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International Federation of Basque Pelota


International Federation of Basque Pelota

International Federation of Basque Pelota
Sport Basque pelota
Category Professional Men (1st and 2nd) ; Professional Women (1st and 2nd); Amateur (Men and Women)
Jurisdiction Spain
Founded 1929 (1929)
Headquarters Bernardino Tirapu, 67 Pamplona, Navarra, Spain
President Dominique Boutineau (France)
Chairman García Angulo (spain)
Secretary J.B Dunat (France)
Official website

The International Federation of Basque Pelota (Spanish: Federación Internacional de Pelota Vasca, Basque: Euskal Pilotaren Nazioarteko Federakuntza) is the world-wide governing body for Basque pelota, recognized by the International Olympic Committee.[1] It sets the regulations for international competition and organizes the competitions.


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The FIPV is a sports federation recognized by the following confederations.


The International federation of Basque pelota was established on May 19, 1929, in Buenos Aires, Argentina brought into being by the French Federation of Basque Pelota, the Spanish Federation of Basque Pelota and the Argentinian Federation of Basque Pelota. Due to the outbreak of World War II and the Spanish Civil War, their activities were restricted until 1945. In 1946 the official modalities regulated by the federation were defined, and its specific rules set for equality of the participant country federations and the international championships. The headquarters of the federation are currently located in Pamplona, Spain.[2]
President Years Active
Jean Ybarnegaray 1929–1946
Manuel Balet Crous 1946–1954
Carmelo Balda Galarraga 1954–1969
Javier Gil de Biedma 1970–1978
Jesús Fernández Iriondo 1978–1994
Enrique Gaytán de Ayala 1994–2002
Dominique Boutineau 2002–Present


  • Pala Corta
  • Rubber-paleta
  • Paleta-Leather (fronton)
  • Paleta-Leather (trinquete)
  • Xare
  • Cesta Punta
  • Frontenis
  • Hand-pelota (fronton)
  • Hand-pelota (trinquete)

Participating national federations

Currently the International Federation is constituted by 27 national federations.
Country Federation
 Spain Spanish Federation of Basque Pelota
 France French Federation of Basque Pelota
 Argentina Argentinian Federation of Basque Pelota
 Canada Canadian Federation of Basque Pelota
 United States United States Federation of Basque Pelota
 Mexico Mexican Federation of Basque Pelota
 Uruguay Uruguayan Federation of Basque Pelota
 Italy Italian Federation of Basque Pelota
 Philippines Filipino Federation of Basque Pelota
 Greece Greek Federation of Basque Pelota
 India All India Pelota Vasca Federation (Regd.)
 Belgium Belgian Federation of Basque Pelota
 Netherlands Dutch Federation of Basque Pelota
 Venezuela Venezuelan Federation of Basque Pelota
 Puerto Rico Puerto Rican Federation of Basque Pelota
 Peru Peruvian Federation of Basque Pelota
 Paraguay Paraguayan Federation of Basque Pelota
 Nicaragua Nicaraguan Federation of Basque Pelota
 Guatemala Guatemalan Federation of Basque Pelota
 El Salvador El Salvador Federation of Basque Pelota
 Ecuador Ecuadorian Federation of Basque Pelota
 Chile Chilean Federation of Basque Pelota
 Cuba Cuban Federation of Basque Pelota
 Costa Rica Costa Rica Federation of Basque Pelota
 Brazil Brazilian Federation of Basque Pelota
 Bolivia Bolivian Federation of Basque Pelota

Medal count

The current historical medal count since 1952 is as follows:[3][4][5]

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  France 58 47 35 140
2  Spain 56 61 29 146
3  Argentina 42 23 11 76
4  Mexico 37 34 24 95
5  Uruguay 4 29 13 46
6  Cuba 2 4 9 15
7  United States 0 1 2 3
8  Chile 0 0 6 6

Note 1: Medal count is sorted by total gold medals, then total silver medals, then total bronze medals, then alphabetically.

Note 2: From 1952 to 1970 there wasn't dispute for the bronze medal.

Note 3: The table includes all modalities, including the Plaza Libre event from the 1952 and from the 1958 Basque Pelota World Championships.


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External links

  • International Federation of Basque pelota Official Site
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