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Machlin Women's Swiss Teams

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Title: Machlin Women's Swiss Teams  
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Subject: Amalya Lyle Kearse, Dorothy Hayden Truscott, North American Bridge Championships, Irina Levitina, Tobi Sokolow
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Machlin Women's Swiss Teams

The Machlin Women's Swiss Teams national bridge championship is held at the spring American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship (NABC).

The Machlin Women's Swiss Teams is a four-session Swiss Teams event with two qualifying and two final sessions. The event typically starts on the second Saturday of the NABC. The event is only open to female players.


The Machlin Women’s Swiss Teams competition is a two-day affair with two qualifying sessions, followed by two final sessions. Scoring is by International Match Points (IMPs) converted to Victory Points (VPs). The event began in 1982 and was originally named the North American Women’s Swiss Teams.

The winners are awarded the Machlin Trophy, donated by the Machlin family in memory of Sadie Machlin, longtime ACBL employee. She was the sister of ACBL chief tournament director Al Sobel and the mother of Jerry Machlin, national tournament director.


Winners of North American Women's Swiss Teams (1982–1989)
Year Winners Runners-Up
1982 Dorothy Truscott, Stasha Cohen, Edith Kemp Freilich, Nancy Gruver, Mary Jane Farell, Randi Montin, Mike Smolen (npc) JoAnn Manfield, Nadine Wood, Marilyn Eber, Bonnie Smith, Jan Janitschke (npc)
1983 Kathie Wei, Judi Radin, Gail Moss, Jacqui Mitchell, Betty Ann Kennedy, Carol Sanders Dianna Gordon, Brenda Keller, Mary Albert, Sandra Fraser, Linda Peterson, Kerri Shuman
1984 June Deutsch, Tobi Deutsch, Cheri Bjerkan, Margie Gwozdzinsky, Dorothy Truscott, Sue Halperin Karen McCallum, Ellee Lewis, Vivian Whalen, Kitty Bethe
1985 Sue Farino, Dianna Gordon, June Deutsch, Tobi Deutsch, Rhoda Walsh 2-3. Kathie Wei, Jacqui Mitchell, Judi Radin, Gail Greenberg, Carol Sanders, Betty Ann Kennedy; 2-3. Jo Morse, Cindy Bernstein, Joyce Lilie, Evelyn Levitt, Sally Wheeler, Florine Kuehl
1986 Jan Martel, Rozanne Pollack, Lynne Pollenz, Lynne Feldman, Roberta Epstein, Sue Picus Sally Woolsey, Linda Peterson, Carol Pincus, Ann Jacobson, Nell Cahn, Kitty Podolsky
1987 Cheri Bjerkan, Juanita Chambers, Lynn Deas, Beth Palmer Helen Utegaard, Helene Gingiss, Rhoda Walsh, Jill Meyers, Beverly Rosenberg
1988 Helen Utegaard, Rhoda Walsh, Carol Pincus, Beverly Rosenberg 2-3. Judy Wadas, Sandra Fraser, Janice Seamon, Renee Mancuso; 2-3. Tobi Deutsch, Betsey Wolff, Nancy Alpaugh, Kay Schulle
1989 Kerri Shuman, Kitty Bethe, Margie Gwozdzinsky, Karen McCallum Jean Michell, Patti Hartley, Shirley Blum, Janet Robertson
Winners of Women's Swiss Teams (1990–)
Year Winners Runners-Up
1990 Kerri Shuman, Karen McCallum, Edith Rosenkranz, Sabine Zenkel, Daniela von Arnim Nell Cahn, Sharon Osberg, Sue Picus, Nancy Passell
1991 1-2. Jacqui Mitchell, Joyce Lilie, Amalya Kearse, Jo Morse; 1-2. Ron Andersen (npc), Kay Schulle, Jill Meyers, Randi Montin, Pam Wittes, Juanita Chambers, Cheri Bjerkan
1992 Gail Greenberg, Judy Tucker, Dorothy Truscott, Lisa Berkowitz, Sandra Landy, Michele Handley Renee Mancuso, Brenda Keller, Joan Jackson, Petra Hamman, Judi Cody, Ellasue Chaitt
1993 Kay Schulle, Jill Meyers, Kerri Shuman, Karen McCallum Jean Anderson, Janet Daling, Sharon Colson, Broma Lou Reed
1994 Juanita Chambers, Rhoda Kratenstein, Shawn Womack, Jan Cohen, Hjordis Eythorsdottir Karen McCallum, Kitty Munson, Carol Simon, Sue Picus
1995 Kathie Wei-Sender, Carol Sanders, Betty Ann Kennedy, Sue Sachs, Lynn Deas, Beth Palmer Marinesa Letizia, Kay Schulle, Jill Meyers, Randi Montin, Dorothy Truscott, Tobi Deutsch
1996 Kathie Wei-Sender, Sue Sachs, Beth Palmer, Lynn Deas, Juanita Chambers Sally Woolsey, JoAnne Casen, Jan Martel, Georgiana Gates
1997 Pam Wittes, Shawn Quinn, Cheri Bjerkan, Sue Weinstein, Stasha Cohen, Judy Wadas Judi Radin, Sylvia Moss, Valerie Westheimer, Connie Goldberg
1998 Jo Morse, Karen McCallum, Rose Johnson-Meltzer, Hjordis Eythorsdottir, Lynn Baker Susan Miller, Barbara Sion, Joyce Lilie, Suzy Burger
1999 Robin Klar, Joan Jackson, Petra Hamman, Peggy Sutherlin, Shawn Quinn, Mildred Breed Lynn Baker, Tobi Sokolow, Janice Molson, Jill Meyers, Randi Montin, Karen McCallum
2000 Hjordis Eythorsdottir, Valerie Westheimer, Judy Wadas, Linda Lewis, Karen Barrett Kathie Wei-Sender, Juanita Chambers, Betty Ann Kennedy, Jill Levin, Janice Seamon-Molson, Tobi Sokolow
2001 John Mohan (npc), Lynn Baker, Jill Meyers, Randi Montin, Irina Levitina, Karen McCallum, Kerri Sanborn Lynne Tarnopol, Laurie Vogel, Gail Greenberg, Amalya Kearse, Jacqui Mitchell
2002 Kathie Wei-Sender, Betty Ann Kennedy, Janice Seamon-Molson, Tobi Sokolow, Jill Levin, Sue Picus Sally Wheeler, Georgiana Gates, Peggy Sutherlin, Karen Allison
2003 Valerie Westheimer, Judi Radin, Mildred Breed, Shawn Quinn Carlyn Steiner, Marinesa Letizia, Tobi Sokolow, Janice Seamon-Molson, Jill Meyers, Randi Montin
2004 JoAnn Sprung, Kathleen Sulgrove, Peggy Sutherlin, Karen Allison Valerie Westheimer, Judi Radin, Mildred Breed, Shawn Quinn, Cheri Bjerkan, Stasha Cohen
2005 Hansa Narasimhan, JoAnna Stansby, Debbie Rosenberg, Irina Levitina, Sue Picus, Jill Levin JoAnn Sprung, Renee Mancuso, Pam Wittes, Kathleen Sulgrove, Peggy Sutherlin, Karen Allison
2006 Mildred Breed, Pamela Granovetter, Sylvia Moss, Judi Radin, Shawn Quinn, Migry Zur Campanile Laurie Kranyak, Linda McGarry, Linda Perlman, Kathleen Sulgrove
2007 Lynn Deas, Beth Palmer, Lynn Baker, Karen McCallum, Irina Levitina, Kerri Sanborn Cynthia Balderson, Carole Miner, Peggy Kaplan, Melody Bi
2008 Cheri Bjerkan, Joann Glasson, Lisa Berkowitz, Sue Weinstein Lynn Baker, Karen McCallum, Beth Palmer, Lynn Deas, Irina Levitina, Kerri Sanborn
2009 Phyllis Fireman, Shannon Cappelletti, Janice Seamon-Molson, Jill Meyers, Jill Levin, Tobi Sokolow Ru Yan, Yong Ling Dong, Ming Sun, Wen Fei Wang, Yi Qian Liu, Wang Hongli
2010 Shannon Cappelletti, Phyllis Fireman, Shawn Quinn, Wietske Van Zwol, Martine Verbeek, Migry Zur-Campanile Catherine D Ovidio, Disa Eythorsdottir, Daniele Gaviard, Victoria Gromova, Stacy Jacobs, Tatiana Ponomareva
2011 Geeske Joel, Jill Levin, Jill Meyers, Debbie Rosenberg, Janice Seamon-Molson, Tobi Sokolow Sabine Auken, Benedicte Cronier, Joyce Hampton, Daniela von Arnim, Sylvie Willard, Jenny Wolpert


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