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List of typefaces

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Title: List of typefaces  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Typeface, Computer font, Lists in Wikipedia, Lists in Wikipedia/Alternative version2, List of Unicode characters
Collection: Lists of Typefaces, Typefaces
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List of typefaces

This is a list of typefaces, which are separated into groups by distinct artistic differences.


  • Serif 1
    • Slab serif 1.1
  • Sans-serif 2
  • Semi-serif 3
  • Monospace 4
  • Script 5
    • Brush scripts 5.1
    • Calligraphic 5.2
    • Handwriting 5.3
    • Other script 5.4
  • Blackletter 6
  • Non-Latin 7
  • Unicode fonts 8
  • Dingbat/Symbol fonts 9
  • Display/Decorative fonts 10
  • Simulation/Mimicry fonts 11
  • Miscellaneous 12
  • See also 13
  • References 14


Slab serif





Brush scripts



Other script



Unicode fonts

This is a list of Unicode fonts showing the number of characters/glyphs included for the released version, and also showing font's license type:

  • Alphabetum (shareware, includes a few SMP character blocks. Over 5,490 characters in version 9.00)
  • Arial Unicode MS (distributed along with Microsoft Office (2002XP, 2003). only supports up to Unicode 2.0. Contains 50,377 glyphs (38,917 characters) in v1.01.)
  • Batang and Gungsuh, a serif and monospace/gothic font, respectively; both with 20,609 Latin/Cyrillic/CJK glyphs in version 2.11. Distributed with Microsoft Office.
  • Bitstream Cyberbit (free for non-commercial use. 29,934 glyphs in v2.0-beta.)
  • Bitstream Vera (free/open source, limited coverage with 300 glyphs, DejaVu fonts extend Bitstream Vera with thousands of glyphs)
  • Charis SIL (free/open source, over 4,600 glyphs in v4.114)
  • ClearlyU (free, bitmapped BDF fonts, with 9,538 glyphs in v1.9)
  • Code2000 (shareware Unicode font; supports the entire BMP. 63,888 glyphs in v1.15. Abandoned.)
  • DejaVu fonts (free/open source, "DejaVu Sans" includes 3,471 glyphs and 2,558 kerning pairs in v2.6)
  • Doulos SIL (free/open source, designed for IPA, 3,083 glyphs in v4.014.)
  • Everson Mono (also known as, Everson Mono Unicode. Shareware; contains all non-CJK characters. 4,899 glyphs in Macromedia Fontographer v4.1.3 2003-02-13.)
  • Fallback font (freeware fallback font for Windows)
  • Fixedsys Excelsior (freeware, 5,992 glyphs in v3.01, supports most glyphs in the basic plane except CJK)
  • Free UCS Outline Fonts aka FreeFont (free/open source, "FreeSerif" includes 3,914 glyphs in v1.52, MES-1 compliant)
  • Gentium (free/open source, "Gentium Plus" includes over 5,500 glyphs in November 2010)
  • GNU Unifont (free/open source, bitmapped glyphs are inclusive as defined in unicode-5.1 only)
  • Gulim/New Gulim and Dotum, rounded sans-serif and non-rounded sans-serif respectively, (distributed with Microsoft Office 2000. wide range of CJK (Korean) characters. 49,284 glyphs in v3.10.)
  • Junicode (free; includes many obsolete scripts, intended for mediævalists. 2,235 glyphs in v0.6.12.)
  • Hussar (Free/Open Source, includes 960 Glyphs in version 1.994 (Preview Edition), 605 Glyphs in Version 1.96 (Regular version), Partial Basic Greek, Basic Cyrillic, and Nordic Rune Unicode Support in Preview version [3] [4])
  • LastResort (fallback font covering all 17 Unicode planes, included with Mac OS 8.5 and up)
  • Lucida Grande (Unicode font included with OS X; includes 1,266 glyphs)
  • Lucida Sans Unicode (included in more recent Microsoft Windows versions; only supports ISO 8859-x characters. 1,776 glyphs in v2.00.)
  • MS Gothic (distributed with Microsoft Office, 14,965 glyphs in v2.30)
  • MS Mincho (distributed with Microsoft Office, 14,965 glyphs in v2.30)
  • Nimbus Sans Global
  • Squarish Sans CT v0.10 (1,756 glyphs; Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and more)
  • STIX (especially mathematics, symbols and Greek, see also XITS)
  • Symbola (free symbols... BMP/SMP unicode 7.0+proposals 8,511 total characters v7.17)
  • Titus Cyberbit Basic (free; updated version of Cyberbit. 9,779 glyphs in v3.0, 2000.)
  • Verdana Ref (also distributed under the name "MS Reference Sans Serif," extension of the Verdana typeface)
  • Y.OzFontN (free. wide range of CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) characters. Includes few SMP character blocks. 59,678 glyphs in v9.13.)
  • XITS (especially mathematics, symbols and Greek)

Dingbat/Symbol fonts

Display/Decorative fonts

Note: Exablock is a modular and geometric display typeface created in 2009 by Scannerlicker (formerly known as "Loligovulgaris") based on a 6x6 grid. The diacritics of the typeface appear as negative space that are cut into glyph form. The typeface comes in two styles: Exablock Square and Exablock Round. The font is used in the "XD" part of the Disney XD logo.

Simulation/Mimicry fonts


See also


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