List of New York Islanders records

This is a list of franchise records for the New York Islanders, a team forming part of the National Hockey League. It includes every franchise record ever won by the Islanders, regardless of whether a record was set previously.

Team records

Single season

Most Points 118 1981–82
Most Wins 54 1981–82
Most Losses 60 1972–73
Most Ties 22 1974–75
Most Goals For 385 1981–82
Most Goals Against 347 1972–73
Fewest Points 30 1972–73
Fewest Wins 12 1972–73
Fewest Losses 15 1978–79
Fewest Ties 4 1983–84
Fewest Goals For 126
1994–95 (shortened season)
Fewest Goals Against 158
1994–95 (shortened season)
Most Penalty Minutes 1822 1988–89
Fewest Penalty Minutes 881 1972–73
Most Shutouts 10 1975–76 (Chico Resch 7, Billy Smith 3)[1]

Single game

Most Penalty Minutes (Combined) 346 February 11, 2011 vs. Pittsburgh Penguins[2]


Individual records


Record[3] Amount Record Holder
Most Points 1,353 Bryan Trottier
Most Goals 573 Mike Bossy
Most Assists 853 Bryan Trottier
Most Penalty Minutes 1879 Mick Vukota
Most Shorthand Goals 19 Anders Kallur
+/- 470 Bryan Trottier
Most Powerplay Goals 181 Mike Bossy
Most Game Winning Goals 82 Mike Bossy
Most Shots 3053 Denis Potvin
Most Wins 304 Billy Smith
Most Losses 230 Billy Smith
Most Ties 104 Billy Smith
Overtime/Shootout Losses 24 Rick DiPietro
Most Shots Against 7681 Rick DiPietro
Most Goals Against 2008 Billy Smith
Most Saves 6952 Rick DiPietro
Most Shutouts 25 Glenn Resch
Most Time on Ice 38,129:28 Billy Smith

Single season

Record[3] Amount Record Holder Season
Most Games Played 83 Pierre Turgeon 1992–93
Benoit Hogue 1993–94
Travis Green 1993–94
Most Points 147 Mike Bossy 1981–82
Most Goals 69 Mike Bossy 1978–79
Most Assists 87 Bryan Trottier 1978–79
Most Penalty Minutes 356 Brian Curran 1986–87
Most Shorthand Goals 7 Bob Bourne 1980–81
+/- 76 Bryan Trottier 1978–79
Most Powerplay Goals 28 Mike Bossy 1980–81
Most Game Winning Goals 11 Mike Bossy 1983–84
Most Shots 315 Mike Bossy 1980–81
Most Wins 32 Billy Smith 1981–82
Rick DiPietro 2006–07
Chris Osgood 2001–02
Most Losses 35 Gerry Desjardins 1972–73
Most Ties 17 Billy Smith 1974–75
Overtime/Shootout Losses 9 Rick DiPietro 2006–07
Most Shots Against 1917 Rick DiPietro 2006–07
Most Goals Against 195 Gerry Desjardins 1972–73
Most Saves 1761 Rick DiPietro 2006–07
Most Shutouts 7 Glenn Resch 1975–76
Most Time on Ice 3,742:47 Chris Osgood 2001–02

Single game

Most Goaltender Saves 73 / 75 Kelly Hrudey April 18–19, 1987 vs. Washington Capitals [4]


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