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List of national dances

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Title: List of national dances  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Lists of national symbols, National symbols, Symbols of Ukraine, Outline of dance, National emblem
Collection: Dance by Country, Dance-Related Lists, Dances, Lists of National Symbols
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List of national dances

This is a list of national dances. This may be a formal or informal designation. Not all nations officially recognize a national dance or dances.

By country

National dance by country
Country Dance
Afghanistan Attan,[1] Khattak
Argentina Tango
Armenia Armenian dance
Australia Bush dance; Corroboree among Australian Aborigines
Austria Ländler
Azerbaijan Azerbaijani dances
Bahamas Junkanoo, Calypso
Bermuda Gombey
Brazil Samba [2]
Brunei Zapin
Bulgaria Horo, Rŭchenitsa
Canada Maple Leaf Stomp (official), [3] Canadian stepdance (unofficial)
Cape Verde Batuku
Colombia Vallenato and Cumbia [4]
Chile Cueca [4]
China Chinese dance
Cook Islands Tamure
Costa Rica Punto Guanacasteco
Croatia Kolo
Cuba Rumba
Democratic Republic of the Congo Soukous
Dominica Bélé
Dominican Republic Merengue
Egypt Raqs sharqi and Raqs baladi
El Salvador Xuc
England Morris dance; Cornish folk dance in Cornwall
Ethiopia Eskista
Finland Jenkka
Fiji Meke
France Bourrée
French Polynesia Tamure
Germany Polka
Greece Syrtos
Guadeloupe Gwo ka
Gulf States (also covers Saudi Arabia) Khaleegy dance
Haiti Méringue
Hungary Czardas [5]
India Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi
Indonesia Indonesian dances
Iran Persian dance, Kurdish dance
Ireland Irish Dancing
Israel Israeli folk dancing
Italy Italian folk dance
Japan Japanese traditional dance
Jordan Dabke
Kavkaz (also covers Azerbaijan and Armenia) Lezginka
Korea Korean dance
Lebanon Dabke
Madagascar Hiragasy
Malaysia Zapin
Martinique Bélé
Mexico Jarabe tapatío
Moldova Hora
Morocco Gnawa
Netherlands Clogging
New Zealand Haka
Oman Al-Bar'ah
Pakistan Khattak and Kathak (unofficial; adopted)
Palestine Dabke
Panama Tamborito
Papua New Guinea Sing-sing
Paraguay Paraguayan polka
Poland Krakowiak, Kujawiak, Mazur, Oberek, Polonaise [6]
Philippines Cariñosa
Peru Marinera
Portugal Vira
Puerto Rico Bomba and Plena
Romania Hora
Russia Russian folk dances
Saint Lucia Kwadril
Saudi Arabia Ardah
Scandinavia (also covers Finland and Sweden) Polska
Scotland Highland dancing
Serbia Kolo (see also: List of Serbian dances
Somalia Dhaanto
Spain Flamenco and its variants
South Africa Isicathulo
Sweden Hambo
Syria Dabke
Tonga Lakalaka
Trinidad and Tobago Unofficially Limbo
Turkey Zeybek, Kurdish dance
Turkmenistan Kyushtdepdi[7]
Ukraine Hopak
United States No national dance; arguably or unofficially Square dancing; see List of U.S. state dances
Uruguay Tango
Venezuela Joropo
Yemen Al-Bar'ah


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