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Labour Party (UK) Shadow Cabinet election, 1996


Labour Party (UK) Shadow Cabinet election, 1996

Elections to the Labour Party's Shadow Cabinet took place in July 1996. Under the rules then in effect, the Commons members of the Parliamentary Labour Party elected 19 members of the Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet, who were then assigned portfolios by the leader. The Labour peers elected the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Lords. In addition, the Leader of the Labour Party and Deputy Leader (Tony Blair and John Prescott, respectively) were members by virtue of those offices. The 19 elected members of the Shadow Cabinet were the ones with the largest number of votes. MPs were required to vote for at least four women, but women were not necessarily guaranteed places in the Shadow Cabinet.

Retained in the Shadow Cabinet
Joined the Shadow Cabinet
Voted out of the Shadow Cabinet
1 Beckett, MargaretMargaret Beckett Derby South 251
2 Taylor, AnnAnn Taylor Dewsbury 250
3 Short, ClareClare Short Birmingham Ladywood 218
4 Strang, GavinGavin Strang Edinburgh East 217
5 Cook, RobinRobin Cook Livingston 215
6 Dewar, DonaldDonald Dewar Glasgow Garscadden 212
7 Dobson, FrankFrank Dobson Holborn and St Pancras 211
8 Mowlam, MoMo Mowlam Redcar 206
9† Clark, DavidDavid Clark South Shields 205
9† Meacher, MichaelMichael Meacher Oldham West 205
11 Davies, RonRon Davies Caerphilly 201
12 Cunningham, JackJack Cunningham Copeland 190
13 Straw, JackJack Straw Blackburn 189
14† Brown, GordonGordon Brown Dunfermline East 188
14† Smith, ChrisChris Smith Islington South and Finsbury 148
16 Robertson, GeorgeGeorge Robertson Hamilton 182
17† Blunkett, DavidDavid Blunkett Sheffield Brightside 175
17† Clarke, TomTom Clarke Monklands West 175
19 Harman, HarrietHarriet Harman Peckham 149
20 Clwyd, AnnAnn Clwyd Cynon Valley 94
21† Jones, LynneLynne Jones Birmingham Selly Oak 66
21† Mullin, ChrisChris Mullin Sunderland South 66
23 Paul Flynn Newport West 61
24 Banks, TonyTony Banks Newham North West 47
25 Canavan, DennisDennis Canavan Falkirk West 42
26 Corbyn, JeremyJeremy Corbyn Islington North 37

† Multiple candidates tied for position.


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