchange

IBA buys and sells various currencies by offering a currency exchange.[28]


The bank works with business customers to set up e-commerce services on the business’ website. The e-commerce system allows customers to use a Visa or MasterCard to buy merchandise and services online.[28]


The bank’s full-service online banking system is called InternetBank.[28]

Salary card

The bank also offers businesses and their employees a “salary card.” An employer puts money onto the card for an employee’s salary, bonuses, and any other types of pay.[28]

Settlement services

The bank offers a suite of corporate banking services called “settlement services.” The services includes accounts that use more than one currency, "salary cards,” cash deposits and withdrawal, money transfers and online account management.[28]

Individual customer services

Individual customers can get a MasterCard, Visa and American Express card through the bank.[29] To date, the bank has issued over 2.5 million bank cards to customers.[11]

The bank also provides “micro-loans,” which are loans up to 5,000 manat for customers age 20-65. Individuals can also apply for regular short-term and long-term personal loans.[29]

Individual customers can do online banking with IBA’s InternetBank system. Customers can pay bills online to various Azeri companies like Aztelekom, Azercell, Alfanet, and AzEuroTel. Customers can also set up automatic, recurring monthly payments. Customers can also make online purchases through the WebMoney, a service similar to PayPal.[29]

For retired customers who receive pensions, the bank offers a service called Pension+. The bank gives interest-free loans of 100 manat or more. Repayments for the loan are made automatically when the customer gets their next pension deposit. Additionally, the IBA offers safety deposit boxes.[29]

Private Banking

The bank runs a private banking service for wealthy individuals called “Prestige Club,” a personal banking service aimed at wealthy customers. IBA started the service in 2011.[30] Members of the club get personal assistance with all areas of life, such as business, leisure, travel, home and family.[31]

In 2012, the growth in deposits at IBA-Moscow was mostly due to deposits made by members of the Prestige Club; these deposits accounted for 73 percent of the total growth in customer deposits.[32]

In late 2013, the bank’s Russian branch, IBA-Moscow, started a service called the Multi-Family Office Prestige Club. The service provides private banking services such as consulting, tax and investment help.[33] Fagan Naghiyev serves as the head of Prestige Club Private Banking at IBA-Moscow.[34]

The bank has described Prestit as a personal banking service “designed to organize all processes in all areas of life” such as business, property, inheritance, and travel.[35][36] Some of the services are only available for people who have over $50,000 USD in their account.[37]


Customer initiatives

Although the bank offers many programs, the R@ndevu service and "Pension ATM" program have received media attention:


The bank offers customers a service known as “R@ndevu.” The service helps customers get appointments at branches without waiting in line. To do so, customers make appointments online or through the phone.[38]

To run the program, the bank procured a “queue management system” known as eSirius produced by a French company called ESII.[39]

Pension ATMs

IBA is one of the banks that manages Azerbaijani pensions. In 2013, IBA will roll out new ATMs that people can use to draw out their pensions more easily.[40]

Investment management

The bank maintains a balanced portfolio of investment companies:


The bank has also financed Akkord Industry Construction Investment Corporation, an Azeri construction company.[41]


IBA has played a significant financial role with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR). In 2011, total liabilities of SOCAR to IBA amounted to 680 million manat.[42]


In June 2012, it was reported in the Azeri-Press News Agency that the bank has financed construction of a weaving factory in the United Arab Emirates.[43]


IBA has provided capital financing to AzMeCo, an Azerbaijani methanol production company. In November 2012, AzMeCo signed a contract with BP for the sale, purchase and marketing of methanol produced at the AzMeCo plant in Azerbaijan. The process will begin in 2013.[44]

The cost of the plant construction will be US$360 million.[44]


Gold mining company Anglo-Asian Mining PLC got $30 million from IBA to construct an “agitation leaching plant.” IBA has provided Anglo-Asian Mining with a letter of intent that states the bank may provide up to an additional $42 million. The company will build the plant on the Gadabay gold and copper mine[45]

International operations

In May 2008, the bank became the Azerbaijan source for the issuance of Eurobonds and American Express credit cards.[46] In July 2008, the bank received permission from the U.S. Federal Reserve Board to open a representative office in New York City.[47] The bank is expanding internationally. In the first six months of 2012, direct investment into Azerbaijan increased to $2.2 billion, which was a 27 percent increase over the same period a year earlier.[48]

Organizational structure

The bank is structured around a boards, committees, departments, branches and sub-branches, representative offices and the bank's chief directors.[49]

Syndicated Murabaha financing entity

As of April 2013, the Islamic banking institution. IBA is now the only bank in Azerbaijan with the certification by AAOFI.[50]


On July 21, 2013, it was reported that Barwa Bank, Emirates NBD Capital Limited, J.P. Morgan Limited, and Noor Islamic Bank PJSC invested $120.5 million (U.S. dollars) into and created a syndicated Murabaha financing entity for the IBA.[51]


According to Investopedia, Murabaha is a loan that does not charge interest; instead, an intermediary holds ownership of the property until the buyer pays off the loan.[52]

Azerbaijan's importance in the market

In October 2012, Azer News reported that Azerbaijan is becoming a regional center for Islamic financing. According to the article, "Islamic financing is one of the fastest-growing segments of the global financial services industry worldwide. The International Bank of Azerbaijan (IBA), the country’s leading bank, has recently established an Islamic banking department..."[53]

Program offerings

The bank offers Murahaba (transactions with precious metals), Mudaraba (deposit transactions), Vakala (financial services), Icara (leasing), and Qard-al-Hasan (customer service).[53]

The IBA would use proceeds from the entity to finance its line of Shariah-compliant loans.[51]


In 2013, IBA created a credit and debit card geared toward Islamic customers. The card, known as Qibla, has a digital compass that points to Mecca.[54]


The bank owns several subsidiaries which include direct subsidiary banks of IBA and non-banking sector companies.

A map of the country of Georgia


  • International Bank of Azerbaijan web site

External links

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See also

While the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has continued to push for privatization of the bank, Vahid Akhundov, who is the Azerbaijan State Councilor for Economic Issues, has said that state-owned banks have a legitimate role in Azerbaijan and in other countries. Mr. Akhundov has also acknowledged that the existence of IBA as a state-owned bank has eliminated past problems.[76]


In 2013, IBA and the Microsoft Corporation signed a long-term enterprise agreement. The agreement allows IBA to use Microsoft software on its computer systems.[75]


In April 2013, IBA began issuing MasterCard debit cards. The debit card lines include standard MasterCard, MasterCard gold, and MasterCard platinum.[74]


MasterCard is a $7 billion company with over 6,700 employees

IBA also holds a 47.6% ownership interest in Joint Leasing Closed Corporation and a 20% ownership interest in Baku Interbank Stock Exchange.[72] Joint Leasing has 30 percent of the leasing market share in Azerbaijan, and its portfolio is valued at around $44 million.[73]

Baku stock exchange

On November 3, 2012, it was reported that the IBA and American Express have signed an exclusive cooperation deal. "According to the International Bank of Azerbaijan, this agreement will become a new step in the development of relations between International Bank of Azerbaijan and American Express."[71]

American Express

American Express cards account for approximately 24% of the total dollar volume of credit card transactions in the United States

Some prominent businesses and organizations that have partnered with IBA include the following:


IBA is a member of the following professional organizations and systems:[70]


The bank runs a promotion with Visa, Inc. called “'Pay by card Visa abroad and win a prize!” The bank gives prizes such as iPhones to customers who use their credit card outside of Azerbaijan.[68] In 2013, the bank partnered with Azercell and Visa for a joint promotion. The promotion gave free cell phone minutes to customers if they pay their cell phone bill with an IBA Visa debit card.[69]


In 2012, IBA began sponsoring an annual youth Sweden, Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Estonia.[67]

Community involvement

Shafa Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan, home of FC Inter Baku

In 2012, Global Finance magazine named IBA as one of the World’s Best Emerging Market Banks in Asia.[66]

World's Best Emerging Market Banks

In 2012, IBA was ranked number 38 in "Top 200 Banks in Eurasia" by Business New Europe magazine. IBA is the only bank from Azerbaijan included on the list.[65]

Top 200 in Eurasia

In 2011, at the International Banking Conference of CIS, the International Organization of Creditors awarded IBA with the Investment Angel award.[64]

Investment Angel

In May 2013, the bank was named “Best Local Bank” by EMEA Finance magazine. Each year, EMEA Finance gives “best bank” awards to banks in more than 20 different categories.[63]

Best Local Bank

IBA was named the Best Bank in Azerbaijan by Global Finance magazine[1] in 2012 and 2014. The criteria for winning included assets growth, profitability, strategic development, customer service, competitive advantages and innovative products. Global Finance describes the rankings: "The winners are not always the biggest banks but rather the best—those with the qualities that corporations should look for when choosing a bank. These are banks with effective risk management systems, quality service and best practices in corporate governance."[61][62]

Best Bank in Azerbaijan

The bank has received awards and recognition from organizations around the world. Some of these include the following:

Awards and recognition

Public affairs

The bank is implementing a new ATM management system. Naumen Service Desk, which is a subsidiary of Naumen Company, is developing the system for IBA. Naumen is a software developer based in Russia.[59] IBA and Naumen are leading Azerbaijan toward implementation of virtualization technology across multiple industries.[60]


These investments include:

Non-banking sector investment companies

IBA-Moscow is a subsidiary bank of the IBA in Moscow, Russia, that was started in 2002. The primary purpose is to deepen trade and economic ties between Russia and Azerbaijan and to provide services to Azerbaijani citizens who live in Russia. The bank is located at 125009, Moscow, ul. Tverskaya, 6, str. 2.[58]


The Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia

IBA-Georgia is a member of the Tbilisi Interbank Stock Exchange, Association of Banks of Georgia, and the Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe.


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