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List of white dwarfs

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Title: List of white dwarfs  
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Subject: Lists of stars, Helium flash, Cataclysmic variable star, Xi-2 Sagittarii, OB star
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List of white dwarfs

This is a list of exceptional white dwarfs.


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These were the first white dwarfs discovered fitting these conditions

Title Star Date Data Comments Notes Refs
First discovered Sirius B 1852 Sirius B is also the nearest white dwarf (as of 2005) [1][2]
First found in a binary star system Sirius B 1852 Sirius system [1][2]
First double white dwarf system LDS 275 1944 L 462-56 system [3]
First solitary white dwarf
First white dwarf in a planetary system
First white dwarf with a planet WD B1620-26 2003 PSR B1620-26 b (planet) This planet is a circumbinary planet, which circles both stars in the PSR B1620-26 system [4][5]
First white dwarf with an orbitting planet As of 2013, no planets have been found orbitting only a white dwarf [6]


These are the white dwarfs which are currently known to fit these conditions

Title Star Date Data Comments Notes Refs
Nearest Sirius B 1852 8.6 ly (2.6 pc) Sirius B is also the first white dwarf discovered. [1][2]
Furthest SN UDS10Wil progenitor 2013 z=1.914 SN Wilson is a type-Ia supernova whose progenitor was a white dwarf [7][8][9]
Farthest extant
Highest surface temperature KPD 0005+5106
200,000 K (200,000 °C; 360,000 °F) Currently a tie between two white dwarfs at 200000 K [10][11]


Lowest surface temperature
Most luminous
Least luminous
Brightest apparent
Dimmest apparent
Most massive
Least massive


List of white dwarfs that are otherwise extremely noteworthy

Star Date Data Comments Notes Refs


10 nearest white dwarfs
Star Distance Comments Notes Refs
Sirius B 8.58 ly (2.63 pc) Sirius B is also the first white dwarf discovered. It is part of the Sirius system. [1][2][13][14]
Procyon B 11.43 ly (3.50 pc) Part of Procyon system [13][14]
van Maanen's Star 14.04 ly (4.30 pc) [13][14]
GJ 440 15.09 ly (4.63 pc) [13]
40 Eridani B 16.25 ly (4.98 pc) Part of 40 Eridani system [13][14]
Stein 2051 B 18.06 ly (5.54 pc) Part of Stein 2051 system [13][14]
LP 44-113 20.0 ly (6.1 pc) [14]
G 99-44 20.9 ly (6.4 pc) [14]
L 97-12 25.8 ly (7.9 pc) [14]
Wolf 489 26.7 ly (8.2 pc) [14]
Timeline of nearest white dwarf recordholders
Star Date Distance Comments Notes Refs
Sirius B 1852— 8.6 ly (2.6 pc) Sirius B is also the first white dwarf discovered [1][2]



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