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List of Persian poets and authors


List of Persian poets and authors

The list is not comprehensive, but is continuously being expanded and includes Persian writers and poets from Iran. This list is alphabetized by chronological order. Although a few authors in this list do not have their ethnic origin in the Iranian people, nevertheless they have enriched Persian culture and civilization by their remarkable contributions to the rich Persian literature. The modern Persian speaker comprehends the literature of the earliest Persian poets including founder of the Persian poetry and literature Rudaki[1] (approximately 1150 years ago) all the way down to the works of modern Persian poets. Some names that lived during the turn of a century appear twice.


  • From the 7th to the 8th centuries 1
  • 9th century 2
  • 10th century 3
  • 11th century 4
  • 12th century 5
  • 13th century 6
  • 14th century 7
  • 15th century 8
  • 16th century 9
  • 17th century 10
  • 18th century 11
  • 19th century 12
  • 20th century and beyond 13
  • See also 14
  • References 15
  • References 16

From the 7th to the 8th centuries

9th century

10th century

11th century

Statue of Omar Khayyam in Iran.

12th century

13th century

14th century

15th century

16th century

17th century

18th century

19th century

20th century and beyond

Bahram Bayzai

See also


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