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List of members of the National Academy of Sciences (Physics)

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Title: List of members of the National Academy of Sciences (Physics)  
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List of members of the National Academy of Sciences (Physics)

This list is a subsection of the List of members of the National Academy of Sciences, which includes approximately 2,000 current (not past) members and 350 foreign associates of the United States National Academy of Sciences, each of whom is affiliated with one of 31 disciplinary sections. Each person's name, primary institution, and election year are given. This list does not include deceased members.


Gerard 't Hooft Utrecht University 1984
Anatole Abragam Collège de France 1977
Elihu Abrahams Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick 1987
Robert K. Adair Yale University 1976
Eric Adelberger University of Washington 1994
Stephen L. Adler Institute for Advanced Study 1975
Harold Agnew General Atomics 1979
Yakir Aharonov University of South Carolina 1993
Guenter Ahlers University of California, Santa Barbara 1982
Philip Warren Anderson Princeton University 1967
Arthur Ashkin Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies 1996
Alain Aspect Institut d'Optique 2008
Robert Austin Princeton University 1999
James M. Bardeen University of Washington 2012
William Bardeen Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 1999
Barry Barish California Institute of Technology 2002
Gordon Baym University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1982
George Benedek Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1981
James Bergquist National Institute of Standards and Technology 2009
Michael Berry University of Bristol 1995
James Bjorken Stanford University 1973
Nicolaas Bloembergen University of Arizona 1960
Felix Boehm California Institute of Technology 1983
Richard G. Brewer International Business Machines Corporation 1980
Edouard Brezin École Normale Supérieure 2003
Keith Brueckner University of California, San Diego 1969
Philip Bucksbaum University of Michigan 2004
Claudio (Teitelboim) Bunster Center for Scientific Studies (Valdivia, Chile) 2005
Curtis Callan Princeton University 1989
Paul Chaikin Princeton University 2004
Owen Chamberlain University of California, Berkeley 1960
Moses H. W. Chan Pennsylvania State University 2000
Geoffrey Chew University of California, Berkeley 1962
Steven Chu University of California, Berkeley 1993
Marvin Cohen University of California, Berkeley 1980
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji Collège de France 1994
Eugene Commins University of California, Berkeley 1987
Eric Allin Cornell University of Colorado at Boulder 2000
Alan Cottrell University of Cambridge 1972
Ernest Courant Brookhaven National Laboratory 1976
Ramanath Cowsik Washington University 2004
H. Richard Crane University of Michigan 1966
Edward Creutz Bishop Museum 1975
Albert Crewe University of Chicago 1972
James Cronin University of Chicago 1970
J. C. Seamus Davis Cornell University 2010
Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Collège de France 1987
Hans Georg Dehmelt University of Washington 1978
Stanley Deser Brandeis University 1994
Persis Drell SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory 2010
Sidney Drell Stanford University 1969
Freeman Dyson Institute for Advanced Study 1964
Val Logsdon Fitch Princeton University 1966
E. Norval Fortson University of Washington 1998
Hans Frauenfelder Los Alamos National Laboratory 1975
Stuart Freedman University of California, Berkeley 2001
Jerome Isaac Friedman Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1992
Mary Gaillard University of California, Berkeley 1991
Richard Garwin International Business Machines Corporation 1966
Murray Gell-Mann Santa Fe Institute 1960
Margaret Geller Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory 1992
Howard Georgi Harvard University 1995
Vitaly Ginzburg Russian Academy of Sciences 1981
Sheldon Lee Glashow Harvard University 1977
Roy J. Glauber Harvard University 1988
Marvin L. Goldberger University of California, San Diego 1963
Gerson Goldhaber University of California, Berkeley 1977
Jerry Gollub Haverford College 1993
Lev Gor'kov Florida State University 2005
Kenneth Greisen Cornell University 1974
David Gross University of California, Santa Barbara 1986
Alan Guth Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1989
Martin Gutzwiller International Business Machines Corporation 1992
Willy Haeberli University of Wisconsin–Madison 2002
Theodor Haensch Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics 2001
Erwin Hahn University of California, Berkeley 1972
John L. Hall University of Colorado at Boulder 1984
Bertrand Halperin Harvard University 1982
William Happer Princeton University 1996
Serge Haroche Collège de France 2010
James Hartle University of California, Santa Barbara 1991
Jeffrey A. Harvey University of Chicago 2014
Wick Haxton University of Washington 1999
Ernest M. Henley University of Washington 1979
W. Conyers Herring Stanford University 1968
Pierre Hohenberg New York University 1989
John Hopfield Princeton University 1973
Gary Horowitz University of California, Santa Barbara 2010
Barbara Jacak Stony Brook University 2009
Roman Jackiw Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1998
J. D. Jackson University of California, Berkeley 1990
A. Javan Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1974
Leo Kadanoff University of Chicago 1978
David B. Kaplan University of Washington 2013
Wolfgang Ketterle Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2002
H. Jeffrey Kimble California Institute of Technology 2002
Toichiro Kinoshita Cornell University 1991
Charles Kittel University of California, Berkeley 1957
Steven Kivelson Stanford University 2010
Daniel Kleppner Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1986
Walter Kohn University of California, Santa Barbara 1969
Jun Kondo National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology 2009
Steven Koonin U.S. Department of Energy 2010
William Kraushaar University of Wisconsin–Madison 1973
Robert B. Laughlin Stanford University 1994
Benjamin Lax Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1969
Leon M. Lederman Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 1965
David Lee Cornell University 1991
Tsung-Dao Lee Columbia University 1964
Anthony James Leggett University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1997
Allan MacDonald The University of Texas at Austin 2010
Peter Mansfield University of Nottingham 2009
Paul Martin Harvard University 1979
John C. Mather NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 1997
Rudolf Mössbauer Technical University of Munich 1978
Ben Roy Mottelson Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics 1973
Margaret Murnane University of Colorado at Boulder 2004
Yoichiro Nambu University of Chicago 1973
Ann Nelson University of Washington 2012
David Nygren University of California, Berkeley 2000
José Onuchic Rice University 2006
Douglas D. Osheroff Stanford University 1987
Albert Overhauser Purdue University 1976
Roger Penrose University of Oxford 1998
Saul Perlmutter University of California, Berkeley 2002
William Daniel Phillips National Institute of Standards and Technology 1997
David Pines Los Alamos National Laboratory 1973
Alexander Polyakov Princeton University 2005
Robert Pound Harvard University 1961
Charles Prescott Stanford University 2001
John Preskill California Institute of Technology 2014
David E. Pritchard Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1999
Helen Quinn Stanford University 2003
Lisa Randall Harvard University 2008
John Reppy Cornell University 1988
Paul L. Richards University of California, Berkeley 1985
Robert Coleman Richardson Cornell University 1986
Burton Richter Stanford University 1977
R. G. Hamish Robertson University of Washington 2004
Heinrich Rohrer International Business Machines Corporation 1988
Carlo Rubbia European Organization for Nuclear Research 1987
Malvin Ruderman Columbia University 1972
David Ruelle Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques 2002
Subir Sachdev Harvard University 2014
N. P. Samios Brookhaven National Laboratory 1982
Jack Sandweiss Yale University 1987
Douglas Scalapino University of California, Santa Barbara 1991
John Schiffer Argonne National Laboratory 1987
J. Robert Schrieffer Florida State University 1971
Melvin Schwartz Columbia University 1975
John H. Schwarz California Institute of Technology 1997
Frederick Seitz Rockefeller University 1951
Andrew Sessler University of California, Berkeley 1990
Kai Siegbahn University of Uppsala 1983
Joseph Silk Universite Pierre et Marie Curie 2014
Charles Slichter University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 1967
Dam Thanh Son University of Chicago 2014
Peter Sorokin International Business Machines Corporation 1976
Paul Steinhardt Princeton University 1998
Harry Suhl University of California, San Diego 1976
Leonard Susskind Stanford University 2000
David Tank Princeton University 2001
Richard E. Taylor Stanford University 1993
Saul Teukolsky Cornell University 2003
Walter Thirring University of Vienna 1988
Kip Thorne California Institute of Technology 1973
Maury Tigner Cornell University 1993
Samuel C. C. Ting Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1977
Alvin Tollestrup Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 1996
Akira Tonomura Hitachi, Ltd. 2000
Charles Townes University of California, Berkeley 1956
George Trilling University of California, Berkeley 1983
Michael Turner University of Chicago 1997
Dale Van Harlingen University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2003
Martinus J. G. Veltman University of Michigan 2000
Robert Wald University of Chicago 2001
Kenneth Watson University of California, San Diego 1974
Steven Weinberg University of Texas at Austin 1972
Rainer Weiss Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2000
Carl Wieman University of Colorado at Boulder 1995
Arthur Wightman Princeton University 1970
Frank Wilczek Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1990
Clifford Will Washington University 2007
David Wineland National Institute of Standards and Technology 1992
Mark B. Wise California Institute of Technology 2007
Michael Witherell Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory 1998
Edward Witten Institute for Advanced Study 1988
Lincoln Wolfenstein Carnegie Mellon University 1978
Stanford E. Woosley University of California, Santa Cruz 2006
Chen Ning Yang State University of New York at Stony Brook 1965
Guangzhao Zhou China Association for Science and Technology 1987
Bruno Zumino University of California, Berkeley 1985
George Zweig Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1996


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