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List of current NHL captains and alternate captains


List of current NHL captains and alternate captains

Shane Doan has been Captain of the Phoenix/Arizona Coyotes since 2003. The captain can be identified by the large "C" on his jersey.

The National Hockey League (NHL) is a professional ice hockey league composed of 30 teams, founded in 1917. Each team may select a captain, who has the "privilege of discussing with the referee any questions relating to interpretation of rules which may arise during the progress of a game."[1] Each team is also permitted to select alternate captains, who serve when the captain is not on the ice.[1] Captains are required to wear the letter "C" on their uniform for identification while alternate captains wear the letter "A"; both letters are 3 inches (7.6 cm) in height.[1]

Rule 6.2 of the 2008–09 Official NHL Rulebook indicates that "[only] when the captain is not in uniform, the coach shall have the right to designate three alternate captains. This must be done prior to the start of the game."[1][2] Many NHL teams with a named captain select more than two alternate captains and rotate the "A" among these players throughout the season.[3] Currently, the Edmonton Oilers are the only NHL team without a permanent captain.

Roy Worters of the New York Americans, Alex Connell of the original Ottawa Senators and Charlie Gardiner of the Chicago Black Hawks.[6]

When Gabriel Landeskog was named captain of the Colorado Avalanche, he became the youngest permanent captain in NHL history.[7] Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Vincent Lecavalier, the former captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning, are the second- and third-youngest players to be named captain in NHL history, respectively. In 1984, Brian Bellows was named interim captain of the Minnesota North Stars when Craig Hartsburg was injured, and is the youngest player to captain a team in NHL history. However, because Bellows served only as an interim captain, Landeskog retains the distinction of being the youngest permanent captain in the League's history.[8] Mark Messier is the only player to captain two separate teams to Stanley Cup championships, those being the 1990 Edmonton Oilers and the 1994 New York Rangers.[9]


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Spent entire NHL career with team

Position abbreviations
Abbreviation Definition
D Defenseman
LW Left wing
C Center
RW Right wing


Zdeno Chara, captain of the Boston Bruins

Twenty-nine of the 30 NHL teams currently have a captain. The only team that doesn't is the Edmonton Oilers. The current longest-tenured captain in the League is Shane Doan of the Arizona Coyotes, who has served in the role since 2003. As of October 9, 2015, four captains have been named prior to the 2015–16 NHL season: Nick Foligno of the Columbus Blue Jackets, Max Pacioretty of the Montreal Canadiens, Joe Pavelski of the San Jose Sharks and Andy Greene of the New Jersey Devils.

List of current NHL Captains
Team Captain Since Pos
Anaheim Ducks Getzlaf, RyanRyan Getzlaf 2010–11[10] C
Arizona Coyotes Doan, ShaneShane Doan 2003–04 RW
Boston Bruins Chara, ZdenoZdeno Chara 2006–07[11] D
Buffalo Sabres Gionta, BrianBrian Gionta 2014–15[12] RW
Calgary Flames Giordano, MarkMark Giordano 2013–14[13] D
Carolina Hurricanes Staal, EricEric Staal 2009–10[14] C
Chicago Blackhawks Toews, JonathanJonathan Toews 2008–09[15] C
Colorado Avalanche Landeskog, GabrielGabriel Landeskog 2012–13[16] LW
Columbus Blue Jackets Foligno, NickNick Foligno 2015–16[17] LW
Dallas Stars Benn, JamieJamie Benn 2013–14[18] LW
Detroit Red Wings Zetterberg, HenrikHenrik Zetterberg 2012–13[19] LW
Edmonton Oilers [1]
Florida Panthers Mitchell, WillieWillie Mitchell 2014–15[20] D
Los Angeles Kings Brown, DustinDustin Brown 2008–09[21] RW
Minnesota Wild Koivu, MikkoMikko Koivu 2009–10[22] C
Montreal Canadiens Max Pacioretty 2015–16[23] LW
Nashville Predators Weber, SheaShea Weber 2010–11[24] D
New Jersey Devils Greene, AndyAndy Greene 2015–16[25] D
New York Islanders Tavares, JohnJohn Tavares 2013–14[26] C
New York Rangers McDonagh, RyanRyan McDonagh 2014–15[27] D
Ottawa Senators Karlsson, ErikErik Karlsson 2014–15[28] D
Philadelphia Flyers Giroux, ClaudeClaude Giroux 2012–13[29] C
Pittsburgh Penguins Crosby, SidneySidney Crosby 2007–08[30] C
St. Louis Blues Backes, DavidDavid Backes 2011–12[31] C
San Jose Sharks Pavelski, JoeJoe Pavelski 2015–16[32] C
Tampa Bay Lightning Stamkos, StevenSteven Stamkos 2013–14[33] C
Toronto Maple Leafs Phaneuf, DionDion Phaneuf 2010–11[34] D
Vancouver Canucks Sedin, HenrikHenrik Sedin 2010–11[35] C
Washington Capitals Ovechkin, AlexanderAlexander Ovechkin 2009–10[36] LW
Winnipeg Jets Ladd, AndrewAndrew Ladd 2010–11[37] LW

Alternate captains

Jordan Staal, an alternate captain of the Carolina Hurricanes
Tomas Plekanec, an alternate captain of the Montreal Canadiens
Kyle Okposo, an alternate captain of the New York Islanders
Joe Thornton, an alternate captain of the San Jose Sharks
Blake Wheeler, an alternate captain of the Winnipeg Jets
List of current NHL Alternate Captains
Team Alternate Captain(s) Since Pos
Anaheim Ducks Perry, CoreyCorey Perry 2014–15[38] RW
Kesler, RyanRyan Kesler 2015–16 RW
Arizona Coyotes Ekman-Larsson, OliverOliver Ekman-Larsson 2014–15[39] D
Hanzal, MartinMartin Hanzal 2011–12[40] C
Boston Bruins Bergeron, PatricePatrice Bergeron 2006–07[41] C
Kelly, ChrisChris Kelly 2011–12[42] C
Krejci, DavidDavid Krejci 2013–14[43] C
Buffalo Sabres Ennis, TylerTyler Ennis 2015–16 C
Gorges, JoshJosh Gorges 2014–15[44] D
O'Reilly, RyanRyan O'Reilly 2015–16 C
Calgary Flames Monahan, SeanSean Monahan 2015–16 C
Russell, KrisKris Russell 2014–15[45] D
Wideman, DennisDennis Wideman 2014–15[46] D
Carolina Hurricanes Faulk, JustinJustin Faulk 2015–16 D
Staal, JordanJordan Staal 2012–13[47] C
Chicago Blackhawks Keith, DuncanDuncan Keith 2008–09[48] D
Seabrook, BrentBrent Seabrook 2015–16[49] D
Colorado Avalanche Iginla, JaromeJarome Iginla 2014–15[50] RW
McLeod, CodyCody McLeod 2013–14[51] LW
Columbus Blue Jackets Dubinsky, BrandonBrandon Dubinsky 2012–13[52] C
Jenner, BooneBoone Jenner 2015–16 C
Dallas Stars Fiddler, VernonVernon Fiddler 2014–15[53] C
Goligoski, AlexAlex Goligoski 2015–16 D
Detroit Red Wings Datsyuk, PavelPavel Datsyuk 2006–07[54] C
Kronwall, NiklasNiklas Kronwall 2011–12[55] D
Edmonton Oilers Eberle, JordanJordan Eberle 2012–13[56] RW
Ference, AndrewAndrew Ference 2015–16[57] D
Hall, TaylorTaylor Hall 2012–13[56] LW
Nugent-Hopkins, RyanRyan Nugent-Hopkins 2015–16[57] C
Florida Panthers Bolland, DaveDave Bolland 2014–15[58] C
Campbell, BrianBrian Campbell 2011–12[59] D
Jokinen, JussiJussi Jokinen 2015–16 LW
MacKenzie, DerekDerek MacKenzie 2014–15[58] C
Los Angeles Kings Greene, MattMatt Greene 2008–09[60] D
Kopitar, AnzeAnze Kopitar 2008–09[60] C
Minnesota Wild Parise, ZachZach Parise 2012–13[61] LW
Suter, RyanRyan Suter 2012–13[61] D
Montreal Canadiens Gallagher, BrendanBrendan Gallagher 2015–16[62] RW
Markov, AndreiAndrei Markov 2008–09[62] D
Plekanec, TomasTomas Plekanec 2014–15[63] C
Subban, P. K.P. K. Subban 2014–15[63] D
Nashville Predators Fisher, MikeMike Fisher 2011–12[64] C
Josi, RomanRoman Josi 2015–16 D
Neal, JamesJames Neal 2014–15[65] LW
New Jersey Devils Cammalleri, MichaelMichael Cammalleri 2015–16[25] LW
Elias, PatrikPatrik Elias 2007–08[25] LW
Henrique, AdamAdam Henrique 2015–16[25] LW
Zajac, TravisTravis Zajac 2013–14[25] C
New York Islanders Nielsen, FransFrans Nielsen 2014–15[66] C
Okposo, KyleKyle Okposo 2009–10[67] RW
New York Rangers Girardi, DanielDaniel Girardi 2013–14[68] D
Staal, MarcMarc Staal 2010–11[69] D
Stepan, DerekDerek Stepan 2014–15[69] C
Ottawa Senators Neil, ChrisChris Neil[2] 2013–14[70] RW
Phillips, ChrisChris Phillips 2006–07 D
Philadelphia Flyers Simmonds, WayneWayne Simmonds 2014–15[71] RW
Streit, MarkMark Streit 2014–15[71] D
Pittsburgh Penguins Kunitz, ChrisChris Kunitz 2012–13[72] LW
Malkin, EvgeniEvgeni Malkin 2008–09[73] C
St. Louis Blues Pietrangelo, AlexAlex Pietrangelo 2012–13 D
Steen, AlexanderAlexander Steen 2011–12[74] LW
San Jose Sharks Couture, LoganLogan Couture 2015–16 C
Thornton, JoeJoe Thornton 2014–15[75] C
Tampa Bay Lightning Callahan, RyanRyan Callahan 2014–15 RW
Toronto Maple Leafs Lupul, JoffreyJoffrey Lupul 2012–13[76] RW
Robidas, StephaneStephane Robidas[2] 2014–15[77] D
Vancouver Canucks Burrows, AlexandreAlexandre Burrows 2015–16 RW
Hamhuis, DanDan Hamhuis 2015–16 D
Sedin, DanielDaniel Sedin 2010–11[78] LW
Washington Capitals Backstrom, NicklasNicklas Backstrom 2010–11 C
Orpik, BrooksBrooks Orpik 2014–15[79] D
Winnipeg Jets Stuart, MarkMark Stuart 2011–12 D
Wheeler, BlakeBlake Wheeler 2014–15[80] RW


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