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List of divided islands


List of divided islands

This is a list of islands whose land is divided by one or more international borders.


  • Sea islands 1
  • Lake islands 2
  • River islands 3
  • Historically divided islands 4
  • Subnational divided islands 5
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Sea islands

Island Area
Countries (percentage of island's area)
New Guinea 785,753[1]  Indonesia (53.52%) Papua, West Papua
 Papua New Guinea (46.48%)
Borneo 748,168[1]  Indonesia (73%) Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, West Kalimantan
 Malaysia (26%) Sabah, Sarawak
 Brunei (1%)
Ireland 81,638[1]  Ireland (83%)
 United Kingdom (17%) Administered as Northern Ireland.
Hispaniola 76,192[2][3]  Dominican Republic (64%)
 Haiti (36%)
(Isla Grande de) Tierra del Fuego 47,992[1]  Chile (56%) Tierra del Fuego
 Argentina (44%) Tierra del Fuego
Timor 28,418[1]  Indonesia (53%) East Nusa Tenggara
 East Timor (47%)
Cyprus 9,234[1] De jure
 Republic of Cyprus (97%)
 United Kingdom (3%) Akrotiri and Dhekelia, Sovereign Base Areas
De facto
 Republic of Cyprus (58%)
 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (37%)
 United Kingdom (3%) Akrotiri and Dhekelia, Sovereign Base Areas
 United Nations buffer zone (2%)
Dall Island 655.2[1]  United States (<100%)
 Canada (>0%) The tip of Cape Muzon was established as the "point of commencement" of the international boundary with Alaska in the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1825.[4] A Court of Arbitration in 1903 ruled that Point "A" ()[5] was the initial point of this boundary[6].
Sebatik Island 452.2[1]  Indonesia, North Kalimantan
 Malaysia, Sabah
Usedom 445[7]  Germany (79%)[7] Vorpommern-Greifswald
 Poland (21%) West Pomeranian Voivodeship
Saint Martin 91.9[1]  France (61%) Saint-Martin, an overseas collectivity
 Kingdom of the Netherlands (39%) Sint Maarten, a constituent country
Kataja (including Inakari) 0.71  Finland
Passport Island (Middle Island), King Fahd Causeway 0.66[9]  Saudi Arabia
Märket 0.03  Finland (50%) Åland Islands
 Sweden (50%) Uppsala County and Stockholm County
Koiluoto <0.03  Finland (>50%)
 Russia (<50%)[10]
Nova Zemlia (Нова Земля)  Ukraine (>50%)
 Romania (<50%)[11] aerial view
Rotten Sea islands De facto
 Russia (Crimea) (>50%)
 Ukraine (<50%)[12][13][14]

Lake islands

  • Among Norway, Sweden and Finland:
    • Three-Country Cairn, the boundary cairn at the tripoint, is 10 metres from the shore of Lake Goldajärvi/Koltajauri, and hence arguably a tiny artificial island. Around 14 m².
  • Between the United States and Canada:
  • Between Norway and Russia:
    • In Klistervatn: Store Grenenholmen[31]
    • In Grensevatn: Korkeasaari and an unnamed islet[32]
  • Between Finland and Russia:
    • Äikkäänniemi in Nuijamaanjärvi[33]
    • Suursaari and a smaller island in Yla-Tirja[34]
    • Tarraassiinsaari, Härkäsaari, and Kiteensaari in Melaselänjärvi[35][36]
    • Island in Virmajärvi
    • Rajasaari in Kokkojärvi[37]
    • Kalmasaari in Vuokkijärvi[38]
    • Varposaari in Hietajärvi[39]
    • Parvajärvensaari in Parvajärvi[40]
    • Keuhkosaari in Pukarijärvi / Ozero Pyukharin[41][42]
    • Siiheojansuusaari and Tossensaari in Onkamojärvi / Ozero Onkamo[43][44]
  • Between Finland and Norway:
    • Island in Kivisarijärvi/Keđgisualuijävri[45]
    • Island in lake SE of boundary marker 347A[46]
  • Between Sweden and Norway:[47]
    • Island in Sör Vammsjön/Vammen Søndre[48]
    • Hisön/Hisøya in Norra Kornsjön/Nordre Kornsjø (≈0,09 km²)[49]
    • Kulleholmen/Kalholmen (≈5500 m²) and Tagholm/Tåkeholmen (≈600 m²) in Södra Boksjön/Søndre Boksjø[50]
    • Salholmen and Trollön in Stora Le/Store Le[51]
    • Island in Tannsjøen/Tannsjön[52]
    • Linneholmene in Helgesjö[53]
    • Jensøya in Holmsjøen[54]
    • Storøya in Utgardsjøen[55]
    • Fallsjøholmen in Fallsjøen (Nordre Røgden)[56]
    • Island in Kroksjøen[57]
    • Island in Vonsjøen[58]
    • Island in Skurdalssjøen/Kruehkiejaevrie[59]
    • Island in a lake at altitude 710m on the Gihcijoka river[60]
    • Three islands in Čoarvejávri[61]
  • Between Lithuania and Belarus:
  • Between the United Kingdom and Ireland:
    • Pollatawny in Lough Vearty.[66]
  • Between Ethiopia and Djibouti:
  • The border between Austria and Hungary cuts across the Neusiedler See/Fertő tó, where the water level fluctuates, sometimes exposing island flats which straddle the border.

River islands

Historically divided islands

Other islands have been divided by international borders in the past but they are now unified.

The definite borders of modern Ancient Greece, the island of Euboea was divided among several city states, including Chalcis and Eretria; and before its settlement by Europeans, the Island of Tasmania was divided among nine indigenous tribes.

Islands in wartime may be divided between an invading and defending power, as with Crete in 1645–69 between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice.

Examples of formerly divided islands include:

A few former islands have disappeared because of changes in water levels:

  • Vozrozhdeniya Island in the Aral Sea was split between the Soviet Republics of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. This border became an international one in 1991 when the U.S.S.R. was dissolved. By the year 2002, this island had become a peninsula of the mainland because of the falling water level of the Aral Sea.
  • The small Bogomerom archipelago of islets in Lake Chad was formerly divided between Chad and Nigeria.[86] The water level of Lake Chad has historically varied a lot, but this level has fallen so low that these islets are now part of the mainland of Africa.
  • The small middle island of Las Tres Hermanas ("The Three Sisters") off the Pacific coast of Panama City was split between the U.S. Panama Canal Zone and Panama by the Taft Agreement on December 12, 1904. The entire island was placed in the Canal Zone on February 11, 1915. Today the Cinta Costera lies on top of it.

Subnational divided islands

There are islands that lie across different provinces or states of the same country. An example would be Killiniq Island of Canada, which is divided between Newfoundland and Labrador and Nunavut, whereas Melville Island and Victoria Island are divided between Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. In Australia, the Boundary Islet is divided between Tasmania and Victoria. Assateague Island, a barrier island on the Atlantic coast of the United States, is divided between the states of Maryland and Virginia, and Fenwick Island, immediately to the north, is divided between Maryland and Delaware. Ellis Island, itself in the United States state of New Jersey, contains a true exclave of the state of New York; elsewhere in New York Harbor, the northern tip of Shooters Island, otherwise in New York, is in New Jersey. Zhongshan Dao, in the People's Republic of China, is divided between Guangdong Province and the Special Administrative Region and former Portuguese overseas province of Macau.

The island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) has also two nationalities – Sinhalese and Tamils. Tamils live in the North and Eastern Provinces, whereas Sinhala people live in other provinces. Tamils call their place Eelam. The island is naturally divided when mapped by language, religion and ethnicity race.

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