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List of athletics events

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Title: List of athletics events  
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Subject: 2014 World Junior Championships in Athletics, 2012 World Junior Championships in Athletics, 2010 World Junior Championships in Athletics, 55 metres hurdles, 55 metres
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List of athletics events

Athletics comprises a variety of running, jumping, throwing and walking events.

The sport of athletics is defined by the many events which make up its competition programmes. All events with the sport are forms of running, walking, jumping or throwing. These events are divided into the sub-sports of track and field, road running, racewalking and cross country running.

The Olympic athletics programme has played a significant role in shaping the most common events in the sport. The IAAF World Championships in Athletics is the foremost World Championship event, holding the vast majority of World Championship-level events within the competition. A small number of events, such as the 60 metres, are exclusive to the IAAF World Indoor Championships.

Two further, separate World Championship events are held for their specific events: the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships and the IAAF World Cross Country Championships. Cross country is one of many events which have appeared at Olympics but are now not part of the Olympic athletics schedule. Some events, such as the mile run, remain very popular at competitions, despite having neither Olympic, nor World Championship status.

Olympic and World Championship events

Key:       Present in current competition programme

Current events

Event Olympic status World Championship status World Indoor Championship status
Men Women Men Women Men Women
60 metres 19001904 1985Present 1985Present
100 metres 1896Present 1928Present 1983Present 1983Present
200 metres 1900Present 1948Present 1983Present 1983Present 19852004 19852004
400 metres 1896Present 1964Present 1983Present 1983Present 1985Present 1985Present
800 metres 1896Present 1928, 1960Present 1983Present 1983Present 1985Present 1985Present
1500 metres 1896Present 1972Present 1983Present 1983Present 1985Present 1985Present
3000 metres 19841992 19831993 1985Present 1985Present
5000 metres 1912Present 1996Present 1983Present 1995Present
10,000 metres 1912Present 1988Present 1983Present 1987Present
60 metres hurdles 1985Present 1985Present
100 metres hurdles 1972Present 1983Present
110 metres hurdles 1896Present 1983Present
400 metres hurdles 1900Present
(except 1912)
1984Present 1983Present 1983Present
3000 metres steeplechase 1920Present 2008 – Present 1983Present 2005Present
Half marathon (road) 1992Present
(except 2006)
(except 2006)
Marathon (road) 1896Present 1984Present 1983Present 1983Present
20 kilometres race walk (road) 1956Present 2000Present 1983Present 1999Present
50 kilometres race walk (road) 1932Present
(except 1976)
Cross country running 19121924 1973Present 1973Present
4×100 metres relay 1912Present 1928Present 1983Present 1983Present
4×400 metres relay 1912Present 1972Present 1983Present 1983Present 1991Present 1991Present
Pole vault 1896Present 2000Present 1983Present 1999Present 1985Present 1997Present
High jump 1896Present 1928Present 1983Present 1983Present 1985Present 1985Present
Long jump 1896Present 1948Present 1983Present 1983Present 1985Present 1985Present
Triple jump 1896Present 1996Present 1983Present 1993Present 1985Present 1993Present
Shot put 1896Present 1948Present 1983Present 1983Present 1985Present 1985Present
Discus throw 1896Present 1928Present 1983Present 1983Present
Hammer throw 1900Present 2000Present 1983Present 1999Present
Javelin throw 1908Present 1932Present 1983Present 1983Present
Pentathlon 19121924 19641980 1995Present
Heptathlon 1984Present 1983Present 1995Present
Decathlon 1904Present
(except 1908)

Former championship events

Event Olympic status World Championship status World Indoor Championship status
Men Women Men Women Men Women
80 metres hurdles 19321968
200 metres hurdles 19001904
3000 metres team race 19121924
Short course cross country 19982006 19982006
3 kilometres race walk (track) 19851993
5 kilometres race walk (track) 19851993
10 kilometres race walk (track) 19121924, 19481952 19921996 19871997
10 kilometres (road) 19831984
15 kilometres (road) 19851991
20 kilometres (road) 2006 2006
Medley relay 1908
Marathon road relay 19921998 19921998
Standing high jump 19001912
Standing long jump 19001912
Standing triple jump 19001904
56 pound weight throw 1904, 1920
  • NB: This list excludes Summer Olympic events which featured only once on the Olympic athletics programme during the first six editions

Other common events


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