List of University of California, Berkeley faculty

This page lists notable faculty (past and present) of the University of California, Berkeley. Faculty who were also alumni are listed in bold font, with degree and year in parentheses.


  • Nobel laureates 1
  • Turing Award 2
  • Fields Medal 3
  • Pulitzer Prize 4
  • Wolf Prize 5
  • MacArthur Fellowship 6
  • Agriculture 7
  • Anthropology 8
  • Art and architecture 9
  • Astronomy 10
  • Biology 11
  • Business 12
  • Chemistry 13
  • Civil engineering 14
  • Computer science 15
  • Economics 16
  • Education 17
  • Electrical engineering 18
  • Ethnic studies 19
  • Film studies 20
  • Foreign languages and culture 21
  • Geology 22
  • Geography 23
  • History 24
  • Industrial engineering 25
  • Law 26
  • Linguistics 27
  • Literature and rhetoric 28
  • Mathematics 29
  • Mechanical engineering 30
  • Music 31
  • Philosophy 32
  • Physics 33
  • Political science 34
  • Psychology 35
  • Sociology 36
  • See also 37
  • References 38

Nobel laureates

Faculty of the University of California, Berkeley
George Akerlof, Nobel laureate (2001, economics)
Luis Alvarez, Nobel laureate (1968, physics)
Steven Chu, Nobel laureate (1997, physics) and United States Secretary of Energy
Gérard Debreu, Nobel laureate (1983, economics)
Donald A. Glaser, Nobel laureate (1950, physics)
Ernest Lawrence, Nobel laureate (1939, physics)
Yuan T. Lee, Nobel laureate (1986, Chemistry)
Daniel McFadden, Nobel laureate (2000, economics)
Saul Perlmutter, Nobel laureate (2011, Physics)
Randy Schekman, Nobel laureate (Physiology or Medicine, 2013)
Glenn T. Seaborg, Nobel laureate (1951, Chemistry)
Emilio G. Segrè, Nobel laureate(1959, physics)
George F. Smoot, Nobel laureate(2006, Physics)
Oliver E. Williamson, Nobel laureate (2009, Economics)
Richard Karp, 1985 Turing Award laureate
Dana Scott, 1976 Turing Award laureate
Richard Borcherds, recipient of the 1998 Fields Medal
Michael Freedman, recipient of the 1986 Fields Medal
Vaughan Jones, recipient of the 1990 Fields Medal
Andrei Okounkov (right), recipient of the 2006 Fields Medal

Turing Award

  • Manuel Blum - Professor of Computer Science (1995-2001) and recipient of the 1995 Turing Award, for "his contributions to the foundations of computational complexity theory and its application to cryptography and program checking."[25]
  • Stephen Cook - Professor of mathematics (1966–1970), recipient of the 1982 Turing Award "for his advancement of our understanding of the complexity of computation in a significant and profound way"[26]
  • Edward Feigenbaum -- professor (1960-1965), recipient of the 1994 Turing Award "for pioneering the design and construction of large scale artificial intelligence systems, demonstrating the practical importance and potential commercial impact of artificial intelligence technology."[27]
  • William Kahan - Professor of Mathematics and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (1968–present) , primary architect behind the IEEE 754 standard for floating-point computation, and recipient of the 1989 Turing Award, for "his fundamental contributions to numerical analysis. Kahan has dedicated himself to "making the world safe for numerical computations."[28]
  • Richard Karp - Professor of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Operations Research (1968–present) , and recipient of the 1985 Turing Award For "his continuing contributions to the theory of algorithms including the development of efficient algorithms for network flow and other combinatorial optimization problems, the identification of polynomial-time computability with the intuitive notion of algorithmic efficiency, and, most notably, contributions to the theory of NP-completeness. Karp introduced the now standard methodology for proving problems to be NP-complete which has led to the identification of many theoretical and practical problems as being computationally difficult. "[29]
  • Dana Scott, B.S. 1954 - computer scientist, co-recipient of the 1976 Turing Award with Michael O. Rabin, for "the joint paper (with Rabin) "Finite Automata and Their Decision Problem", which introduced the idea of nondeterministic machines, which has proved to be an enormously valuable concept. Their (Scott & Rabin) classic paper has been a continuous source of inspiration for subsequent work in this field"; former Associate Professor of Math at UC Berkeley (1960-1962) , professor emeritus at Carnegie Mellon University[30]
  • Michael Stonebraker - professor at UC Berkeley for 29 years, recipient of the 2014 Turing Award "for fundamental contributions to the concepts and practices underlying modern database systems."[35]
  • Ivan Sutherland -Visiting Scholar in Computer Science (2005-2008), recipient of the 1988 Turing Award "for his pioneering and visionary contributions to computer graphics, starting with Sketchpad, and continuing after."[36][37]
  • Robert Tarjan - computer scientist, professor at UC Berkeley [38] (1973–1975), recipient of the 1986 Turing Award "for fundamental achievements in the design and analysis of algorithms and data structures"[39]

Fields Medal

Pulitzer Prize

Wolf Prize

  • nanocrystal as a building block of nanoscience making fundamental contributions to controlling the synthesis of these particles, to measuring and understanding their physical properties, and to utilizing their unique properties for applications ranging from light generation and harvesting to biological imaging." [43]
  • John Casida - recipient of the Wolf Prize (1993, Agriculture) "for his pioneering studies on the mode of action of insecticides, design of safer pesticides and contributions to the understanding of nerve and muscle function in insects."[44]
  • Shiing-Shen Chern - recipient of the Wolf Prize (1983, Mathematics), "'for outstanding contributions to global differential geometry, which have profoundly influenced all mathematics"[45]
  • John Clauser – professor (1969-1996) of quantum physics at UC Berkeley,[46] known for the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt inequality and the first observations of quantum entanglement, recipient of the 2010 Wolf Prize in Physics [47] for "fundamental conceptual and experimental contributions to the foundations of quantum physics, specifically an increasingly sophisticated series of tests of Bell's inequalities or extensions there of using entangled quantum states."
  • Phillip Griffiths (professor 1962-1967) - mathematician, recipient of the Wolf Prize (2008, Mathematics), "for his work on variations of Hodge structure; the theory of periods of abelian integrals; and for his contributions to complex differential geometry.";[48] former professor at UC Berkeley [49]
  • Erwin Hahn - recipient of the Wolf Prize (1983/1984, Physics) "for his discovery of nuclear spin echoes and for the phenomenon of self-induced transparency"[50]
  • Carl Huffaker - recipient of the Wolf Prize (1994/1995) for " contributions to the development and implementation of environmentally beneficial integrated pest management systems for the protection of agricultural crops."[44]
  • Alexander Pines - recipient of the Wolf Prize (Chemistry, 1991), "for his revolutionary contributions to NMR spectroscopy, especially multiple-quantum and high-spin NMR.""[51]
  • [19] (known as the mechanism powering mad cow disease); recipient of the 1996 Wolf Prize in Medicine [20]"for discovering prions, new class of pathogens that cause important neurodegenerative disease by inducing changes in protein structure."
  • Stephen Smale - recipient of the Wolf Prize (2007, Mathematics)"for his groundbreaking contributions that have played a fundamental role in shaping differential topology, dynamical systems, mathematical economics, and other subjects in mathematics."[45]
  • Gabor Somorjai - recipient of the Wolf Prize (Chemistry, 1998) for "outstanding contributions to the field of the surface science in general, and for ... elucidation of fundamental mechanisms of heterogeneous catalytic reactions at single crystal surfaces in particular."[51]
  • Roger Y. Tsien - (also listed in Nobel laureates); recipient of the Wolf Prize (Medicine, 2004) "for his seminal contribution to the design and biological application of novel fluorescent and photolabile molecules to analyze and perturb cell signal transduction."[52]

MacArthur Fellowship

The MacArthur Fellowship is also known as the "Genius Grant" [53] or "Genius Award".[54]

  • Maneesh Agrawala - professor of EECS at UC Berkeley; 2009 MacArthur Fellowship [55]
  • Robert Axelrod - professor (1968-1974) of political science at UC Berkeley; 1987 MacArthur Fellowship [56]
  • Jillian Banfield- professor (2001-preset) in the Department of Biology ; 1999 MacArthur Fellowship [57]
  • Michael Baxandall - professor (1986-1996) of art history at UC Berkeley; 1988 MacArthur Fellowship [58]
  • Carolyn Bertozzi, Ph.D. 1993 - professor (1996-present) at UC Berkeley; current T.Z. and irmgard Chu Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at UC Berkeley; 1999 MacArthur Fellowship [59][60]
  • Peter J. Bickel, Ph.D. 1963 - professor of statistics at UC Berkeley; 1984 MacArthur Fellowship [61][62]
  • Peter Brown, professor (1972-1986) of classics and history at UC Berkeley ; 1982 MacArthur Fellowship [63]
  • Lu Chen - professor (2003–present) of neuroscience and molecular and cell biology,[64] 2005 MacArthur Fellowship[65]
  • Robert F. Coleman - professor of mathematics at UC Berkeley; 1987 MacArthur Fellowship [66]
  • Mark Danner - professor of journalism (1998–present); 1999 MacArthur Fellowship [60]
  • Michael Dickinson - Williams Professor (1996 - 2002) in the Department of Integrative biology ; 2001 MacArthur Fellowship [67]
  • David Donoho - professor (1984-1990) of statistics ; MacArthur Fellowship 1991 [68]
  • Jon H. Else, B.A. 1968 – Prix Italia recipient (The Day After Trinity), recipient of four Emmy Awards,[69] nominated twice for the Academy Award, 1999 winner of the Sundance Film Festival Filmmaker's Trophy, 1988 MacArthur Fellowship,[70] cinematographer on the Academy Award winning Who Are the DeBolts? And Where Did They Get Nineteen Kids?, current professor of journalism at UC Berkeley
  • Alice Fulton - former lecturer (2004) at UC Berkeley (formally, the Holloway Lecturer in the Practice of Poetry at UC Berkeley); 1991 MacArthur Fellowship [71]
  • Thom Gunn - lecturer (1958-1966, 1973-2000) in English;[72] 1993 MacArthur Fellowship
  • Eva Harris, Ph.D. 1993 - professor in the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley; researcher of dengue fever; 1997 MacArthur Fellowship[73][74]
  • Lin He - current professor of cell and developmental biology at UC Berkeley; 2009 MacArthur Fellowship [55]
  • John Holdren - director of the federal Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), co-Chair of the United States President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST); professor emeritus (1996–present) of Energy and Resources at UC Berkeley; 1981 MacArthur Fellowship [75]
  • John Hopfield - professor (1961-1964) of physics;[76] 1983 MacArthur Fellowship
  • Raymond Jeanloz- current professor of earth and planetary science and of astronomy at UC Berkeley; 1988 MacArthur Fellowship [77]
  • David Keightley - Professor Emeritus in the Department of History at UC Berkeley; 1986 MacArthur Fellowship [53]
  • Evelyn Fox Keller - professor (1988-1992) of Women's Studies and Rhetoric at UC Berkeley; 1992 MacArthur Fellowship [78]
  • Nicole King - professor of integrative biology and of molecular and cell biology (2003–present) at UC Berkeley; 2005 MacArthur Fellowship [65][79]
  • M. A. R. Koehl - professor, Integrative biology; 1990 MacArthur Fellowship [68][80]
  • Claire Kremen - current professor of conservation biology at UC Berkeley (present); MacArthur Fellowship 2007 [81]
  • Leslie Kurke - professor (1990–present) of literature at UC Berkeley; current Richard and Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor at UC Berkeley; 1999 MacArthur Fellowship [60]
  • Lawrence W. Levine - American historian, former (1962-1994) professor of history at UC Berkeley; 1983 MacArthur Fellowship[82]
  • Michael Manga - current professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences; 2005 MacArthur Fellowship [65][83]
  • Michael Marletta - Aldo DeBenedictis Distinguished Professor of Chemistry (2001-2011) at UC Berkeley; 1995 MacArthur Fellowship [84]
  • Pamela Matson - professor (1993-1997) of ecosystem ecology at UC Berkeley;[85] 1995 MacArthur Fellowship [86]
  • Susan McClary - musicologist, former lecturer (1993) at UC Berkeley; 1995 MacArthur Fellowship [87]
  • Tiya Miles - assistant professor at UC Berkeley (2000-2002); 2011 MacArthur Fellowship [88]
  • Richard A. Muller, Ph.D. - professor of Physics at UC Berkeley, senior scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 1982 MacArthur Fellowship [89]
  • Sherry Ortner - former professor (1994-1996)[90] of Anthropology;[91] 1990 MacArthur Fellowship
  • [68]
  • Norman Pace - member of the faculty (1996-1999); 2001 MacArthur Fellowship [92]
  • Margie Profet, B.A. physics 1985 - former researcher at UC Berkeley;[93] researcher in evolutionary biology; 1993 MacArthur Fellowship [94]
  • Xiao Qiang - adjunct professor at the UC Berkeley School of Information (2012–present) and the UC Brekeley Graduate School of Journalism (2003-2011); 2001 MacArthur Fellowship [95][96]
  • Matthew Rabin - professor of economics; 2000 MacArthur Fellowship [97][98]
  • Ishmael Reed -lecturer (1968-2005) at UC Berkeley; poet and novelist; 1998 MacArthur Fellowship [99]
  • Adam Riess - post-doctoral Miller Fellow at UC Berkeley; Nobel laureate (2011, Physics); 2008 MacArthur Fellowship [100]
  • Julia Hall Bowman Robinson, B.A. mathematics 1940, Ph.D. 1948 - professor (1976-1985) of mathematics at UC Berkeley, specializing in Hilbert's Tenth Problem; first woman president of the American Mathematical Society;[101] namesake of the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute; 1983 MacArthur Fellowship [102]
  • Emmanuel Saez - current Professor of Economics at UC Berkeley; 2010 MacArthur Fellowship [103]
  • Pamela Samuelson - current Richard M. Sherman '74 Distinguished Professor of Law and Information Management at UC Berkeley, co-director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology; 1997 MacArthur Fellowship [104]
  • Richard M. Schoen - former professor of mathematics at UC Berkeley; 1983 MacArthur Fellowship [68]
  • Carl Emil Schorske - cultural historian, taught at UC Berkeley (1960-1969);[105] Time Magazine's top ten academic leaders; MacArthur Fellowship 1981 [106]
  • Dawn Song, Ph.D. 2002 - professor in EECS at UC Berkeley specializing in computer security; 2010 MacArthur Fellowship [103][107]
  • Claire Tomlin, Ph.D. 1998 - researcher in unmanned aerial vehicles, air traffic control, and modeling of biological processes; professor in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Department of Electrical Engineering, at Stanford University, where she is Director of the Hybrid Systems Laboratory; professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley; 2006 MacArthur Fellow[54][108]
  • Gregory Vlastos - Mills Professor of Philosophy at UC Berkeley (1977-1987); 1990 MacArthur Fellowship [68][109]
  • Loïc Wacquant - current professor of sociology at UC Berkeley; 1997 MacArthur Fellowship [104]
  • Allan Wilson, Ph.D. 1961 - Professor (1972-1991) of Biochemistry at UC Berkeley specializing in molecular approaches to understand biological evolution and to reconstruct phylogenies; 1986 MacArthur Fellowship [110]


  • Irma Adelman (B.S. 1950, Ph.D. 1955) - Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics in the Graduate School


Art and architecture





Civil engineering

  • Frank Baron - Professor of Civil Engineering
  • William Garrison - Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • T. Y. Lin (M.S. 1933) - Professor of Civil Engineering, bridgebuilder

Computer science



Electrical engineering

Ethnic studies

Film studies

Foreign languages and culture

  • Giorgio Agamben - Visiting Chair of Italian Culture (1994), Department of Italian Studies
  • Robert Alter - Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature
  • Paola Bacchetta, Associate Professor, Gender and Women's Studies (2014)
  • Daniel Boyarin - Professor of Near Eastern Studies and Rhetoric
  • Michel Foucault - Visiting Professor of French (early 1980s)
  • George L. Hart - Professor of Tamil Studies
  • John Lindow - Professor of Scandinavian
  • Yakov Malkiel - Professor of Spanish and Professor of Linguistics, 1943–1983; founded journal Romance Philology
  • James T. Monroe - Professor Emeritus of Near Eastern Studies
  • Johanna Nichols (Ph.D 1973) - Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • David Stronach - Professor of Near Eastern Studies
  • Erico Verissimo - Professor of Brazilian Literature (1943-1945)
  • Frederic Wakeman, Jr. (Ph.D. 1965) - Haas Professor of Asian Studies, Professor of History, President Emeritus of the American Historical Association
  • Viktor Zhivov- Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, 1995-2013




Industrial engineering

  • Stuart Dreyfus - Professor Emeritus of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
  • Ashok Gadgil (M.A. 1975, Ph.D. 1979) - Adjunct Professor, Energy and Resources Group
  • Ken Goldberg - Professor of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research



Literature and rhetoric


UC Berkeley Department of Mathematics
Prof. Ted Kaczynski, youngest professor, unibomber murderer
Chairman John L. Kelley

Mechanical engineering




Political science



See also


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