James Mead

Mead is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert E. Mead (1861–1909), fifth Governor of U.S. state of Washington
  • Andrea Mead-Lawrence (b. 1932), American alpine skier and Olympic gold medalist
  • Carver Mead (b. 1934), U.S. computer scientist
  • Cato Mead (ca. 1761-1846), black American Revolutionary War veteran
  • Charlie Mead (b. 1921), Canadian baseball player
  • Chip Mead (1950–1993), American race car driver from Dayton, Ohio
  • Chris Mead (1940–2003), ornithologist
  • Courtland Mead (b. 1987), U.S. actor, best known for playing Danny Torrance in Stephen King's The Shining
  • Cowles Mead (1776–1844), U.S. Representative from Georgia
  • Daniel W. Mead (1862–1948), American engineer
  • Darren Mead (b. 1971), Australian rules footballer
  • David Mead (disambiguation)
  • Dorothy Mead (1928–1975), English painter
  • Elizabeth Storrs Mead (1832–1917), American educator and President of Mount Holyoke College
  • Elwood Mead (1858–1936), U.S. politician and engineer, head of the Bureau of Reclamation
  • George Herbert Mead (1863–1931), philosopher
  • G. R. S. Mead (1863–1933), English author, editor, and esotericist
  • Hassan Mead (b. 1989), cross country and track and field athlete
  • James Mead, member of the Christian rock band Kutless
  • James M. Mead (1885–1964), U.S. Senator from New York
  • John A. Mead (1841–1920), U.S. politician from Vermont
  • Jon Mead (b. 1967), Canadian curler
  • Larkin Goldsmith Mead (1815–1910), American sculptor
  • Lee Mead (b. 1981), British musical theatre actor
  • Les Mead, Australian rugby league footballer
  • Lynda Lee Mead (b. ca 1939), 1960 winner of the Miss America pageant
  • Margaret Mead (1901–1978), anthropologist
  • Mary Mead (1935-1996), rancher and Wyoming politician
  • Matt Mead (born 1962), Governor of Wyoming
  • Matthew Mead (b. 1924), English poet
  • Michael Mead (b. 1956), English professional ballroom dance champion and choreographer
  • Mike Mead, American drummer
  • Pete Mead (1924–2007), American middleweight boxer
  • Phil Mead (1887–1958), English cricketer
  • Richard Mead (1673–1754), English physician
  • Richelle Mead (b. 1976), American fantasy author
  • Shepherd Mead (1914–1994), American author
  • Sidney Moko Mead (b. 1927) New Zealand Māori anthropologist, historian, artist, teacher and writer
  • Sister Janet Mead (b. 1938), Australian Catholic nun and musician
  • Slade Mead (b. 1961), former U.S. Senator for Arizona
  • Steven Mead (b. 1962), British euphonium solo player
  • Stu Mead (b. 1955), American painter
  • Syd Mead (b. 1933), industrial designer, worked on films such as Blade Runner
  • Taylor Mead (1924–2013), American writer and actor
  • Tom Mead (1918–2004), Australian politician
  • Walter Mead (1869–1954), Essex cricketer
  • Walter Russell Mead (b. 1952), American foreign thinker
  • William Rutherford Mead (1846–1928), structural engineer, co-founder of the architecture firm McKim, Mead, and White

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