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Lhao Vo language

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Title: Lhao Vo language  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Gokhy language, Languages of Myanmar, Mango language (Sino-Tibetan), Muangphe language, Samu language
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Lhao Vo language

Lhao Vo
Lhao Vo
Native to Burma
Native speakers
100,000  (1997)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 mhx
Glottolog maru1249[2]

Maru, also known as Lhao Vo and Langsu (Chinese: 浪速), is a Burmish language of Burma with a few thousand speakers in China.


Dai Qingxia (2005:3) reports 5,600 Langsu speakers in China. Many thousands more are dispersed across the eastern edge of Kachin State, Burma.


The Langsong 浪宋 are found in Zaoyang 早阳 in Yunlong County, as well as in Baocun 表村, Laomo 老末, and Sancha 三岔.[3] They reportedly speak a highly endangered language that may be possibly related to Langsu.


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