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Korfball Europa Cup


Korfball Europa Cup

The Korfball European Cup is the main korfball competition for clubs in Europe. The first Europa Cup took place in 1967 in London (England), with two teams from the Netherlands, Belgium and the host nation England. Ons Eibernest from The Hague won the first tournament. Clubs from the Netherlands and Belgium are the only ones that have won the Tournament, and Mitcham (England) and Adler Rauxel (Germany) are the only ones outside Netherlands and Belgium that have once reached the final.


Outdoor Europa Cup
Year Host Gold Champions Silver Second Bronze Third
1967 Mitcham Ons Eibernest ROHDA ATBS
1968 Antwerp Blauw Wit Ons Eibernest Scaldis SC
1969 Eindhoven Blauw Wit ROHDA ATBS
1970 Croydon Ons Eibernest Blauw Wit Meeuwen
1971 Antwerp Ons Eibernest LUTO Scaldis SC
1972 Amsterdam ROHDA Ons Eibernest AKC
1973 London Ons Eibernest Riviera KC ROHDA
1974 Antwerp Ons Eibernest Riviera KC ATBS
1975 The Hague Ons Eibernest LUTO Boeckenberg
1976 Mitcham Ons Eibernest LUTO Kwik
1977 Bochum Riviera KC PKC Kwik
1978 Antwerp LUTO Riviera KC Kwik
1979 Papendrecht PKC Borgerhout Schweriner KC
1980 Papendrecht PKC Adler Rauxel Kwik
1981 Ekeren PKC Kwik
1982 Nijeveen DOS'46 Borgerhout Adler Rauxel
1983 Antwerp ROHDA Borgerhout Adler Rauxel
1985 Papendrecht PKC Borgerhout Adler Rauxel
1986 Antwerp AKC Fortuna Adler Rauxel
Indoor Europa Cup
Year Host Gold Champions Silver Second Bronze Third
1985 Papendrecht PKC Sikopi Adler Rauxel
1986 Bourges ROHDA AKC Adler Rauxel
1988 Antwerp Oost Arnhem AKC Adler Rauxel
1989 Arnhem Oost Arnhem AKC Adler Rauxel
1990 Papendrecht PKC Catbavrienden Adler Rauxel
1991 Lisboa Sikopi Fortuna Adler Rauxel
1992 Saint-Étienne Catbavrienden Deetos Adler Rauxel
1993 Castrop-Rauxel Deetos Catbavrienden Grün-Weiss
1994 Olomouc Deetos Borgerhout Grün-Weiss
1995 Debrecen ROHDA Catbavrienden Grün-Weiss
1996 Crystal Palace, London Deetos Mercurius Mitcham
1997 Terrassa Catbavrienden Oost Arnhem VKC Kolín
1998 Antwerp Catbavrienden Mitcham Grün-Weiss
1999 Prague PKC AKC Mitcham
2000 Papendrecht PKC Sikopi Adler Rauxel
2001 Terrassa Die Haghe AKC Grün-Weiss
2002 Prague PKC AKC Havířov
2003 Antwerp Die Haghe AKC Invicta
2004 Delft Fortuna AKC/Café Bar České Budějovice
2005 Saint-Étienne Fortuna/Tempus AKC/Café Bar Benfica
2006 Prievidza PKC/Café Bar Riviera KC Oryol STU
2007 Antwerp DOS'46 Riviera KC České Budějovice
2008 Carcavelos DOS'46 Boeckenberg Mitcham
2009 Zaanstad Koog Zaandijk Boeckenberg CC Oeiras
2010 Herentals DOS'46 Boeckenberg Adler Rauxel
2011[1] Budapest Koog Zaandijk Scaldis SC České Budějovice
2012 Warsaw TOP Boeckenberg Trojans
2013 Budapest Koog Zaandijk Boeckenberg KC NC Benfica


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