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Israeli Juggling Convention

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Title: Israeli Juggling Convention  
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Israeli Juggling Convention

The Israeli Juggling Convention (IJC) takes place each year during the Passover Holiday. The IJC is the second biggest juggling convention in the world (after the EJC) with around 2000 participants each year.


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Israeli juggling conventions started in the late 80s and then took a break before continuing regularly from the mid-90s. Since 2000, the IJC has been on the same site and has used a consistent format:

  • The convention takes place during the intermediary days of Passover.[1]
  • Since 2000, the convention has been located in the Gan HaShlosha National Park in the north of Israel near Beit She'an.[1]
  • It is a camping convention and the main activities take place in a large on-site gym. There are vendors, workshops, and general practice space available for juggling and many other circus skills.[1]
  • Neighboring Beit Shean has a theater which hosts the Special Show, The Israeli Show, and the International Gala.[1] From 2012 all seats are reserved on purchase.
  • The first evening has a juggling competition named in memory of Avi Rosenberg. The competition alternates each year between 3 ball and 3 club open and the winners are voted for by the audience. In 2014 it was modified to a best trick competition with any prop. Cash prizes are sponsored by the Rosenberg family.[1]
  • The Special Show is a full theater show that varies between artistic, theatrical, technical, and comedy.[1]
  • Smaller shows include an open stage, a fire show, renegades, juggle jam, kids show, fire show and sometimes others.[1]
  • The Juggling Olympics is usually one of the last days or nights of the convention. Numerous juggling games and contests are presented. Highlights include the "Tournir Yoni" 3 tennis ball combat and also club combat.[1]
  • An Israeli Show is usually on the second to last day of the convention. The show presents many of the best performers in Israel.[1]
  • The International Gala is on the final evening and is a high quality variety show with about a dozen world-class performers brought in from around the world.[1]
  • 2015 had some new additions: a parade in Bet Shean, games in the 2000-year-old Beit Shean Roman Theater, a formal Fight Night (1 on 1 combat), and a closing show.

Past conventions

Number Year Main Organizer Guest Artists Attendance Location
22 2015 Ron Atazky Dan Holzman(USA), Alexandra Soboleva, Patrik Elmnert(Sweden), Wes Peden(USA), Bogdan Illouz, Gon Fernandez, Emil Dahl(Sweden), Solvejg Weyeneth, Matthew Poki McCorkle(USA). Guest Info ~1,500 * (Limited attendance) Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
21 2014 Ron Atazky Michael Davies, Kyle Johnson, Miguel Gigosos Ronda, Samuel Youde, Guillaume Martinet & Eric Longequel, Roxana Küwen, Guillaume Karpowicz and Daniel Sánchez Rodríguez.Guest Info ~1,300 * (Limited attendance) Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
20 2013 Ron Atazky Lorenzo Mastropietro, Mikel Ayala, Mael Tabibi, Jordi Querol, Steven Ragatz, Gustaf Rosell, Anni Kuper, Laura Von Bongard, Mario Danee, Arata Urawa, Antoine Terrieux, Julien Mandier. ~1,900 Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
19 2012 Ron Atazky Paul Ponce, Eric Bates, Tony Pezzo, Luis Sartori, Etienne Chauzy, Marianna De Sanctis, Riccardo Tanca, and Petter Wadsten. ~1,700 Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
18 2011 Ron Atazky Ines Brun, Stefan Sing & Cristiana Casadio, Matt Hall, Shake That (Hans Vanwynsberghe, Joris Verbeeren, Sander De Cuyper, Nino Mertens, Gab Bondewel), Cie Ea Eo (Eric Longequel, Sander De Cuyper, Jordaan De Cuyper, Bram Dobbelaere), Florent Lestage ~1,300 Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
17 2010 Ron Atazky Pol & Freddy, Joelle Huguenin, Jacob and Nate Sharpe, Jorden Moir, Jeanine Ebnöther, Mathieu Moustache, Pavel Evsukevich, Isabella Du Bois, Cyrille Humen and Daniel Shultz ~1,200 Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
16 2009 Ron Atazky Matthias Romir, Lena Köhn, Mike Rollins, Ronan McLoughlin, Luis "Toto" Villesca, Le BoTrio, DeFracto (Guillaume Mardinet and Minhtam Kaplan), Carlos Muñoz, Alexander Kulakov. ~1,200 Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
15 2008 Ron Atazky Wes Peden, Lorenzo Mastropietro, Frida Odden, Sean Blue, Look Sharp (Peter Aberg and Viktor Gyllenberg), Fred Normal, Nicolas Longuechaud, Audrey Decaillon and Fraser Hooper ~1,100 Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
14 2007 Ron Atazky Erik Aberg (Sweden), Morgan (France), Marco Paoletti (South America), Jan Oving (Holland), Luke Burrage and Pola Braendle (England/Germany), Tempei Arakawa (Japan) ~1,000 Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
13 2006 Ron Atazky Maksim Komaro and Markus Lahtinen, Matt Hall (USA), Tr’espace, the German/Swiss Diabolo Duo, La Petit Travers (France), Get The Shoe ~1,000 Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
12 2005 Ron Atazky Pas En Rond (France), Jean Furry (France), Markus Furtner (Germany), Stefan Sing and Philip Mayhofer (Germany), Thomas Dietz and Mark "Schani" Probst" (Germany/Austria), Bob Cates (Canada)[2] ~900 Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
11 2004 Kulu Itsik Orr and Ron Atazky Thomas Dietz (Germany), Peter Gerber (Germany), Mark "Schani" Probst (Austria), Tony Duncan (USA), Vincent Berhault and Compagnie Du Singulier (France)[3] 864 Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
10 2003 Kulu Itsik Orr Vova and Olga Galchenko (Russia), Denis Paumier and Les Objets Volants (France)[4] 775[5] Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
9 2002 Kulu Itsik Orr Tom Murphy (after a last minute cancellation by the Gandini Project) 400[6] Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
8 2001 Kulu Itsik Orr Luke Wilson (England) and Ilka Licht (Germany), Tomas Dahlen (Sweden) 300 Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
7 2000 Kulu Itsik Orr Pepretuum Mobile (Israel), Isaac Orr and Amir Levi (Israel), Ofer Blum (Israel), Mikhail Staroseletsky (Israel). 200 Gan HaShlosha National Park (Sachne)
6 1999 Guy Lev Rod Laver (England), Bim Mason (England) 140 Yafit, Jordan Valley
5 1998 Guy Lev Flying Bob (Canada) 120 Kibbutz Tuval
4 1997 Scott Seltzer[7] Francois Volet and Rena Penna (Australia)[7] 100 Hebrew University, Givat Ram, Jerusalem[8]
-- 1996 Raphael Harris[9] Yosef (Jonathon) Rosenberg 100[5] Hineni Center, Downtown Jerusalem
3 1990 Omri Bar-Lev Lee Hays ~70 Eilat
2 1989 Roni and Rusty ~70 Eilat
1 1988 Roni and Rusty Eilat

Run by volunteers

  • IJC is backed by a certified non-profit organization, The Non-Profit for the Advancement of Juggling and Circus in Israel. The convention is run mainly by volunteers (except for some small roles such as security and registration).

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