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List of National League presidents

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Title: List of National League presidents  
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Subject: National League Division Series, Arizona Diamondbacks, National League Championship Series, San Diego Padres, Major League Baseball
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List of National League presidents

This is a list of National League presidents.

National League presidents

dagger Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame
Name Year(s) Ref(s)
Bulkeley, Morgan 1876 [1]
Hulbert, WilliamWilliam Hulbertdagger 1877–1882 [1]
Soden, ArthurArthur Soden 1882
Mills, Abraham G.Abraham G. Mills 1883–1884 [2]
Young, NicholasNicholas Young 1885–1902
Pulliam, HarryHarry Pulliam 1903–1909
Heydler, JohnJohn Heydler 1909
Lynch, ThomasThomas Lynch 1910–1913
Tener, John K.John K. Tener 1913–1918
Heydler, JohnJohn Heydler 1918–1934 [3]
Frick, FordFord Frickdagger 1934–1951 [3][4]
Giles, WarrenWarren Gilesdagger 1951–1969 [4][5]
Feeney, ChubChub Feeney 1970–1986 [5][6]
Giamatti, A. BartlettA. Bartlett Giamatti 1986–1989 [6][7]
White, BillBill White 1989–1994 [7]
Coleman, Jr., Leonard S.Leonard S. Coleman, Jr. 1994–1999 [8][9]

Honorary president

Following the 1999 season, the American and National Leagues were merged with Major League Baseball, and the leagues ceased to exist as business entities. The role of the league president was eliminated.[9] In 2001, Bill Giles, owner of the Philadelphia Phillies and son of Warren Giles, was named an honorary president of the NL.[10]

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